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      Found 22 results

      1. Hi all I am planning a trip to toonumbar dam to chase some bass. I have never fished the place. I am wondering how itis fishing a swell as can I use my petrol outboard on the the dam or is it electric only? I also see u can camp near the dam. Can anyone tell me what the campsites are like? Regards Chris
      2. Water crisis: Copeton and Keepit Dams have saved river systems from going dry, state water experts say Sophie Harris Dry times: Keepit Dam is dry and barren after record low inflows in past years. Photo: Peter Hardin 101218PHC162 “We’re in uncharted territory at the moment … it’s like nothing we’ve had before.” That’s the message from the state’s water experts as the Gwydir Valley follows the Namoi into the unknown as one of the worst droughts on record tightens its grip. The Namoi catchment is dry and barren as kangaroos rather than fish flock to the dam bed that resembles more of a desert. And, unless there’s significant rainfall events in the next 12 months, water supplies in the Gwydir Valley will be all but depleted. The Gwydir Valley is among the worst-affected regions in this severe time of drought, with storage currently at critically low levels. Copeton Dam is at 13 per cent storage and, without significant inflows, is likely to be holding close to 180 gigalitres at the end of this water year. The long-term average inflow of the Gwydir river system is 1141GL. In 2017-18, the actual inflow was just 208GL. However, things are much more dire in the Namoi Valley, with Keepit Dam currently at 0.5 per cent and last year’s inflows only 80GL – significantly lower than the 870GL long-term average. “Inflows in the last six years are lower than the millennium drought; this is a record,” WaterNSW executive manager for system operations Adrian Langdon said. Inflows in the last six years are lower than the millennium drought; this is a record. WaterNSW executive manager for system operations, Adrian Langdon “People aren’t fully aware of that. Barren: Keepit has become a tourist attraction because of the historic low level of water. Photo: Peter Hardin 150119PHA128 “A lot of people look at what’s happening downstream and say this and that and make up stories, but the real fact is: the upstream catchment has had six years of critically low rainfall water. “Over the last two years it’s been a record low, the lowest levels we’ve seen in the northern catchment since 1918.” Mr Langdon said if it wasn’t for dams such as Copeton and Keepit, the river systems would have been dry 18 months ago. Over the past 12 months there have been block releases from Copeton Dam to help extend water supplies in the Gwydir Valley. The Moree community was presented with the dire outlook for their valley during a public water consultation session this week. Copeton Dam, here in its former glory, is now at 13 per cent with record low rainfall and inflows in the past two years. Representatives from the NSW Department of Industry – Water, WaterNSW, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and rural financial counsellors, as well as the NSW Drought Co-ordinator Jock Laurie, were on hand to discuss the situation currently facing the Gwydir Valley river system. The consultation involved updating members of the community, including irrigators, council staff, and other key stakeholders and interested bodies, on the water availability outlook and proposed measures to help manage the river systems if the dry conditions persist. The department’s water policy co-ordinator for drought, Michael Wrathall, said it was a challenge to work out the timing of these releases, and trying to balance the needs of environmental river users with stock and domestic users and high-security users. “We have to work out how to get the timing right,” he said. “Dam storages will only last about six months without water. “So we’re trying to do releases six months apart. We’re likely to be able to do two bulk releases over the next 12 months. Once those are made, there’ll be nothing left in Copeton. We’ll have to look at alternate water supplies. WaterNSW executive manager for system operations, Adrian Langdon in Moree this week. Photo: Sophie Harris “We have to be really careful with our water supplies over the next 12 months. In 12 months, the Gwydir is likely to be in the same position as the Namoi is now. Hopefully we don’t get to that stage. We’re already at record lows now.” Mr Wrathall said that, if we went another 12 months without rain, the situation would be “much more severe than anything we’ve experienced in the last 100 years”. “We’re in uncharted territory at the moment, which is another reason it’s difficult to manage,” he said. “It’s like nothing we’ve had before.” As well as informing the public of the current water availability