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      1. Angus

        overseas Papua New Guinea 2018

        What a trip! Not exactly the one I wanted but there are stories none the less. To explain briefly without going into to much personal detail 1.5 days into the triup and my dad got extrmely sick forcing me to leave and take him back to Kimbe for care. Gutted. I was happy to write it off as I have enjoyed the experience before. I was devastated for him as he was having such a good time. He managed one small black bass for his efforts. Thus I am left with not a lot to report except images. I am sure @John would be happy to fill in many details. Points of interest were the bass were challenging to target due to an early arrival of white bait but some creative use of soft plastics enticed many to bite. As far as hard bodies go trends moved back to my first trip experience with FCL Labo lures killing. I do not have heaps of time to write paragraphs so will add some pictures now and more text later or reply to questions as they come. Visit to the village: Black Bass (Have so many more but how many can you see?): Other Lutjanus species for the trip: Trevally: Questions? I have so many more pictures of bass, cod, randoms, jacks... just trying to choose highlights.
      2. On the 25th March Stu and myself are heading back to West Papua chasing the elusive Black Bass. This will be our 2nd trip into the jungles of West Papua but this trip is going to be very different to our first one. This is an exploratory trip, a journey into the unknown taking us into some of the remotest parts of WP which will see us venturing over 50km upstream and very deep into the jungle in some of the wildest and remote countyside that West Papua has to offer. We are taking in some basic camping gear and we will be setting up a campsite somewhere around the middle section of the river so we can fish both upstream into the fresh and downstream to the river mouth during our week in there. Our river of choice is so remote that there is no villages along the river banks so hopefully we will not run into any issues with any local villagers. Being so remote and hopefully un fished, we are hoping to see plenty of big fish if the water conditions are right and if the fish are willing to play the game while we are there. Our journey begins with 2 days of flights to reach our mates place on the island of Biak where we will stay the night and meet his family and friends over dinner. We may even get a few hours spare in the afternoon to chase some large Spot Tail Bass that haunt a small river system about an hours drive away from his home. If we run out of time, we have planned a couple of days spare for R&R at the end of our Bass fishing back on Biak so we will have a crack at them then. The third day we will board another plane and fly across to another remote island where we will meet our boatman and the son of the chief from the village that we have borrowed the long boats from. The chiefs son is keen to come and fish with us for the week so they have kindly offered us the use of their 2 long boats. After a quick trip to collect some fresh supplies along with a load of drinking water we will load the gear onto the 2 long boats and head off on a 150km trip across the ocean to our river and find somewhere to set up our base camp. This is going to be a trip of a life time and hopefully one that could possibly open up an entire new Black Bass fishery in one of the remotest areas that you could ever dream of going to. Logistically it has been quite hard to organize but now with securing 2 long boats at 6m and 14m in length to drag all the gear along as well as the 1200 liters of fuel and oil has made things a lot easier. Both Stu and myself have upgraded all of our rods and reels for this trip as we do not want to go in under gunned and end up regretting taking in our old Black Bass gear from the last trip. Rods, reels and our lures have been upgraded, terminal tackle has been upgraded along with heavier braid lines and leaders. It's going to be a cracker of a trip and the next 4 weeks is going to take forever to pass. Some of the new arsenal. Bone Combat Beast XXH rod with a Shimano Tranx 300 Bone Combat Beast XXXH rod with an Abu Revo Toro Beast reel.
      3. Fishaman

