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      Found 14 results

      1. Found this article by Camron Slessor about a sunfish that has been found washed ashore near the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia over the weekend, and one expert believes it is the Mola mola species. The gigantic fish is known for its sheer size and odd body shape, often distinguished by its flattened body and fins. A photo of the creature was posted on social media yesterday, with two fishermen standing over it on the sand. Linette Grzelak, who posted the image to Facebook, said the fish — which was already dead — was spotted by her partner while out fishing on Saturday. "A sunfish found by my partner along the Coorong a couple [of] nights ago … I thought it was fake," the post said. Sunfish can swim to the depths of the ocean. South Australian Museum fish collection manager Ralph Foster said this particular species was a rare find. "I've actually had a good look at it, we get three species here and this is actually the rarest one in South Australian waters," he said. "It's the oceanic sunfish, which in other parts of the world is common but here it's more unusual, it's the one known as Mola mola." He said this particular sunfish was on the smaller end of the scale in terms of size. He estimated it was about 1.8 metres long. Mr Foster said the sunfish got its name for its trait of basking in the sun, but they were also known to swim to the depths of the ocean. "In recent work people have been putting satellite tags and data loggerson them and found they will come to the surface and lay on their side on the surface, hence the name the sunfish," he said. "Once they are warm enough they will dive down several hundreds of metres and feed onjellyfish and things right at the depth and stay down there for quite a long time. "We know very little about them, it's only in the last few years that technology has allowed us to start learning about them." Sunfish are known to 'sink yachts'. Mr Foster said the sunfish was not commonly fished for and had been known to have damaged yachts. "They are not generally fished for except in parts of Asia," he said. "I think one female can lay something like three million eggs, so they are not particularly endangered." He said various marks on its tail and the shape of its head made him confident the latest find in South Australia was a Mola mola sunfish, but there was a lot more to be discovered about them. "We get to actually look at them so infrequently, so we never know quite which one we've got," he said. "Which is why these photographs online are so useful, because we get to actually look at it and decide which one it is. The find comes as a rare hoodwinker sunfish was recently found washed ashore in California earlier this year. The 2.1-metre fish was spotted at the Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve and initially left scientists baffled when they could not identify it. Marine scientist Marianne Nyegaard, from Murdoch University, identified the new species after analysing more than 150 samples of sunfish DNA.
      2. Hi All, Can anyone let me know which are good fishing spots near Brighton (Adelaide).... thats the closest area around my area.
      3. Hi All, So, I am almost done with my fishing gear, I have bought a cheap (bayangtoys X16) drone to drop the bait from the beach. I was checking out videos on youtube and this guy said running sinkers are better ( at 1.20 min) I am targeting snapper, tuna or anything within 400 m range, which sinker should I choose and how much weight should I select? And also which worm pliers should I buy to catch worms... If you have links to this item on amazon,, then that would be easier for me to buy it
      4. Howdy guys, I am back after long break, so I am coming back to Australia and its fishing time. As I had asked last time about drone fishing, someone told me that distance not necessarily means more fish. I saw a lot of youtube drone fishing videos and most of them were using DJI phantom to catch Tuna, Carp and even sharks within 2 km range. the reason I am looking for drone fishing is because the beach where I live, if I throw bait in ocean all i catch is sea weed, and I was thinking if I could throw bait somewhere within a 1 km range then perhaps I can find Tuna or other big fishes, What are the recommendations of the experts? Over and out NoobFisher
      5. This was the first time I'd tried a beach launch while doing out trip around Oz. I forgot the bungs and had to go for a swim!! ha ha. Was still a fun outing though.
      6. taken from FW email newsletter By Jereme Lane | 4 December 2015 A COMPREHENSIVE report outlining the stock status of 45 fish species in South Australia has been released by SA Fisheries. Of most interest to fishermen will be that important target species including snapper, King George whiting and garfish have all been listed as “transitional depleted”. This means that Fisheries have identified a requirement to increase stock numbers as to avoid the species becoming overfished. The Status of South Australian Fisheries Report covers marine, estuarine and freshwater fish, crustaceans and shellfish. The fish were selected due to their importance to the state’s commercial and recreational sectors. Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said the fishing industry supported more than 3000 jobs – mainly in the state’s regions. “The state’s commercial fisheries process more than 44,000 tonnes of seafood for domestic and international markets each year, contributing more than $379 million to our economy,” Bignell said. “Recreational fishing is also a strong economic driver, with more than one in six South Australians and interstate and international visitors enjoying recreational fishing on our seas, rivers and estuaries each year. “Our fish stocks are a precious resource but they are constantly changing because of environmental conditions, natural population fluctuations and fishing pressure. “The State Government will continue to monitor stocks and work with all fishing sectors to ensure there is robust monitoring, assessment, management and compliance programs in place.” The report is based on data collected from the fisheries, such as catch and effort data, biological and abundance data from fishery-independent surveys, and economic information for 2012-13 or the 2013 calendar year, depending on the seasonality of the fishery. The full report and the Harvest Strategy policy:
      7. First of two Murray Mouth dredging operations begins in South Australia />
      8. Taken from Fishing World email newsletter 24 Mar 2014 FOLLOWING recent reports that disgruntled South Australian anglers felt its state's peak representative body, RecFish SA, hadn't done enough to prevent marine park lock-outs, it has been revealed the organisation received payments to promote the parks. Read more details at:
      9. The 2013 Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic was held on 6-7th April and attracted locals, a team from Whyalla and boats from Adelaide and interstate teams. This year, the record was broken with 900 Southern Bluefin Tuna being caught and released amongst 20 boats and a total of 16 hours of fishing, which means one fish per minute were caught and released. It is now a World Record pending. The Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic is a catch and release competition with a 10kg line class only, meaning the Southern Bluefin Tuna must equal 10 kg line weight (or minimum 780mm long) to qualify as a Tournament size fish. Each boat received a custom made aluminium rod bent at each end at 780mm to make it easy to measure and to get the Tuna back in the water quickly and in good condition. The Tournament was originally created in 2005 by fishing gurus and world record holders, Ron Forster and Rolf Czabayski, and was then called The Shootout. Peter Teakle and Nina Mattingley took over the Competition in 2011 and renamed it Port Lincolnn Tuna Classic and it has continued to go from strength to strength. The Briefing night was held Friday 5th April at the Marina Hotel with 140 people attending. At this time, it was obvious the weather was going to be perfect, but there were grave concerns for the amount of Tuna about.Locals had been out fishing for Tuna prior to the competition, but with not much luck. Fishing hours were 09.00 - 18.00 on Saturday and 08.00 - 15.00 on Sunday. The Tournament was run by Peter Teakle and Nina Mattingley using a base radio from their home at the Lincoln Cove Marina. Peter conducted the first Radio Sked at 12.10pm (three hours after start fishing on Saturday) with Nina and Marketing Director of Riviera Stephen Milne and his wife Kim, eagerly waiting for the initial results. Would there be any fish announced at all? Russell Bianco on Majessnik called in with 32 Tuna followed by Rob Swincer on Saltiga with 36 and Bryan Stokes on C'World with an astonishing 39 Southern Bluefin Tuna! In three hours! The pressure was off and the committee were very relieved to say the least. Sensational weather and large amounts of fish! Game on, Like never before! At 18.00 on Saturday, Peter called Stop Fishing. A new pending World Record for light tackle Tournament had been set.628 fish were caught and released on Day 1 and Bryan Stokes and his team on C'World led the field with 95 fish, followed by Russell Bianco and his team on Majessnik with 87 tournamentt sized fish. Sunday, Day 2 and final day of the Competition, provided flat calm seas, no wind and warm temperatures. Stop Fishing was announced at 15.00 and Peter and Nina couldn't believe the Final Scores. The fleet of 20 boats caught and released 897 fish with another three fish being boated and weighed for the Heaviest Fish Trophy and the Runner Up Heaviest Fish. The Presentation Night was held at Port Lincoln Hotel in their magnificent Ballroom where 155 guests dined and were entertained by the Trophy Presentations. A total of 32 beautifully created Trophies were handed out by our Sponsors Stephen Milne (Marketing Director or Riviera), Michael Pitman (R Marine South Australia), Fred Boikov from Shimano and last but not least Mike Sinclair, State Manager for Club Marine in SA and NT. Mr Sinclair was an angler onboard The Battler and caught his first Tuna ever and ten of them. A slide show was also playing on the big screens with some great action shots with multiple hook ups and backing up on the fish. The Comradeship amongst the teams grows stronger for every year as they get to know each other which is rewarding to see and be part of, as the Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic is about having fun and catching fish and anyone can join in the fun! Vessel SALTIGA and the other Competitors are waiting for the shot gun start outside Lincoln Cove Marina. Photo: Richard Kozuszko onboard vessel Saltiga Shot gun start Photo by Stephen Milne, Riviera "900 Southern Bluefin Tuna were caught and released amongst 20 boats in two days with only 16 hours of fishing in total. Riviera Port Lincoln Tuna Classic created history 6th-7th April 2013 with one fish per minute being caught and released by our competitors. A pending new World Record". CHAMPION SCORES - RIVIERA PORT LINCOLN TUNA CLASSIC 2013 CHAMPION BOAT: 1st C'WORLD - 125 fish 2nd MAJESSNIK - 107 fish From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera), C'Word owner Bryan Stokes, John Monahan, Panteli Pyromallis, Tim Steer and Peter Webber Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera), Frank Ferella, Elio Auciello, Ches Detomaso, Frank Gabbana and owner of Majessnik Russell Bianco. Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting CHAMPION TRAILER BOAT 1st MISTRESS 38 fish 2nd SHOCKWAVE 18 fish From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera), Matthew Holmes and Andrew Sammut of MISTRESS Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera), Owner Richard Webb of Shockwave, Shane Mensforth, Jason Stephenson, Katie Webb and Tom Tierney. Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting HEAVIEST FISH 1st MEGHAN TAPLEY on NOBLE ONE - 25 kilos (or 1080mm) 2nd DARREN STONE on NOBLE ONE - 20 kilos From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera) and Meghan Tapley of NOBLE ONE Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera) and Darren Stone of NOBLE ONE Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting Weighing in their Tuna for Heaviest Fish Trophies. Darren Stone and Meghan Tapley from NOBLE ONE Photo by: Matt Calder, The Battler CHAMPION MALE ANGLER 1st ELIO AUCIELLO on MAJESSNIK - 43 fish 2nd RICK TIDSWELL on JAZZ 2 - 37 fish From left: Fred Boikov from Shimano and Elio Auciello of MAJESSNIK Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting From left: Fred Boikov from Shimano and Rick Tidswell of JAZZ 2 Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting CHAMPION FEMALE ANGLER 1st MEGHAN TAPLEY on NOBLE ONE - 29 fish (also Female Champion in 2012) 2nd SUSAN TARBOTTON on TARI - 22 fish From left: Stephen Milne (Marketing Director of Riviera) and Meghan Tapley of NOBLE ONE Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting From left: Mike Sinclair (State Manager of Club Marine SA and NT) ) and Susan Tarbotton of TARI Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting CHAMPION JUNIOR ANGLER 1st PAMELA PLATT on NOBLE ONE - 19 fish 2nd BAILEY GODWIN on TARI TWO - 9 fish From left: Bob Hutchinson (Spot On Fishing and Camping) with Pamela Platt of NOBLE ONE Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting From left: Bob Hutchinson (Spot On Fishing and Camping) and Bailey Godwin of TARI TWO Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting ALL COMPETITORS - FINAL SCORE - Owner / Skipper 1. C'WORLD 125 fish 70' Riviera Bryan Stokes 2. MAJESSNIK 107 fish 42' Riviera Russel Bianco 3. SALTIGA 89 fish 45' Riviera Rob Swincer 4. JAZZ 2 75 fish 42' Riviera Brett Wheeler 5. NOBLE ONE 54 fish 40' Riviera Tim McDonald 6. CINDY BETT 50 fish 65' Custom Ron Waller 7. AUSSIE BATTLER 47 fish 51' Riviera Mark Hand 8. THE BATTLER 41 fish 56' Riviera Peter Teakle 9. GLADIATOR 40 fish 55' Riviera Jim Smyth 10. SLEDGEHAMMER 38 fish 51' Riviera Andrew Crilly 11. MISTRESS 38 fish Trailer Boat Andrew Sammut 12. CHILL'N 35 fish 43' Riviera Neil Stennett 13. TARI 31 fish 56' Riviera Ian and Susan Tarbotton 14. LONGSHOT 26 fish 51' Riviera Ron and Janet Forster 15. LIFESTYLE 23 fish 51' Riviera Glenn Spear 16. DOUBLE CROSS 18 fish 52' Southern Cross John Nicholls 17. SHOCKWAVE 18 fish Trailer Boat Richard Webb 18. SOGUN 18 fish 47' Riviera Steve Clark 19. TARI TWO 12 fish Trailer Boat Ian Tarbotton 20. GALAXY STAR 10 fish 50' Bertram Rolf Czabayski Happy Committee, Sponsor and 2013 Champion Boat C'World! From left: Peter Teakle, Nina Mattingley, Mike Sinclair (Club Marine), Bryan Stokes, John Monahan, Panteli Pyromallis, Tim Steer and Peter Webber. Photo by: Tom McNab Marketing Director of Riviera Stephen and Kim Milne Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting Tuna Classic Committee and Organisers Nina Mattingley and Peter Teakle Photo by: Tom McNab, Sharpshooting Action onboard The Battler, a Riviera 56'. From left: Mike Sinclair (State Manager, Club Marine), behind Mike: David Clayfield, Adrian Bothur (Male Champion 2011) and Matt Calder from Hamilton Island. Copyright: Shane Mensforth Champion Boat C'World, a Riviera 70' owned by Bryan Stokes Photo: Richard Kozuszko Nice tournament size Tuna onboard SALTIGA ready to be gently released in good condition. Photo by: Richard Kozuszko Onboard SALTIGA, Fady Dib's catch of the day ready to be released Fady Dib's catch of the evening! The largest squid we have ever seen. Approx size 4kg?? Nice Calamari dinner while at anchor. Photo by: Richard Kozuszko and Rob Swincer Champion Male Angler of Tuna Classic 2012 Jason Stephenson onboard SHOCKWAVE with a nice kingfish. Copyright: Shane Mensforth SA Angler Magazine, World Record holder Janet Forster and Runner Up Female angler Susan Tarbotton (TARI). Photo by: Tom McNab Robert Forster with Fishing Guru Ron Forster (Founder of Port Lincoln Tuna Classic in 2005) and Junior Angler Ben Kapur of LONGSHOT. Photo by: Tom McNab World Champion Rolf Czabayski (Founder of Port Lincoln Tuna Classic in 2005), Andy Vinnicombe and Ralph Czabayski Photo by: Tom McNab
      10. Heading off to Adelaide for a week on sunday. Apart from getting back on a plane to Brisbane what is there to do there. Missus not interested in fishing although I would love to get a King George whiting. Already planned zoo visit. Winery's Harndorf /Littlehampton. Celtic Thunder concert. Staying at Brighton and have hire car. Saw all the churches 30 years ago when we were last there. CHeers Ray
      11. maxi

