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      1. Finally got back out to the dam this morning, managed to fish the edges while the sun was hiding behind the clouds.Even trolled a few up on the spinnerbaits as well, havnt done this for years. Managed 42 bass and one yella on lures, 2 bass on bait. Dino
      2. Mark and I went to the western arm for the first time since September last year when the dam was at 100%. Now at 93% and has dropped at least 9 feet. I had some shrimp in the tank at home so we went to Ians island where we caught 10 bass to 40cm and fed the barred grunter until we ran out of bait. We then went and checked the pots that had been sitting since our last visit. 5 of them were high and dry but the other 3 had a fair few shrimp in them plus small redclaw so we just sounded in among the trees and picked up another 12 bass and fed more barred grunter before running out of bait again.. Next week we will have to attack the eastern arm and see if any of the pots there are still in the water . Cheers Ray
      3. Decided at the last moment to go have a session on the spinnerbaits. Legs have been causing a loss of sleep with continual pain, looks like an op is close. Started fishing the edges and 3 hours later I was still at it, getting a steady flow of bass with a couple of spangles thrown in..No 50cm models but some good bass just the same. Dino
      4. Another productive solo day. I was doing ok on Andrews drop off when Graham Round came past and said he got 5 yellas and plenty of good bass on the float. So i headed off and found Colin and his son getting a few yellas so I hit the spot lock and proceeded to get into them. The bass were good quality with the smallest being around 35cm and most in the high 30s and 40+,. Gave a couple of bass and some hints to some newbies so hopefully they will be able to catch their own in future. Cheers Ray
      5. Been climbing the walls, so decided to go for a quick flick this morning. Took me 17 mins to get to NPD and 24 mins to get home. Passed the new public kayak area at 6am and it was empty, passed it again at 7am and there was only one car. Anyway to break the boredom, had several casts with a spinnerbait and managed a couple of small bass. If I stayed longer I am sure I could have built the numbers up.But that risked the sun burning the lip. Talking about sun did you see it this morning, it was bright orange, before the clouds covered it. Dino
      6. As I have a lip op on thursday I am trying to get my last few trips in beforehand.Lately I just cant get enough of the edge fishing, especially while most mornings start off overcast or rainy. Well yesterday was both, I wasnt in the boat more than 10mins when the skies opened up and the rain was that heavy that I was soaked through by the time it let up.At least it cooled things down for quite awhile. Plenty of bass were along the edges along with a couple of yellas and a few spangles. Dino
      7. A mate suggested we go for a fish last Sunday, then he had too much jungle juice and bailed. No biggy, thought I'd explore another part of Lake S with the tube. Bush-bashing with 1.5m wide tube on the back is interesting to say the least. Anyway, got through the scrub without a puncture then on to the lake. Second cast snapped my brand new second hand Sage rod in half. So I summoned my inner Rod Harrison and kept at it casting a sinking line with a 4.5 foot rod. (Not easy!!!) Glad I did, a nice 45 plus Bass, one similar size dropped at the tube plus a few more However the bugger spiked my tube so I listed badly most of the morning until I thought I'd better bail:) before i sunk Oh and first tail hooked bass. #givenormanewsagex #50plusbass?
      8. I stood casting into the breeze while watching the brave kayakers struggle passed me on their way across the dam. Would have been sketchy when the wind really got going. Most fish were taken on the edge once again with light lures zipped across the tops of the weed. I'll tell you that the kayakers are making the fish a bit lure shy. Still plenty still in there though if you get creative with lure choices. I did have one kayaker come over when he saw me fighting a fish and cast right near me, like there's a lack of places to cast in there. What a dingus !
