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      1. Hi Everyone Just a brief report on recent trip to Ningi with my Grandson, got onto a quite a few spotted and barred Javelin, majority of the spotties were legal 35cm + however all the barred caught were under legal although in same range length as the spotties. Javelin are plenty of fun on light mono with a 6kg mono trace, however best to use circle hooks as they will generally swallow the bait. Couple of pics of a spotty and a barred both 35cm to fork Thanks for reading MSB
      2. Went down the gold coast yesterday with lance to fish for mackerel with cyclone Oma approaching as we won't get another chance for a while. We headed for mermaid reef once we got out of southport seaway with the sea calm I put the hammer down. We floated out pilchards and a live yakka but with no mackerel hits after a few hours the decision was made to move. We headed back up near the seaway and found a nice bommie on the sounder to sit on. We jigged up some bigger yakkas and as I was winding in a small yakka we set early to change it for a bigger bait when the little yakka was hit and the reel screamed. The fish took a few long fast runs with a spotty mackerel darting from 1 side of the boat to the other he finally was slowed and we had our 1st Mackie in the boat. As we got the fish bled and in the box there was no time to rest as soon as another yakka was set it was inhaled and the rod buckled over. Lance took the rod and fought a likely Spanish mackerel but it spat the hook after a quick run. This happened again as soon as another live yakka was set and I fought what I thought was a small fish but after it's 2nd run it really woke up and speed increased on a couple more runs. A nice Spanish came into view and we got a 1.2m long Spaniard in the box. With more burleigh came more spotties and they were soon swimming right up to the back of the boat eating the cubes of pillies drifting out. It started a hour of power with spotties taking every bait we could get out but most fish were lost. We boated another 3 spotties losing many more mainly to them running around the anchor rope. It was fun watching them in the burleigh trail and able to see them take the bait. Lance hooked another Spanish but it must of shook its head and the hook then foul hooking it and he then had no chance of turning this big fish. The wind finally got above 5 knots and the fish went off the bite so we headed for home. Fantastic day on the water and a few nice fish for a feed is what makes a happy fisherman.
      3. Going to head out offshore tomorrow before the cyclone blasts the coast line and chase some pelagics. The water temperature is high around 26 degrees + and nice and clear in close so the mackerel should be chewing. Stay tuned for the report this feels like it could be a cracker of a day.
      4. Weather was looking pretty mint today and was dead keen on going to chase some Pelagics outside, but after yesterday couldn’t help but have another crack at the tuskies so didnt event make it over spb. So up at birds fart again to frig around chasing baits. Unfortunately didn’t Land any bigguns like yesterday , but am gonna start putting in some hours to solely chase these big blues as I reckon they’d give a big red a run for their money.Still had a ball though as even the smaller ones in between 35 and 60cm pull like trains in the shallows on 30lb gear. Got smoked plenty of times. Ended up putting together a good feed and a heap of fresh squid too. But with this forecast I don’t reckon I’ll be seeing the water for a while. Hopefully the fishing goes nuts straight after this big southerly blow and I’ll be interested to see how the spb changes from the huge swells.
      5. Went out with a mate This morning attempting our first go at chasing a big blue tuskie. Hit the first spot on sunrise and managed to land three small tuskies straight away which filled us both with confidence. Hung around in the shallows for a bit waiting for the tide to change. As the tide change approached we changed spots and within ten minutes we had nailed our first big blue ever. Unfortunately we came across two more decent ones but pulled hooks on both. Things slowed down after the tide change so we kept it short and headed home early with a bit of by catch aswell. Pretty damn stoked for first go at them. Will be having another crack at Em real soon I know that much. Big one weighed in at 11 kg and measured 80cm when we got home. ps. Should have taken a photo straight up when it was alive as this one dosnt do it justice. It had the mintest colours when it first came out of the water. 🦜 not worth a report in itself but anyone chasing a prawns I’d be giving Southside a miss until we get some rain. All the usual spots have been really poor for this time of year. Best bet is to try pine or Cabo . We’ve managed to get a couple buckets up that way on each trip. But be prepared to put in the work for them. We really need some big rain soon or this prawn seasons gonna suck I reckon
      6. Hey, Can anyone let me know any good spots around the Sanctuary cove area? And can someone let me know if you are allowed to fish at the little lake at Jenny Park Place at the entrance of Sanctuary cove, I've seen some good sized jacks and mullet in there, but I don't know if you're allowed to fish there. Thanks
      7. Hi all, How does one go about catching eels for bait ? I see a pdf from Fisheries that details a proper net but I can't see too many of you with that arrangement ! Does one need a license ? Rgds, Steve
      8. straddiebrad

