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Found 23 results

  1. Towknee

    Black Marlin

    Hi, I like my current 4.8m tinny but it isn’t the softest ride. So I’d like something of a similar size that is more comfortable in the chop. Fishing is mostly for the bay, passage and possibly the odd trip out the top of Moreton. This boat is a touch smaller than I was thinking but I do like the look of it. Has anyone got any experience with Black Marlin boats? Happy for recommendations also
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way or if I could beef up the transom of my tinny. It’s a savage 3.3m (11ft) but the builders plate says it can only take 12hp? Really weird that it says this as I know 3m tinnys that can still take 15? If so, I’d only be looking to bump it up to a 15hp so not much more in terms of weight of the outboard. Would it be safe? cheers.
  3. Ive got a 4.8m tiller steer open tinny. I bought two seats to put on the back bench seat. Turns out I can only fit the drivers seat as the other interferes with the tiller. Do you Think the 19mm ply floor handle the pedestal I’ve attached? Happy for suggestions. On getting a few more seats in the boat.
  4. So I’ve sold a bunch of gear recently cos it wasn’t being used but also to help fund my next project... had a zodiac inflatable when I was a kid (still think I’m 16) and the trailer and outboard sitting idle under my brothers house. 1997 models! spoke to The blokes at Stones Corner Marine and now have a Sea Jay 3.85 Nomad HS on order! Being built at the factory in Bundy I should have it in the coming weeks. Very excited! A new tow bar for the rocknrolla, new hubs, bearings and wheels for the trailer, a new impeller and fuel filter for the outboard and i’ll be off in no time. yew!
  5. Drop Bear

    Would You????

    So got this price list. No idea if it is legit or a scam. Came through Facebook. They have a website.... ballasttankboatpricelist.pdf
  6. Saw this auction. Here’s the link if anyone is interested. cheers Greg
  7. GregOug

    The New Boat

    Hi all, Well! Happy to report that there is finally some movement with my new boat. It has left the factory and is with the dealer to add the finishing touches. I had a look at it last Wednesday and work was well underway. The engine was already on including the digital throttle and shift. The HDS7 live was in as well as all the gauges. They are replacing the 3 blade 23 pitch prop with a 19 pitch 4 blade. I am trusting the dealer that the change is worth it because he has trialed various props on the demo boat and he just happens to be a power boat racer (the big ones!) and is currently leading the Australian championship! Still to be fitted were the epirb, the 750b black VHF radio, the fire extinguisher, various USB charger/cig lighter combos, dual batteries, rod holders, engine colour coding, bait board and boat numbering. One item of interest is the radio which has all necessary buttons and controls on the mouthpiece, obviating the need for the control box to be inserted into the dash. I also went for black because I am sick of the white ones which discolour after a couple of years and turn that dirty beige colour. The dealer expected all of the above to be completed by today before going to the trimmers to fit the canopy. He said it should be ready to pick up the end of next week, although I’m not holding my breath! I’ve only mentioned the radio, prop etc in case someone has knowledge and wants to comment on any of them. By the way, the motor and boat look awesome!!!!!! cheers Greg
  8. GregOug


    This looks like another one that might be worth considering if your in the market for a new boat. As with my previous posts about boats, not recommending it, never seen it, just posting it for members info. cheers Greg
  9. This looks like a good buy. Mind you, I have never sighted the boat, know nothing about It and am certainly not recommending it. Just thought I’d share. cheers Greg
  10. Hi Everyone, I am new here. I am looking at buying my first boat and am looking at either quintrex explorer trophy 385. This is in my price range and suits my fishing needs well. I have seen this mentioned elsewhere and the answer always seems to be to go for the hornet trophy as it is a better ride in the chop. I was hoping I could get some clarification on this topic. I will be fishing inshore only. If anyone is familiar with the areas, I will be fishing the Georges river, Port Hacking river and Parramatta river in Sydney. There can be the occasion when the wind gets up and there is chop on either of these systems (as well as having the regular ferries on the parramatta river). Can anyone give some guidance on these two hulls? If I can I would rather stick to the explorer trophy as that is in my price range, and if I was to go for the hornet trophy I would definitely have to stretch my budget. If you have any questions for clarification please ask. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hello, Fairly new to boating and have a 2012 horizon 435 easy fisher aluminium boat. It has a pretty deep, strong hull on it with a false floor. After I've been out on the water for a few hours I look in the hull (have a hatch to access bilge pump and also a storage compartment at the front) and find there's a bit of water sitting in there, in the corrgugations of the hull - I guess about a few cups of water. I remember when I first got the boat 6 months ago, there was never any water inside the hull. Here's some additional notes: - It's salty to taste - It's not residual from washing it down post use - I have a steep driveway which I leave the boat to dry on and make sure it's all dry before taking it out - Around the bung plugs themselves look dry from the inside - The hull has no visible patches, dents or cracks that I can see - I am out in calm water so I don't really take any water on board What I've tried to attempt to find the cause: - Put a lantern in different places inside the hull and crawled around the boat in the pitch black to see if there was any pinpoles showing light - Put water in the anchor well and tested if there were any leaks from the drainage hose Couldn't find any evidence where the water might be coming from - I'm baffled! Is it a bad idea fill (not completely full of course, a few cms of water) inside the hull and see if any water comes out? Or could this damage the trailer? Are there any other ways to find a leak? Thanks
  12. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can offer some advice/opinion. I am looking to buy an inflatable boat such as an Intex Exursion or an Aqua Marina Classic or Motion. However, I am not too sure. I don't want to be spending a fortune, and the ones mentioned are within the $150-300 range. I am looking to attach a small electric T-18 motor on the back as they have fittings for such a thing, so any recommendations that have that would be great. In addition, fishing rod holders would be great, and most importantly, a canopy that can be attached (any advice there?) such as a Bimini or whatever else would do the job. Thanks in advance.
  13. swmcl