outlook and proposed measures to manage the river systems, the consultation was about engaging with the community to find out how the drought was affecting them and what government agencies could do to help. “We’re really focused on managing the river system better and getting some local advice,” Mr Wrathall said. “Following the week of collecting feedback [from the drought-affected river systems], we’re making recommendations about how we manage each of the river systems if the dry continues.” Barren: Keepit has become a tourist attraction because of the historic low level of water. Photo: Peter Hardin Communication and transparency were the two key issues raised by members of the Moree community. “On the whole, they’re reasonably happy with how the system has been managed,” Mr Wrathall said. “They want more from us, in explaining why we’re doing things.” Irrigators and farmers said they wanted factual information in a timely manner so they knew what was going on, and called for greater transparency from the water agencies about how they made their decisions. “Irrigators need information to go forward in terms of their business plans,” Mr Langdon said. “They understand there’s a drought, but water is a critical part of their business. They need to know what should they be planning for for the next 12 months.” At the Moree consultation, the importance of getting factual information out to the broader community was also stressed. Keepit Dam is sitting at 0.5 per cent as of Friday afternoon. Photo: Peter Hardin 150119PHA144 “What they’re feeling is increasing pressure put on the community up here for taking water that doesn’t exist,” Mr Langdon said. “Sixty to 70 per cent of water being delivered in the Gwydir system is environmental water. The majority is not for irrigators, it’s for commonwealth and NSW water holders who are delivering positive environmental water outcomes with that water. “Irrigation water was very small, but [irrigators] seem to be getting the blame. We have to get information to the broader community.” In the past 10 years, 22 per cent of total inflows of the Gwydir have been allocated to extractive users. There have been no allocations provided to general-security users in the Gwydir Valley since
      3. Hi I am thinking of getting a pet silver perch and I was wondering if I can keep it bye it’s self or wether I need more the one
      4. Gday , here is a quick run down on a 16 hour session I done at Copeton in my yak. I set off just before sunrise and started working the edges on the way up to the gorge. It took me 6 hours to get up to the gorge without a touch on surface, this was 10klms with the dam at 52%. A few boats asked if i needed a tow back to camp , I just laughed saying I still got alot of shoreline to work on the way back. I was called a mad bastard by one old fart lol I just kept casting and paddling till the sunset. 8pm the full moon rises and I am 800mtrs from camp, I decide to work the last bay before my camp site. Boom!! I get a surface strike, I keep the lure moving and right at the rod tip all hell breaks lose! I am on at the 13th hour, 86cm of cod on my own lure yeahaaaa. Few pics and let her free, 20mins later I am on again to a mtr plus. Shaking like crazy as I grab the leader to get the grips on her and i pull the hooks yak side NOOOO lol oh well. I keep casting for one more strike and call it quits at the 16th hour. Back to camp and have a hot shower. Next morning i set off back to the bay near camp and I hit a mid 60s cod straight up. I fished for an hour before calling it quits as the body was sore from the mega sesh the day before.
      5. Hey lads, I am thinking of heading down towards Tenterfield mid November or to Fraser for a few days or Moreton for a few days. However leaning towards Tenterfield seen as rebuilding tackle etc.... Has anyone fished the Clarence near this area?? I found a farm stay right on river for $15 a night......
      6. March 2018 Cod off the top is the mission for Bailey We set up camp and got on the river for a quick sesh before dark, was not long and Bailey had his first hit at the rod tip. Poor kid nearly jumped out of the yak as an 80oddcm cod exploded next to him. He just looked at me with the biggest grin filled with fear. He loved the noise and fell instantly in love with surface. I missed a couple and bailey missed another before we headed to camp for dinner. Next day we make our way along the river and its not long untill i hit a couple including a 74cm . Bailey missed another 3 before putting on my wake bait i made. The day dragged on with Bailey finally connecting in the arvo. He worked hard all day for this fish and was rewarded for all the missed fish. We covered 7klms of river that day and he was buggered. Since his goal was complete we went to Copeton dam to relax for a few days.
