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  1. What's up guys Rice here, been fishing the Saint Lucia/Toowong stretch of the river pretty frequently and it's been quite productive so far, so I just wanted to share a report about today's 1 hour session On a 2-4kg Kmart rod and reel combo, I first got onto a decent bream after a quick fight. Quite happy with this one as it was definitely a PB, and probably went for high 30s Not long after I also landed a catfish of a similar size. No photos, but it went back into the drink as per usual However, I mostly wanted to ask about this last one that I caught I caught one a few days ago about twice the size as well. Been asking around and people either tell me it's a baby Jew or a river perch. As a consensus hasn't really been reached, I thought to ask the experts here. What do you guys think?
  2. Hi guys just had a bit of a run in with a Middle Eastern/Indian looking couple at Orleigh Park near West End, had a look at their catch and could maybe count around 20 bream inside a little bucket, not bigger than 10cm. I ask them to release their catch if they could but they just told me to piss off, so I ended up calling the fisheries. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have been able to do much about it though since the fishers were long gone by the time they arrived (they might have been wary of me as I could see them watching in the distance as I made the phone call). SO what would you guys do in this case? Any tips? Some might say just call the fisheries instantly but it just feels bad snitching you know so I gave them a chance. PS I tried fishing West End pontoon in the arvo today trying to catch some flathead, but only caught one undersized bream within 30 minutes, would like to know if anyone had any advice. Cheers!!
  3. What's up guys, so yesterday, I decided to keep a bream for myself just to see what actually killing and preparing your catch was like (I do customer service in a seafood shop). This one went for about 28cm I tried my hand at scaling, cleaning, and fileting as well but I did a pretty **** job of it since it was my first time. So yeah, that night I had the bream with some broccoli and fried rice for dinner, and it was actually surprisingly nice Anyway, I wanted to know what you guys thought of eating out of the Brisbane River, especially in recent times following the floods. There seems to be conflicting opinions concerning this; some people wouldn't poke a fish with a 6 foot pole, while others are keeping just about every legal fish they catch. I live in the Toowong/West End region which I've heard was a pretty dirty reach of the river but I'm no expert after all. Any comments are appreciated
  4. Sup guys this is Rice here, just caught my first few fish in the Brisbane River and they were bream. Sadly didn't have a ruler to measure them with but I think the second one was legal, either way I put them back in the water. PS shout out to the guy who took the first photo for me maybe you are reading this post right now lol
  5. Hey guys rice here, was wondering if anyone has had any luck fishing in the river after the recent floods, tried to cast a line on the Toowong rowing club jetties this morning no luck
  6. Hi all, First post on the forum, been a reader for a while now and gained a lot of valuable info from you all. Thought I’d share my trip today on the mid Brisbane river with the Kayak chasing some “wild” bass instead of my usual impoundment fix. Warning of extreme anti-climactic adventure ahead: I’ve read a lot about a healthy bass population on the river closer to the Wivenhoe spillway so thought I would give it a go instead of my local water hole, Lake Manchester. I launched at Burtons Bridge at 8am (quite late in the day for my standards) and started my journey up stream, the water was probably about a foot deep for the first 50 meters with some faster flowing water but once it was a bit deeper I chucked a 1/4 spinner bait in to troll but had my doubts due to the heat/time of day/feeling that wild bass were probably more likely to be hiding in the shade and snags. Had to do a little bit on foot up some fast flowing shallow water but then the river opened up and was calm enough for me to slowly make my way along the banks flicking at every overhang and snag possible. My main setup was a 2-6lb 7” Samaki Zing Xtreme V2 paired with a 1000 Stradic with 6lb braid and a rod length of 8lb fluro. Being a bit nervous of snags I mainly ran 1/16 EWG Ned rig jighead with 2.5” SP grubs in dark colours There was lots of visual life with boofs here and there, turtles, saw a lungfish cruising along, but no bass biting. Sounder was quiet, usually with the dams the bass come and sit under the kayak and leave big long lines on the finder but non of that today. Hours past, sun burn set in and nothing. Made my way through my tackle box with little hard bodies, blades, chatter baits, creature soft plastics, soft vibes, imitation shrimp, you name it it was on the end of my line. Throwing it in every single deep dark hole and tree overhang, every fallen tree, every piece of structure I could find. Got to 1.30pm and called it quits. Landed 2 40+cm forkies (still a pretty fun fight on such light gear) but no bass to be seen in the landing net. One of the forkies was from casting into an eddie on some fast flowing water which was quite fun until I saw it was a forkie but better than a donut I guess. My question to you wise and knowledgable folk, is the mid/upper Brisbane river still prominent for bass or was that all closer to the 2011 floods? Ive PB’d high 40’s in Lake Manchester but was excited at the prospect of wild bass. Would it be worth trying a little further up or is there anything you recommend for the next trip? Cheers, Nick
