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      Found 28 results

      1. rodreellurefish

        tasmania Snuck Out For A Fish.

        Snuck out for a fish while on a family Holiday. Thanks for watching. Clint.
      2. rodreellurefish

        tasmania Mixed Platter.

        Have not been fishing for the last couple of days. So went through some old footage and slap together a short vid. As you tell I'm great at calling what fish it is before I see it. Thanks for watching.
      3. rodreellurefish

        tasmania Salmon & Tailor.

        Had a fun session at my local chasing Salmon. Great fun on light gear. Enjoy and thanks for watching.
      4. rodreellurefish

        tasmania Aussie Salmon On Soft Plastics.

        Managed to get out for another fish during the week. Found a school of salmon held up in a deep channel. Thanks for watching everyone.
      5. rodreellurefish

        tasmania Salmon And Tailor Off The Rocks.

        Had fun chasing some local salmon off the rocks. hope you enjoy. Cheers Clinton.
      6. VandiemanFishing

        tasmania Cray Diving - River Derwent

        Just a little video from today, was able to get out of the wind by diving on the western shore and ended up with my two crays. Hope you enjoy it Blake
      7. Hi Guys I've got some videos i imagine a few of you may be interested in. My channel Features Content from Southern Tasmania. Fishing from both boat and shore. Link is Below, If you enjoy what you see be sure to like the video and subscribe to stay updated of any newer content. Please Like and Subscribe Kind Regards Blake
      8. VandiemanFishing

        tasmania Kayak Fishing - Video

        Have a new video up, just some nice bread and butter species from the kayak. Don't Forget to Like and Subscribe! Cheers Blake
      9. VandiemanFishing

        tasmania Winter Abalone Dive - Video

        Got a feed of abalone on the weekend with conditions being favourable. Done all off a yak.
      10. Went back home to to Tassie for a week to spend some time with the folks. I got out on the Tamar River a few times and we were killing it on the flatties with micro jigs. Sorry no photos as there was no size to them, just heaps of them. We did have a big feed for lunch when we got home! Had a good session on the squid and barracouta out the headlands. The coota were in plague proportions around the 50cm mark. You could literally jiggle you lure out the side of the boat and hook up! We were trying to get them to jump out of the water and grab the lure mid air. You could literally make them dance for you! We did get one to grab the lure mid air which was crazy to watch! We kept a few between 70-80cm and a couple of small ones for bait. I was kicking myself that I didn't have any topwater lures with me as it would have been crazy fun watching them get airborne hitting the lure. We went back out a few days later with topwater lures at the ready but we couldn't find a single coota anywhere! So instead we got a heap more squid and micro jigged for reefies. The wrasse down there are in ridiculous numbers, it's just a shame they don't taste any good like they do up here. They pull like freight trains in under 5m of water with the water so clear you could sometimes see them take your lure! Not many photos taken as we were having so much fun.
      11. Dylan H.

        Fishing For Gummy Shark

        I am currently undergoing the research project in SA on gummy sharks and it would be appreciated if you could help by filling in one of my surveys. survey draft.docx
      12. Oggy174

        Landbased advice

        Hey, I'm new to fishing Tasmania I'm going on a trip there for acouple of days in March, would someone be able to give me some advice on good spots to fish land based and what's being caught and what you can catch there. Any help would be great Thanks
      13. Obsession_Fishing

        Some Australian Trout...

        Although we are sponsors of the site we try and not inundate the forum with marketing spam and try and keep our posts restricted to genuinely interesting pictures and information. With this in mind some of the Nordic Stage team from down south have been smashing some awesome trout lately and as AFO does not get much trout converge we thought we would share. First up our Tassy crew have been bagging some huge rainbows in the the lakes. These fish fight much harder than a lot of people give them credit for and aggressively attach lures to boot. The rod of choice the Tasmanians is the Areal range as the slower taper does a good job distributing the pressure over the whole blank during the fight and rarely do the hooks pull. Our Victorian crew have also been hitting some runs. On a recent camping trip to Lake Dartmouth the browns were prolific. This is a trip we hope to do in the new year as it involves covering a lot of ground by boat to the very back end of this huge lake to set up camp. Literally sounds amazing! As the Victorian boys flick a lot of hard bodies into timber the preference are the Areal Pros and Cheaters to put a bit more hurt on and get the fish our of cover. Thanks for reading. The Crew Nordic Stage Rods Australia
      14. alaskanaturally

        Waltzing out of Tasmania: without Matilda.

