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  1. Friday the 27th of September we left brisbane early morning and arrived in 1770 just after lunch with 3 boats and 7 crew members. We settled into out digs for the next 10 days while making plans to head out early to the outer reefs the next day. Saturday morning we left the ramp at 5am and headed for the live bait grounds filling our tanks with yakkas and scad. Setting our course north we powered on for the fishing grounds arriving at 9am and dropping live baits we immediately hooked up to good fish landing some qaulity maori cod. The next 2 hours were full on landing big coral trout and maori cod until it went quiet so time to move out to a red emperor spot. The weather was perfect and by lunch time it had glassed out and we were able to run from 1 spot to another like we were on a lake. I dropped a good fish calling it for a good red then my deckie Terry lands a big spangeled emperor it soon went quiet here as well so we moved back to our final area for the arvo. 1 of my live yakkas were swallowed by something huge and sure enough after i got him away from the bottom i coud gain some line Terry slid the net under my big trout going 70cm and 1 of my biggest trout ever. A few more drifts and more qaulity fish hit the deck then my rod buckled again and line peeled with plenty of head shakes. This fish was testing me out and little by little i brought him closer to the boat a 10kg amberjack surfaced and landed on the deck. Time was called soon after as the sun set and we headed for our anchorage where all our boats pulled up for the night. The next morning saw us up early and into the fish again so far we had caught coral trout, spangeled emperor, red throat emperor, tuskies, moses perch, hussar, amberjack, maori cod and coral cod. Just before lunch we made the call to run down to fitzroy lagoon for a snorkel and a few beers before heading for home. We got back on the ramp around 5pm and pulled into our yard finding the rest of our crew had arrived from brisbane swelling our numbers to 14. Plenty of beers help the fishing tales get better by the night as fisherman tell good yarns on the drink. The next morning we filleted the catch while the new crew up there went 4wd driving in eurimbla national park. They came back with stories of big barra in the creek but no hook ups stiil they had big smiles and dirty trucks. Tuesday was good enough to get the boats out early before the wind set in so we headed up to bustard head trolling for mackerel. As soon as we got there we landed a school mackerel on the 1st pass then another Spanish mackerel hit the deck soon after. We dropped a few more mackerel then landed a big coral trout on the troll before the wind started and we had to head home. The next day we all went 4wd driving in deep water national park and saw some beautiful beaches, fresh and salt water creeks. We finished at baffle creek where the boys caught some small GTs before we headed home. Thursday just over half our crew went home while the rest of us went 4wd driving again into eurimbla national park up to Turkey beach. Found another awesome creek with rock bars everywhere so we walked the banks flicking lures the had a cob loaf for lunch we whipped up on the back tray of the ute. Friday was good enough to get back out to bustard head and we got another schoolie and Spanish mackerel along with a good gold spot cod. I was fishing with Giffo and he landed a big queenfish that jumped and fought hard. We headed back in around lunch time so we could be ready for a big day the next morning. Saturday morning we set off early for Lady Musgrave island with the best weather so far for the trip as we pulled up just off the island the sounder lit up so we dropped baits down and both boats instantly had hook ups there was a patch of coral cod we had stumbled apon so drifting close to each other we could see these cod coming in thick. Then in another spot close by we caught big red throat emperor and my wife Sheryl caught the biggest 1 of these out of all the boats for the trip she was stoked to say the least. We stayed close by each other only because we could as the fish didn't mind and the drift was slow then both boats starting catching coral trout it was awesome watching each other get these good fish close by. The wild life turned it on also as whales cruised by close as well as 50 plus turtles sunbaking on the surface along the reef edge all close by and soon enough the sharks made a visit eating the back half of Sheryl's big cod she fought up. This was a big tiger shark that then cruised around us for the next 10 minutes and came back form time to time chasing any released fish from the boat. The fishing went around 11am so we went into the lagoon for a snorkel seeing plenty of amazing coral and fish even a turtle had a swim next to us I found a bright blue star fish to show the wife. We had some lunch then left the lagoon for another quick fish before heading home where the other boat crew had to head home for Brissy only leaving Lance Sheryl and I for the last night before we headed home ourselves the next day. Definitely a top 10 days we had up there with plenty of new reefs and national parks we got to explore we are already planning another trip like this next year.