        south queensland Burrum Heads

        he guys heading up to burrum heads on friday for the long weekend ,has anyone on here fished the area and like to share,as i will be fishing blind up there and would have a clue on where to start,well i plann on heading out and troll around to see what i come across,any help would be great thanks brad
      9. Met eye has it under 10 knots all day tomorrow. I have to do some oyster stuff so cant go outside but will put a few rods in and troll some spoons on the way home. There is a decky spot available tomorrow on my boat. If you are keen to come out and learn about oyster farming and oyster reef restoration with a little bit of fishing on the side let me know. It is a late start and will leave Wynnum at about 11.30am due to tides.
      10. Flanker978

        south queensland Mooloolaba Worms

        Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows some good spots for worming around Mooloolaba. Wanting to teach the kids. Thanks
      11. hello to all the hut has become available for the weekend of 17-19th jan. need an idea as to how many would like to come so please get back to me asap as i need to book with hut secratary the sooner the better. cheers ezy
      12. I was just reading about the coffee rock grounds on the eastern side of Moreton Island just north of South Passage. It made me surprised that I have not heard anyone on here mention them or put up a report in the past few years. Is it a good place to go? Does anyone have much experience there? Anyone got some GPS marks they would like to share? I would like to look for an alternative spot when the Group is not working. Thanks
      13. Been putting a few hours into the local lately and starting to get a few results. Set a mission to get a fredd off surface and finally nailed a 109cm.
      14. Hey Legends, I have often been told the best way to catch Spanish Mack Trucks is to slow troll a rigged Gar. I have heard lots of methods with 3 x 6/0 Gangs and a cast net sinker or premade rigs and using soft plastic squid heads over the top but I have actually never done it. Does anyone recommend it and do you have any tips on how to rig and how fast to troll etc?
      15. benno573

        south queensland Where To Go?

        Hi all, Looking at heading out for a kayak fish this weekend. Flexible to a point on the timing, just trying to decide on a location! Kayak is a hobie outback so no real issue taking it out into the big blue if the weather is right for it. Full moon is next monday so it should be a good weekend for it. Wind looks slightly more favourable on Sunday. My options so far are: 1) launch out of cabbage tree point either morning and go chasing flatties in my "regular" spots 2) launch out of coomera/pimpama either morning and go chase some flatties, jacks and trevally 3) head up to coochin creek or bells creek and chase flatties or a jack 4) try off redcliffe around scarborough reef - might be difficult as I don't as yet have a sounder 5) launch at caloundra and head out around the blinker chasing mackeral and reefies, likely only on option Sunday morning and weather forecast has to improve slightly. again might be tricky given the lack of a sounder. Also a little bit reluctant to take this challenge on solo. 6) try around the brisbane river mouth targetting threadies, jew, flathead and snapper. 7) launch at wellington point and try for a mackeral or some reefies along the ledge. What would you do? Cheers, Benno
      16. jhedrick

