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      1. AUS-BNE-FISHO


        From the album: The River (Brisbane)

      2. I went out to my not so local break wall but nearest break wall 40 minute drive fished there a few times got some good bream there before . So this arvo I rocked up to the breakwall light breeze sunny last 2 hours of the run out perfect time for flathead fishing flicked some zman slim swims for about 1 hour . only a few bites from some small bream couldn’t believe it so I switched to a surface lure and walked to the sandflats not far from the breakwall to see if any whiting were interested in taking my pimped 70m sugurpen not a single chase . So I walked back onto the breakwall and started fishing with bread fished this one spot for about 40 minutes caught 4 bream all under 15cm it was almost time to go .starting to get dark as I walked back I had a quick flick using bread not to far from the cleaning stations that they had on the breakwall .same thing small bream . I switched to a curly tail grub got snagged 2nd casted so I went back to bread on my last cast prepared to catch a 10cm bream on bread I cast out wait 30-50 seconds stairing at my braid with my bail arm flipped over waiting for a bite or a run suddenly braid starts flying through my guides and shooting deeper into the snaggy looking water I set the hook expecting a few good head shakes and then skull dragging a tiny bream but instead I got some massive head shakes and then a run like a Freight train and my rod was bending more then I was comfortable with I was huffing and puffing this fish was pulling line like a kingfish btw I was using 6lb braid 6lb leader and a 1.5-3.5kg atomic arrowz bream surface rod the fish didn’t give up as the fish got closer to the rock wall I seen a silver flash and a arrow shaped tail what could this be . I pulled it in closer making sure it didn’t wrap me around weed or oysters or even dive under a rock I got my net and scooped up a 33cm silver trevally that I originally thought was a pb bream or a juvenile kingfish or school jewfish a very good surprise for my last cast I brain spiked the fish with a knife and bleed it out and put it a bucket with water and kept it and is now in the freezer btw I’ve never caught one before I’ve only been fishing probably for just over a year never had a fish like that fight so hard . Fought harder then my PB flathead 55cm .so know I’m trying to do research so I can catch more of these things
      3. Hi all this is my first post on the forum excluding my introduction post. I've moved to Brisbane from Hobart about six weeks ago and I've been doing as much fishing as time allows because I'm very keen to get onto some species we don't have down south. The missus moved us up here because of work and we've done a bit of traveling around because of that. Mostly just fishing with an 8ft general purpose rod 15lb braid 20lb leader and Paternoster rig or running sinker rig depending. Then while baits are soaking I like to have a cast with my 6ft spin 10lb braid 10lb leader with a variety of lures depending. Squidgies biotough flickbaits are my favorite. Then there's my shark rod 5ft Penn warfare with a Penn spinfisher 850 with 30lb braid 50lb leader and a wire trace. Live baits or large mullet pieces. So to begin with we were staying at redcliffe. I did a bit of bait fishing from the jetty for a few sessions but after only a couple undersized bream I decided it wasn't a spot for me. I wandered north a little and fished off queens beach a few evenings. During these sessions I got a couple grassy sweetlips, few large bream and a small snapper. Lost a few decent fish. One afternoon I had a go off the rock wall at the entrance to Scarborough marina. I got a decent sized catfish. I saw some birds working about 100 yards out into the bay so I banged a wobbler on my spinner in case they came closer. They didn't but shortly after I saw a large wake and swirl slowly moving against the grain of the water heading straight up into the marina. I thought it must have been the turtle I had seen getting about earlier but then I saw a narrow dorsal fin poke out. Excitedly I cast the wobbler across it and it did a big blowup but missed my lure. Two more casts for nought then on the fourth cast he had it and I was on. Apparently this fish was much bigger than I thought it was going to be because it screamed straight into the marina at high speed totally unstoppable headed for the boats. I stressed and put on as much pressure as I could without breaking anything and my lure popped out of his mouth. I guess he wasn't hooked real well because everything was intact. I was devastated and my hands were shakey for half an hour. Anyone have any ideas what it might have been? I did see him again later (or one of his mates) but way out of casting range. I don't think my gear could have handled him anyway. Then we went up to bundaberg for a few days. I was surf fishing just a little north of Elliot heads. That was great I got a large slatey bream, couple of Moses perch, three or four swallowtail dart and