        overseas I Am Still Here

        Hello one and all I have been very busy both on the water and off over the last few months and haven't had time to post. With all the rain we have had in SEQ it has been challenging to say the least to find quality fish in the estuaries so I said "bugger it" and got on a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah. Jokes, I had to go for work but I did find time for a fish. I lived in Salt Lake City for a time back in 2010/11. In that time I got to make some great mates with a common love of fishing. One of those is Pete. Pete is an outdoors legend. A crack shot with a rifle and bow as well as a very VERY good fisherman. He said he would try and get me onto a trophy trout from a lake up in the Uintas. These are a part of the Rocky Mountains and is nestled in amongst some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. The lake itself sits at 6,042ft above sea level. Anyway, we headed up on Friday arvo, downed a few sherbets, hit the hay and got up at sparrows on Saturday morning. The temp was right on 0 friggin degrees when we launched and Pete opened up the throttle on his competition ready bass boat. We topped 62mph on the way to our first spot. Watery eyes and runny noses were the order of the day when the first lines hit the water. We flicked a couple of jerk baits about on a steep drop off and it wasn’t long until we both put some rainbow trout in the keeper bag. Then we headed into the deeper water looking for the biggun. We were jigging 5 and 7 inch white tube jigs tipped with thin slivers of minnow fillet. We were fishing between 65 and 115 feet of 2 degree C water. Pete got a hook up on a good fish about 4 hours in but he struck too hard and popped his leader knot. I asked him what he uses for a leader to braid knot, he said double uni. I tried to convert him to the FG, we’ll see. Seven grueling hours later we were getting tired. Conditions were beautiful but we just didn’t get a touch other than Pete’s bust off. We were a bit despondent and we agreed that this last cast was it for a while and we would go chase some rainbow trout. The tactic we were using was dropping a tube jigs straight down to the bottom. 15lb braid with 15lb leader onto a 3/4oz jighead. We would get it on the bottom, pop it a few times then wind up about ten foot to see if you could get a strike. Well in a fairy-tale ending I landed the freshwater fish of my dreams on the last cast after an epic 10 minute battle on this relatively light gear. A trophy trout!!! Pete had said that many come to this spot and return empty handed but I bagged one first time out and I’m not sure who was happier him or me. You can’t see the big belly on this fish as I was cradling her as she was full of roe. Pete pegged her at 20lbs. A quick pic and back she went back into get bigger and fatter. We spent the rest of the day chasing rainbow and brown trout. We ended up taking a nice feed home. Pete will take the rainbow trout home and smoke it for me to bring home. We headed back to our cabin and had a few more Makers Marks, some prawns and talked **** for a while. Full of piss and bad manners we decided we would head out again for a couple of hours the next day. Sunday morning, up at 5am, coffee, Tim tams and away we went. It wasn’t as cold as the morning before (about 4 degrees C) but there was a strong southerly blowing at about 20-25 knots. We didn’t pick up a lake trout but on the way back to the ramp Pete stopped in at a little sheltered cove that had a little gravel spit sticking out. We tied on some small 3 inch green tube jigs on 6lb line and 1/8th oz jig heads. “Throw it up in the shallows and pop them back” says Pete. I swear, every cast if not second we smacked trout who were up spawning. We landed fish after fish. Anyway, we were keeping the better trounced and Pete says. Let’s get a couple more to get our bag and head in as he landed one more. He walked up to the front of the boat, bumped into the front pedestal seat, tried to catch his balance and..... yep.... over he went into 2 degrees C water with full waders, jacket, jumper, jeans, balaclava, fur lined boots, gloves ....the whole shebang. A got up to the front as quick as I could. He was sinking but stuck his rod up, I grabbed the end of it, pulled him to the boat and dragged him around the back of the boat to the little ladder he had for easy access into the boat.... except he’d bloody tied it up and with both of us having frozen fingers we couldn’t undo the rope. I ended up dragging his soggy arse into the boat and he just laid there for a bit composing himself while I pulled my gloves off and stuck my frozen hands under my armpits as they were so cold it felt like both hands had been slammed in a car door. So Pete gets to his feet, strips off and picks up his bloody rod. I say, “so we are heading home to get you warm yeah”? And he says “ yeah after I get our bag of trout” and continues to throw lures and land fish for the next 30 mins. Sure enough we bag out on good trout and head to the ramp. An awesome weekend and I’ll doubt I’ll ever forget it. Here’s some pics
      4. jon

