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      Found 93 results

      1. Bass have moved around since Sunday but we found a couple of schools. 84 bass No forkies Redclaw are a good size of the 5 pots that we had forkies in as bait 4 of them had at least 12 redclaw in them The other pot had a big hole and the other 3 pots that had dog biscuits as bait only had a few redclaw in them. Cheers Ray
      2. G'day fellas. I hope i'm not breaking any rules by posting this without being a regular contributor to posts? I regularly enjoy checking out the great fish reports. I have a bit of tackle that doesn't get used much so it's time to move it on to someone that'll make better use of it. Daiwa TDX 4-9kg 6'4'' 1 piece baitcast rod. Fuji K guides. Condition: Excellent. Might have been on the water 3-4 days in total. It was on clearance a couple years back at Tacklewarehouse Camphill for $189. Perfect rod for Cod, Jack, Barra and anything inbetween. They seem to be of a higher quality than the Generation black rods - don't understand why they've been discontinued. Price: $100 Tairyo Nano Speed 6'6'' 1 piece 2-4kg Spinning rod. Fuji SIC guides. Condition: Excellent. Used less than 5 days at Somerset Dam. Bought in 2017 at Sandgate bait&tackle on special for $199. Very lovely rod. Price: $100 I'm happy for anyone to come inspect Located in the Browns Plains area. PH: 0400 675 486. Thanks for viewing.
      3. Just when you want to catch some forkys they have gone . Only caught 5 today ,2 on bait and 3 in one redclaw trap. They are working very well in the redclaw pots compared to the dog biscuits. Probably because they last a lot longer. Ended up with 81 bass 4 yellas,and 5 forkies plus a bucket of redclaw. Would have had a lot more redclaw but they are chewing holes in the pots and escaping. Steve had fun catching bass on a icejig but only managed one on a jackall with the bass not much bigger than the jackall. See Ross and Noel have been busy making more concrete fad bases. Cheers Ray
      4. Second fly rod break in as many outings Caught lots of these In amongst all of these But then I high-sticked an excited one and ended up with these
      5. Had a shower while waiting at the gate, then another around 7 am and a great morning for the rest of the time. Managed 48 bass with one over 50cm and 5 yellas with 2 over 50cm.Most come from along the weed edges on spinnerbaits. Dino
      6. Ran out of bait again at NPD today. 130 bass and 3/4 bucket of forkies and one tilapia, Fish caught in 4 different locations and left them biting the last sounder shot is from when we left. The forkies kept for redclaw bait. Be enough for the next few trips. Cheers Ray
      7. Apart from having to roust a couple of backpackers who had parked in front of the gate we had another good day yesterday with another bass virgin introduced to NPD. Weather was a lot better than forecast with only a couple of light showers and nowhere as much wind. Found around 50 bass on Andrews drop off and tried around the floats with nothing there and found another school over towards the old far marker where we picked up more until we ran out of bait even picking up a few on red dead shrimp that had been sitting in the boat for a few days. We did the redclaw pots first off and when we were heading back to the ramp noticed a couple of pots were too close together wand when re pulled them to redeploy they both had good sized redclaw in them so they are also starting to come in daylight. Final bass tally was 116 bass. Cheers Ray
      8. After attempting for a while we finally got the stars into alignment and I finally took Tom and his dad Jason to NPD. Tom has been obsessed with catching bass for a while and Jason has been taking him shorebased at Forgans with no results. We launched at 12.30 and did a couple of shrimp pots and redclaw pots to show Tom and got some shrimp and a couple of redclaw. I cable tied one redclaw so Tom could have a close look at it without getting bitten. We then headed to Andrews drop off and Tom got a hook up to a smallish bass on the first drop of his bait. He is a real master angler landing another 2 bass before I even had a hook up. It was an hour before Jason got around to rigging up his own line as Tom just did not stop catching fish. It did not even matter if it was only a forky he still got super excited. WE knocked off at around 3pm and did a few more redclaw pots for little result as a lot of the pots had holes in them. Final score was around 20 bass with Tom catching more than half or them. 10 forkies 18 redclaw. Best part smiles all round. So good to see a little boy enjoying himself.