        We put up the long version of our Tasmanian adventure: click on waltzing out..... on our way to Queensland, There in about a week.
      15. alaskanaturally

        incredible squiding this evening

        Squid up to 2.5 kg. At Bicheno Harbor this evening. Sorry haven't figured out how to attach image from phone.
      16. Do$tylz

        Fishing the Derwent

        Hey all, So while everyone is fishing the classic at the Sunny Coast I'm down here in the female groin of Australia, otherwise known as Tassie, for work and of course, I get to sneak in a quick fishing session. I only got an hour and a half in this morning behind the hotel/casino to try my luck. I set my alarm wrong (idiot) but my body clock got me up just in time to see the sky beginning to light up. A quick hustle to get my clothes on and I'm out the door and greeted by this. Mod note - I've moved the thread here because for some reason i'm not authorised to view the post if it's in the actual Tassie report section.. weird. Webstig - please look into
      17. Just back from a week fishing for Trout around Taraleah,a couple of hours north of Hobart, in the highlands of Tasmania. I had a couple of days of guided fly fishing - saw lots of fish, but my fly casting still is not really good enough to 'sight' fish. I could see them but I would spook them with my inaccurate attempts to get the fly in front of them. After a few days I went exploring with my trusty GULPs and pulled a few Brown trout from some patches of fast moving water. Its a beautiful place and when I have the time, I will go back and set about getting a few on the fly. I attach some pics For more reports, photographs and fishy yarns - read the blog at
      18. Ok I friggen made it!! Just got the internet on today! Got up at some stupid hour with very little sleep, packed up the swag (there was nothing else in the house). Packed the Parrot (yes I said Parrot), My wife owns an Indian Ring Neck parrot that friggen hates me and the feeling is mutual, but she loves the little squawking prick and the word "divorce" was mentioned if anything should happen to him on our travels. Anyway packed the friggen Parrot into the back of the wagon and set off on Chubbstar and Buddy's adventure (buddy is the friggen Parrot)! We made it to Goondiwindi via Warwick with no dramas and making good time. Get 50klms out of Goondiwindi and spot a "Water on Road" sign, OK lets see how the other cars go with this. I sat on the side of the road and watched a couple of cars drive through the flooded road with out indecent so I tagged onto the arse of a B-Double truck (less water because of his wake) and made it through with no dramas. A couple of K's up the road I come across another "Water on Road" sign. Having overtaken the truck that I followed through the first flooded road I thought that I would just take it easy and make it through with out a hassle. How friggen wrong was I?!!. Slowed down to about 5ks (maybe even slower) and started the arse puckering drive through about 8"-10" of water. All was going well until a B-Double came through the flood coming from the other direction and was doing about 30 fkn K's . Well this guys wake hit my bonnet and splashed up over my windscreen, My car slowed a little but I kept on plugging away as I wasn't stopping in this water with a B-Double sitting firmly on my back bumper. A car or 2 later and things are a bit better, my hearts starting to get over the first truck when out of the blue comes another truck, doing the same friggen speed and his wake flew up over my bonnet and windscreen also. Problem was this time it felt like my car came to a complete stop and the back tyres came clear off the road, It was at this stage that I started screaming like a little bitch and pooed in my pants a little My back tyres got some grip and I noticed the engine light on my dash had came on, The car was still running fine and I plowed on through the last 20 odd meters of water to tarmac and started to breath normally again. :whistle: About another 5ks up the road the car starts beeping, oh shit it's over heating. I pull over onto the shoulder of the hwy and shut down the motor, Pop the bonnet and notice right away that the drive belt has disappeared! Oh bugger that pill popping drugged up truckie's wake has done it!!, I get on the phone and try and figure