      9. Had a really short bank session this morning, 5am until 6am. Last saturday plenty of fish, this morning only a couple. Dino
      10. I thought because the sun was up early, I would have to be satisfied with some trolling. Well the trolling was OK and so was casting to the weeds. I would move over to an edge, judge how far out the weeds were growing and then put a long cast lengthwise along the weed edge. It paid off I managed 48 bass with 2 very skinny over 50cm models. Dino
      11. Looks like a very windy weekend forecast. Good time for gear/boat/tailer maintenance!!
      12. To windy for the boat this morning, so I grabbed some gear and headed to the dam to do some bankside fishing. I took about 20 shrimp with me as a backup.When I arrived I found I had forgot my bait rigs, so had to put a shrimp out under a float.While I was setting up my casting rod the shrimp got attacked, a nice medium size bass,so I baited up again and it was fish on again before I had my casting rod ready, another nice med size bass. I thought to myself this is going to be great, but alass that was it on bait not another hit. Finally getting my casting rod into action I was pleasantly surprised to be right in the action,using 1/2oz spinnerbait I soon passed the bait tally by a mile. I kept trying different lures, blades, spoons and micro jiggs, but the bass were only interested in the spinnerbaits.Managed 2 on bait, a dozen on spinnerbaits and a 50+ yellabelly as well. I started at 5am and finished at 7am and was home having bacon and eggs at 7.30am ( I coulld not stand up for another minute).I had to get the frozen peas on both knees when I got home. Dino
      13. Mediocre day today 22 bass and numerous forkies plus left camera at home so no photos so it did not happen, First spot looked good on the sounder and after a triple forkie hook up we moved on. Ended up on the floats and at least we were getting the occasional bass on a 3 to one ratio ( 3 forkies 1 Bass) Percy gorged himself downing at least 12 forkies So we went exploring and no more forkies but also no bass. In the meantime Andrew and his mateds tied up to the floats and 35 bass and no forkies . When they moved off we took over the spot and landed more bass and no forkies. Cheers Ray
      14. Went along by myself this morning to assist in the release of 20k bass and 20k yella fingerlings . Jim and Des who had came along to have a look ended up on board to assist me and when I asked them if they wanted to have a look around the dam and maybe catch a fish or too they said yes. First spot we tried there was nothing there so we ended up on the floats where we caught 30 bass and one yella in the 90 minutes we were there. Jim was chuffed when he caught a tagged bass. We checked the redclaw pots on the way back and Jim and Des scored a bucket of redclaw to take home.
      15. Internet been down, still not fixed properly, have to wait until tuesday.Went to NPD tuesday for 41 bass and some forkies plus the biggest eel I have ever caught, it was bigger than a lungfish, no way was it getting in my boat so I cut the line. Back again yesterday for 41 bass some forkies and one yella. I would stick with the lures as long as I could to get half a dozen then onto the bait to finish up with. Dino
      16. After being stuck at home for a few days waiting for the rain to stop, I couldnt wait any longer. Five minutes after I launched down it come,lucky after that there was only a few light showers.Managed 23 bass mostly casting to the edges. Each time I tried bait I caught forkies, they were everywhere. Dino
      17. Nice hot and sticky usually means the bass will be out and about. I found most on the edges which is my style of fishing. Stand out lure was a sebile spin shad with switched out colorado blades attached to a beetlespin. Being only 7 grams and two colorado blades means it can be fished dead slow just above the weed and close to timber, leaving it hang in the fishes face for a good amount of time.
      18. It was a very hot morning out at NPD this morning, I had to head home early as I started melting.On the fishing side, a few bass have come back into our area again, so I had a good time this morning, casting, trolling and some jigging.Have a look at the sounder pic, only problem they are all forkies. Dino
      19. Bit wet today. It was just starting to drizzle when we launched at 5.3 and by the time i parked the car and returned to the boat hughie sent it down. Reckon we would have had close to 2 inches by 9am. At one stage visibility was down to a couple of hundred yards.I noticed the boat was starting to plow a bit and when i turned on the bow bilge pump it took around 20 minutes before it started to suck air. Shrimp were scarce with more small redclaw than shrimp in the traps. Final tally 2 forkies.1 tilapia that was foul hooked,1 yella and 20 bass. Cheers Ray ps see the dam has risen by .3 % since midnight hopefully they had plenty in the catchment and more will inflow overnight.