        sailfish adventure

        This report is a little late but better late than never aye. About three months ago I went on a trip to Singapore/Malaysia, chasing sailfish in the Rompin region. The fishing leg of it was 5days four of which were to be full days fishing. But due to someone having a little bit too much of a good time I only made it to Malaysia to fish for three days. Once I finally was able to cross the Malay border it was only about a three to four hour trip to the seaside village of Rompin. Now for the fishing. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think the the fishing would be this insane. It literally was something I never thought I’d experience, just the sheer quantities of sailfish was amazing. Double and triple hookups were not uncommon and neither were free jumping sails that you could almost reach out and touch. I won’t babble on too much more but let the pictures do the talking.
      5. Shorty1369

        overseas Kuala Rompin Malaysia

        Anyone fished Rompin and if so can you recommend a skipper/ boat etc
      6. Wow, that is cold! Sharks are washing up on a beach in Massachusetts frozen completely solid amid a record-breaking cold snap in the United States. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said it had found three dead thresher sharks stranded on the shore of the Cape Cod Bay in Brewster, south of Boston, in the last three days. The first two were "likely stranded due to cold shock" it said. The third was frozen solid.
      7. odysseus

        Fish Fever

        Hi All! As a musician and fishing addict, I thought I'd write and record a song to reflect this passion. It's on the following link: I had to work quite hard to get some scraps of footage as the fishing hasn't been too good lately... Hope you enjoy!
      8. Hey team, Well we are back and what a bloody great trip. This is the 3rd time I have been and was a highlight. In some ways things were quieter with some of the rivers being muddy due to heavy rains but in other ways it was better with this forcing us off old routines and finding new grounds. In fact while checking last years pictures I realised that although the Spot Tail bass count was down directly due to the Pandi River being high and brown, the tally of Black Bass was up as we were forced to fish other rivers like the Sai. The trip started well as the crew met at the air port. It is always fun meeting the whole crew for the first time as this sort of trip almost ensures you have a fun, intrepid and keen crew that will get on. 8:00am beers at the air port is always fun as well. I am going to mostly let pictures do the talking but please feel free to ask any questions. We arrived at Baia after a day and a half of travel to see the ever dominating volcano... The first day were cracking with Ian @fergie taking 9 spots on the first day alone (including a nice 25lber) and my mate Robbie @Drop Bear getting on the board with his first spot and black ever. It was a tough first day for me but good things come to those that wait. The next I headed out with @Tybo's dad Darcy and had a cracking little session picking up 5 blacks and him 1. A few bycatch as well we dubbed River Chicken. Over the first couple of days a few of the other boats did well also with some really quality blacks landed, 99% on surface. I know the mainland has plenty of options to troll up bigger fish... But I honestly do not think you can beat the surface boof of topwater blackbass. As always bass were the target but plenty of bycatch kept us more than entertained in between hits. With a whole lot of dirty water coming through sporadically we also did our fair share of bluewater with some decent result. Most of us did not have the gear for this... Not technically anyway but we made do with us bass gear with surprising results. This is something I would gear up for and try and a lot harder with in the future with awesome rare species like Maori Perch and High Fin Trout being some of the fish not readily available in Australia to target. PS Sam's yellowfin was a 30kg fish. Awesome on GT gear with only 5 meters of drag taken hahaha. Crazy tug of war battle. What a crew and what a trip. Cannot wait to get back in there 2018!!!
      9. It was one of those perfect days where the sun was shining, the surf was gentle (for the west coast) and the fish were biting....
      10. alaskanaturally

        Squid Feeding

        This video of squid feeding taken this morning on Martha's Vineyard, Ma. in the US.
      11. Never heard of this back when it happened in 2013, but far out was this guy lucky....
      12. youngy

        Hawaiin Bonefish Holiday 2015

        Hi guys, thought some of you might be interested in these photos, Bonefish are amazing one of the fastest strongest fish i have ever seen for their size. These were caught on small crabs during a recent holiday, best fish 76cm and around 8 lb, caught on 8 lb braid and 12lb leader. cheers wayne
      13. Angus