  7. Hi everyone, first time posting I would like some help identifying a species of crab that keeps entering my crab pot in Hawthorne Photos attached below When I use to catch mud crabs >10 years ago (exact same spot) they were the large with a greenish appearance, with a paddle like rear leg on either side, similar to the ones sold in all fish markets, but for the past two days I keep getting these ones, no paddle and white under the claw, dark black on the top side So my question is - What species are they, are they edible??, and whats the legal size for them? (Only kept catching small ones) All crabs were released Thanks in advance Philip
  8. Hey there, have some questions about lure fishing the brisbane river. I'd like to fish for bream in particular. I would like to know some lure suggestions, and retrieve suggestions for lure fishing in and around the brisbane river area. Recently i have caught a little bream on a grub tail soft plastic with a 1/8th jighead, and wanted to know if this same lure type as well as other soft plastic variations would work well in the river? What size soft plastics? What colours? What brands? I've heard ecogear aqua prawn imitations are great for breambos in the river, in lighter colours that show up well such as salt and pepper, white, etc. I have both deep and shallow diving hardbodies and some crankbaits and would like to know if these are suitable for the river also? They are definitely not the most natural colour for the river but i think they would work ok due to the muddiness of the water? Trying to match the hatch seems to be difficult without much advice in terms of size - these hardbodies i have range from 40mm to 70mm. Videos on youtube suggest using smaller chubbies and little crankbaits with sandy prawn like colours for bream. Retrieves: For hardbodies it seems a slow roll with a low rod tip is a good strategy around structure and is hard to go wrong with, is this true? Also, are little twitches, pauses, and rolls ideal with soft plastics? Thanks and much appreciated, Charlie.
  9. Hi all yesterday I tried fishing the lowood bend area of the Brisbane river and downstream from that in a yak from around 2pm through to 6pm. I only caught one bass-30-35cm whilst trailing a deep diver and that was it! I also tried a cicada lure from 5pm with no success. I also fished this area last week using the same lures (divers and cicada) and caught a large fork tail catty on the cicada. the area looks super fishy with loads of snags and plenty of water. On both occasions it was very hot and humid so the fish should be firing. anyone had much luck around this area? And if so what have you caught and on what? thanks
  10. Decided to brave the wet and the chop today with @Old Scaley and hit up Spot X at Mud Island. I was keen to tryout my new Daiwa BG 4000 loaded with 24lb WTF Gliss ! Steve kicked off with a breambo and some unders squire. My lead was too light so I changed to a rod with some more weight and joined in on the unders squire. Then it happened again, just like the other day and I got owned big time on a fish that took a long run, hesitated briefly, then ran me into some reef. 20lb. Not good enough. Put some more weight on my Gliss WTF ! rod and had the same happen again although not quite as long a run. Leader busted. Steve also had a good hit from a suspected cod, but didn't hookup. Then he got owned by something decent as well. He also had a smaller fish get sharked which played him for a few minutes before snipping him. Landed a couple of grassies that were getting close to legal, but not close enough. Somewhere amongst all of that a couple of fellas in an open tinnie approached us stating they were lost. So pointed them in the right direction and off they went. Visibility wasn't great especially when the rain got a bit heavy. Didn't see them again so assume they made it back to port ok. With conditions not really improving we decided to head back in too around 11 am. The run back was better than the run out, now with wind and tide together. Got into the river and it flattened out so we decided to drift around Clara Rock area. Steve got a good hit and landed a snapper about 48, then another a notch smaller as well as a cod. Me - nothing just some timid bites. Finally the rod buckled and I finally landed the legal snapper that has eluded me for a long time. I was chuffed even though he only went 38. Steve landed another legal and we both got a couple of just unders before the chills from being saturated through all morning got the better of us and we left them biting. Only 2 other trailers at the ramp when we got back. It was a good day despite the conditions with both of us getting a feed. Thanks Steve for sharing one. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the snapper ate Steve's rod.