a GT. fished a little bit with the missus at Burnett heads and got a heap of little fish. Javelin fish, whiting, estuary cod, crescent perch and tiny baby Spanish mackerel. Got smoked by a big ray or something unstoppable. Since then we've been staying at Petrie. I got my first bass from kurwongbah and I've been doing a lot of fishing in the north pine river around dohles rocks. I've caught some big bream and catfish there but mostly I've been targeting sharks because on my first attempt there I later out the shark rod with a big ol mullet head for bait and I hooked up only to be bitten off. Mangled my wire leader. I've had a bunch of sessions there over the last couple weeks but no shark yet. I had a legal size bream on for live bait one night and I had a wicked run. Shark took the head half of my bream without getting hooked. Another night I was using small live catfish and something was yanking them off my hooks with short hard runs but again no hookup. I don't know if it was sharks or maybe something else? I've been using multiple hooks per bait since but no luck yet. I've also had a couple gos at woody point and deep-water bend. Just bream and a whiting and a few weird little aquarium looking fish and a couple small shovel noses. If anyone based north Brisbane wants a fishing buddy I'd love some company. I'd also love to get out on the water if anyone with a boat needs someone to pull the anchor! Beers and fuel on me. Haha. I'd also appreciate any advice Cheers thanks for reading
      4. Any good spots on the seaway in Goldcoast for landbased , trying to target flathead and kingfish and will live yabbies and pillys be a good choice of bait
      5. Hi all Does anyone have any tips for Yeppoon at about Christmas (we already have places and most things down pat) but i would like to work on three things. A. Catching livies, especially prawns, we normally get enough mullet, herring, etc - Places and what tide/time. B. Catching larger species, barra and threafin (which we already may encounter but not much) and maybe not in the Fitzroy as we might go there, just a small creek we can access land based (preferably not many crocs!) C. Catching more species like flathead and whiting. Once again, we already have some spots but maybe a surf beach or rock ledge.
      6. I got sick of putting a baitjig over the side at 4$ a pop and then torn to shreds in seconds,,,so i thought there must be a better way. I try to get a northern species of yakka, But when the school macs are around or down south, the bonito.. your jigs dont last too long. So i made this. I use wire on mine due to school macs. The wire is then albrite knotted strait to mono 50 lb. I use 3 jigs on my but im sure you could go more. I use heavy gear i guess for bait because once one mac or trevally hit usualy more do. Anyway it may be of use to someone. You need : some nylon filament.. The stuff that goes on woghead lures for Spanish macs. (Good tackle shops should have this) Lumo sleeves 40lb single strand wire.. ( if your making yours no wire then you will need a thicker wire to put hole in nylon melt {see below}, then remove, then poke your mono thru) Hooks and mono of choice. a lighter too. and bit of braid. 1- pinch of filament, couple colours if desired.. then tie bit of braid around bunch and slide to within 1 cm of end of bunch.. the braid gathers it together to allow easier melting of mono filament strands. 2- Burn the end of the filament bunch to melt together.. Do a couple of times. and while still not hard poke a piece of wire thru the middle of the burnt glob of nylon. {make sure glob isnt to large that the lumo sleeve wont jam over,) 3- put hook on wire with haywire twist. I put twist around hook shank to shorten the distance. 4- trim a lumo sleeve to desired size and slide over melted glob, filament and hook end.. Draw eyes on with pernament texta if ur keen. 5 -trim filament to desired length 6 - make a rig with charter loop knots or alike. say 3 loops and 2 tag ends that one goes to swivel and other to sinker. 7 - Albrite wire to mono. and there u go.. If your not using wire just poke the wire thru the melted glob..put bit wd40 on wire so dosnt stick to melted nylon. then pull out wire once set, leaving a hole to poke ur mono thru and tie on hook. In these i put about 5 cm wire for toothys. and a mix of bluey purple filament and whit filament.. i trimmed both ends of the lumo sleeve to about 2-3cm total. Trim filament tail to size reqd.. i make long to begin with as it is easier to handle and burn. I reckon theyed make ok fly fishing thingys. Im not a fly fisho. I used this one night and instead of a lead i had a lucanus jig as the weight. Just with the boat bobbing a 8 kg cobia took the lucanus..Because the whole rig was sound and well made i got the cobia.. Later i caught 3 small barracuda on the jig that i kept alive and on dawn they were turned into spanish mackeral. Daylight has seen plenty of school macs have a go at it. anyway there easy enough to make. If you do make some post a pic to see what else people come up with for bait jig material..