      7. Had a great end of season trip at the end of August. Fun chasing the muzzas in the river, finished 11 for my last mission. Can not wait for open season that is for sure
      8. Gday Long time since i have posted,thought i would some pics of a trip of dreams in september 2016. It was a holiday with the kids to Copeton dam for camping and fishing. The dam was rising in full flood mode with 8000Mega ltrs pouring down the gorge. We ventured to the top of the dam in hope of finding yellas schhooled up. We drove the boat up the raging water before deciding to pull the boat up on the bank. We wandered around the shoreline throwing lures before we noticed the unthinkable. There were monster cod every where at our feet in the slack edges of water. We tried a few hardbodies with no luck, i put a chatter bait on and was on instantly. Up pops a 98cm goodoo! So close to the magic mtr lol a few quick pics and back into it. Couple cast later a 120cm+ grabs the lure at my feet, a short battle and hooks straightened. Devoed lol I look at my son and laugh its like a dream but a nightmare, asked if he tried the slack water at his feet. He said no so i throw the chatter in and hook up, this one took off down the raging water with me in hot pursuit jumping from boulder to boulder. I get it up a few times to see i have a 130cm+ hooked in the dorsal. My daughter freaked out at the size of it and said she is never swimming there again. After a few minutes trying to get grips on it the hooks straightened again. The monstro lure just not made for fish of this size. We decide to go back to the kiosk and get some chips and mumblers more suited for the next morning. Back at camp i done 100lb leaders up and tied on the big bassman mumblers. Next morning we are up the gorge by sunrise to the same spot. I ran off the boat to get the first cast in racing my son lol Bam and i am on! I land 110cm of cod I had got my mtr cod after 2 years of the hunt, i get a pic of its mouth and hand the camera to my son. As i take the grips out to use my thumb she kicks off. I am in the water trying to wrangle her with the kids pissing themselves laughing. She got her freedom with my glory photo gone lol broke my double pluggers i was devoed again but all so happy as i had done it with my kids as witnesses. Next cast i hook and land a slim 113cm new pb again. Few cast later i am on again and land a new pb again 120cm yeahaaa! My son ask can he have my lure as his isnt working, so i hand it over hoping he can get his mtr cod as well. He cast at some shrimp jumping on the edge and bam he is on, he nearly got ripped off the boulder he is standing on. He stood his ground and landed the fattest 101cm! Proudest moment watching him battle this beast. Quick pics and released with care. After this fish it shut down as the cod moved up into the river. Most crazy cod session of beast cod. Best memories shared with my kids
      9. Howdy ladies My previous post hunting for Murray cod hints didn't shine a light on anything for me so brother, father, and myself planned to shoot down to Northern NSW to try our luck at finding some green fellas. Getting the Friday off work helped with the 6 hr drive and by the time we arrived we couldn't find a chance to wet a line as all the waterholes in the immediate vicinity were covered with weed. Not looking good Saturday morning we slept in probably too long and weren't fishing until 8am. 3k walk to the first waterhole and gee she looked a treat. Clear water, no weed, lots of snags and boulders everywhere. and no bloody fish! On Saturday we covered nearly 12k's in some pretty hairy country. Up and down escarpments, through gorges, jumping from boulders to others which in hindsight wasn't the best idea considering how far we were from help. We retired at 3pm with no fish, no bumps, no morale left Decided to dry our luck in a separate arm of the river on dusk but again, ultra-clear water (6m+ visbility), with no run and no fish. Sunday morning was our last chance so we woke up to a warm 2 degrees Celsius and were fishing by 5:45am. First Pool. No Fish. Big walk to next pool. Second Pool. No fish. Another big walk to next pool. Dead goat in the river bed. Last Pool. FISH. Finally, as we reached the last corner of the last fishable pool before we had to make the trek back to packup and be home in time for the footy, we got lucky. I say we because while I was the only one to actually catch a fish, it was a team effort and we all deserved to see one of the critters. He took a liking to a red spinnerbait, slow rolled just over the top of the visible weeds on the bottom. Honestly felt like I was in a dream when I hooked up. I just kept saying "YES, YES, YES, I'M ON, YES". Got the little fella to the bank in time for some happy snaps, then off he went to go back to sleep. I lay down and took it in. We understand that the fact there was so much weed, no run, no water movement at all, and such low water levels probably put the cod into a hibernation of sorts. We plan to go back as soon as the river has had a good flush and the dirty water has cleared up. Thanks for reading apologies for the lack of photos