  11. G'day fishos. I'm looking at going down to the Brissy river in the next couple of days targeting threadies. I will probably fish near the gateway bridge but know completely nothing about fishing threadies. I'm looking at cast netting some herring and prawns and using live bait. What are the best rigs and what size hooks and sinkers should I be looking for to use. Any other tips will also be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Planning on getting a relatively cheap setup for 1.5-3m bull sharks. Never owning an overhead setup (other than bait caster), I enjoy the experience of using a spin reel, but I think I might be in over my head. Between the TLD25 and the Penn 950, would the TLD the smarter option? I was thinking for line, 80lb braid main line to 150lb mono to a wire trace. Was snapped off this morning with my 5000 reel with 30lb braid to 60lb wire trace. Fought for 40 minutes and was in no control at any point. Time to step it up. Thanks for the help!
  13. Hi all I've just gotten back from a trip in the Brisbane River, near the Story Bridge. I was fishing of the wharf in Captain Burke Park, that's the one near the beach. First of all, we went to get some live bait from the beach. WE threw our nets for about 30 minutes and we were pretty unsuccessful. WE caught a sole, a couple baby bream, some glassies and one mullet. WE only used one of them though, the mullet. I chucked it out on my 650 Penn reel spooled with 30lb braid on a Rogue Firepoint 2m Boat rod. I had a size 1 star sinker on and a pretty large swivel. I had 80lb mono leader to a 6/o circle hook. The second rod isn't a very good quality setup though it has lasted and works great - I've had it for over 5 years. Once I casted the mullet out, it took about 15 minutes for our first action. I saw it getting some pretty good pecks, and i could feel they were good nibbles. When the nibbles stopped, i reeled my line in and expecting the bait to be gone, i saw it's head was bitten off clean. I cast it back out and then in about 5 minutes the reel was screaming. I tightened the drag and struck. Once the fish was on, it felt heavy and was taking some good runs. The very large head shakes gave me the feeling it was a Threadfin Salmon or Jewfish (Mulloway). Though, about 30 seconds - 1 minute later, the fish had busted me off. ON closer inspection, it looked like a knot failure but i made sure the braid was tight. I think the braid must've weakened from the knot and broke. The fish was off and i wound up the line and re-rigged. After throwing numerous herring and prawns cocktails out (and herring and prawns) i realised dead baits we just going to keep getting pickered. As well as having 2 bream lines out, which also were getting pickered, we weren't having any luck. WE went out to catch some more live bait and we were eventually successful. Another lousy mullet was pinned through the tail and thrown back out in the river. WE waited and then we caught a little herring which was thrown out on the other line. After about another 30-45 minutes, i got another take just as we were leaving. After the initial run, the fish shot up and took a jump. IT made a decent splash and was probably about 20 metres away from the pier. I thought it was a salmon at first, as it was silver and jumped. When i finally got it to the side of the pier though, i realized it was another small bull shark, probably just over 90cm. I walked it down to the beach, were i had an audience watching. After a quick struggle trying to de-hook it, it busted off and i took a picture. Then, i swum it and it kicked off. I guess this was a successful trip, but i was targeting threadfin salmon, which is what i reckon i had on first. I will certainly be coming back here for another session and i hope this interests someone in my tale. Cheers Hamish
  14. Hi all My dad and I were thinking we should go for a paddle on the Upper Brisbane River fishing for bass. We finally got around to it, and after putting some bait traps in at my local park I got some good river shrimp. My brother and sister came along, and it was a nice session overall. Here's what happened and the only catch was a huge surprise We launched the kayak at twin bridges, at Fernvale. Though, since my mum's having a rest, we had to take my brother and sister... At first, they didn't want to go, but after some thinking we decided we could tow them in Dad's 35-year-old rubber dingy, which is in surprisingly good shape. At first, I was towed to a snag where I've had a big bust off, but not in a pool after the rapids where, I would've preferred to go (as well as my Dad). The people camping seemed fine with us staying there, but we certainly didn't want to get kicked away so we just stayed in ankle deep water. Though, getting towed was a disaster as