      7. I’m just sharing a step by step instructional video I created on the basics of bream fishing. I think many will find this helpful. In this instance, we are using live scrub worms to catch bream. We guide you through tackle and gear selection, rig setup, bait presentation then me and my kids catch a few bream on the Maribyrnong river. It’s a great video for beginners, or those looking for a few tips or those looking to take their kids fishing, especially during the school holidays. This same guide can be used for all different types of fish species such as trout, redfin, carp, bream, mullet, bass, perch, whiting and much more. It’s very simple and very effective all you need is a rod, reel, line, ball sinker, swivel, and hook and your all set. Make sure you sub the channel if you enjoy the video
      8. The bloke I sit next to at work is a mad keen spearo from the Gold Coast and just bought an old Haines V16 4.8m a few months ago. He set himself the goal to catch a marlin out of it and had 3 successful trips before Xmas, even landing a nice black solo. So hearing the bait was still thick and reports of marlin being caught we decided to go see if we could get one. Conditions were a bit ordinary on the way out following the left overs of a storm cell, but we got out and it settled down nicely. We were soon joined by 20 or so other boats (some similar size to ours but no Timmy the Turtle skiffs today) with different ideas about etiquette and found the bait right on the spot. Top to bottom slimies in 80m. We jigged some baits and put them in our unplumbed live bait tanks (2 buckets and an old esky) and started our drifts on 8 and 10kg gear. The current was raging and even though the bait school was huge we drifted through it very quickly. Putting back up to the spot we saw a fish going crazy in front of a 50 footer and wondered who had hooked it. No boat around the fish had the tell tale signs of panic involved with a hook up so it must have been a free jumper. Good signs! After almost being swamped by a courteous neighbour (think he was still learning how to drive his 8m beast) we moved and set our drift. Shortly after my mate had a run, eased the drag up and set the hook on a fish before the line went slack. He must’ve had a nick in his mainline as he only got back about 10m of it. 1-1-0. Spewing! Boats around us started hooking up and our hopes were high for another shot. To increase our chances we found a patch to our selves and dropped our livies down. The skipper had another run and eased the drag up slowly as a nice fish jumped towards the boat. I put my drag up to clear my line out of his way but there was more pressure than just the sinker. I hadn’t felt the bite (very out of touch!) but I also had a fish on and it started moving north steadily. A double hookup on nice blacks! 3-3-? Chaos! His fish was heading to NZ and mine to PNG so he offered to break his off to give me the best chance of landing one of the two. By this time I had lost half a spool of 8kg and he had managed to get his moving towards the boat. Mine started jumping a good 500m from the boat in an awesome aerial display and spat the hook. Ok so now we could focus on landing his fish. I took the wheel and we went about getting some of his line back and had the fish on the surface within 10m of the boat after another 5mins. It was far bigger than we both thought (50kg?) I had only seen small blacks of about 20-25kg up close and this looked easily twice the size. He tried to coax the fish towards the boat but it didn’t like it and jumped away before going deep in protest. This was how the battle went for the next hour or so with attempts to plane the fish up, change direction on him and annoying him with the sound of engine getting him near the boat but not allowing us to reach the leader. About an hour and a half in my mate felt the line was scuffed badly (he had removed about 50m after the first break). We worked out that the tip roller on his rod wasn’t spinning and the line was chafing on the sides of the roller. No good! After 2 hours and 5 or so sightings near the boat he handed the rod over to me. We couldn’t up the drag due to the chafed line so I tried to short stroke it back to the boat with my fresh arms. Any line I gained he took back (stubborn fish!) before he turned as I pumped and the pressure on the line was too much. 3-3-0. Spewing! I was pretty disappointed to lose his fish after so long but we had to try something to end the stalemate and the chafed line wasnt helping. The northerly had come up so it was time to head in. We were both pretty excited to have had our chances but hopefully next time we can land one.