      10. im staying at tweed for the holidays and i was gonna try to get some fresh water yabbies for bait and eating, i have already pumped a few off pigery and caught 6 of the biggest whiting ive ever got. also hooked onto to a stingray and hooked a few flatties and bream
      11. Hi all, (long time lurker, first time poster) Am from down in Victoria and most of my fishing has been primarily saltwater out of a boat. I have since fallen in love with freshwater fishing and often spend a lot of time exploring the Otways near my home, and do a lot of time up the Ovens/Murray region chasing cod now. Last year i lucked upon a rental car relocation ($4 a day) and drove from the Goldy to Sydney, spending 3days around the Glenn Innes/Deepwater area of the New England region. Safe to say I fell in love with the place, and was quite successful on a lot of cod in the 40-60cm mark of morn and dusk, and have dreamt about coming back since. I found access to waterways pretty limited due to predominately private property flanking the major rivers, and most of the farmers less accommodating up this way. (other than 1 who made my trip by allowing me access to his small waterhole, after numerous no's.) Is it true the property line extends to the middle of the river bed in NSW? I have done extensive recon in the lead up to my Dec 4-8 solo trip, and have managed to get myself onto another property for this trip prior to my departure, although it has taken significant searching, emails and phone calls. I am not sure how i will go, but plan on putting in some big days and hope to reap the rewards (to share here of course). I am also planning on making a big walk through one of the few nature reserves which flanks the Severn, and replied to a post on this topic on this forum where someone else asked about it. Anyhow thought i would introduce myself, and of course I would welcome any advice, or by any small stretch of a chance, hook ups, up that way (discretion can be exercised). thought i would include a few pics from my last trip.
      12. Hey guys, it's been ages since I've been on the forum, but I'm planning a 'Coddessy' and was hoping for a little advice and maybe even a fishin buddy? The plan is to do the Severn River Nature Reserve above Pindari Dam, NSW. The Reserve isn't open to public vehicles but according to a NSW Parks website I read it's open to walkers, so I was planning to park on the edge of the Reserve and walk the river, camping and fishing for 2 or 3 nights, sometime this June or July. I was wondering if anyone had fished this section before and could give me some tips on rules/regulations, good start/end points, how the fishing might be at this time of year (cold), lure types/techniques etc. I can't seem to find too much written on the net about this place. I'll be entirely self sufficient, backpacking all my gear/food. And yes I know there'll be some hard walking and cold nights. I'm very safety conscious - have an EPIRB, good 1st Aid kit and know how to use it. My fishin buddy that usually comes with me on these sort of trips can't come... is anyone keen?? I'll go on my own though, either way. Thanks, -Steve.
      13. I took the kayak down over the border into NSW over the weekend to see if I could seek out some new wild Bass country. It was a successful trip, I landed 18 Bass, hooked up and lost another 5, and got a few hits and taps as well. Best fish were 42, 41, 40, 38cm. Average was about 35cm. Lures that I was using were soft plastic worm on a weighted worm hook, trolling a shallow chubby crank, surface popper, and a rubber bibless vibe. Hope you enjoy the video, it was a lot of work making it, but I'm getting better at editing... let me know if you have any tips on making it better. -Steve.
      14. have a day off tmrw so had to flip a coin between snapper at broughton is or murray cod NE area..cod won so hopefully have a report tmrw nite...rick
      15. Facebook the downfall of many Richard Craniums Taken from FW email newsletter 11 May 2017 NSW DPI Fisheries and Police Rural Crime Squad are investigating two men who call themselves the “Cod Squad” after they allegedly caught and killed an illegal haul of Murray cod in the Macquarie River near Dubbo. The illegal catch first came to light last week after Dubbo-based Matthew Hansen shared the "Cod Squad's" post on Facebook. The original post, which has now been deleted, showed the men proudly displaying the dead cod. Hansen said it has galvanised the community and obviously the community cares and they have spoken, and as a whole does not accept it. "Ten years ago out here that sort of thing was accepted. It shows there's been a massive cultural shift in this community." Mr Hansen said "Part of that has been because of events like the Lake Burrendong Classic and catch & release. It's really starting to look up in Central West NSW." The post sparked outrage in the fishing community and has now been shared over 332 times. The viral post also caught the attention of NSW DPI Fisheries and a local media organisation, Win News, who broadcast the story. The legal requirements for Murray cod in NSW are two fish per day and four in possession. The size limits are 55-75cms.