        south queensland Choices Are Hard

        Good morning guys, I finished work this morning and have had a couple, but I'm thinking about taking my boat out and sleeping on it for the night tomorrow night. I've recently just brought an underwater light to attract bait/squid but I'm so torn on where to go. Last time I went out I hit up jacobs well and had a lot of success. I was thinking about doing the same again and testing out this new light, with the hope of a jew fish... But I'm also thinking I could go out tomorrow during the day and sleep in horse shoe bay but have my light on to attract squid near the western side rocks. Then once it hits an hour or two before high tide maybe hit up a reef or something. I don't know what is going well in the bay at the moment. All I know is that it's never as productive as I think it's going to be. Anyway I know the wind my be an issue at points but I suppose what I'm really after is someone to tell me where to go. High tide is during the night and just on sunrise so I probably need to figure out what I should do. I'm unsure where to catch live bait in the bay but I know plenty of places in jacobs well. All suggestions welcome guys. Hope everyone is having a good day Cheers Jordan
      17. Headed off early Thursday morning to chase the marlin out wide on the gold coast with 'motley crew' Colin. There was no wind but a bit of left over slop from the day before we got out to the grounds and started to troll skirts but couldn't find any bait schools. Trolled all my marks then found a current line and trolled along it fro zip. Made the call to go in shallower and half way back the sea came alive there was bait busting up, tuna, dolphins, birds and even a free jumping marlin. I stopped and called my brother who was in close fishing for mackerel he said he had 4 spotties in the box and the Mackies were on the surface. I put the hammer down and as the sea had now glassed out we were soon pulling up next to my brothers boat. We set pillies out and it wasn't long before all the rods went off we lost all 3 fish. The spotties surrounded us on the surface and as I threw the next bait out it drifted just below the surface before a spotty nudged it and swam past but 4 of his mates didn't like missing out and charged the bait with the 1st fish nailing it and taking off with hook set very cool to watch. The line screemed off the reel and after 4 more runs a good spotty was gaffed and chilling in the icy brine. Colin got in on the action and was loving the speedsters we had to untagle lines on double hook ups and had plenty of laughs in doing so. The fishing was awesome for the next 2 hours sharks made the spotties run even faster and we lost a few to the men in grey but those spotties can turn on the speed when they need to. Fish were busting up everywhere you looked it just went on all day it has been a long time since i have seen it go on like this. The space between my brothers boat and mine often had hundreds of mackerel just below the surface an incredible site. The box was filling with good size spotties 1 hit the meter long mark. All had been in a good paddock as they were fat as mud. My brother bagged out and left and we left them biting after putting 7 in the box it was a perfect day on the water with glassy conditions for our run home as well. I got home and cleaned the fish with many cold beers to cool the insides. Here is the final result
      18. From the courier mail: The best times and spots to catch fish in southeast Queensland this weekend High water temperature in the shallows is forcing most fish, including flathead and whiting, into deeper water. Here’s the inside word on what time to fish and where. WEATHER We have a great forecast for the weekend with light north easterly winds predicted offshore. If you’re heading out fishing make sure you take a raincoat, we could see quite a few showers throughout southeast Queensland. Current off Point Lookout has been from the south at over three knots at times through the week, which has made fishing the deeper reefs very difficult. Water temperature offshore peaked at a little over 26 degrees through the week which has fired up a run of pelagic species in shallow and marlin on the wider grounds. TIDES This weekend falls a few days after the new moon, as a result we will have medium tidal flow, between 40-50 per cent of the year’s biggest, and tides will reduce in size over the next week. With the lack of any other major influence this weekend, solunar peaks should be well worth fishing. On Saturday we have a 75 per cent peak at 2.50am and 3.00pm and on Sunday it drop to 50 per cent and falls at 3.30am and 3.45pm. Anglers getting an early start will have the run in tide from early morning till lunchtime, the tide will run out all afternoon with low tide around sunset. WHAT’S BITING Water temperature in the shallows has been very high forcing most fish, including flathead and whiting, into deeper water during the middle of the day. The better catches have been early morning before the sun gets too high in the sky and late