      9. its been hard going to get livies on the grounds just east of spb anyone been out know where there hidding been there 3 times with only getting a few.
      10. Hi Guys Got 20-30 kg squid fresh I'd like to pass on. Not frozen import. Local stuff. SM Arrows Canx order. Boss says must go by midday 07/03/19 as fresh caught. Brisbane pick up. I'll check in again at 11pm then 2-3am off to freezers after that. PM for details
      11. Hi, I collect some beach blood worm for my next day fishing, upon wake up all worm are dead. How to keep blood worm alive for next fishing session? Please help, thank you.
      12. Hey team, I'm hiring a boat from Bribie this weekend for the day and we are going to be using a few frozen lumps of burley for a change. does anyone regularly use burley? do you find it improves your catch rate? any recipes or tips you feel like sharing? currently our batch contains mullet, pillies, bread, tuna oil, sand and chicken pellets to bulk it up. We are hoping to stir some interest from tuna, mackerel and possibly even some sharks Cheers, Chris
      13. Just wondering if anybody knows any good lb places in scarborough to redcliffe to get some bait preferably pike and mullet but ill be happy with any bait and is there a better time to get some(high or low tide)
      14. Hi Fisho’s New to the forum, in fact first post! Question, has anyone worked out how to catch mullet on a hook? Just to state the obvious, not a square hook and yes I can cast a net. Looking to catch those bigger kg+ mullet that jump all around my boat and seem to escape the net as it is sinking. What bait or methods are used to master this dark art. Appreciate any wisdom that may be out there Regs
      15. As the title states I am looking into starting this new type of fishing for me, I would consider myself a fairly experienced estuary and flats fisherman on exclusively lures but this is completely new to me. BCF has a combo that perked my interest and if anyone has had any experience with this rod or reel or even brand I would love to hear their thoughts. Also feel free to let me know anything I should know about this method of fishing. The combo I have mentioned is visible at this link: Thanks for your time.
      16. BaitNGo was established with a simple vision to change the way we fish in Australia. After years of testing new innovation, researching new concepts and finding solutions for outdated fishing products, we are pleased to introduce our range of Bait & Tackle vending machines, including the world’s first outdoor dual zone bait vending machine. BaitNGo values the three E’s, expertise, excellence and experience and our mission is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. As experienced fisherman we know that using the right bait is essential if you want that ‘catch of the day’. Our extensive research of the bait industry, confirmed that there is a major lack of quality bait available for the early morning fisherman or the late night, last minute recreational fisher. As a result we have made quality bait & tackle available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. With our no fuss, low maintenance bait & tackle vending machines, you can take that last minute recreational fishing trip or enjoy your early morning fishing outing without the worry of finding quality bait. Imagine getting the ‘catch of the day’ every day. The BaitNGo team’s main focus is to fill the current void in fishing by taking “convenience” to the next level for quality bait & tackle. Our aim is to “freshen up” the Australian fishing industry through our combination of cutting edge technology and design, manufacturing and our expertise in Australian fishing. We know that our “world first” live and frozen bait vending machines have revolutionised fishing in Australia. Our machines are made from only the latest technology and is quality tested to accommodate all climatic conditions. Our machines are built to withstand the elements outdoors and you can be sure that our machines are durable and long lasting. Our machines do all of the work through innovative real time software. Their flawless design ensures that it will appeal to the consumer through innovative design in any location and also provide an attractive addition for the front of any store or service station. This exciting new concept would not have been possible without BaitNGo’s founder’s dedication to new technology and their dream to revitalise the Australian fishing industry. All bait & tackle vending machines are exclusively designed and manufactured for Bait 'N' Go.