I was slumped back the whole time and couldn't paddle. We switched roles on the way home and it worked fine because they sat on the edge and didn't half sink it The rubber dingy After soaking a Cicada Jackall, spinnerbait and live river shrimp for about 15 minutes, my Dad and siblings decided they'd want to go over and have a play over the other side of the river. Though, as they were walking over, you won't believe what my brother stepped on. At first, they thought it was line, but then after pulling it in, they realised it was an un-rusted rod with a Diawa Shinobi attached, which still worked! It had a decent hardbody attached and they gave it a cast straight away Free rod and reel for us! The owners must've been so bummed about it, but they obviously didn't know the water was waist deep. A few river shrimp, caught in opera house traps We fished/swam for about 15-30 more minutes, but we weren't catching much (probably due to the fact that people were camping and we were so noisy) so we decided to head back. We had to make it a short session anyways, back to school tomorrow so apparently, we needed to 'rest' LOL. I only have to drop my books in though, but they've got a full day. Also, does anyone know where to purchase plumbers’ putty as we need it to mount our depth sounder on. Overall, it was a nice paddle, and on the way back we stopped at the Fernvale bakery for a pie, it was delicious. Statistics: Tackle used: 2/o suicide hooks, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, #8 shank hooks, small pencil float, split shots (I know 20lb is a bit excessive but we don't like losing lures and its very snaggy territory around there) Temperature: About 31C Weather: Partly cloudy, very humid, Caught: Fishing rod and reel, live river shrimp, live garden worms I hope this was entertaining, Cheers Hamish
  15. When is the best time to try for prawns down at the Pinkenba boat ramp?
  16. Hi all, first time poster here. Purchased a 385 qunitrex explorer with a 15hp Mercury last week and have been keen to take it out on my day off on Saturday. I’ve been planning to launch at Pinkenba at midday and fish the river mouth area for Jew/threddie but just looking at the forecast it’s saying that the winds will be over 20 knots there. Is there any point going in that kind of weather? Alternatively are there any other shelter spots nearby worth trying out just to get the boat on the water and wetting a line for a few hours? cheers!
  17. Hello users, My mate and I have been catching these fish in the Jindalee portion of the river, specifically the boat ramps next to the Jindalee Bridge and on Mt. Ommaney drive. I assume it's some species of Perch; however, I'm not entirely certain. All help appreciated, Carl of Arabia
  18. Hi, can anyone help me, I was wondering if I can catch fish from Toowong Rowing clubs pontoon/jetty. what are the best times to catch bullies there? and are piles a good bait for them? one more question, best time and bait for salmon there? thanks
  19. Hi all On Saturday afternoon I decided to go down to the local park on the river and see if I could hook up to a shark. The rig was what I normally use for sharks there, 80lb Halco wire trace (20in), 6/o circle hook, size one star sinker and 30lb braid mainline. It was a rising tide, just about to get to high. Unfortunately, no sharks were caught today, which makes it a somewhat uninteresting report. Though, I did have my size 1000 sienna out just for fun, and hooked a small river perch on that. I'm assuming the rain gave most things a flush down the river a bit, and I find early morning is the time for sharks. Overall, it was a nice afternoon despite the fact not many fish were caught. Hope this entertained you Cheers Hamish
  20. So I went out for a fish the other to try and catch a threadfin. This is my 8th attempt at doing so and no luck. I couldn't catch any prawns as bait but caught a bunch of herring. I fished right up against the pillar almost into the "no go zone" as my anchor decided to take me for a ride. All we got was a nice cod and a sting ray. Any advice on better spots to anchor up or what bait to use for threadfin? I think I might need a hand with this one. Anyway here is a photo of the little fella
  21. Benno and I get out every now and then for a pussy hunt. Last week we tried a new spot which proved fruitful. Started off well when Benno landed about a 35cm luderick. Whilst organising the photo my rod went off and a decent sized pussy was landed. Benno also landed a decent one. Then a couple of little jew were landed before an 'unstoppable' tested the breaking strain of my frayed fireline and unfortunately won the battle. Don't know if it was a thready, bully, or grunter, but it certainly got my attention. Looking forward to getting back for another go.