      20. Launched the boat and down it came, raincoat didnt last long, wet ass,this happened abouy 4 times during the morning.Pulled the bung out at the ramp and the water poured out for ages. On the fishing side it was an improvement on the last 2 trips, managed 52 bass and 2 yellas, no forkies and no eels. All from casting to the edges,trolling and bait fishing. Apologies for the pics, a drop of water on the lens,
      21. Inclues stocking history for 2018. Fantastic to see the figures going into the Logan and Albert catchments, ( Should keep Dino smiling} LAFMA Update - 28th January, 2019 Yahoo/Inbox Lloyd and Sue Willmann <> 28 Jan. at 9:30 am LAFMA Members/supporters, LAFMA Update ..... 28th January, 2019 Carp/Tilapia Eradication Comp - Wyaralong Dam 2019 The 2019 Carp/Tilapia Eradication comp on Saturday 23rd March 2019 is fast approaching and all appears to be progressing well .... the majority of our previous sponsors are still with us and we have some new ones on board as well. The format of the comp will remain as it has been for previous years. Flyer, entry and indemnity forms are available to be downloaded from our web site: If you are able, please download the flyer, make a few copies and distribute around your local area. See Bush and Beach article attached to this update. FFSAQ News - January 2019 edition Please find attached with this email, a copy of the January 2019 edition. Fingerling releases The following fingerlings were stocked by Logan & Albert Fish Management Assoc (LAFMA) in the 2018 season:- Hanwood Hatchery - 8/12/2018 Wyaralong Dam 10,000 Australian bass 10,000 Mary River cod Logan River, including Christmas and Running Creeks 10,000 Australian bass Albert River, including Canungra and Cainbable Creeks 10,000 Australian bass Hinternoosa Hatchery - 4/1/2019 Wyaralong Dam 2,500 Mary River cod Logan River , including Christmas and Running Creeks 900 Mary River cod Albert River , including Canungra and Cainbable Creeks 1,100 Mary River cod Bunnings BBQs Our next BBQ at Bunnings Browns Plains is Saturday 9th March. If you are able to give some time to help out, please advise myself, Glenn or Mark of your preferred hours so that we are able to sort out a roster. Next Meeting The next general meeting is on Wednesday 13th February 2019, (not the usual 1st Wednesday of the Month as a few of us will be away fishing) commencing at 7pm in the Kerry Community Hall, 1488 Kerry Rd , Kerry. This meeting will also finalise detail for the Carp/Tilapia comp. So if you have not already indicated that you can help out at the competition, please do so. Lloyd Willmann Secretary Logan & Albert Fish Management Assoc Ph. 3287 3278 or 0429 614892 Mark Ward, President - 5544 9104 Glenn Cahill, Treasurer - 5544 8140 Download all attachments as a zip file FFSAQ News - Jan 2019.doc 1008.5kB BNB article Feb2019.pdf 1.1MB
      22. Rick and I went this morning. Pulled 8 redclaw pots for 6 forkies and one tandan plus a few redclaw. Converted the forkies to redclaw bait and then went searching for bass and managed to find 4 of which only 2 would have been legal. All that for 7 hours on the water Cheers Ray
      23. From the Media Officer's Desk :- Freshwater Workshop: DAF are still waiting for some delegates to complete the survey on the Warwick workshop. Your response will allow DAF and FFSAQ to tailor future workshops to your needs. Stocking Groups ... could you please ask your delegate/s to complete the survey (if they haven't done so already) by clicking on the following link: From DAF: Dear fisheries stakeholder The Queensland Government has released the “Directions Paper of fisheries reforms” to ensure all fishers and the broader community are aware of the Government’s direction on how best to manage the priority fisheries and the next steps. The proposed changes will apply to both commercial and recreational fishers. The reforms are expected to be implemented by September 2019. There is still an opportunity for people to provide input into the details of the reforms when proposed regulatory amendments are released for consultation over coming months. There will be further opportunities to have your say on: (1) allocation approaches for species moving to quota management and allocation of existing trawl effort units to the proposed management regions for affected commercial fishers; and (2) draft regulatory changes for all stakeholders in 2019. The need for fisheries reform in Queensland has been an ongoing discussion over a number of years, starting with the MRAG review in 2014, followed by the Green Paper in 2016, which received more than 11,000 submissions. The overwhelming message