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      Found 190 results

      1. Thinking about getting a big Quantum Cabo 120 spinning reel, don't really need it but as X'Mas is coming up fast I thought I wouldn't mind having a big spinning reel, and my darling wife is going to get me one for X'Mas but she doesn't know it yet! Does anyone here have one or used one, and what were your thoughts regarding it? They seem to have enough grunt and reasonably built, I can't justify getting one of the big brand reels at 2 to 4 times the price of these, seeing as it will only ever be used in a blue moon! Thoughts anyone....Good, bad or indifferent? Cheers Ed.
      2. @Old Scaley sent me a link the other day about spotted mackerel. The season is almost upon us. I also followed a link to an article on schoolies. Trolling was the main thrust of the articles. I realised I needed a new rod for trolling to pair with my Penn Fathom 25 2 speed reel, so hit up the tackle shop yesterday and selected a locally made Live Fibre 8-15 kilo rod as well as some trolling accessories. Now we just need to get some decent weather to get out there and test it all.
      3. I'm looking at getting a rod to put yabbies on to catch Whiting, and also use perhaps as a topwater lure rod, mainly for the flats. The brand I like offers two I like one is 2-6kilo 6"6 long the other is 1-5kg 7 foot long, I would use 4-6 kilo line, I'm leaning to the 2-6 one as a good all rounder, does it really matter that much the extra length, I'm intrigued, cheers for any help guys.
      4. I fish with lures, so use braid. I want to set aside a rod with lite gear for my ten yr old, and was going to just run lite fluro 4lb,and put yabbies on for him, also I could use it to try topwater,, say put some mono leader on. Is fluro OK ran right through, or should I use mono, cheers guys
      5. With the Black Friday sales on at the moment I thought it might be worth posting any specials we see that others may be interested in. Heres a Sienna combo which looks okay. I’m particularly looking for another Shimano Baitrunner in the larger sizes e.g 8000, 12000d etc, so if you see any please post here.
      6. Hi all, I have a favourite old rod which needs the reel seat securing to the blank. It turns around when it shouldn’t and misaligns the runners with the reel. I also have an Alvey 725 deep sea snapper reel which I dropped ages ago and needs a section of the fibreglass repaired. Any suggestions on a good repairer who’s not too dear, preferably Northside? cheers Greg
      7. Today I was having look to see if I could spot some bargains I found this website named Team I was looking around the prices seemed normal I spotted some reels on discount first a daiwa BG for $110 and 2 Stradic Ci4+FB reels for $150 at first I fought they might be having this discount because their now older generation reels and a lot of the other reels were around normal price but I was little unsure now because they were quite cheap .I searched the website to see if I could purchase something through pay pal anyway on the way there I seen a daiwa exist 5000 for $500 AU that was when my common sense kicked in I was 99 percent sure it was a scammers site after that I then done some research took me less then 5 seconds to find out For sure it was a scammers site I’m a little disappointed cause sometimes Rarely though deals like this happen the best/cheapest tackle store I’ve found that’s %100 legit is hot tackle A quick reminder to be careful when buying rods and reels or anything expensive on shady online tackle shops
      8. Just went out and bought a 300m spool of 10lb braid thinking it's only a low profile baitcaster 300m should be plenty. I was wrong I think it needs at least 100 - 150 meters more to fill the spool.
      9. I'm wanting to find the name for a 3 piece Jarvis Walker rod circa 1975 ish, It is solid black fibreglass rod and came in 3 sections. Once piece was a reversible handle with cork grips. The idea was the shortest glass section connected in one end to form a very short boat rod or the two glass pieces connected together and connected into the other end of the handle assembly. It needed the reversible handle to do this as it needed two different sizes for the glass pieces depending on how it was used. I don't have the rod with me right now but I think it was about 7-8ft in length maximum. Anyone know the model name of this rod? I've looked around but can't see it on the Internet anywhere. Is there a Jarvis Walker online fishing rod museum anywhere?
