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  1. Bit cool at 6am this morning and the fish were feeling it. I was told that there were a few fish around the entrance of the launch bay but they were sleeping in this morning as well as all the way down to fad2 and the fig tree. We then headed up to the powerlines with the same result and were heading back to the ramp contemplating how we would explain the dreaded donut when we found a school of small bass in 16ft of water. Filled in the survey sheet with 25 bass in an hour with the best fish goingjustover30cm.
  2. Cool start at western arm this morning with Rick and Neil as deckies. Was a cool run down to opposite the white post with the westerly helping us along. Hit the spot lock in a couple of spots before finding a school on the edge of a drop off with the water going between 42 and 50 feet. only one photo as the battery in my camera was flat. I took one photo of Rick trying to hide behind a nice 47 cm bass with my phone. As my computer cannot find my phone I took a photo of my phone so it is not very good. Final tally not as good as the last couple of trips but still respectable with 74 bass boated.
  3. Not all make it over the wall.
  4. Off to the Hinze western arm solo today. As i had to do the pots myself and I did not wish to get wet and cold I wore a plastic pinny for most of the day and it worked a treat. A lot better than using a mac and waterproof breeks. I then proceeded downstream to near the white post where we found the bass last time. They were not schooled up like last time but scattered over a larger area. Would catch 4 or five and they would move so it was just a matter of following them on the sounder. They were sitting at the 20 feet mark no matter what the depth of the water was. Ended up with 53 fish on the counter. Largest would have just gone 40cm
  5. Had a good day for a change. Water is starting to clear with visibility increased to one foot. One of deckies is a bit soft complaining that I took to park after launching. Reckoned it was a bit cool standing in the water with a gentle westerly blowing at 10k with temp 4 degrees whilst holding the boat. I had plenty of shrimp left from last trip so we headed downstream to where the fish were last trip to discover that they had moved. We explored in the bay as it was out of the wind but still cold as it was in the shady side of the hills. Andrew cracked the donut with a tandan but nothing else found so out we went into the open water in the wind. We found a school out in front of the white post just upstream of the viewing area and knocked off at 11 am with a tally of 109 bass with the best bass going37cm. Both Andrew and Hai had a little comp seeing how many fish they could catch on the one shrimp and they both tied at 4 each. A lot of the bass were under but a bass is a bass.
  6. I have been waiting for over a month for Hinze dam to reopen and Friday when I saw that SEQ water reopened the western arm I said that is it I am off first chance. 6am launch with a sneaky freezing westerly as soon as I ventured out of the ramp bay having a drastic effect on my bladder with a major operation with several layers of clothes to delve through to obtain some relief. Talk about just in time. Water is very discoloured with about 6 inches of visibility so I headed upstream to see if I could locate a fish. By 10 am I gave up and turned around and headed downstream and found a school of fish on a small drop off in a bay down towards the dam wall. No monsters with the fish going between 25 and 38cm. A few of the smaller bass had fin rot probably due to poor water quality. The school dispersed after around an hour and I unsuccessfully kept on searching to see if I could find more fish . Back at the ramp and happy with a tally of 17 bass. Cheers Ray
  7. Bit hard leaving the fire this morning. Met Hai at gentleman's hour of 6.30at the gate because I under estimated the traffic. The shrimp traps were chocka and the water was chocolate brown as we headed downstream. We tried quite a few spots and not a thing on the sounder so by the time we got to fad 2 we decided to accept the advice that someone had written in the sign in book and head upstream. Ran into Kev at the powerlines who said he had been getting a few at the powerlines but they had gone off. A bit further up on the LHS we found a good show on the sounder ajnd quickly boated 3 nice fat bass that were released for someone else to enjoy. We worked our way up to the barrage ad then turner around had headed back towards Kev who said he was still getting the odd fish. We spotlocked near him and Hai dropped one fish and we moved on as it was a bit rude sitting on top of Kev. Back at the ramp by midday and happy with a total of 3 bass,
  8. Had a good day between the three of us. Murray started off on what he called a monster fish that turned into a 4 ft eel. We did not find any fish till we reached the tip of the island at around 9am. By this time the sun had come out and it turned into a beautiful day with glassed out conditions. We ended up with 65 bass,5 spanglies.5 forkies, one tandan and one eel when we left them biting at midday when we ran out of bait.
