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      Found 39 results


        victoria Whiting Fishing Report With Video

        Hi everyone Video Link - ( please sub if you enjoy the video ). Thought I'd share a fishing report from the weekend. We launched from St Helens boat ramp. For bait we were using pippis and small strips of squid. We found some shallow weedy areas. Berleyed up. We had 2 rods each. One a simple running sinker rig and the other a whiting flasher rig. Once again, we caught plenty of good size whiting, a heap of undersize pinkies and some flathead. A couple of weeks ago I posted a video catching plenty of whiting from around Corio Bay. Shortly after I received heaps of questions from followers, so I have put together a short video with some tips and to answer many of those questions whilst hitting the water and catching a few more. Best Regards Alan from FishingMad
      2. Hi everyone, I was challenged to try and catch a fish out in the bay using only an inflatable pool tube instead of a high-end kayak. Video can be seen here I was equipped only with a 1-4 kilo 1DFR spin rod, a packet of pre-rigged Fathead curl tail soft plastics, a net, orr, life jacket and pliers. This challenge came from a follower who suggested that fisherman only catch fish because they have expensive kayaks or boats. I thought best to prove a point why not use a $30 pool tube from BCF out in Port Phillip bay. Thankfully I managed to land a few fish without drowning, being stung or eaten. Watch the video carefully at 3:05 you will see something large surface right next to the pool tube. Been some debate on whether this was a stingray, shark, seal or dolphin. Have a look and see what you think. This is a classic. It was very challenging to keep balance, navigate through some issues with broken line but with persistence, I landed 2 Snook, 4 Pinkies and 2 Flathead in just over an hours fishing. All in a bit of fun, please don’t try this on your own, we acknowledge that this is a little dangerous if not done in a controlled fashion. if you enjoy the video then please subscribe to the channel Website - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram -
      3. Dale Kerrigan

        victoria Fish Id

        Just need help identifying a fish. Hard with no photo, didn’t have my phone on me but they had sharp teeth, very loose big scales, very bad smell. Silver and brown with a yellow tail and impressively large eye. Caught south east vic coast. Similar size to a large KGW, and very eager to smash the metals. Thanks if anyone can answer this!
      4. Hey guys I want to start doing some landbased squid fishing in frankston area, if you know of any spots that produce please let us know cheers
      5. kingfisheroo

        victoria Inverloch Fishing Tips

        Hey guys Im heading down to Inverloch soon for a fish, i have been there multiple times with no real luck. Im thinking of going to the entrance of Andersons Inlet for Gummy at night or Mulloway. Any tips? Cheers Jorden
      6. Hey. Dropbear sister caught this today.... Stunning looking fish. This is the only photo I have... Whiting??? Caught near Vic NSW border. Fish was released... sadface it looks yummy haha
      7. jorden

        victoria French Island

        Hey Lads My mate and i are going to french island for a weekend to do some gummy shark fishing, ive heard its pretty good there. Any tips or locations to catch them would be greatly appreciated
      8. Hey all. Managed to get out again today All land based on soft plastics. Cracker of a day for the weather! Follow the link to the video .... is there a way to embed on here? So then it can be viewed straight from here? Hope everyone caught some today.
      9. Dylan H.

        Fishing For Gummy Shark

        I am currently undergoing the research project in SA on gummy sharks and it would be appreciated if you could help by filling in one of my surveys. survey draft.docx
      10. krisykatic