      9. taib

        queensland Crack!!

        As the title of the post states, my bait was slammed so hard my reel went CRACK! And it was over. But luckily despite a few showers we had a great day at NPD today. Always fantastic catching up with Ray and Mark. Thanks for a great day gentleman! 92B9CB9A-4DCA-459E-9140-E04438E0BCDF.MOV
      10. Armed myself with 2 necksocks, pulled one over my head and down to my eyes and the other from my neck up to top of nose, then added my sunglasses. I thought it my scare the fish away, but no they were still keen to see me. Managed 33 bass, one yella and one toga 67cm.Soon as the temp got a bit high I was outer there. Dino
      11. It was a bit windy when we launched but by the time we got into Koala straight it got up to about 15 to 20 knots as the change came through. We decided to do few redclaw pots and see if it would abate. As the rain came the wind commenced to drop a bit so we went to Andrews drop of where we quickly picked up 40 bass but the biggest would have only been 35cm . By the time we arrived at the floats the wind had dropped out completely and more bass were boated. More caught at the old ,old far marker and then into the new area where more caught. 68 bass and one yella and 3 very wet bums final score. Cheers Ray
      12. I knew I had to be home early, as I had to go out for lunch. So I didnt wander to far from the ramp, insead I just had some flats fishing for bass, I was casting willie nillie ( anywhere ) in a large area that was only 6to 8ft in any direction.This was helped along with small clumps of weed here and there and this was what the bass was hiding in. They were not monsters by any means but managed 22 before she who must be obeyed rang and said dont forget we are going out for lunch. Dino
      13. Mark and I went to the western arm for the first time since September last year when the dam was at 100%. Now at 93% and has dropped at least 9 feet. I had some shrimp in the tank at home so we went to Ians island where we caught 10 bass to 40cm and fed the barred grunter until we ran out of bait. We then went and checked the pots that had been sitting since our last visit. 5 of them were high and dry but the other 3 had a fair few shrimp in them plus small redclaw so we just sounded in among the trees and picked up another 12 bass and fed more barred grunter before running out of bait again.. Next week we will have to attack the eastern arm and see if any of the pots there are still in the water . Cheers Ray
      14. Another productive solo day. I was doing ok on Andrews drop off when Graham Round came past and said he got 5 yellas and plenty of good bass on the float. So i headed off and found Colin and his son getting a few yellas so I hit the spot lock and proceeded to get into them. The bass were good quality with the smallest being around 35cm and most in the high 30s and 40+,. Gave a couple of bass and some hints to some newbies so hopefully they will be able to catch their own in future. Cheers Ray
      15. Had a leisurely 7.30 am start after hitting up the local market first. Very pleased that the pelicans have gone from the ramp and the few showers have left the ramp clean enough to et your breakfast off I had a supply of shrimp left after my last trip so I started exploring for some fish first up. First spot was bare but a few 30cm bass at the next spot. So i kept moving as i just wanted to see where the fish were rather than sitting on a school.Some more near Dinos shrimp traps and along in front of the second rockwall before finishing up around Andrews drop off with a total of 35 bass boated,on a mixture of live shrimp . Found a couple of our missing redclaw pots in my travels. Total of 31 legal bass and 5 unders and not one forky. Cheers Ray
      16. Hi all I am planning a trip to toonumbar dam to chase some bass. I have never fished the place. I am wondering how itis fishing a swell as can I use my petrol outboard on the the dam or is it electric only? I also see u can camp near the dam. Can anyone tell me what the campsites are like? Regards Chris
      17. A mate suggested we go for a fish last Sunday, then he had too much jungle juice and bailed. No biggy, thought I'd explore another part of Lake S with the tube. Bush-bashing with 1.5m wide tube on the back is interesting to say the least. Anyway, got through the scrub without a puncture then on to the lake. Second cast snapped my brand new second hand Sage rod in half. So I summoned my inner Rod Harrison and kept at it casting a sinking line with a 4.5 foot rod. (Not easy!!!) Glad I did, a nice 45 plus Bass, one similar size dropped at the tube plus a few more However the bugger spiked my tube so I listed badly most of the morning until I thought I'd better bail:) before i sunk Oh and first tail hooked bass. #givenormanewsagex #50plusbass?