  9. Better day today with 37 bass and 2 scaleless grunting bass. Took a while to find any quality with several spots barren an.d nothing on the sounder. Finally caught 2 X 25 cm bass on fad 2 so I was happy for no donut. Tried a couple of spots on the way to the floats ad finally caught a just legal yella and some undersized bass on the floats before deciding to look for some better fish. Sounded all over the basin even going to the far marker where I recovered a shrimp pot that went walkies during the flood. Finally found a school of bigger bass on the drop off near the end of the island leaving them biting at midday.
  10. Went to Landsborough this morning with Rick and Joy for a bucks pie . As it was a bit early we decided to go up the hill to Baroon Pocket and have a fish first. There was only 2 rain showers all the time we were there. The first one started at 6.30 when we arrived and lasted till 9am and the second one started at 9 am and finished at 11.30 when we stopped fishing. The fish were hard to locate but we finally found a mixed school on the flats down towards the dam wall. We ended up with a total of 30 fish with 13 of them between 50 and 55.5 cm. Enjoyed our Bucks pies for lunch on the way home. Sorry no photos as it was too wet. Cheers Ray
  11. We had a better day at NPD sunday morning. We had the dam to ourselves as everyone must have been fun running.. The shrimp were still light on with probably 60 odd mixed in with plentiful redclaw in out pots . Things were getting desperate with the showers and freezing wind with nothing showing on the sounder . We cracked the donut on the trees with the floats when we each caught a bass and we moved on when there was nothing else wishing to eat our live shrimp. We looked around and finally found a school a few hundred yards away. Ended up with 36 bass and 5 forkies before we ran out of shrimp. No trophy bass with most over 30cm and only 6 under. Some of the photos a bit off due to rain.
  12. I nearly did not go this morning as my regular deckies either were sick or had other commitments and just before 4am it poured rain . I checked the radar and not much showing so i set off and by the time I got to Capalaba the rain had stopped. Got a reasonable ammount of shrimp out of my pots but there were more small redclaw than shrimp. . I kept the redclaw and fed them to the magpies when I got home. Had to search for the fish but finally located a school on the edge of a drop off where the depth went from 17 to 30 feet. Ended up with 41 bass and 11 forkies so best solo session for quite a while. Cheers Ray
  13. Went with Mark and his brother and his wife from Townsville this morning. Shrimp were a bit light on but we finished up for the day with 54 bass and 3 Tandans. Merle took line honours with a 48cm bass. Cheers Ray
  14. Bit of fog, bit of rain, bit of wind, bit of sun at Baroon Pocket this morning. The bass were hungry but we had to move about to get out of the wind with some good trophy size bass boated . The bass are very healthy and they will be a real challenge on light gear when they commence to roe up in the next few months. 55 bass boated. Cheers Ray
  15. 3 people went to NPD this morning and one person caught a 25cm bass and then we ran out of fish. no name or photos.
  16. Bit windy and a few showers today at the western arm. Got plenty of exercise putting on wet weather gear and removing it when the sun came out.. We still managed 65 bass and one tandan and a few barred grunter for the eagle . A lot of the bass were between 30and 38cm. Mark caught a tagged one but I do not have the details yet. Cheers Ray
  17. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips for targeting some bass in the Bulimba creek area. I have done tonnes in the way of bait fishing but absolutely nothing in the way of lure fishing so I will need some tips for when I head out on my kayak. Also, does anyone know any good places around Brisbane to get a first fish on a lure. Thanks heaps
  18. Another great day with 72 bass tagged and released plus a couple under 20cm that were too small to tag. The usual big tandans and quite a few spangled perch stealing bait. Only went to 2 drop offs upstream and ran out of bait and back at ramp by 10am.
