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  1. Hi all This weekend has been a busy one for me but I still managed to squeeze some fishing in. The tides were checked and it was decided we would go to the Green Bridge for a session targeting threadfin salmon, mulloway and sharks, live baiting. We left at about 6:40PM, after I had finished tennis (I lost 6-3 ) and we were shocked to see the amount of lines and people there. I counted 20 people, all trying to squeeze on to this pontoon. What made matters even worse was when I discovered someone had kept a threadfin, left it lying on the jetty with scales everywhere and didn't even have the courtesy to clean up at the end! It looked undersize as well, but the tail was chopped off and I was told it was 72cm. After the initial 'Oh crap, I'm not going to be able to fish in this' thought, I managed to squeeze two out of five lines in. One at the end, and one bream line towards the mangroves. It didn't take long for some action to happen, but not for me. One of the larger groups had pulled up a nice big buck, in about 20 minutes of me getting there (7:00PM). It had wire wrapped all around it, and once they cleaned it up I don't think release was even thought of. Straight into their esky, but nothing wrong with that as it as legal and a feed I'd caught one there myself a while back, so it does mean muddies hang around there. Just about the same time, those people pulled up a goliath of a cattie. I mean it was 60cm plus, and it was fat as. It also was kept, left laying on the jetty for a couple minutes before being chucked in their esky. These people must be a regular crowd, I'd say they go there a lot as they were the same people as last time. To be honest, I think it's a bit of a shame because they don't clean up and soon this destination will be known to the world and heavily fished (when it opened it had little to no fishing pressure of huge groups, now, not so much). For about the next hour, nothing happened. My dad and I got some bait (prawns, mullet, frogmouth pilchards, herring) and the only thing that proceeded to be caught was vermin (pike and catfish). Eventually, one of the groups left so I swooped in to get a spot and i did. I had my livie (well, deady) on the hook and i was praying for a hookup. Nothing happened except tangles though, and when I went to re-bait i was shocked by how rude this lady was who immediately casted her line right where I was seated when I walked two metres to get some bait - some people . We called it quits at about 9:00PM, but the session was not a complete waste. My dad and brother sussed out the rock wall on the other side, so we will try this destination next time, most likely at day time - Here are the statistics of the trip for anyone's reference, I assume we were fishing the right tides/moons as every man and his dog was there but it may just be because this is their chosen time. Statistics of Trip Tackle Used: Penn 650, 30lb braid, 80lb leader and trace, size 6 ball sinker. Jarvis walker setup, 30lb braid, 100lb leader, 80lb trace. Diawa Shinobi 2500 20lb leader, size 4 ball sinker, 80lb trace, 4/o-6/0 circle hooks. Same on other setup except for bream gear, 20lb with size 2 ball and 2/o suicide hook. 1000 and 25000 Shimano Sienna and nasci, both with 14lb braid. Tide: 3:45Pm low, .4m, 9:10PM high, 1.9m - we were fishing the rising tide Moon: Waxing Gibbous - more than half but not quite full Bait: Herring, Prawns, Mullet Bait Caught: Frogmouth pilchards, mullet, herring, prawns Fish Caught: Another donut, I'm starting a drought Time fished: 6:40PM-9:00PM Overall Success Rate: A solid 60% - no fish and crowds were there but a new spot sussed out. Now, some of you may be wondering why I've got number #10 up there too. Well, I wasn't going to report another donut for everyone so I decided to go to the local park this afternoon with Declan. I also made a new investment to a fishing trolley ($50 Kmart trolley) so hopefully it serves me well (will post up some pictures on another topic). I got down to the local park and chopped up some of our supermarket prawn (no frozen stuff in the freezer). Within two minutes of me casting out my line, I got a take. I managed to hook him pretty well, and from the great fight he put up on light gear I suspected he might've been a bigger catty. It certainly had some go in it, that's for sure, and here's the photo's Declan took - After that, the bite went a bit quiet. I had a flick with a prawn imitation plastic in the shallows to see if i could snag a flathead, but maybe it was just a fluke when I got that lizard. About 20 minutes later though, Declan's line went off again. I missed the hook up, but i think for a better hook up rate i should strate tightening the drag a bit more (I have the drag loose like you would when shark fishing). Declan's friend from down the road came and found him though, so off they went together. Now, it was up to me to catch a fair fish. I had had about an hour of no fish and then my rod went off. I was not going to lose this fi- to late, already had. I waited patiently about another half hour, having the odd conversation with passers by. Eventually, my rod went off and I set the hook. I was on! After some aerobatics about 25m out, I landed a nice forkie, which was a bit smaller than the last- That was the last fish for the day because then my mum came and told me to pack up my stuff and get home! Here are the stats of the trip- Statistics of Trip- Tide: I was fishing the run out, must've only been .3m (from a 2.5m high) Moon Phase: Same as the last - a bit over 50% but no quite full Bait used: Prawns, mullet, herring Bait Caught: - Fish Caught: Forktail Catfish x2 Tackle Used: 650 Penn reel, 30lb braid, 80lb wire (shark rig), 14lb braid mainline, 20lb leader, 2/o-4/o suicide hook, size 2 sinkers, size 6 sinker Time fished: 2:45PM-5:30PM Overall success Rating: 70%, a nice afternoon out