      10. If anyone’s looking for a decent lure/general purpose graphite rod combo around $100 that’s actually decent and not a plastic reel with 2 bearings and a sloppy thick slow action graphite rod then check out the Shimano viper XFG rod with the the Shimano sienna FG went into BCF today picked up some more jig heads and plastics as I’ve got birthday gift card and I have some saved money from earlier in the year so I can afford my jig heads leaders plastics ETC anyway I’m pretty keen to get a graphite rod around 3-6kg I had look around and what suited my budget Of around $100 picked up the sonic pro rod wasn’t really a fan wasn’t to bad but their is better for the price had a look at a few other rods until I found the shimano viper XFG rods for the first time in my life I had found a rod that was good as a Aird X or something around that price range that came with a decent reel to . So sometime soon I will buying the 3-6kg model it’s something over 7 foot a 2 piece rod with a nice action that comes with a decent reel all for $110 only $10-20 more then a aird x rod and cheaper then buying a sonic pro and a sienna separately what more could you ask for .if anyone is looking for a general purpose rod with a decent reel that you can use soft plastics and bait for while on a budget check out the shimano Viper XFG combo or even if you just need a spare rod I don’t think you can beat it for the price all you need is a bcf club card and make sure it’s on sale price usually is. not atm but usually is .
      11. Have noticed these soft plastics/vibes pop up on Gumtree lately - have put a link below to a tackle store as Gumtree ads disappear once sold. Anyone know if Wayne aka @Luvit has produced them - as far as I know he is still making Gobblers lures, but possibly has branched out?
      12. I’ve recently got a job at maccas starting work there in a matter of weeks just done the interview yesterday and got the news through emails today that I got the job . I’m keen to get a bigger reel for jewfish snapper Tuna and sharks I have a 6-9kg rod I tested on decent sized sharks up at the Whitsundays and it done the job I was using that with a cheap reel with cheap line and it was always the reel that would give or line/terminal end And sometimes I got spooled because I had only had like 100m of 20lb mono and 30m of 50lb mono on top I was wondering if a 5000 size Stradic would match up with a 6-9kg daiwa RZ the Stradic would be spooled with 300m of braid or Gliss around 30-40lb I’ve found out what match’s well for me with light setups 1000-2000 size reels for 1-4kg rods and 2500 size reels for 2-5kg but not so much for heavier setups so what do you think will it match well? and any other advice I would appreciate
      13. Is this a good brand and price? Cheers Katrina
      14. Was cruising around a tackle shop this morning and spotted an alvey baitcaster so I ask the owner to hand it over . Felt like a great little reel 8 bearings, 8kg drag , 7:1 gear ratio, reasonable line capacity and cheap to buy $269. I'm thinking I should go buy it and grab a new live fibre blade and tails to sit it on. It will be the first all Australian combo i've ever owned. Has anyone in here bought 1 and tried it out ? If so , are they a ballsey reel ?
      15. Hi all, Today I made the worst mistake possible and bought the wrong rod and line to go with my baitcaster. I bought an 8lb braid (0.13mm) and then I bought a baitcaster rod which has a cast weight of 10-30g and line from 6-12kg. I was talking to some of my mates and they said the rod I bought is suited for kingfish and other big species rather than small estuary fish such as bream, whiting and smaller flathead (bought the rod to target those species). I can't return it to a shop because of their no return POLICY. Don't know if I should keep the 8lb braid on, or just take it all off and replace it with a heavier line. I want to keep on using it to fish, but, can't think on what to do with it. Any suggestions on what to do. Cheers Azza_Fishing
      16. Looking to install some railblaza attachments and accessories in the boat. If anyone has installed them. How have you found them?