  19. 3 of us went to western arm this morning. After doing our shrimp pots we found bass and barred grunter in among the painted trees. The eagle had a good feed on the grunter and one small bass that swollowed the hook. Hai just pipped me for the smallest bass his 20cm won the day. We ended up with 48bass knocking off at 10am. Best bass only went 40cm. Cheers Ray video-1643518896.mp4 video-1643518890.mp4
  20. Hi all, First post on the forum, been a reader for a while now and gained a lot of valuable info from you all. Thought I’d share my trip today on the mid Brisbane river with the Kayak chasing some “wild” bass instead of my usual impoundment fix. Warning of extreme anti-climactic adventure ahead: I’ve read a lot about a healthy bass population on the river closer to the Wivenhoe spillway so thought I would give it a go instead of my local water hole, Lake Manchester. I launched at Burtons Bridge at 8am (quite late in the day for my standards) and started my journey up stream, the water was probably about a foot deep for the first 50 meters with some faster flowing water but once it was a bit deeper I chucked a 1/4 spinner bait in to troll but had my doubts due to the heat/time of day/feeling that wild bass were probably more likely to be hiding in the shade and snags. Had to do a little bit on foot up some fast flowing shallow water but then the river opened up and was calm enough for me to slowly make my way along the banks flicking at every overhang and snag possible. My main setup was a 2-6lb 7” Samaki Zing Xtreme V2 paired with a 1000 Stradic with 6lb braid and a rod length of 8lb fluro. Being a bit nervous of snags I mainly ran 1/16 EWG Ned rig jighead with 2.5” SP grubs in dark colours There was lots of visual life with boofs here and there, turtles, saw a lungfish cruising along, but no bass biting. Sounder was quiet, usually with the dams the bass come and sit under the kayak and leave big long lines on the finder but non of that today. Hours past, sun burn set in and nothing. Made my way through my tackle box with little hard bodies, blades, chatter baits, creature soft plastics, soft vibes, imitation shrimp, you name it it was on the end of my line. Throwing it in every single deep dark hole and tree overhang, every fallen tree, every piece of structure I could find. Got to 1.30pm and called it quits. Landed 2 40+cm forkies (still a pretty fun fight on such light gear) but no bass to be seen in the landing net. One of the forkies was from casting into an eddie on some fast flowing water which was quite fun until I saw it was a forkie but better than a donut I guess. My question to you wise and knowledgable folk, is the mid/upper Brisbane river still prominent for bass or was that all closer to the 2011 floods? Ive PB’d high 40’s in Lake Manchester but was excited at the prospect of wild bass. Would it be worth trying a little further up or is there anything you recommend for the next trip? Cheers, Nick
  21. Went to the western arm this morning with Rick and Joy having high hopes as Rick did very well on Monday morning with well over 30 bass including a 52 and a 48cm bass. We found plenty of barred grunter but not many bass. Best 3 bass went 33cm,32cm and a pinched tail 30cm plus 11 all well under 30cm.Highlight of the day was when we returned to the ramp and met some dedicated members of the local stocking association in the process of releasing 60000 healthy bass fingerlings from Redate hatchery. Good to have a bit of a chatter and see our permit fees being utilised .
  22. Nearly did not go today. I got a phone call from Rick at 3am wanting to defer trip till Thursday as it was very windy and wet. I could not go on Thursday and had a look at the radar and noted that the rain was clearing from down south and made the call to go. We left at 4.30 and it was still blowing and pouring rain but by the time we got to Nerang the rain had stopped but the trees still had plenty of movement. When we met with Hai at the dam I got a phone call from Dave who said he had slept in and had to give it a miss. As soon as we left the sheltered water at the ramp bay we headed off to the painted trees where we thought it would be nice and sheltered. It was a bit rough punching into the white caps and wind but nice and protected once we arrived and tied up to one of the trees. The bass were hungry but so were the barred grunter and we ran out of the live shrimp that Rick had kept from his trip last wednesday. We had left all out prebaited bait containers in the car aswe thought that we had plenty of shrimp but had not planned on getting onto a hot bite. Fortunately I had a plastic bottle with some dog pellets as an emergency bait supply stowed in the bow but it slowed down the processing the pots having to refill each container separately. We decided to move around to see if we could locate a better size of fish as so far the largest bass only went 36cm.We found a school holding at 20 feet in 36 feet of water and got stuck into the bass again. It was quite exposed to the wind there and the spotlock was working vey hard and it was hard to pick up a bite due to the rapid movement of the boat so we called it a 11.30 with a total of 84 bass, 1 tandan and numerous barred grunter that the eagle enjoyed. Rick scored the best bass at 47cm. When we got back to the ramp we sprung a couple in yaks who were loading up their car with one of our shrimp traps that they had knocked off needless to say we repossessed it.
  23. Hey guys and gal's, I am headed to maroon dam at the scenic rim for a few days and keen for a fish. I have vague knowledge about chasing bass and perch and I want to use lures. I'm chasing a whole new setup as my last 2 rods went into the drink thanks to a friend haha. Anyhelp will be appreciated. Will be going to BCF so may be limited.
  24. https://youtu.be/kLL1T_n0a_4
  25. 43 bass ,7,tandans and one eel plus numerous barred grunter stealing bait. early finish as we ran out of bait.
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