        Png 2017: Eoi's

        Hey everyone. Just throwing it out there... 2016 dates for png filled fast so we have already lined some 2017 dates up. These will be in early June. If you want to join a great crew and chase the below 3 iconic lutjanid species among many others PM me. 3 seats already locked in so 3 or 6 more spots available.
      14. Panafishing Adventures

        Big fish on poper in Panama

        Thought you guys would like to see some different species, so here is the report from the last group that visited us. All fish caught on popper or jigs ! After an amazing first week at the Panafishing lodge, things started slowly for the second group: very few fish and no big ones for the first 2 days. The action got much better towards the end, and although the numbers were not impressive, the big ones were definitly out there ! The first boat was not the most lucky one. 3 big cuberas and one big rooster were lost and could have make a huge difference, but the lack of experience and some broken popper played against them. A big amberjack was caught on popper but the rod broke in the first seconds of the fight, due to a "cubera drag". The fish was boated nevertheless but it's a shame for the nice fight it could have been. Some good fish were taken despite all the bad luck, including 2 nice roosters for Andreas: Good amberjack on topwater: On the second boat, Arnold got 2 trophy roosters and a nice cubera: The 3rd boat fished the best. Starting with Eddy with a trophy cubera and a big rooster: Fishermanb of the week was Petter, with 2 trophy cubera and a trophy rooster: cubera 1: cubera 2: cubera 3: and a beautiful rooster:
      15. youngy

        Aramia River PNG Black Bass

        Hi guys, i know Angus is off to another part of the country to chase these terrific fish and i thought he might want to see this. We are just back from an 8 day trip 100 nautical miles up the Aramia River in western PNG, to say it was awesome would be an understatement. We did the trip on a 70 foot mothership called the K 2 0, we had a skipper, 2 chefs, 3 boat boys and 4 guides for the 9 passengers on board, to say we were spoilt would be an understatement. Water was very dirty and low due to lack of rain but the fishing was great, my daughter Casey, my mate Lyndsay and myself landed 21 bass up to 32lb and 87cm, we lost more fish than we landed as these fish are brutal when they hit a lure. Bycatch was 17 Barra up to 90cm, 3 Saratoga and As many Snakeheads as you wanted to catch, locals were friendly and helpful and the younger kids were fascinated with my daughter as they hadn't seen a whits girl before. We didn't use any fancy expensive gear just 15 to 30lb Shimano Terez rods with 6000 Shimano Stradic reels, 50 lb Braid and 80lb leader. Best lures by far were Barra Classics, with the best colour the white with a red head, good old quantas colour catches everything. I am sure Angus will have as much fun as what we had and i look forward to seeing his report, here's a heap of photos to look at, cheers wayne
      16. Hey team. Well we are going back again and need one more angler to complete number. If you did not catch the report from the last trip please view here: Due to last trip being great from a media point of view we have been given a special rate as well. For the record, PNG Black Bass trips are never cheap... But price compare for amount of time and location and discount is significant. Baia 6 nights, Liamo 2 night @ $4800 Flights @ $1020 Total: $5820 Broken down into 2 days blue water fishing (to and from) and 5 days in the rivers. For the record the last trip was around the 5k mark in total for about 4 days fishing so added value if great! Please let me know if there is any interest. Do not be shy if your not an angler I have met face to face either as these are good, laid back fun trips where everyone usually gets along purely from a like minded love of fishing! Angus
      17. alaskanaturally


        Hey mates, Haven't posted lately. Been traveling. We have a number of articles about Iceland up at Hope you enjoy them.
      18. Angus