afternoon. It’s been a similar story with mud crabs. There’s been plenty caught but the majority have come from deeper holes, especially at night. There are a lot of anglers chasing prawns, unfortunately with very little result. Top spots this week include the Pine River and deeper holes in the Logan River. There’s been very few reports from the Nudgee grounds in the bay or around the southern Bay islands. Whiting continue to be the main catch in estuary waters, top spots include the Nerang River, Coomera River and Broadwater. There’s also been a few around Ageston Sand in the Logan River. Flathead are another species worth targeting, top spots include deeper holes around the entrance to small creeks and drains and the edges of main channels on the bottom of the tide. They will also be on the bottom anywhere there are prawns as well. There were a few better quality snapper caught in the Bay this week, the best catches have been early morning by those throwing unweighted baits into the shallows around Mud and Peel islands. Offshore there’s been plenty of pan size snapper and tuskfish on the bottom when the current backs off, especially on the deeper reefs including Square Patch and Deep Tempest. It’s the time of year for pelagic activity and there’s been a few wahoo, mackerel and tuna caught by anglers trolling the Sevens and The Group area. There’s also been small marlin caught, the majority out on the 100m line or current and temperature lines. Spotty mackerel season is in full swing with good catches on the Gold Coast shallow reefs and on the coffee rock grounds on the eastern side of Moreton Island just north of South Passage. On the freshwater scene Wivenhoe Dam continues to be a hot spot for bass with some of the best numbers and quality seen for a long time. There’s also been good numbers in Lake Samsonvale, especially for those anglers using live shrimp. Redclaw have been scarce in all impoundment with the exception of Lake Samsonvale which is producing a feed for those putting in the effort. NEWS Barramundi are back on the menu. After a three month closed season anglers can now target barramundi in natural rivers and creeks in Queensland. The closed season protects barramundi stocks during this vulnerable time in their life cycle, allowing them to spawn and replenish to ensure healthy fish stocks for current and future generations of Queenslanders. Anglers are reminded to check the size and possession limits that apply, the minimum size limit for barramundi on the east coast and Gulf of Carpentaria is 58cm, the maximum size limit is 120cm and the possession limit is five fish per person. For those fishing in some of Queensland’s stocked freshwaters, one barramundi may be taken if it is greater than 120cm. LOCATIONS Sleepy little fishing villages are one of Australia’s greatest attractions and Hastings Point, less than 30 minutes south of the Qld border, is one of those towns where there’s not much going on, but there’s plenty to do. The sheltered estuary waters of Cudgen Creek are a great place to cool off on a hot day and offer good flathead and whiting fishing in the summer months. The beaches produce tailor and mulloway, especially of an evening, and for those that like to rock hop, either exploring the marine life or fishing the headland, the rocks off Hastings Point have a lot to offer. A sleepy little village only a short drive from the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast, Hastings Point is a great place to visit.
      19. Benno sent me some of his footage and I had some above water stuff that I have combined to do another smaller clip of the whale shark. I always have trouble matching music to videos and this was no exception. Benno's choice was sweet but, just using free download songs it's hard to find much I like. I just had enough and picked one.
      20. Hi AFO'ers, Hit the nautical mile on Saturday to give the new MotorGuide and Merc90CT. Happy to report that both work well and the Scout is even better than before. I can now see why they say an electric will change your fishing forever. Being able to move around the beacon without anchoring quiet as a mouse is just awesome. So easy to catch live bait this way.. I was hoping to get onto some Macks but they seem to be somewhere else apart from a stray undersize. Had a couple livies get smashed hook line and sinker ... Then this ol' chap decided to grab and run...he / she might have been the original culprit as well. Doesn't look like a bull shark anyone got any ideas? Was released for another day. Pulled up stumps and headed towards Tangalooma to get some more hours on the engine. Could see some bust ups here and there but could get anything to take a bite. I knew the engine upgrade was the right choice when I was sitting on 4400 and was doing 26kts and had to keep checking the engine was on! Also love being able to use the Lowrance to control the motor guide ... bloody handy with that shark as I just hit a couple of arrows and took myself away! Not the most successful day but loved it anyway! Tight lines
      21. buzzard