        St Leonard's Fishing

        hello everyone!Just want to know how the fishing is going over at St leonards, Victoria ?! Im probably going to head up there to visit and might go for a fish too. what size hook do u usually catch whiting and flat head on? I'm probably going to go off the pier over there. hope everyone is having a good holiday. hope to hear a reply soon thankyou
      11. So i have been fishing for awhile now, but it is only recently that my father has bought a boat. I would like to go for the big reds with him but i do not want to always spend money on bulks of bait. I have heard that yellowtail scad are great bait and that they are in PPB, can anyone tell me if they are in the frankston area? And if anyone has any tips for catching the big reds in PPB please let me know! Cheers
      12. Taken from ABC By environment reporter Sara Phillips PHOTO: In some areas, European carp have become so dominant, they now make up 90 per cent of all fish in the river.(Supplied: Marc Ainsworth) An unlikely coalition of farmers, environmentalists, scientists and fishers has called for the Government to do more to protect Australia's largest river system from a plague of introduced fish. European carp have infested the waters of the Murray-Darling Basin in their millions. They churn up mud, making the water uninhabitable for native fish, insects and birds. In some areas they have become so dominant, they now make up 90 per cent of all fish in the river. For the past seven years, CSIRO scientists have been investigating the potential efficacy of an Indonesian strain of carp herpes as a way to control the fish. The virus could kill carp only, leaving other fish and animals unscathed. "We're getting toward the end of the scientific end of the work," lead researcher Ken McColl said. "The main thrust of our work at CSIRO has been to look for any untoward effects of this virus on other species. "We don't want the virus to affect anything other than carp. "Over quite a number of years we've looked at about 13 species of native fish ... and we've not been able to find any evidence of disease or virus multiplication in any of those species. "So we don't believe it does anything in any other species." Dr McColl said the scientists have also investigated the affect of the virus on yabbies, mice and chickens and have also researched cases where humans have come into contact with the disease. "We're fairly confident that it's not going to cause problems elsewhere," Dr McColl said. Farmers, environmentalists back release of carp virus Usually at opposite ends of Murray-Darling issues, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the National Irrigators Council have joined calls from the National Farmers Federation, the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, the Invasive Species Council and the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre for the virus to be approved for release. "People often focus on the difference in opinions between environmentalists and farmers, but we actually have a lot in common and healthy rivers is absolutely one of those matters," said Jonathan La Nauze, acting campaigns director for the Australian Conservation Foundation. "Getting on top of carp is essential if we want healthy rivers and that's why farmers, fishermen and environmentalists are all standing united behind this proposal. "It really would complement the work of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, the hard work that we've been going through in restoring environmental flows. "It's time our Government stepped up to the plate and funded this terrific work in releasing a biological control into the Murray-Darling Basin." Matthew Barwick from the NSW Department of Primary Industries has added his voice to the chorus. He said the approvals would take "a couple of years" to process, with hurdles in four separate pieces of Commonwealth legislation. "It would be one of the largest control initiatives in Australia," Mr Barwick said. Australia has a history of using viruses to control introduced animals. The myxoma and calici viruses were effective in knocking down rabbit numbers. And a feline parvovirus was used effectively to control feral cats on Marion Island.
      13. This has to make you wonder /> Iwas told by the same ppl who posted this vid that cichlids could not survive in Vic waters :woohoo: seen to be doing ok in that gippsland waterway :evil: Gaz tried to shed some light on noxious fish and got a very negative response :pinch:
      14. deye223

        Bream Have Awoken

        gday all well the bream have awoken in east Gippsland after the rain got these this arvo in a quick 45 min session , i think i will be on the river at lunch time instead of 16:30 like today . cheers D
      15. cool-josh18