out where I am when this nice gent pulls up in front of me and a 4x4 pulls up behind me to render assistance. It turns out that they are locals and with out to much stuffing about they hand me a number for the local mechanic. I should note that these people were fantastic and a huge help! Anyway I ring the number and tell the mechanic what's happened and asked if he could bring a drive belt to me and fit it. Well ole mate don't want a bar of it and tells me that he also owns a tow truck and will come get me and tow me back to Goondiwindi. I wasn't sold on the idea but he explained that the belt needed to be put on a certain way or it will stuff the water pully. I have a quick look in the drivers manual and find a diagram but he wouldn't budge on towing me back. So I wait on the hwy with the friggen Parrot for about an hour until this Hill Billy come mechanic come tow truck driver arrives and puts my car and Parrot on the truck. I climb in and he tells me that he is going to just tow me into town and drop me off at the mechanics. I am to pay him for the tow and then the mechanic for the work on the car. I ask him how much for the tow, I nearly choked when he drawls out $300!! Then with a smirk on his ugly inbreed head tells me he'll take $180 cash! After he sees the look on my face he starts to tap dance a little faster and tells me that the $300 is the going rate for an RACQ tow (I am not a member), I ring my wife and get her to have a look on the RACQ web site and see if we could save money by joining up on the spot and thus wavering the over the top towing fee. Old mate didn't like this tact and started arguing the point with me, He tells me that the tow would not be covered, while my wife is looking at the web site telling me that it would. At this point I had had enough and was about to turn Hill Billy Jim into 2 minute steak, but he had me where he wanted me, my car on the back of his tow truck, My wife's friggen Parrot and his friggen hand in my wallet. For some reason I asked him how much for the drive belt and labour? He pushed his luck even further when he told me $120 for the belt!! That sealed the deal with me, he was ripping me off for the tow and then planned on getting his Mechanic mate in on the rort to rape me for what ever he could. I told the prick to take me straight to the local Repco drop the car off and I would fit the fkn belt myself!! This didn't go over to well, old mate was going to loose his meal ticket to soon and he wasn't going to give up with out a fight, he tells me that I cant fit the belt myself, I told him to use his $180 he stole off me to buy a coffee and watch me fit the belt. After a bit of heated discussion he decides that it would be better for his health if he done what I told him to do and drop me off at Repco. Off old mate drives with his 180 tax free City Slicker dollars, Leaving Me, the car and the Friggen Squawking Parrot on the side of the road. I trudge the 50 meters up to Repco, and see Hill Billy Jim's cousin/son/brother behind the counter, Only this dude is a little slower on the uptake and tells me that a drive belt for a V6 VT commodore is $30!! I gritted my teeth and wished that I had of given the tow truck driver a shirt full of broken ribs for his $120 belt, I then smiled at my new best friend and asked if he had any of the belts in stock. A couple of strokes on his key board and he tells me that he has 2 in stock, Well the heavens opened, little angels flew down and blew me kisses, even the Parrot got in on the action and wanted a scratch! I told the dude that I would take both of the belts, paid him my $60 and bolted out the door like my arse was on fire and before he realised that I was not related or a local and he should have charged me 300 city slicker dollars each. I got to the car popped the bonnet, looked at the diagram of the belt pully set up and had the belt on in under 5 minutes flat. Needless to say the tow truck driver had better not find himself broken down on the side of the road in my neck of the woods any time soon. The Squawking little green prick and I drove out off town $240 lighter, but well educated at the Hill Billy School of rorts. :pinch: Guys it's late and I am tired, will finish off this tale tomorrow. I hope this finds you all well and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.
      19. Zeezu