        Successful NZ Trip

        Well I have been offline again for a while but I wanted to do a 2 week old report from NZ... In short it was really successful and I will let the pictures do most of the talking. Some good info though... Of all the lures we took it was 1 accidently packed micro jig that had massive success. Boydy had brought this lure, typically used on trevs etc in the Noosa river. Although small hard bodies and plastics reigned supreme in the skinny water streams, this jig smashed it In deeper pools and lakes. It was also the only lure to claim any rainbow trout. I have loads more pictures of fish and scenery on my good camera but have not got them off yet. These are just phone pictures. I will put up some more later if there is any interest. A lot of KM's were covered for these fish but it was well worth it.
      19. alaskanaturally

        Another Great Day on our Atlantic Wilderness

        More pics at Update 150515: Another Day on our Great Atlantic Wilderness It was a weird sea that greeted us after picking our way through the breakers of Quinby Inlet. The wind was dead calm and the forecast of two foot seas with a nine second period was a bit off, more like three feet. But the strangeness really lied in the wavelengths. They were very short, perhaps three or four second periods. We were being roughed up by a calm ocean. So the ride out to our first stop took a bit longer than it should have. It was the opening day of sea bass fishing. Our previous trip, about 10 days earlier yielded lots of cod but only one sea bass. So the big question was, would the black fish be there now. The answer came quickly. Fish were hooked up by Ruta and Don McGavock almost immediately after the rigs hit the bottom. The day was spent fishing two different wrecks. It wasn’t wild catching but kept us very interested. The take was 25 sea bass including one that was five pounds five ounces and two others in the four pound range. We also brought in seven wonderful codfish between four and five pounds. Many undersized bass were released as well as numerous tautog up to about six pounds. By the end of the day, the fish box was quite full. While sitting on one of the wrecks, a small group of what we think were sooty shearwaters came to call. In fact, one of the birds swam within a few meters of the boat. It seemed very curious about us or our activities. Perhaps it been fed by humans previously or thought we were an island. As for other wildlife only a few gannets and migrating loons were spotted. The SeaWyf encountered two pods of dolphin during the day. Always a welcome sight. Back at the homestead everything is planted and raring to get going. The Asian pear trees, paw paws, apples, apricots and che are full of small fruit. Even the young flora are showing promise. There will be some plums, gooseberries and raspberries. The pineapple guavas are finally showing signs of recovery and leafing out after two very tough winters. They will not bear fruit this year but at least they survived. Great things to come in the future. There’s also promise of lots of figs, persimmons and kiwis this year. We’re eating orpine (sedum, live-forever), along with our green onions and herbs in every salad. The weeds that are pulled up out of our yard are nutritious as well. We had a good feed of lambs quarters the other night. A cardinal took up residence, at about eye-level, in a bush next to our front porch. We glance at her each time we pass but are careful not to disturb her motherly activity. So hopefully we’ll be grandparents soon and then can put up profuse numbers of pics like all the other grandparents/parents on Facebook. We feel extremely privileged to live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where we can still immerse ourselves in the natural world though so very close to congested civilization.
      20. 3 DAYS wild fishing adventure in Thailand for father & son fishing bonding trip. This is Reza & Aydin very 1st time wild snakehead fishing trip in Thailand. Not an easy task as I need to take into account their safety , foods and clean & warm accomodation and yet still having fun chasing wild snakehead at the dam. I want to make it a memorable & unforgettable once a lifetime father & son fishing adventure trip in Thailand. Something they will cherish the great moment their had during this fishing adventure trip. Alots of plannings is needed during the preparation for the trip & also chasing after fries mama toman pose a big challenge for them. I let the video do the talking...... There is a saying " A picture tell a thousand words" To me " A video show it all....." That's my style!!! Click onto the youtube video below and follow us to Reza & his son fishing adventure in Thailand. Enjoys .... Reza chasing his mama toman on topwater actions !!!- Awesome topwaters !!! Highlights photos of the trip. Awesome beautiful mama toman Aydin 1st snakehead catch. Sebarau catch... Golden mahseer by the river...
      21. Hey Guys! The misus and myself are planning a trip to Fiji in May and was wondering if anyone has done a day charter off Fiji? If anyone could provide any information that would be wicked! Aim is to chase dog tooth and GT's Thanks
      22. When Mark Johnson contacted me last month somewhere in end march for a 3 days fishing trip in Thailand, I responsed to his requests promptly. Prior to their arrival, I made sure I've done all necessary arrangements & preparations for everything to goes smoothly as planned. The main objestive for this Thaiand fishing trip as Johnson wanted , is to have many fun for the boys, many catches and big giant fishes which these boys have never catch before back home. Below the itinerary I planned for them - Enjoys guys !!! Day 1 - Barramundi lure fishing. [video]http:// Day 2 - Predators fishing for arapaima , redtail catfish and alligator gar. [video]http:// Day 3- Variety species pond for snakehead, pacu and asia redtail. [video:youtube] I have taken much effort to capture all their memorable fishing moments during the 3 days fishing trip. I will let these 3 days video clips and photos be the testimonial of their wonderful time with us- Bkk Fishing Tour. Highlights photos of the 3 DAYS fishing trip. Barramundi lure fishing & fly fishing.
      23. The best fishing buddy anyone can find is none than our own wife. I not easy to convince Mrs to go for a wild fishing trip with us. But then ...once you shown them the rope of catching the fish in the wild, it will be the gateway for more future fishing trips ahead. Enjoys the video clips and photos for our husband and wife wild fishing trip. DAY 1 [video]http:// DAY 2 [video]http:// DAY 3 [video]http:// Highlights photos of the catches..
      24. alaskanaturally

