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      Found 13 results

      1. Hi all, Oz day long weekend coming up. Looks like a hot one but what better time to get out and about. I'll be heading down to a spot on the Macleay River just outside Kempsey for a weekend camping with my lady and her family. Dog friendly so Dragon the border collie gets a starting spot as well. Being right on the river, I will also be taking my kayak and a lot of lures to throw about late in the day in the hope of a bass or something else of a fishy nature. Only ever caught one wild bass before, hoping to at least double that tally. I'm sure lots of people on here are up to something fun - have a brag, tell us all about it! Cheers, Benno <'><
      2. I have decided to start camping again after years away, I have a tent and all the other items to camp with. I don't have a 4wd just a falcon to carry supplies. the problem is where to go. I live in Jimboomba. I am looking for somewhere I can camp bank fish and red claw. I work a rotating shift so plan on camping during the week avoiding the weekend crowds. any suggestion would be helpful. Riverrat
      3. rayke1938

        fishing Updated Shrimp Taps

        I was bored stiff whilst recovering from my hip and took the opportunity to redesign my shrimp traps that were becoming a bit tired due to the wire rings rusting out. This is one of the originals. I did a radical change to make them simpler to make and easier to remove the shrimp. The end caps are flying discs from the toy dept at K mart $1 each. First step is to burn some holes in the circumference or the disc. you could drill them but I find it quicker to use a small soldering iron ( around $6 on ebay) Then attach the gutter guard to the inside of the flying disc. I am now using some PVC insulated copper wire but you can also use fine cable ties but make certain that they are uv resistant as they tend to go brittle and break. You can see one of my name tags that I make up I just print them out on my printer and seal them in plastic that I use my vacuum sealer. The next step is to make up a wire ring for the top. I use 4mm galvanised wire and bend it around the top of a 9 kg gas cylinder which gives approximately the correct diameter. This ring has to fit inside the flying disc, The ring is now attached to the other end of the gutterguard that was wired to the flying disc. Either using pvc coated wire or cable ties. Note if the NBN guys are working in your area you may be able to scrounge a bit of old cable that they recover as long as you promise to give them back the lead sheath> I then attach the entrance funnels which are the tops of 2l soft drink bottles. I shorten off the neck using a hacksaw or you can burn them off with a soldering iron. I then cable tie some scrap steel to the bottom of the trap using the soldering iron to burn the holes for the cable ties and also burn 3 extra holes to attach the Venetian blind cord plus the elastic. I use 3mm elastic shock cord that I get from ebay or bunnings sell 4 mm , I burn some holes in the lid one in the centre for the venetian blind cord, one on one side . I stretch the shock cord from the bottom hole so that the lid is held firmly ( Able to lift the lid an inch or so) and the other 2 holes are opposite the single shock cord to use another short length of shock cord to hold down the other side of the lid. I make the hook out of the stainless inner of old outboard throttle cable but you can use ordinary wire but it tends to rust out. The bait containers are from K mart they came in a pack of 4 for $2 and holes are burnt with a soldering iron Used up all the flying discs from local kmart so recycled the the lids from the old pots and had this lot completed to redeploy. I have tried to explain so Any questions please ask. Cheers Ray
      4. Drop Bear

        fishing $1000 Barra!

        That would be nice. We could do a social up there???
      5. Drop Bear

        fishing $1000 Barra!

        That would be nice. We could do a social up there???
      6. Benjamin gorge mchuges

        fishing Yellowbelly Fishing

        This weekend i am going on a yellowbelly and saratoga trip further west to a small town i used to live in called Emerald, in emerald they have stained water so im looking for a few lure such as hardbodies, soft plastics, spinnerbaits etc they might catch me some fish. Any help would be appreciated a lot, and any tips you can give me about yellowbelly and saratoga would be very helpfully to me such as leader, lures, line, fish handling etc. All the best in fishing. -Ben
      7. rayke1938

        fishing What We Do Not Need.