      17. I know this might sound like a little bit of a silly question but I have a shimano stradic FL 1000 that’s been through quite a lot past this 6 months but has held up excellent it’s smooth as the day I bought it and feels and looks the same I just need to put some oil in the bail arm to keep it functioning well I was wondering if daiwa reel oil is safe to use on the Stradic I know some reels don’t go well with certain oils
      18. On the last stop On my trip at Coffs Harbour I visited mo tackle and spent a hour looking at as much as I could and noticed the Symetre reels with a rod but they were green and slightly different but very similar I assumed mo tackle were the only ones that stocked these as the black Symetre were discontinued I’ve heard these reels were super good before they got discontinued I heard a few of them had manufacture issues and I think that’s why they got discontinued. Anyway today I went into my local bcf and seen this same combo with the green Symetre reel soon as I got home I looked up the Symetre combo and their $200 everywhere and their pretty new the reel features 3+1 bearings like the Sedona and has line propulsion management and G free body I tried looking everywhere for more info on this reel . But basically I’m pretty sure it’s a cross between the Sedona and sienna it’s basically the same as the old Symetre but it’s now green with a different drag knob and has a handle similar to the sienna FG with a Eva/rubber handle and XT7 body but unfortunately no hagane gear .so in essence Im pretty sure it’s a sedona FI and sienna FG hybrid it’s better then the sienna FG but not as good as the Sedona but pretty similar note you can only buy the combo not the reel which is weird . So yeah to All those people who really loved the Symetre is back just in a different colour and the rod isn’t to bad either but for $200 I would’t recommend it for $200 I would get a sedona FI even though I’m pretty sure there gonna bring out a new one in 2021 and a daiwa aird x 20 rod . They upgraded the aird x rod’s their not that much different to the older model. I’m glad their making decent gear more affordable now the gear available now is a lot better then a year or 2 ago
      19. Hi All Thought I would set up this topic so I can ask all my Newbie questions about tackle here. You guys are like my encyclopaedia of fishing. First questions are: 1. Is it stupid to put a lighter trace on a heavier line and leader? 2. I use the albright to tie my braid to my fluro leader. Is this still okay to tie mono line to fluro. 3. I understand Braid is considered better than mono (I tend to agree) - but under what circumstances is mono better than braid (if any)? 4. I use a clinch knot for all my other terminal tackle (3 and 1/2 turns). It has been strong and very rarely failed as far as I can tell. My braid has snapped more than my knot failing. Given that should I be using a different knot?
      20. Haven't been fishing for a while but deciding to get a new setup, just wondering if I am on the right track. Just fishing saltwater lake shore/jetty and looking at mainly bream but also keen on flathead, been playing around and quite like soft plastics Zman Grubz etc. Looking at going lighter this time as that seems better suited for Bream on plastics? Something like the Shimano Catana 7" Xtra Light 1-3kg rod and Shimano Sienna 1000 reel combo, will this be ok with heavier flathead also? The next jump is the Shimano Catana 2-4kg rod and Sienna 2500 reel combo Also looking at around 4lb braid and have some 6lbs fluorocarbon leader already (shoulder leader be heavier or lighter?) Is this light enough for bream but can handle flathead also on soft plastics?