        Van Diemen's Land

        My wife and I recently celebrated our first anniversary with a trip down to Tassie. It was our first time visiting the place and we weren't too sure what to expect. We were constantly confronted by one of two reactions when telling people of our holiday plans: 1. "err, why would you go there!!?" 2. "aww it's soo beautiful" Well the wife suggested I take down some fishing gear, "just in case". I wasn't fooled though and immediately recognised the double edged sword and a trap. But what can you do? So a last minute trip to bcf saw me buying a not so elegant $20 telescope rod. I packed this into my luggage along with a couple of gulp packets, jig heads, pliers, scissors, leader and a 2500 shimano sienna. And goodbye Brisbane.... Needless to say we were happy that the "aww its soo beautiful" train of thought was the more educated one. A drive up to Cradle Mountain, whilst extremely cold, presented us with some quite majestic scenery... We continued on from there to the east coast of Tassie, and the small town of Swansea. I really love this coastal region and cannot recommend a visit more. The wife was happy to keep herself occupied with photo ops whilst I worked the locals fishing spots... Early one morning she wakes me up saying she would like to take some sunrise photos.....and would like my company.....and she wasnt really asking :dry: Ahh and there it is. Well played woman, well played. So I grab my fishing pack and we set off. I looked around for a good spot and started working the area with some 2.5" gulp shrimps.... Without as much as a bite, I made my way out to the edge of the rocks. Now this place had snag written all over it, but I figured "what the hey"......and put a cast out into the direction of the sun just peaking over the horizon .... ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :woohoo: "no way" a nice battle and clever use of the waves I managed to bring in a nice australian salmon.... Appolgies for the bad photo, but these are slippery fish and on slippery rocks made for an awkward photo shoot. The next hour or so saw me get a fish per cast, or atleast get a hookup / run per cast. Amazing fun on some really cheap gear. All fish released, I left them on the bite a very contented chap.... Gotta say I've got a whole new appreciation for travelling with some fishing gear and taking some time to visit fishy looking spots as I go. I think it adds to the memories you collect about a place - local foods, local languages, local cultures........& local fishing
      20. fishyman

        Angus - Tassie Pics!

        here ya go mate Highlight was defiently last 2 days on the flats at ansons bay catching massive bream on hardbodies, We found the spot on the afternoon of the second last day and if only we had found it sooner. the action was awesome. Just awesome action for about the 2-3 hours it was possible to fish the flats. you had to wade out atleast knee to waist depth and cast over the sandy patches inbetween the weedbeds and twicth your lure quite hard with long pauses to get them to bite. In two sessions we would have rolled about 20-25fish. With about 90% being over 40cm. Biggest went 45cm by Myself, with numerous 44's, 43's, 42's, and 41's. There definetly doesnt seem to be many small fish amongst them and im sure if you fished it long enough youd crack a fifty in no time flat. The whole place is so underfished it's incredible pretty much anywhere you go you can catch good quality and good numbers of a whole heap of different species. This bunch of photos is mainly bream with a few salmon and trout pics thrown in i think Enjoy Smallest Bream of the trip Musselroe Point Sighcasted Brown trout
      21. Joel Eadie

        on the way to tassie?

        hey guys can anyone suggest any rivers to fish from here to melbourne where i get on the barge? i think im pretty sorted for when i get to tassie with all the other threads
      22. Hi Guys I used To live down Lutana and now live up in QLD ,some of my good flattie spots were saundersons rd east risdon 500-1000 metres from the old punt site heading south,Self Point in front of the fuel depots,CSRIO down at salamanca,The old hobart floating bridge (east side,there is a man made rock pool north of there about 100 meters in bay esplanade)Rosny Reserve Rosny point Battery bluff Reserve (Kangaroo Point),Sandown park Sandy Bay near the surf club,boat ramp steps,at the end of Conningham rd opposite the fish farms,and the Bruny Island ferry terminal Roberts point never failed for a flattie.Im Miss My Fav Spots But am looking for new ones up in brissy area.Lots of places to fish down there how i miss it . good Luck.
      23. Fosh n Chops

        Tassie Bream

        G'day All, Thought i'd share a few pics of some nice Bream that my old man and little bro had fun with down in Tassie.... I already have my flights boooked!
      24. hello! i'm finding myself in Hobart for 4 Days this August and as i'll have my light spinning rod with me, there's some fishing that can be done in the extreme cold of a tassie winter. is anyone familiar at all with Hobart? and any tips for light, land based fishing fun? because i have less than no idea. and in fact i only looked at it on a map a few days back! "people live there?????" crazy.. seriously tho, the way its shaping up, sx40's are gonna find their way into the blue around battery point and just north of there. there has to be black bream in some form of another. these are preferrably the primary target. so, if you are enlightened with quality info, let it flow, otherwise please insert some geographical styled jokes abut tasmanians and who they marry! cheers
      25. silver_rex

        Heading Down to Tassy today

        Just about to leave for my loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong drive to Tassy to help father in law move. Then staying there for a week to explore and chase some trout and BIG black bream. Hopefully a decent report to follow in the next week :woohoo: Cheers Eddie