        Of the Ocean and Pleasant Surprises

        Firstly, we want thank all of you who helped us during our trip to Oz, especially Ray who took us out on NDP. Took us a week to fix the frozen plumbing but finally got out yesterday: Of the Ocean and Pleasant Surprises. Wachapreague Inlet was a bit rougher than we expected as we slipped out into the North Atlantic. The forecast called for 5mph winds and two foot seas. Was closer to 15 and 3-4 ft with a good overlapping chop. The Seawyf , though feeling neglected for the past few months, was performing well on her 2015 shake-down cruise. We were happy that she wasn’t too unhappy with having been left for most of the winter. It was wonderful being out after about a week of playing plumbers repairing the cold damage to our house while we were frolicking in sunny/warm Australia. The first objectives were a few wrecks about 10 miles off the beach. After hitting two of those w/o a touch, the old girl was pointed seaward for another 10 where there are three more. Not a single bite on those either. The water temperature was 47-48 so we couldn’t figure out why there were no ‘tog in an eating mode. The winds had calmed and had plenty of fuel was in the tank, so we decided to head south toward the triangle wrecks about an hour and a half away. Figured we’d hit a few pieces of bottom about 45 minutes from our current location but in almost a direct line to the Triangles. The first piece also was devoid of bites but a few minutes after the anchor line came tight on the next one, Ruta gets a really good hit. The fish did not fight like a ‘tog and we figured it was an oyster toad. Much to our surprise and delight, a 23 inch codfish was brought to the surface. Five minutes later another this time almost 24 inches. We decided to stick with this wreck and not bother heading further south. The fishing was very slow, about a half hour between bites but we wound up with seven cod between 22 and 25 inches and a few undersized ones. A real treat as these guys do not show up in our waters every year. Perhaps, the codfish god was preparing us for our month in Iceland this June. Or perhaps he/she was mocking us saying see you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to catch a few of these. In any case they certainly were a welcome treat. You can see from the pics how difficult the fishing was. The woman just wore herself out. Please, we urge all our angling friends to pick up any balloons they see floating. They are extremely destructive to wildlife. They should be banned. In Australia they are anywhere near the coast. The ride back to Wachapreague was long but not too bouncy. While out there many gannets and a few loons were spotted. A pod of dolphin were doing their thing in the inlet. The old timers say that when those guys show up the black drum are close behind. Something to look forward to.