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      Found 6 results

      1. Video footage can be seen here - I bet everyone has a cool story they can share about a good fish that they have recently lost. I just missed out on catching a very large trout today which I managed to capture on my GoPro. I cast my metal lure out and a few seconds later the trout hit it really hard. I battled it for a few minutes, with some intense moments as the trout continually leapt out of the water and then it finally spat the hook only meters away from me. I landed one about the same size last year which managed to get me on the cover of a fishing mag, Clearly, I was shattered. That feeling when you lose a big fish, and how you relive those last moments over and over in your head, and what you could have done differently. Again, I bet many here have great stories they can share. If you enjoy the video footage, then please subscribe to the channel
      2. Anyone out there have this problem.?i use pflueger stuff quite a bit,but 6yrs ago approxi bought a trion rod from bcf...sbapped on a 1lb trout..sobibthought damn..yep rods do snap occasionally..maybe it was my fault.but i looked at th rod with a magnifying glass.couldnt find any glaws with it..took itcas just bad luck.yrsterday i used my trion rid thatci boight about three yrs ago....snapped on a 6lb fish.both from bcf.Asked around.and i was told th delivery is rough they manhandle th rods too slap happy and place in th racks.anyone hav thus problem?i.m careful with my tackle.i treat it like gold..i.m never buying pflueger stuff again weak.i hsve video proof of it snspping
      3. I had a day trip up to king parrot a couple weeks ago, got one hit from a trout but that was it. I know there are good spots there and there are trout in the river, any tips on how to find them better.
      4. Hey fellas, me and a few others are heading down to Harrietville over Aus day for a bit of fishing and camping so I'm chasing some local knowledge. Luckily I know someone who used to live there for years so I know a little bit, but things could have changed since then. I've been informed my chances of catching a cod are extremely slim however trout and yellas are a possibility. I've also learnt the river may be very low this time of year, will this significantly hurt anything? What lures have people had success with while chasing trout? I've got some tassie devils and a small spinner/ bottlecap lure I think its called. Any advice would be great. Think im sticking to worms for live bait but im open to suggestions. I've been told to check out the 'dredge hole' but other than that we're playing it by ear. Cheers guys
      5. Hello, I was fishing over the weekend at Lake Eildon and pick up a few small trout and Redfin on maggots and worms under a float. I also fished in the Pondage below the wall and brough out my R/c drone for the first time. I used it to take the rapala lure out about 220 metres from the bank and dropped it off the back of a hook I made for the drone. End up pulling and releasing one brown trout about 1.5kg or so. Here is the video of it.
      6. Would be nice, but still prefer rod and reel. BY COUNTRY NEWS ON JANUARY 03, 2017 SHARE SHARE SHARE EMAIL 0 COMMENTS Darren Jephcott with the Murray cod he caught by hand in the Murray River near Cobram. Darren Jephcott has scuba dived in other countries and loves off-shore fishing for big tuna, but he was unprepared for an encounter with a freshwater monster near Cobram last Friday. Mr Jephcott was swimming in the Murray River while camping with friends, when he was pushed by a 1.1m Murray cod. With the help of a friend he wrestled the cod until it was captured, and eventually released after the mandatory photos were taken. Friends on shore who heard him shouting initially thought something disastrous was happening and rushed down to help. The friends, including Mr Jephcott’s girlfriend from overseas, who was camping for the first time, were gobsmacked to see him handling the huge fish. Why the fish would approach him and make contact is a mystery, although Mr Jephcott believes the fish may have been annoyed that the visitors were interfering with its peace and quiet in the river hole where local people say he lives. Mr Jephcott, an excavation contractor from Greensborough, was spending three days camping at Smithies Beach on the NSW side of the Murray River. ‘‘We were fishing and camping out. I went out for a swim in the morning. I knew there was a big hole nearby,’’ he said. ‘‘I went out into the water until I couldn’t touch the bottom. I felt this thing hitting my legs, about near my ankles. ‘‘It was slimy, so I thought it was an eel. It happened about three times. I was dumbfounded. ‘‘The next time I could feel its weight pushing against me and I thought: ‘This is a big fish’. ‘‘I said to my mate: ‘There’s a big fish here’. He said: ‘It’s probably a carp’.’’ ‘‘Next minute up he came, between me and my mate.’’ Mr Jephcott got into a wrestling match with the river monster, grabbing it in the mouth and near the gills. He and his friends held it for about half-an-hour, holding it in the water so it could breathe, and bringing it out occasionally for photos. Then they let it go. It wasn’t hooked on the lines the fishermen had out, but word soon got out that the huge fish was living in the river. ‘‘Some people came along and tried to put some lines in over the hole, but we told them to leave him alone,’’ Mr Jephcott said. ‘‘One of the local guys from the Tocumwal Fishing Club came down and said he hadn’t been caught on a line because there was no scarring on his mouth. ‘‘Some of the locals said they’d heard about the cod living there but had never seen him. ‘‘I think this happened because he was p****d off. He lives at the bottom of the hole and just waits for other fish to come along. ‘‘We turned up and started stirring the mud up and interrupting him. BY COUNTRY NEWS ON JANUARY 03, 2017