        Spotted this add in give away section on gumtree. Free bait fish Free springfield lakes 30-40 bait fish FREE Need them gone ASAP or will be let go in the lake in the next couple of days. Pick up Springfield Lakes. Cheers Ray
      8. Many anglers only/probably showcase their trophy catches on every fishing trip. However to me, fishing isn't just about the catches especially when I travel overseas to fish. Getting to know more places, people, friends and their cultures is part of the trip too, where every bit of such details is surely worth my time in appreciating and remembering. Because it's often things like these that make up the entire trip's fond memories in years to come. Hence, and especially for this trip, I had gotten and received more than I could ever asked for in a fishing trip. Initially I thought I was just going to a new place to conquer some new species of fishes that I hadn't caught before. And the thought of doing that with a good buddy of mine, Claudio Castilho Lameiras was just awesome enough. But I was totally wrong the moment even before the fishing started. Firstly, the weather at the rivers in the morning and at night was simply superb (at least for me as I find it cooling, but I can't say so for Claudio who finds it too cold). This trip was a superb getaway from city living and for city dwellers like ourselves, we were greeted with very scenic nature environments once we left city which was a total relaxation and indulgence of a different kind. We were also greeted very upclose and personal daily by kangaroos, wallabies, goats, owls, hares and rabbits, these being the most common pleasant sight. Apart from these, the fishing cabin was like a Ritz Carlton standard of a fishing lodge. Everything was well kept and neat, there was even hot shower and the beds were comfy and clean. It was an absolute cosy haven to yearn for after several hours of drive from Brisbane airport and especially every day after all the trekking and walking to fish. Guide service by Reid Cuninghame of iGuide Murray Cod was undoubtedly professional and superb. A truly very hardworking guide who tries his very best to ensure that all his clients catch their trophy fish and who's also probably more motivated by all the smiling faces on all his clients' faces than simply the guide fees because I am actually quite surprised to hear that he only wishes to do 5-6 trips a year in order not to put too much fishing pressure on the rivers. Something I truly respect him for, on such dedication and work. Other than guiding, Reid can amazingly but surely whip up some great dinner too, which is an added bonus especially after a day of trekking and fishing. It was also especially nice of him to introduce us to his Uncle and Aunt who stayed just a couple hundred of metres away from the cabin. They were very warm and hospitable hosts, and it's every generous and kind of them to show us all around the house and the many great paintings, handicrafts and decorations they'd, which many of them were drawn/made by themselves. It's a visual treat to the eyes indeed. And not just the visual treats, the cookies, dinner, coffee and home grown fruits were heavenly delicious too. Last but not least, not forgetting all the fun and chats over coffee and after dinner we have had. Everything was simply so personable that it seemed just like a home away from home for us on this trip. Hence, this is surely a fishing trip that's more enriching and satisfying than just the fishing and the fishes itself. Am really appreciative for all these good fortune to have happen in this trip and a big thank you to all the awesome people and the great company that makes this trip an even more fulfilling one than I'd expected. Till the next time, take care and it surely won't be too long when I am back battling out these cods on the field again. Tackles: Huerco XT610-4C, XT710-5C, Anglers' Cartel Beast Tamer Jr. C652-M
      9. steve_australianfishing

        fishing Fish Around Cattai Campground?

        Hi all, apologies for the cross-post. We are going on a camping trip to Cattai campground at the end of March. I know next to nothing about fishing but am keen to start. Does anyone have experience fishing around this campsite along the Hawkesbury river or Cattai Creek? What sort of fish are caught in March-April? I'd appreciate any input from anglers with experience in this area.
      10. Nickb2247

        south queensland Chasing Seq Tilapia

        Hi everyone I wrote up this topic because I was really itching for a good fishing session. The last 3 times I went fishing, it was in salt and I caught squat all. I've done my research and I've had a few spots in mind( lake k, mungarra reserve, Caboolture river) I just need a spot where their is a good population of mullet tillapia bass tandanus or a fish that is relatively easy to catch if you could leave a location bait time of day and rig it would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Nick
      11. Hi all. First time posting. I have just just gotten my boating permit for North Pine dam. I was wondering if there is a bank bite at this dam? Or does this fishery fish more like Somerset and winenhoe with a deep water bite?
      12. Hey friends heres a bit of footage from a good little skinny water bass session in the lead up to summer please give me some feed back and what you like to see and what you dont like to see from a viewers prospective that would be great thanks -Brandon
      13. Recently went in search of my first murray cod here is some of the footage from it pleaase let me know what you think of the video tips . editing tips etc .