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Found 6 results

  1. Looking at going fishing at bribie, preferable south near and around bongaree. But I hate buying bait so I’m hoping that I can use my yabbie pump. Anyone know really good spots local to there where yabbies are very active. Willing to drive a little bit from there to find a spot. And if you also have any advice on where to fish around bongaree that would be perfect. Cheers
  2. Is anyone else going out fishing from Bribie Island on Saturday? Looking at the weather forecast it seems that this week end should be great out on the water, (unless I have misread the forecast) thinking of going out with the missus to the North/East of Cape Morton as I haven't taken the boat out for a very long while and would like to put some fish in the freezer.
  3. I’m going to squeeze in a quick trip off Bribie on Friday morning. I don’t think it will be my normal big day because l’ll have to get home wash the boat. Will be launching from Spinnaker sound ramp at 5.30am using lures chasing tuna and anything else l can find.
  4. After being off the water for a month due to weather and work, Monday is looking good. My son James and I will have a look for some Longtail tuna in the morning. Can't believe it has been 2 years since James caught his PB monster at this time of the year. I still have not beaten it and could be a while before I do. (Secret spot M2 beacon). If there are no tuna around then we'll head out to try the new jigging combo. The new combo's are the Shimano Game Type J PE 5 with the Talica 8 (40lb) and the Shimano Game Type J PE 3 with the Shimano Tranx (30lb) Better remember the brace to help my tennis elbow. If anyone else is going to be out Monday give me a call and we can stay in contact and hopefully put each other onto some fish.
  5. Luvit

    fishing Small Lies

    It was low tide this morning and while launching at Spinnaker Sound near Bribie Island I noticed a few Flathead lies right next to the boat ramp. There were heaps this is just a few. PS Just testing the transducer position again. Will do more work over the weekend to see if i can improve it.
  6. hey guys, i made a much much longer version of this only to have it disbaled becasue i accidently logged out. It was 781 words long so grrr! but any way I headed up to bribie a week and a half ago and went around to all these new spots i wanted to try. these included this canal/creek/lock and my usual haunt the jetty. i caught 2 flatties (28 and 36 cm) near the bridge on my little creek and lost THE BIGGEST BREAM i have ever seen 2 metres away. It dived into some rocks after fighting for 8 mins. Early estimates from a fisherman there and my self were 55+ cm. I know no one believes me but i have one witness luckily but he was a random fisho who i didnt kno. I went over the bridge to try near some oyster racks i had seen before to catch 2 more flatties of similar size. I also live baited the jetty to take a 53cm mackeral and i was rapped even tho its a relatively small fish. all fish were caught on 3 \" and 2\" power minnows except for the mackeral on a live herrring. And that is how the cookie crumbles!