      18. Back to NPD this morning with Steve and Neil the novice. Neil had never been fishing before and it took a while to educate him to not wind the fish to the tip of the rod and lift it into the boat. Fortunately he was only catching tiddlers at first before he got some larger ones. I quite did not catch what he muttered when he dropped a 50cm plus yella at the side of the boat. We knocked off at midday with 58 bass and 2 yellas on the counter and a feed of redclaw for Steve and Neil to share. Cheers Ray
      19. I stood casting into the breeze while watching the brave kayakers struggle passed me on their way across the dam. Would have been sketchy when the wind really got going. Most fish were taken on the edge once again with light lures zipped across the tops of the weed. I'll tell you that the kayakers are making the fish a bit lure shy. Still plenty still in there though if you get creative with lure choices. I did have one kayaker come over when he saw me fighting a fish and cast right near me, like there's a lack of places to cast in there. What a dingus !
      20. Mediocre day today 22 bass and numerous forkies plus left camera at home so no photos so it did not happen, First spot looked good on the sounder and after a triple forkie hook up we moved on. Ended up on the floats and at least we were getting the occasional bass on a 3 to one ratio ( 3 forkies 1 Bass) Percy gorged himself downing at least 12 forkies So we went exploring and no more forkies but also no bass. In the meantime Andrew and his mateds tied up to the floats and 35 bass and no forkies . When they moved off we took over the spot and landed more bass and no forkies. Cheers Ray
      21. Went along by myself this morning to assist in the release of 20k bass and 20k yella fingerlings . Jim and Des who had came along to have a look ended up on board to assist me and when I asked them if they wanted to have a look around the dam and maybe catch a fish or too they said yes. First spot we tried there was nothing there so we ended up on the floats where we caught 30 bass and one yella in the 90 minutes we were there. Jim was chuffed when he caught a tagged bass. We checked the redclaw pots on the way back and Jim and Des scored a bucket of redclaw to take home.
      22. Internet been down, still not fixed properly, have to wait until tuesday.Went to NPD tuesday for 41 bass and some forkies plus the biggest eel I have ever caught, it was bigger than a lungfish, no way was it getting in my boat so I cut the line. Back again yesterday for 41 bass some forkies and one yella. I would stick with the lures as long as I could to get half a dozen then onto the bait to finish up with. Dino
      23. After 4 distressing days off the water whilst I replaced the floor in my tinny I finally got it to the stage where i can go fishing again Steve and I went to NPD yesterday morning to have our own private forky cull. Dismal failure as the only forky captured was in one of the redclaw traps so it had a small incision and converted to bait for the redclaw, There was a lot of surface action for the first hour or so could have been gar,boneys, bass or toga that were taking the insects which seemed to be mostly bees so a swarm may have passed over at dawn. We searched in vain for forkies but all we could come up with were bloody pesky bass and one solitary yella which I promptly tagged . First fish that I have tagged in NPD for months as eery one tat I catch there one of the deckies promptly swoop on them I also recaptured 2 tagged bass one of which had shrunk 10mm and the other was the same sixe from when it was captured in november last year. Steve was happy that he was able to nail some bass on his plastic prawns but the boat now smells like an Italian restaurant as he was spraying garlic scent everywhere. The shags and pelicans have heard that we are releasing 40000 fingerlings tomorrow and are avidly waiting. They will be waiting in vain as we use a scatted dispersal method instead of just dumping them in the one spot. Cheers Ray
      24. Nice hot and sticky usually means the bass will be out and about. I found most on the edges which is my style of fishing. Stand out lure was a sebile spin shad with switched out colorado blades attached to a beetlespin. Being only 7 grams and two colorado blades means it can be fished dead slow just above the weed and close to timber, leaving it hang in the fishes face for a good amount of time.