      21. Hey folks, Looking to rig up an old school handline with larger fish in mind for passive fishing, no reel.. just hook, line and sinker, lasso style. Firstly I despise using gloves so I would like to have the line made of that thicker twisted or braided rope like you see on vintage equipment, I want to catch larger fish so I would probably opt for 100lb line, but where can I source this old type of line? Does it have a name? As for hooks, I assume I would want want a circle hook but I'm not sure how I'd rig it with the thicker line and if it would fit through the eye of the hook etc, perhaps they make hooks with larger eyes but where can I source them? Do they have a name? As for bait I could just use a fish and call it a day however I was questioning lures, I know typically they need to be actively worked in the water but what about floor dwelling creatures such as, crayfish, crab and octopus? apparently some tournament guys on youtube have great success using soft crab lures with minimal movement, what are your thoughts? Cheers
      22. Today I was at a shopping centre/mall and found a small sports shop with a bit of everything from cricket to footie and skateboard gear I found a fishing section and spotted Some Gliss in 4kg and 6kg and a few other heavier Kg ratings I seen the price $12 for 150m and it also had a little sample piece I felt it and it felt very similar to X8 braids I’ve have heard of Gliss before and I remembered it having very mixed opinions anyway I bought because it was cheap and super thin and also because it was different/unique type of line i bought the 6kg/13lb line I will spool it on a Shimano sienna 2500FG when I buy a viper combo I have to wait for the combo to go on club price at bcf before I buy it though . Has anyone had any experience with this line? Also sorry for always posting stuff in the tackle section of the forum lmao I need to take a break from the that side of the forum for a bit to let other people post stuff more often lmao
      23. I pulled the old diawa out wondering if I should take it to someone to have it repaired or just throw it at the next jet ski that comes to close. It's caught some great fish . But it only lasted 2 years the spool goes up and down but the bail doesn't spin is this fixable or should I just bin it ? Was thinking it could be a good spare reel if the Stradic turns out to be a dudd. 20201017_064303.mp4
      24. Hi Everyone I must say that having lived in Auckland almost all of my life so far and being a reasonably recent immigrant to Australia I am quite astounded by the generosity and spirit of you Aussies! I am having the most fantastic day I felt I must share it! Had a great day fishing using live bait with a net I was given by an Aussie Bloke. This was only possible because I had been hooked up intiially with like half price fishing gear by another Aussie bloke who knew a tackle shop owner who is also an Aussie. You get the point.... Anyway got given four great fishing books, a tackle box with various tackle and a scaler. More tackle hooks, lures, soft and hard variety of jigheads, sinkers, swivels. Two squid jigs, a reel. This was all before today. Today my brother was listening to my stories about being busted off and gave me another rod, reel heavier braid and leader and then just as an aside threw in a cast net. My dad is posting me a Penn reel from NZ. And this afternoon I was offered two deckie spots! Thank you to everyone!
      25. I’ve noticed after using reels for awhile anywhere from 3/4 months they get geary . I haven’t had this issue in my Stradic and my legalis lt Nero . My theory is that the main gear pinon gear and oscillation gear get worn out to the point where they start to making that horrible geary feel . Note the reels still spin the same but the actual feel of the reel is different . All reels that have done this I’ll list below shimano cazna 2500 FA .Note this reel has been out for like 10 years now and is outdated. today for the same price you can get a sienna FG. I still use this reel but not often . Also the drag is kind of broken On this reel so yeah that’s annoying I only used it like 6 times and then one day I went to use it and the drag was worst then those $5 kids rod reel combos . I didn’t even abuse my drag I didn’t catch a single fish on that reel that went for massive runs Abu Garcia black max 2500 . Note not my reel but one of my friends reel he had for like 2 months and it feels pretty geary we swapped combos one time fishing for like 10 minutes and the reel felt horrible .the reel feels silky smooth brand new Jarvis walker Kmart plastic reels no surprise here Daiwa aird lt 2000 amazingly smooth for like 3 months then goes down hill after that applying grease helps it . But does not fix it still feels geary although I still use this reel fairly often shimano FX 1000 the white one not the new black and gold one. This reel was the first reel I used when I actually learnt how to fish after ditching my Kmart gear which caused me 2 years of wasted fishing time. %95 of time I didn’t catch anything using the Kmart gear and if I did it was undersized .anyway the shimano fx felt amazing compared to my Jarvis walker gear and I loved it and actually started catching fish with it after 3 months the bail arm broke but still worked it just wasn’t snappy anymore and after 9 months it was pretty geary and then that’s when I got the aird lt and cazna . I still keep the little silver spool for sentimental purposes . The reason I threw it out was because I tried to fix the gearyness and the bail arm with some tools and some cheap non reel grease and I couldn’t pull it apart and the parts I did pull apart I couldn’t get back together. This was before I knew anything about spinning reels . Pulled this Apart after I bought the aird so I think it’s mainly cheaper reels but I was wondering what everyone else thinks . And what experience other people have with geary reels