  22. Made the call early last week to do an overnight trip out in the bay with the hope of tagging some sharks. Upon launching at the port of Brisbane just prior to sunset and trying to push out of the mouth, I soon knew I needed to run with plan B. The bay was a nightmare, waves crashing over the bow, 15knot winds (thanks willy weather forecast) so we decided to anchor up just outside the mouth of the Brisbane river for the night instead. We put some baits out (stingray flap, mullet and 30cm slabs of freshwater eel) the ray went untouched, as did the mullet but the eel received plenty of attention with 3 runs with one hook up. The first run dropped the bait and didn’t come back, the second run was a solid hookup, drag started to scream but lazy old me didn’t put any wind on leader on…so as the shark turned and started to swim towards to boat, I reeled like crazy until I felt weight again and bang! With a solid whip of the tail he busted through my 40lb braid. Lost the shark and my cable trace…I won’t make that mistake again. 8pm rolls around and we get the 3rd run, which resulted in a 1.13m bull which we tagged and released back. The tide changed around 11pm, so we got the baits in and waited for the slack tide to end before we floated the baits out again. 2 hours later the mullet goes off screaming off at a very fast pace (this was dodgy servo special frozen tweed mullet by the way) hooks set and we are in. The 24kg rod had a fairly good bend in it, wasn’t the most exciting of fights as we had it next to the boat within about 5 minutes. (Setup was a Penn Squall 60 with 50lb braid) Was a nice fat 5.8ft male bull shark. Circle hook did its job perfectly hooking right in the corner of its mouth which made for a super quick release, the faster the better in my opinion. We tried to tag this one as well but we didn’t have the right gear on board to puncture its skin (very tough skin to get a tag though!) That was it for the night, we stayed until sun rise then we powered home for a sleep. Was kind of poetic, as we left the ramp the sun was setting, and as we came home the sun had just risen. The amount of weekend warriors at the ramp was nuts! Line up 6 deep with 3 on the ramp at any given time. Lessons learnt form my first overnight trip ALWAYS use a leader My boat is super uncomfortable to stay on overnight lol DB2F908B-BC2A-4EB2-A48C-BE213DE6FC14.MOV
  23. Hi Guys new here & keen fisho,what I'd love to do is do some land based mullet fishing in the brisbane river & or tingalpa creek.I understand u need light gear,tiny hook + a float & burley with bran or similar.I will try bread as bait & intend to eat them as my mum cooked them for me when I was young & I loved them,Could any other members give me a few pointers + good locations to try & carch this elisive fish?Many Thanks in advance for any tips & locations,Cheer's.
  24. Well, after boasting yesterday that I would post a report today I fell like I have to share my modest efforts today. Hit the mouth of the Brissie at 6.30 this morning. The wind was cool and steady from the south west and forecast to get up a bit so I made the call to hang around the Port area so that I didn’t get too wet if the wind and showers moved in. Drifted a few banks looking for flatties on plastics and had the old pillie out the back as well. No flatties but picked up a couple of these Decided to wait until the tide was high enough to throw a net around my faithful live bait area, so anchored up at @ellicat and @Sparksie‘S spot X. Lots of bream in the middle 20s and then I got a good hit that I thought might be a decent flattie but turned out to be this little fella Close to high tide I tried my livie spot which is usually a reliable poddy mullet producer but today only yielded 2 mullet around 20cm. A bit big for livies in that area so I used them for cut baits. The bream loved it. No photos of the bream, sorry there are so many pics of bream and my photography skills are so bad that there is no point. on the early run out I managed to get 3 snapper. 2 were marginally legal but I only kept the largest of the 3 for dinner tonight. These are the first Snapper I have caught in the river this year so hopefully it is a good sign of things to come. It was sooooo good to hit the water on a mid week day. There were about 3 other trailers in the car park and hardly any boats on the water. I have 42 more working days before I join those other champs like @rayke1938 and @Dinodadog who have plenty of time to pick the good days and get out and enjoy while I still can. Bring it on!
  25. Hi guys, I threw a few pots in the Brisbane river chasing mud crabs over the weekend from a few of the access points near Bulimba. I managed to come up with a few massive Jennies and will be going back to see what sort of Bucks are floating around. They were in the open water stretches of the river where it is pretty wide, so a fair bit of water flowing in and out. I figure that they catch prawns and other bits and pieces commercially around there..... What are your thoughts on eating what you catch in that part of the river. I figure they should be fine but the mrs doesn't seem too keen. Does this mean more crab for me with the potential downside of 6 nipples or 4 eyes appearing in the future or should I be all good?
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