      25. This is a bit of a double report. I have to link to Rayke's post with some awesome photos. I hit Rayke up for a decky spot this week and was lucky enough to get a spot on his boat yesterday. My good mate Robbie was at my house and was telling me how much his son Max was loving his fishing. I asked Rayke if he could come along as well and the very generous man said yes. Rayke and Rick picked us up at Chandler at totally ridiculously stupidly numskully early o'clock and we enjoyed the cruse up to the Yellow Gate at NPD before gliding down to the boat ramp. I counted 85 pelicans. They were standing on the ramp but quickly swam out as we arrived. The ramp is feted with stinky poo covering every inch but they are such awesome birds. Just stinky ones. We headed off and pulled a few shrimp pots. Lots of small red claw in them and enough shrimp for the day. Then we got a stack of Red Claw to eat from the pots. I have a nice bag of tails in the freezer for dinner tonight. We tried a spot on the way for a few good bass then headed to the floats where we parked next to Ken who had caught a few. They were pretty good here. We caught some nice sized Bass and 2 nice Yellowbelly. For some reason most of the fish were coming in on the starboard side of the boat. Rick was killing it with about 6 cracking bass over 40cm. Finally Max Caught his fist ever Bass. It was not a huge fish that popped his cherry but hopefully a memorable one. He upgraded a few times during the day but I don't remember what his best ended up being. The soon went quiet so we went over to the far maker then the new area for not many at all. Back to the floats and they were here again. Not in huge numbers but kept us interested. I caught a very nice 48cm. My PB was 50. Rick said he had one at 59 and Rayke couldn't remember his biggest but something like 56 or 58. I really wanted to crack onto the +50s... The sun was really hot. Belting down on our heads now at about 11am. I was letting my line reach the bottom and counted up 7 winds. This was to try and have the bait where I thought the fish were and a vein attempt to avoid the worst of the snags. I was finding that the fish were being a little fickle with their takes. The line did some mild flicking, not too dissimilar to the shrimp flicking. I am more used to waiting through the bites for a pull down before lifting my rod but I lost a bait so tried to be a bit more aggressive. Next drop... flick flick... gentle lift and I was on. I caught 2 nice bass in the 30cm range but no +50. Drop again... flick flick... gentle lift and............ BOOOOMMMM... I was on! To a monster! I love to fish with my, probably silly, little Alvey reel. A nice old bakelight job my grandfather passed to me. I love the challenge, when you have a good fish on, to palm the spool and let it run. You do get some minor burns from the line if you don't get to the spool properly and it rubs on your hand but overall its a super fun way to fish. I like to think that it is an extremely skillful way to fish. The floats are a spot on the dam that mark a large group of underwater snags that have been very productive. I caught my PB Yella there 55cm and have caught lots of Bass there. The problem with fishing a large snagy structure is you often get bricked. I was fully aware of this when the rod buckled over and I had to let line peel off the Alvey. I put what I thought was maximum pressure on 10lb mono and trying very hard not to high stick (but failing miserably) fought to control what I now knew was a cracking fish. It ran off left before turning right. I had to very quickly grab a lot of line as it swam towards me then instantly switch back to palming as it did thumping run back down to the snags. I got a quick gimps before it again turned and ran. It was pretty special. A huge silver plated Australian Bass... It fought all the way to the net and Max helped me land it. We put it on the ruler and it went 52cm. YEW!!! You will have to go to Raykes thread for a photo that shows the whole fish. Max must have big fingers haha. We did get a few more nice fish but headed home soon after this. A Cracking day again. Thanks @rayke1938 for taking me out and Rick for driving. (sorry rick I keep forgetting your user name. Reply to this and I might remember?) Dinner was battered Bass. So Good. Like I said, tonight is yabby pasta. I hope to post some pics of it... hmmm perhaps a yabby curry... Mix it up a bit