        south queensland Trip To Woodgate

        Fished Woodgate couple of weeks ago for a week but the fishing was lousy. Few Dart off the beach with flathead and a few small Jack in the Theolodite creek after Kayaking up and down with lures and floppies.Very baron..
      22. Hi all, Headed out offshore with @Luvit Friday night and Saturday. Not the best day on the fishing front but still an epic day out that we'll both remember for some time. I'll let the video do the talking. Enjoy. Cheers, Benno <'><
      23. Hi all, Been a while since I wrote anything beyond quick replies here and there. What you get for the start of the year and being to flat out already... BUT ... I have spent a fair amount of hours on the new old boat (thanks @Luvit for the advice on the Scout). Have to say I am still totally in love with this boat...took me 3 to get there but I am now. I know my decision to get an open bay FG boat was the right one for me now. I've been across the bay, cockle banks, north artificial and more recently spent a couple of outings in The Pine - trying to pick up the skin of soft plastic flatty fishing and checking possies out for Jews. But more importantly I've now had 2 sessions cast netting for prawns and I have to say if you haven't caught your own prawns before you have to give it a crack. I watched a stack of YouTube videos and still was pretty **** on a 8ft nylon but got a feed, second outing I started using a 10ft top pocket and upped my game. I can see how / why this is so addictive. Coming from down south where you can't use a cast net and spend hours wading through the run out on a full moon with a hand net .... well that is just shite. I've had a couple of comments about using the Scout for pawning but I just laughed and said I don't wear boat shoes so it is all good to get dirty and then just wash it out. Heading out this Saturday / Sunday to the reefs in the morning. Will post some photos and a report! Here are some recent photos over the last couple of months Tight lines all!
      24. rayke1938

        south queensland NPD Fail

        After 4 distressing days off the water whilst I replaced the floor in my tinny I finally got it to the stage where i can go fishing again Steve and I went to NPD yesterday morning to have our own private forky cull. Dismal failure as the only forky captured was in one of the redclaw traps so it had a small incision and converted to bait for the redclaw, There was a lot of surface action for the first hour or so could have been gar,boneys, bass or toga that were taking the insects which seemed to be mostly bees so a swarm may have passed over at dawn. We searched in vain for forkies but all we could come up with were bloody pesky bass and one solitary yella which I promptly tagged . First fish that I have tagged in NPD for months as eery one tat I catch there one of the deckies promptly swoop on them I also recaptured 2 tagged bass one of which had shrunk 10mm and the other was the same sixe from when it was captured in november last year. Steve was happy that he was able to nail some bass on his plastic prawns but the boat now smells like an Italian restaurant as he was spraying garlic scent everywhere. The shags and pelicans have heard that we are releasing 40000 fingerlings tomorrow and are avidly waiting. They will be waiting in vain as we use a scatted dispersal method instead of just dumping them in the one spot. Cheers Ray
      25. A surfer looking to catch some waves was delighted when he got the catch of the day instead. Nicholas Smith was around 70m from shore during his morning surf at Duranbah, in Tweed Heads, NSW, when around ten dolphins surrounded him. The dolphins were hunting a school of mackerel tuna and Mr Smith was able to pluck one right out of the water. 'I reached into the water and grabbed a tuna by its tail with my bare hands, it must've weighed about eight kilos,' Mr Smith said in the Gold Coast Bulletin. 'The dolphins tried to get the fish off me, making the other surfers think it was a shark attack.' Smith managed to keep hold of the tuna and after fending off the dolphins and he caught a wave back to shore. 'Everyone on the beach found what I did incredibly amazing,' Smith said. The tree lopper then grabbed a photo of his tuna, put it in the back of his ute and took it home where he at it as sashimi with chilli and olive oil. It is not the first time Smith has caught a fish without a rod and he considers 'hand fishing' his special talent. He also takes part in drone fishing, with a video he uploaded of him and his nephew catching a 24kg tuna getting four million views.