        SA adventure !!

        dusky and myself leave on sat morn for what we hope will be the trip of the decade for us ,.. :laugh: were going to sa for the week fishing with a fella weve known only over the net for 4 yrs ... we finally meet .. :laugh: :laugh: "snaps" has it all planned .. snapper, snook, kg whiting ,blue crabs, garries, squid etc. from sunday to tue at fishermans bay which is on port broughton. then back in to the riverlands for a good chance at a big green fish and some yellas the fresh stuff .. its been a long time in the wind this trip ... :ohmy: the weather is looking ok atm ... it will be a totally different ball game for us as neither of us has fished there before, were lucky to have a couple of locals to show us the ropes .. :dry: :laugh: hope we get some good fish for a cracker report .... Maxi
      12. Zim man

        SA Bream

        Hi all I went out to the onkaprainga river today to try my luck.The river is just south of adelaide. Well i got there at mid morning, It was friggin cold and not much action at all. After about 40 minutes, the cold was getting the better of me and my blades (Damiki Vaults)were not having any joy, I had had two small bites, but nothing concrete, so I turned round to work the bank back to the car. I also changed lures. About fifth cast, I felt a slight nudge then a good pull, set the hook and after a pretty short fight, I had landed a good bream. So good in fact that it turned out to me my personal best. I never had a brag mat with me so I measured him against my rod, made a mark , took some photos and continued fishing. After that fish the cold was not too much of an issue. As luck would have it, 3 casts later, the lure was lost to the river:( . I tried soft plastics for a while then called it a day. I got home and measured the marking on the rod and total size from tip of nose to tip of tail was exactly 40.2cm.:woohoo: :woohoo: I am so well stoked about that. May be heading out again tomorrow to try again.:woohoo: [img size=150] Thanks for reading rob
      13. snaps123

        SA Snapper

        hi all new to the site just thought i would show off a noce SA snapper:P :woohoo: cheers snaps
      14. Hi guys, flying to adelaide on friday then hiring a car and driving across the great ocean rd to melbourne then flying home, Does anyone know of any spots along the great ocean rd and around melbourne? Planning on going on a charter in melbourne while we're their aswell. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Ps. Wasnt sure where to put this so just posted here.