    Brisbane Boat Show

    Hi all, I have never been to the boat show in Brisbane. Can I ask what to expect ? Who does it try to cater for in the main ? Can I expect sizeable show specials ? It is a fair cost to attend ... Rgds, Steve
  14. Hi all. I'm new here. After some advice/ recommendations. I'm wanting to get my first boat. There are so many options out there it's overwhelming. Will be looking at spending between 5k and 15k. (Mrs wants me to spend 5k. I want to spend 15k. Hopefully we can meet in the middle ) I will mainly be fishing places like Moreton Bay, Brisbane river. occasional trip to Moreton Island. I'm thinking I would need a tinny or similar around 4m minimum.. Most of the time it would just me me and a mate fishing but need to be able to take wife and kids for fun as well occasionally. Being able to get in and out easily is essential. stable / Safe for kids. Would like Electric Start /Trim and Tilt. Comes with or able to bow mount an Electric Motor. Easy to fish from / Stable. Not sure if Tiller or Side Console or Center Console.?? Pros / Cons ? Easy to launch / retrieve. Is there any brands to steer clear of ? How old is too old ? Whats the maximum age of a boat/motor that you would steer clear of ? Any recommendations or starting points on what I should be looking at that meets the above would be much appreciated.
  15. Part of my keel is missing ! The last 500mm or so of the keel back to the transom is gone, looks to be cut away at stage or maybe missing from factory, does anyone know if this has any effect on the boat at all and why it would be missing?
  16. I dont know much about it sorry. Brisbane. $400 not registered. Pm me and i can pass contacts.
  17. Hi everyone, My brother and i have decided we want to buy an old tinny and fix it up as a bass boat for North Pine Dam. Most of the time it will just have 2 people in it, but on occasions the whole family would come out. The 2 biggest questions i have is.... what size boat would be best and what size electric motor would be needed to push it along. In my mind, something around the 3.75-4m range would be comfortable enough. Just don't want it to be overly crowded if we had more than 2 people in the boat. But at the same time, he bigger the boat the more weight there is to push through the water. On a side note, does anyone know of or have a tinny and trailer for sale? we are looking around the $500-$1000 region to start with, then build it how we like it. Plenty on gumtree but they are all a tad small (around 10ft). Doesn't have to be flashy, just a solid hull that we can work on.
  18. Hi all, I live in Adelaide .The main thing I am looking in a boat after safety is ability to drive it standing, I prefer to drive it while I stand, if thats not an option then I will go for a normal boat. I have tried using a drone, but I could only go as far as 500m from the shore. I would appreciate if anyone can give any tips, tricks for buying a used boat, and if buying new boat is of any good? Max people that can fit in, I would say 3-4. If there is a boat for 2, that would be fine, as long as its not very tiny that if there are waves I am draining water using a bucket... lol something like this... Is the boat in pic the same from the video?
  19. Hi, I`m Peter The Inventor of the Tailfin Water Rail, we are, all letting people know about the New and exciting Innovation, Tailfin, face surface reflection steering, 3x performance all sea direction, replacing outdated prop spinning thrust direction steering, Tailfin frees the prop thrust from levelling duties with a more economical smoother faster dryer ride all sea directions. Testomonies Customers Post and comments link. Arthur Walton Peter Cornish it was huge. Was able to maintain a higher speed through even the heavy stuff without the need for a kidney belt. Hope the video shows it. The least money I've spent for the most gain on my boat. If your in Mackay mate i will gladly take you for a run. look for this post below then open commentsArthur WaltonNovember 23 at 7:34 PMAll fitted....water test in the next few days hopefully The Tailfin Water Rail adds stabilization all sea directions, New, exciting innovation changing boating lifestyles enjoy your rough water boating, smooth faster dryer ride, boat rides a water rail in a following sea, self-levelling suspension water flow steering is awesome. The Tailfin is already fitted to hundreds of boats posting Tailfin Kits all over Australia call or text 0450018840 Tailfin Water Rail comes with Hi Performance 3-month money back guarantee
