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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I made a decision to get back into fishing (Not that I was really ever heavily into it). Last time I went fishing was probably close to 30yrs ago with my Grandfather. We used to fish in the local canals near home in Brisbane with varying levels of success. I never knew anything about the differences in rod etc. so I consider myself still a newbie. Compounded buy the fact that I am sure there as been some great advances in the last 30yrs. I have no idea where to start with the rod and reel or even where to go near where I live in Sydney. Hoping to do a bit of a day trip on Sunday and do some creek or river fishing if anyone knows of a decent location between Sydney and Central Coast or Sydney and South Coast. I would like to find somewhere that I can get my vehicle waterside as well as it is setup for camping/daytrips with fridge, awning etc. and advice on what sort of rod/reel combo for creek/river fishing with potentially the occasional boat trip on the cards. In the mean time I will hit the search bar up to and thankyou in advance for any advice
  2. What is the best way of disinfecting/preventing invasive species staying on my waders and boots etc and being spread to other water. I want to make sure I'm doing the best I can to prevent mud snails, zebra mussels etc from spreading.
  3. Hi All, I am looking at purchasing a Spitfire Trailer for my Haines Signature 630F. Does anyone have any experience with these trailers or own one currently? I have read some comments from a couple of years ago about issues with the winch post and am interested to see if this is still a problem or not. Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated. If nobody has any experience with Spitfire trailers, can anyone recommend a good trailer manufacturer and set up for this type of boat????
  4. Gday all, I’m new to the site so doing the norm and introducing myself. I’m Hatchy from the Sunshine Coast. I’ve just got the fishing bug back. Originally from Tas and was quite spoilt for choice down there. Since moving back to qld for the 2nd time, I’ve noticed how slow the fishing really is here. Don’t get me wrong there’s times where it is quite good. I’m chasing some advice or tips on catching more fish on lures and some local spots I’ve got a couple of fish on lures. I have no problem catching fish on bait and can 99% of the time catch fish using bait. But now have moved to lures, I prefer hard body’s to plastics. I’ve caught a few fish trolling with some shallow divers, and some plastics but I want to increase my chances in the yak. I’ll give any where a go as long as I’m not dealing with too many boats and jet skis. I don’t have a sounder yet and well...my partner she has a better kayak then me, my kayak sucks in any kind of wake. So until I upgrade I don’t want to venture into any large body of water that is open to the elements. I don’t need any x spots but just some advice on where I can increase my chance of getting some larger fish other than bream. I know being winter the variety of fish is some what limited but not totally, as my partner caught a 300mm jack before landing a 410mm bream. Kind regards Hatchy
  5. Hi, planning to take my son out fishing on Friday. He really wants to catch a mackerel. I haven’t had a good go at chasing them in Moreton Bay yet. So if anyone has some advice or recent reports of getting a few would appreciate it. - I generally like to get out really early in the morning. Is it important for Mackerel in the bay? Or is anytime ok? Thanks
  6. Merry Christmas everyone. After some advice/guidance, on where to fish tommorow. Have relatives up from interstate (father in law and brother in law) and they are keen to hopefully catch some fish. Only problem is I have had no real luck since I've moved to brisbane. I normally fish south of the bay as I live close to Manly harbour. Option 1 Was planning on traveling to redcliff or Briby and launching and having a go at bulwer and north of moreton island, possibly deeper water if weather is permitting. Option 2 Stick to green and mud island and maybe a little beacon bashing. (Never gone through South Passage bar) but would be keen to take a more experienced fisho out sometime if anyone is keen. Have an 18ft half cabin. Weather is looking ok at this point 11 knots eastly. Any advice or tips would be awsome, thanks guys.
  7. Greetings all ! Last week I caught my first Jew fish near Hemmant and since then I can't stop thinking about catching another. I am pretty limited to where I go as I do not have a boat but will try anywhere at anytime ( have fished everyday/night for the past 2 weeks). I was thinking of heading out tonight with the run in tide to the Gateway and fishing the s/side. Havent tried there before so not sure what im for ... I probably need some more gear but havent gotten around to that yet so I'm going with what I've got. So I guess why I'm posting is to see if anyone has some advice for this area, if there is somewhere better to target Jew, or if anyone is keen for fish tonight. Cheers Tom
  8. HI All, Would like some advice on a good all rounder boat. I currently have a 5.2 Savage escort with a Merc 125 saltwater series outboard, plenty of power and room, I love her but she's just too big and heavy. I used to fish mainly every weekend with my son who is 19, but he has recently found love and has brushed me, so I haven't been out as much as I would like mainly due to me having troubles launching and retrieving by myself. The boat and motor combined are really heavy to tow on my wifes 4 cylinder Kia, it does do it but chews and extra tank of fuel whenever I tow it, add to that the cost of fuel for the outboard, ice bait etc and it makes for an expensive day, which isn't so bad when its split between 2 fishos. What I am looking for is a boat that is decent brand aluminium boat that I can fish the bay/river but also get outside on a half decent day also, I'd really like to have something that can handle at least a 90hp outboard (4 stroke) be in the 4.75 - 5m, 5+ meter range for about $20,000 if it is really good buy I may be able to stretch that a couple more grand but ideally would like not to have to. I want something I can launch and retrieve fairly easy on my own, something I can fish the estuaries for bread and butter fish like flatties, whiting etc and also drop crab pots in tight places. I'm half wanting a centre console for the fishing space it offers if I were to have a few extra on board, but realistically that is very rarely the case, so I like boats like the Stacer Nomad type shape or the Quintrex renegade also but not sure how they'd handle things outside and whether or not they are a half comfortable ride in chop. I like the cabin style boats also, I like how you're up nice and high and see where you are going without having to stand up rather than sit down, I like that they offer cover but wonder about the weight of them and launching and retrieving those type boats if that would put me in the same pickle I am now. Any advice or boats that people can mention or recommend would be really appreciated, as I know there are so many to choose from but I don't really know half the models I should be looking at. Thanks Geoff
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