      16. Finally got away with Luke to do some cod fishing.Stopped for a bite at a servo, bad mistake, ended up with food poisoning, arrived at camp grounds 10.30 pm, set up swags and off to bed. Managed 3 x 10 minute naps during the rest of the night, spent most of it on the toilet. Up in the morning for a cuppa and some french toast and off to the cod grounds. Fished for 5 hours for nothing, then back to camp, I had double vision on the way back, dont know if it was from the bad food or diabetes. After lunch took both vehicles with me with my yak and Luke with his canoe. I was about to pull Luke out of a bog when he said have a look ahead, 2 fisheries blokes heading towards us.The main bloke was amazed when I produced my gold card, he called the other bloke over and told him, if you see one of these they can fish anywhere. Finally got the yak and canoe in the water just as a storm was comming over, I got the double vision back again and said to Luke I cant even see where I am casting. As we agreed to pull the plug Luke hooked up to an over 65cm cod. This was to be the one and only.Later we found out why from one of the shop owners, they said that all the waters in the area had been flogged to bits over the last 2 long weekends,and the majority of fish caught were taken home to eat. Well thats the excuse this time.Second pic shows tractor washed up from previous floods. Dino
      17. Hi fishos ! Pretty new in Sydney , I'm planning a fishing trip on sunday off the kayak for bass fishing, I ve got a space in my car for a mate and his yak . I am thinking about going to the Nepean river , but it could change if you have any suggestions If anyone keen on , let me know ! Clement 0481 353 090
      18. Hi everyone, Made it to the Severn River over the weekend. It was still showing some signs from the floods but it was great to be out chasing Australian Natives in such a pristine area. No Yellas unfortunately but I did manage to catch a few Murray Cod. I'm glad that the size improved once I got the hang of the retrieve Hopefully next time I'll catch a legal sized one. I was on private property but the were 3 public fishing zones where you could access the river at anytime. A great place and worth a trip at some stage if you can Madmic
      19. I am considering a trip down to Clarrie Hall Dam soon. Has anyone fished for Bass here recently and what lures were working?
      20. Luvit

        Quick Cod Trip

        My brother arrived with his family this week and after some talking he said he wouldn't mind going for a cod fish. Quickly threw a couple of swags in and headed on to New England area. Found a spot where the river crossed a road and tried there for a few hours before dark. The water was low and the weed a real pain but never the less we found a couple of small holes with enough depth to hide a cod or two. Darrin was first to have a surface hit and lost the lure and the fish. He was spewing losing his first ever surface cod. Then I picked one up on a Gobbler 4" paddle tail. The night crept up very quickly so we devised a new plan. We headed off to another spot found on google maps and as s we crossed the river again we parked up and chucked out the swags ready for an early morning. As soon as light broke we were up and before the swags were packed up Darrin cast from the shore and caught a small cod off the surface. Quickly we got on the water and fished for another 5 hours and between us we caught 13 cod and lost a few. Great session and we had a ball. Caught them on Gobblers SP, Spinner Baits, hard bodies and surface walkers just it mix it up a bit.
      21. Nog

        Winter Cod On Fly

        A group of us from the Brisbane Fly Fishing Club went down to Ben's Falls Retreat last weekend. We saw a segment on it Creek To Coast a while back and looked great. This place is not great, but awesome. 4WD access only to the cabins, but you have the whole property to yourself. We covered about 7klms of Severn River over the three days. About 24 Cod caught amongst 7 blokes....all on fly. I only used my 5wt after the first day justto see how it would go. Caught five cod, all on Bass flies Biggest 66cm. Saturday night was a lovely cool -4C
      22. Kath and I are taking our "kids" (4 legged! ) down to Chauvel park, a dog friendly B+B on the Clarence River at Tabulam. Tabulam is located between Casino and Tenterfield and we are staying right on the river for a few days so we are taking the tinny too! The guys at northcoastfishingnsw have been very helpful with some tips and info on the area. Apparently Bass are the main target, so fingers crossed we'll get our first non-impoundment bass in the coming days. Has anyone else fished down that way? I won't have net access down there, but will make a report when I come back. Rocket Me and the kids! [img size=350]