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      Found 1,218 results

      1. Hi Lads I want to start making some sinkers at home but haven’t got any moulds if anyone has some or knows of some for sale I’ll be chasing any and all sizes to begin with as I’d like to have a complete set of both ball and snapper leads
      2. Just seeing if anyones got and light first gen jewels for sale around brisbane or sunnycoast Cheers
      3. Wanted to buy - used Saragosa or Baitrunner reels size 8000 or 10000. Basically just want a replacement handle, so condition doesn’t matter. Thanks
      4. Hey im just seeing if anyone has any old shimano rods for sale around brisbane but will pay for post looking for any from 2005-2015 mostly ian miller designed rods (lure project raiders, yak raiders, softplastic raiders, starlo stix, starlo classix, buschy rods, jungle stix)
      5. Hey all I've just noticed my Scout Den is VERY low on good firewood. Normally I would just collect as much as possible, but one of the other leaders brought in his scrap ply and it burns really well. I was just wondering if anyone had any free scrap wood, basically anything that burns (without toxic smoke, i.e. treated pine) that they would want to give away, or know someone who does. (I probably didn't help it... I made a BIG bonfire last week with my mate ). Cheers Hamish
      6. Just seeing if anyone has any of the old model raiders for sale around brisbane, im looking for the lure project, yak series and soft plastics raider.
      7. Hi everyone, looking to buy any size used torsa wide or narrow, they are becoming less available. So if anyone has one or knows of one gathering dust and could use some cash Let me know
      8. Does anyone know if any of Mal Florence tapes were converted to DVD? I had all the originals and would love to some of them on disc.
      9. Hello everyone, Does anyone have any jigging combos for sale or trade in the Cairns area? I may drive a little for the right combo. I have family in Innisfail so can go there. I may buy but have some quality reels I would like to trade. Thanks
      10. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone is selling a fishing line spooler in Cairns. I am looking at the 'bees knees line spooler' but am wondering if anyone is selling one or something similar secondhand. Thanks
      11. Hey guys, Wanting to pick up as many of these as I can find - discontinued by gillies and seemingly no longer in clearance bins. if you have any, or have seen any around in stores please let me know! Any colour, any condition. Cheers!
      12. Hi Does anyone have any storm wee wart lures for sale? Regards Geoff
      13. Looking at building my fitness back up after losing the top of my lung. Might as well try and catch a fish while I’m at it hey ! Show me what you got, looking for something stable and cheaper the better. cheers
      14. Hi, does anyone have any electric chicken netting they would want to sell? I want to put it over my garden bed to stop possums (has anyone done this successfully?)
      15. Looking for a bass raider if anyone has one collecting dust in there collection send me a message. cheers
      16. ellicat

        wanted Suckers

        Just wondering if anyone would have a Lady Finger banana sucker or two that they'd like to give up.
      17. hey guys iam chasing the wedge that goes behind a p66 transducer my tranny is sitting too high of an angle, i did have one but must have thrown it out by mistake,any one got one there not using thanks brad.
      18. hey guys iam after a prop for a suzuki 6hp 4 stroke anyone got one in the shed collecting dust let us know or where i could source a cheap one,thanks brad
      19. Guys Got a few too many rods that are not getting used or i have bought for no reason. Dobyns Savvy bait caster 663C 10-17lb great jack or barra rod used lightly. $200. Gary Howard reef rumbler 8-15kg 7ft spin. Brand new .perfect for floatlining bay snapper or offshore work. $220. Live fibre Texalium 8-15 7ft spin. One of my all time favourites for floatling for snapper. used. $180. Green Arrow 4-8lb 6ft spin. Never used great kayak rod for bream or bass fishing $80 Shimano Fishquest overhead 4-8kg 6ft used once as a kids overhead chasing sweet lip. $40 Shimano Core 100mg baitcaster reel brand new never used in box $450. Open to offers. Pm if u wish to make an offer or request more details Cheers Josh
      20. Looking to buy a second hand ice box, chasing something around 1.5 metres long and approx 200 Ltrs not much on gumtree at the moment if any one has one or knows of one for sale let me know. Cheers
      21. Just checking if anyone has a bottom section they no longer need. Thanks.
      22. Looking for a cheap sounder for the tinnie just need it for depth so something cheap has anyone got one in there shed thats collecting dust if so let me know what your after for it or if you have seen any around at a good price thanks brad
      23. straddiebrad


        looking for a small tinnie around the 3.8 meter but looking for one with gunnels does anyone on hear know of any brands that have gunnels at this size ,can be new too thanks brad
      24. Does anyone have an old transom mount electric motor that is no good. It does not need to work as I only want some parts off one for a small project I want to do. The small and lighter the motor the better. Thanks Lance
      25. any guys on here make jig heads?