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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, New member, purchased first boat about 18 months ago, Cruise Craft 720 Explorer Hardtop and have been running out of Manly Trailer Boat Club up to Flinders, Hutchies, Deep Tempest and alike - I have no friends with boats so have been trying to learn and understand the idiosyncrasies of the Comby Bar to safely cross it and the decision making when looking at the weather on when to go or not go. Basically I have adopted the following rules that I work by - Wind less than 15 knts, Swell 1.5 mtrs or less and out of the East or South - no go on NE or North Swell direction, Point Lookout Wave Rider Bouy less than 1.5 > 1.6 mtrs indicating. Anything greater than this I don't normally go out and to be truthful I rarely go outside with winds above 10 knts. To cross Comby Bar I have adopted these rules - if the above parameters have been met, wind, swell, tide all running the same direction then all good to cross. If any parameters are working against each other eg.. tide against wind and swell, I will only cross if wind is very light. If wind is up above 5 knots and opposite parameters exist I will normally play it safe and travel out between Venus Banks and Salamander Banks up the North East Channel to the Trench and then turn right and go across to Flinders from there. Can you guys let me know if I'm on the right page with my thinking and what to watch for so as not to get caught out ? I am doing a South Passage Bar Crossing Course with Bill Corten tomorrow just as a point of interest. Thanks in advance Terry
  2. G'day all, I am hoping to get up to South West Rocks on the weekend and just looking for some info on the Bar crossing and/or other alternatives please. I've heard the Bar crossing at SWR is pretty dangerous and has claimed lives in the past. I have never ever been there before and I don't know if it is safe for a 5.2 metre Savage boat to cross at all, or at any particular time. I have been trying to search up info and cannot find a great deal, and some people have suggested other ramps like the back creek and Goal but some seem to think that they are dangerous also, and can only really be used at certain times. If anyone could please give me some info as if it is too dangerous I will give it a miss. I wanted to get up there this weekend and chase some Spanish and Spotted Mackerel. If SWR is best avoided, can anyone please suggest a safer area where I may still tangle with a few Spanyards or Spotties please. I've heard Spotties can be caught at Forster too which would be a lot closer to home, but I'm not 100% convinced or know much about when is roughly the best time/month to get them etc. Any info would be really appreciated, Thanks Geoff
  3. I found this interesting. It is airials of the bars. I wonder how often they update the photos?