was that all stakeholders want the management of fisheries to be reformed. The current system is not fit for purpose. There are few catch limits, poor compliance, and high conflict between stakeholders and concerns about bycatch and protected species interactions. Doing nothing is not an option. We want our fisheries to be sustainable for the future, to be profitable for our commercial fishers, enjoyable for our recreational fishers and to maintain access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to our fishers for traditional fishing and commercial fishing development. The Queensland Government has sought input from all sectors about reforms needed to our major fisheries. Independent advice has also been provided over the last 12 months through the Sustainable Fisheries Expert Panel. The Directions paper intends to provide certainty to fishers about the reforms that will be implemented, through amendments to the Fisheries Regulation 2008, later in 2019. The Directions paper can be viewed online at Don’t be a fishing fool – know your rules JUST like fresh Queensland prawns for Christmas lunch, fishing and summer are a perfect match. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said taking your children out fishing over the summer holidays, or just going out on the water with friends, created lifetime memories. “But if you are planning a fishing trip this holiday season, don’t forget to check the rules before you drop a line in the water,” Minister Furner said. “It’s important everyone is aware of and follows the rules, which ensure sustainable fisheries for future generations of Queensland fishers. “Everybody, regardless of whether they are experienced or first-timers, should familiarise themselves with the relevant rules that apply, including size and possession limits, how to correctly measure fish, fishing gear restrictions and closed seasons. “There are different rules for fishing in tidal and fresh waters, marine parks and interstate.” The minister said anglers could also buy a Stocked Impoundment Permit and then go fishing in any of our 63 stocked dams and weirs. “Stocked impoundments are replenished regularly, making them the perfect sustainable fishing option,” he said. “Species stocked include barramundi, golden perch, silver perch, Australian bass, Mary River cod, Murray cod and saratoga.” The cost of an annual permit is $50 per person, $36 for concession card holders or $10 for a weekly permit. Permits are available at, by calling 1300 575 359 or at any Australia Post outlet in Queensland. Fishing tips and responsibilities Check your limits – For a list of size and possession limits, visit or download the Qld Fishing app. Measuring devices – Use a ruler with an end stop to measure the length of your fish or a crab gauge to measure your crabs. Identify your catch – Always carry a fish identification guide or download the Qld Fishing app. Fish that look similar can actually be different species with different size and possession limits. If you can’t ID it, free it. Gently does it – When a fish is hooked, avoid playing it on the line for too long. A stressed fish will quickly become exhausted and have less chance of survival if required to be released. Check your gear – A number of restrictions apply to fishing gear. Check the rules at If it’s not yours, don’t touch it – Interfering with crab apparatus you didn’t set is illegal. If you see apparatus that may have been abandoned, report it to Fishwatch on 1800 017 116. To report any suspected illegal fishing activity, call the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116. For more information on Queensland fishing rules including fish identification and SIPs, visit the Fisheries Queensland website, call 13 25 23 or download the free Qld Fishing app from Apple and Google app stores. You can follow Fisheries Queensland on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@FisheriesQld). Spotlight on Stocking Groups: In this issue, Peter Taylor of the Toowoomba & District Fish Stocking Association Inc. gives us the complete story, from start up to current status of the Association. FFSAQ Display Trailer & Aquarium: There were no events attended by FFSAQ this month, however, the display trailer will be at the Boondooma Dam Yellowbelly Fishing Competition on the 9th & 10th February.
      24. Hey guys and gals, normally fish maroon dam but I would like to give north pine dam a go. Some friendly advice would be great. Is t a school style dam? Fish the edges?? Any advice would be great. Thank you! P.s have finally caught my first bass Am officially addicted also wanna know what permit is required please