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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm heading out to north end of Moreton bay on Saturday for the first time and towing my boat from Mudgeeraba, I just wanted a bit of advice about the best ramp to put in at. I Was thinking about the port of Brisbane ramp. Woodsy
  2. Was having a look at the MSQ Notice to Mariners this morning and came across this one - They are dredging the area to the northern ramp... It needs it !
  3. Hi All Today's fishing report. I wasn't planning on fishing today - slept in and then procrastination set in and didn't do what I was supposed to. Later in the day I had committed to babysitting my nephew about 2pm and then take him to a swimming lesson at 4.30pm. Anyway, being obsessed I had tried on previous occasions to get my nephew to come fishing with me but he wasn't at all interested. I thought we could go for a walk to the local park and feed the fish. I said it would be fun watching the fish go mad for the bread. I took my outfit and the little bit of leftover squid and some bread. We headed to the local boat ramp me walking/jogging my nephew riding his new bike, arriving about 3pm. We fed the fish some bread and floated a small wire hook some tackle shop guy sold me for whiting baited with bread. Thought my Nephew could catch a small Butter Bream (I have been told that is what they are by a boy who fishes there). The tide was at the last of the run in. Apparently it is a big tide at the moment. Anyway the bread and hook didn't give us much joy so I decided to bait the hook with the squid and float it. Within 10 min he had caught his first two fish!!!! What a great Aunty I am . My sister rang to remind me that he had a swimming lesson at 4.30pm. It was 4.08 and I was a 20min walk from home with no carseat in my car and swimming was 15 min drive. Anyway, my sis picked him up and off they went. I thought I would carry on fishing by this time we were at the beginning of the run-out. I tied on a sinker but left the tiny hook on and baited up with a little more squid. I got a heavy bite and hook up and before I could think he was under some rocks - I think. But it also felt like a snag. Anyway, I kept a little pressure on and just waited quietly. He came out from under where he was hiding and still had quite a lot of weight but didn't fight like a Bream. Started reeling in and then pretty sure the tiny hook was ripped from wherever it was. Line was light again and I was very disappointed. Baited up again and within minutes had another bite, a small fight and landed my first Moses Perch - under but also pretty. The two young boys who had joined me at the boat ramp identified it the moment it was out of the water. They said it was a pity about the size because apparently they are great to eat. The fish were off the bite by now and I didn't really want to walk back through the bush in the dark so I headed home. Those hooks are pretty mean. Cheers Kat