        Starlo Fishing Rod

        Hi, I just bought a Starlo Jungle Stix Bream 732L Spin Line Wt 2-4kg Lure Wt 2-10kg. What other fish can I catch with this fishing rod besides Bream?
      16. Taken from FW email newsletter 17-3-16 FISHERIES Victoria is now consulting the community on proposed changes to the Recreational Fishery Licence (RFL). The proposed changes are scheduled to take effect from 1st July 2016 and relate to: · price increases for RFLs · discounts for 1 year and 3 year RFLs purchased online · offences and penalties associated with the administration and issuing of RFLs by authorised persons. All licence revenue will continue to be paid into the RFL Trust Account to fund projects that improve recreational fishing opportunities. The last increase in the price of a RFL was in 2008. Licences purchased prior to 1 July 2016 will be valid until they expire. The Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) is available for public comment until 19 April 2016 and is available on the The Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) is available for public comment until 19 April 2016 and is available here:
      17. Hi guys, I'm new to this game. Have just started going down to Mornington Pier at night to do a bit of fishing. The place is usually well lit, however last night everything was turned off. Anyone know what the deal is with the lights? Was it just a once off? or do they have schedules on when the lights are turned on and off? Was a bit disappointed after driving 1 hour from Melb. Any other piers near by that is well lit and good for beginners fishing?
      18. Taken from FW email newsletter Feb 1 A MELBOURNE couple is facing heavy fines, and have had their car and illegally obtained shellfish seized, after allegedly being caught at Lakes Entrance with more than 1100 oysters and 20 litres of mussels. The catch limit for oysters is 50 per person per day. The catch limit for mussels is 10 litres per person per day. Senior Fisheries Officer Bill McCarthy said it would be alleged the 1161 oysters seized represented nearly 12 times the combined legal catch limit. The pair allegedly travelled from their Croydon Hills home to Lakes Entrance on Monday and spent the day using a hammer and chisel to collect the shellfish from the rock wall on Kalimna foreshore. Neither of them were in possession of a recreational licence which is required to collect shellfish. It’s also alleged one of them resisted the officers and created a hindrance when the vehicle was being seized. They were interviewed and released, to be charged on summons to appear in a Magistrates Court. The couple can expect to face Fisheries Act charges relating to exceeding the catch limit which carries fines of up to $3033. Fishing without a licence can cost as much as $758 and hindering an authorised Fisheries Officer could means fines of up to $7583, or three months jail. The acting director of Fisheries Victoria, Bob Hutton said our precious fish resources were there for all to enjoy. “We enforce the catch limits so we can all do just that. Selfish people who choose not to respect our fish will face the weight of the law.” Hutton said. People who see or suspect illegal fishing activity should call the fisheries offence reporting line 13FISH (133474).
      19. taken from FW email newsletter 19-10-15 Labor Member for East Gippsland, Harriet Shing, joined Fisheries Victoria staff, VRFish, the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, Councillors from the East Gippsland Shire Council, excited recreational anglers, and locals, gathered for the release 5000 mulloway fingerlings at Nowa Nowa near LakeTyers last week. The mulloway release was a Victorian first, with the small fry hoped to reach up to a metre in length and provide anglers with some great sport. Ms Shing said that the release was part of the Government's “Target One Million” program that aims to grow the number of anglers in Victoria to one million by 2020. The State Government has committed to delivering its Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which will get more Victorians fishing more often. Elements of Target One Million include: · increase the number of fishers to one million by 2020 · halt commercial netting in Port Phillip and CorioBays over eight years · take action on water levels at LakeToolondo · establish Fisheries Victoria as a Statutory Authority · pursue reciprocal licence arrangements with New South Wales · ban netting at the mouths of rivers in the GippslandLakes · establish a Better Fishing Facilities Fund: · increase fish stocking to 5 million fish per year · implement a marine species stocking program · open recreational trout cod fisheries in Beechworth: stock barramundi into Hazelwood Pondage allocate 'Stronger Fishing Club' grants introduce a minimum legal size for trout grow the Victorian Trout Opening Festival: remove horsepower and boat length restrictions at BlueRockLake: undertake a statewide recreational catch survey deliver school education and children's fishing programs
      20. taken from FW email newsletter By Martin Auldist | 6 December 2015 SEVENTEEN waters across Gippsland, Victoria, shared in 120,000 Australian bass fingerlings last week to further improve freshwater fishing opportunities for anglers. Fisheries Victoria Executive Director, Travis Dowling, said two new waters had been added to the stocking list this season given the species' popularity and the widespread success of other bass releases in Gippsland's rivers and lakes over more than a decade. To celebrate the new arrangements at Blue Rock Lake, 12 mature bass were tagged as part of a competition "Expanding our bass fisheries supports the State Government's Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which aims to get more Victorians fishing, more often," Mr Dowling said. "Since 2002, we have stocked nearly 560,000 bass fingerlings throughout Gippsland and they are doing really well in most places. "One of the new waters this season was the Timbarra River, which received 10,000 bass fingerlings near its junction with the Tambo River. "Hospital Creek, east of Lake Tyers, was also new and received 3,000 fingerlings. "Other waters that received bass fingerlings this season were the Avon (5000), Macalister (9,000), Tambo (8000), Nicholson (8000), Mitchell (10,000), Thomson (5000) and Tyers (5000) rivers and the Valencia (3000), Traralgon (2000), Rainbow (2000) and Freestone (2000) creeks. "Lakes Blue Rock (25,000), Glenmaggie (10,000), Narracan (10,000) and Guthridge (1000) all shared in bass too and Cowwarr Weir received 2,000." Mr Dowling said bass stocking was funded by recreational fishing licence fees and Target One Million, which aims to grow participation to one million anglers by 2020. "A key commitment of Target One Million was to improve boating access to Blue Rock Lake, which occurred in August 2015. "Now, vessels of any length and any engine size can operate on the lake at speeds of less than 15 knots, making it more accessible to more anglers with trailerboats. "To celebrate the new arrangements at Blue Rock Lake, 12 mature bass were tagged as part of a competition. "One of those fish has already been caught and earned a local 16-year old Willow Grove angler a $250 prize pack." To learn more about the Gippsland bass stocking program visit
      21. taken from FW email newsletter .The ban will be implemented over the next eight years and the 43 commercial fishing licence holders will share in compensation worth $27 million. Commercial net fishing accounts for a small portion of the annual catch from Port Phillip Bay - about 700 tonnes. Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford said it was a historic reform that people had been calling for since 1971. "I think that the arrangements Parliament agreed to will pave the pave the way for a quick exit and a quick improvement to recreational fishing in the bay," she said. Full article:
      22. caruana

        Jettys in melbourne

        Hi guys, I am going for 5 days in melbourne with my family and would like to know if there is agood place preferably a jetty where we can go spend a night fishing. I will be living in melbourne city. Cheers
      23. rogerg52

        Create storage on my tinnie

        Can anyone help give me ideas to create more storage on my 12ft tinnie I have rods over the place help please
      24. alaskanaturally

        urban Australia and the Grt Oc Rd

        We just put up an article about our travels through this area. Some fishing mostly touring. click on urban... />
      25. London_fisherman

        Bream session tomorrow

        Hi all, new to the site, moved to Melbourne from London 5 months ago and loving it. Used to live in Brisbane before the UK and the experience ignited my passion for fishing, would love to keep it going down in Victoria. I'm thinking to target some Bream tomorrow around the Patterson River tomorrow on some softies, high tide is at 2000 so looking to fish the run-in around 1800-1830, anyone keen? New to Melbourne so if anyone is having a crack elsewhere and reckons I'm in the wrong place feel free to correct me Cheers Jack