  20. Hi all,Just a couple of questions regarding my transom. I have a 5.2 savage escort, think its a 91 model, I was looking at installing a new sounder this afternoon and I took of a piece of plastic chopping board I was using as a transom saver, I put that on nearly 4 years ago now, I sealed all the screw holes with sikaflex, I also sikaflexed the whole back of the board and sealed the edges once I wasfinished. Today as I undid the screws I noticed a bit of water coming frombehind the board as I was loosening the screws off. Once the board wasremoved the holes appeared to be a little wet, so I got my drill and drilled into them a bit and I wasn't brinig out any board whatsoever, but to be honest I cannot remember if I did now the very first time either though, but what was coming out was like the fiberglass was like a wet paste. I only drilled within the hole itself, I never tried to re-drill thehole bigger, just put the drill bit in approx the same size as the whole. I think I have had some water seep in, and I'm not real sure how bad the damage would be, and not sure on exactly how to tell either. My question is from the pics, the area circled, because of the shape, would it be wood within that area or only fiberglass based on the shape? The actual part that the outboard is bolted to feels sturdy enough from what I can tell, I have also tapped around it and from what I can tell it sound the same and not hollow. If however I have a problem with this area, how hard is it to repair a transom based on the shape of it? Of all the pics I could find of re-paired transoms I have not seen one like this shape, so I'm scared that it cannot be done and the transom shape would have to change?Any advice and pointers much, much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  21. Hey team Im wanting to learn to launch my boat solo. I feel like i have researched as much as i can on the net and now the time has come to just get some practical lessons under my belt and hit the boat ramp, but before i do i thought id ask on here for any recommended tips as i know a few folk go on solo trips quite often. One thing that concerns me is getting the boat back onto the trailer. Seems hard in my mind to wind the winch and guide the boat onto the trailer straight at the same time (all videos ive seen just drive the boat straight onto the trailer, which i though was terrible ramp etiquette and highyl frowned upon as it creates bad wash out holes at the end of the ramp...?? thats what ive alwasy been taught anyway) Also, does anyone recommend using boat fenders (or some form of DIY option)? I already have a nice little dint in my hull from approaching a dock with a big wind behind me and would like to not do that again haha i know some people just beach their boat next to the ramp before backing their trailer down and loading their boat onto it.
  22. Hi everyone, hope this is the correct section. I've been doing a fair bit of reef fishing out off Mooloolaba lately. Usually currimundi, OWI or gneerings. Using a mixture of bait (squid, mullet), livies and soft plastics. But with very low success. Out of the last 10 trips, the most successful trip landed a squire and a nice rte. I'm considering doing an all-night trip, wondering about the safety of this - do any of you guys do it regularly? There would be 2 of us on a 4.3m, with all lights, flares, lifejackets, epirb. Plan would be to anchor up on a mark and stay there all night. Birley up and drop some baits down. Any thoughts, things to consider or previous experiences with this? Thanks!
  23. HI All, Would like some advice on a good all rounder boat. I currently have a 5.2 Savage escort with a Merc 125 saltwater series outboard, plenty of power and room, I love her but she's just too big and heavy. I used to fish mainly every weekend with my son who is 19, but he has recently found love and has brushed me, so I haven't been out as much as I would like mainly due to me having troubles launching and retrieving by myself. The boat and motor combined are really heavy to tow on my wifes 4 cylinder Kia, it does do it but chews and extra tank of fuel whenever I tow it, add to that the cost of fuel for the outboard, ice bait etc and it makes for an expensive day, which isn't so bad when its split between 2 fishos. What I am looking for is a boat that is decent brand aluminium boat that I can fish the bay/river but also get outside on a half decent day also, I'd really like to have something that can handle at least a 90hp outboard (4 stroke) be in the 4.75 - 5m, 5+ meter range for about $20,000 if it is really good buy I may be able to stretch that a couple more grand but ideally would like not to have to. I want something I can launch and retrieve fairly easy on my own, something I can fish the estuaries for bread and butter fish like flatties, whiting etc and also drop crab pots in tight places. I'm half wanting a centre console for the fishing space it offers if I were to have a few extra on board, but realistically that is very rarely the case, so I like boats like the Stacer Nomad type shape or the Quintrex renegade also but not sure how they'd handle things outside and whether or not they are a half comfortable ride in chop. I like the cabin style boats also, I like how you're up nice and high and see where you are going without having to stand up rather than sit down, I like that they offer cover but wonder about the weight of them and launching and retrieving those type boats if that would put me in the same pickle I am now. Any advice or boats that people can mention or recommend would be really appreciated, as I know there are so many to choose from but I don't really know half the models I should be looking at. Thanks Geoff