      17. G'day all, Im going down to St.georges basin in 12 days and am unsure of some good spots to fish as i have not fished there before. Im fishing landbased and boat and will be using lures (soft and hard) and bait any input will be valuable, Cheers
      18. Hi Everyone, We are conducting a survey on Australian live-bait preferences to help us create more sustainable and environmentally friendly live-bait. As a thankyou for your participation, we will reward you with a FREE pack of 300 live maggots/spikes on completion of the survey. You can complete the survey here -> Thanks! Caitlin
      19. I've tried to check if I am allowed to use opera house traps in the Brisbane River and now I am confused. The only mention of opera-house style traps I've found on the fisheries department's website is on this page from May 2016 about fresh water traps. It reads as follows (with the relevant part bolded and highlighted in red): The page with salt/tidal water rules and regulations does not mention traps at all. So I am very confused. Does that mean that opera-house style traps are only allowed in fresh water impoundments listed and is not allowed in tidal waters at all? Or does it meant that I am allowed to use opera-house style traps in tidal waters without restriction but if I do want to use it in freshwater there are some restrictions? I am new to angling and am constantly wondering if any of my activities are allowed or will get me in trouble. Is there a rule book I can order somewhere that outlines everything I might need to know at a high level? I understand if ALL the rules with their details were printed in a book it would be thicker than the bible but it should not be too hard to publish a 20 page pamphlet that outlines the basics with directions on where to learn the specifics.
      20. Hi all, is anyone willing to introduce me to Moreton Bay fishing spots? Ive just bought my first boat and would like some advice to get going, fishing and crabbing around the bay. Im based in Wynnum and have bought a cruise craft now rider.
      21. Hi from The Netherlands! I will be traveling from Sydney to Cairns in July and August this year. We are planning to go by van along the coast to the north. I am known with most angling techniques, freshwater mainly and some saltwater from the beach. I was hoping you guys could help me in the right direction on angling at the east-coast. I was thinking about the gear, bait, locations and of course the possible permits I might need. Some extra tips or hints are also very welcome of course! Thanks in advance! Dutch-angler
      22. Hey guys me and a mate of mine were thinking of fishing off the Mooloolaba Spit wall. Have fished there a few times but caught nothing more than whiting and eagle Ray's. We were thinking of targeting sharks or some mackerel but am wondering what your ideas or tips for fishing the area would be as we would like to have a better idea before heading out. What bait, rig, technique, spot or time to go would be amazing. We would be able to move around a little bit of fishing at the trawler jetty is more productive. Any help would be amazing. P.s I'm new to the forums so if I have done anything wrong just let me know. Cheers, Kyle
      23. Hi all, Has anyone tried that Dynabait, the dehydrated stuff. Was going to get some squid/sandworms for whiting/bream in the shallows. Would like any info from anyone who's had a go at it. Gary
      24. Hi, I was talking to Sam from PNG trip and he told me he targets Bull Sharks in and around Vic Point and it got me thinking. Many of my friends from Melbourn catch and eat sharks and say they love them to eat. They are a large fish to catch, seem to be plentiful and if they eat well whats not to like? I was wondering; Why don't we eat more sharks? Where is the best place to catch them (we don't get many at Green Island)? What is the best bait? What works well as a rig and what line class? What sharks taste the best? I have had some gummy sharks that we got at Amity. One was delicious but the next one was really strongly metallic flavoured? Also are little ones better to eat? Male v Female? I will have a look at the restrictions on size and species before I go but am really keen to do this. Thanks Robbie