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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone! long time reader, first time poster here I’m still learning the ropes with land based and surf fishing. For the past year I’ve been fishing off Shorncliffe pier, up to Margate beach and Woody Point just about every weekend. Ive had some great fun, catching an array of species- Mostly Bream, and flathead. More special, or unusual catches off Margate being - 2 large octopus (about 1.5-2kgs), a small shovelnose shark (40cm), and a Gummy (?) shark (70cm) off the Shorncliffe pier. caught all of these off a cheap 6ft combo from BCF, But have recently added a large surf combo to my load out in hopes to chase something bigger/different. recently had a crack up at Woorim beach off bribie, beautiful beach but the swell and wind was a bit too chaotic that night. Managed to land a 70cm flathead which was awesome (not the flathead pictured below, we let her go) but nothing after that. I was wondering if you guys have any tips about surf fishing in the North Brisbane, what baits to use, and what (bigger) species I can target off the beach? nothing wrong with whiting, flathead and bream, but hoping to chase something new and a heavier hitter. sorry for the long first post but if you read this far, much appreciated!!!
  2. Hi all. Does anyone have a good ramp on Brisbane Northside? I usually use the Pinkenba boat ramp near the mouth of the river but it is steep and slippery as the tide falls. I used to use the Nudgee Beach boat ramp which is a good ramp and has pontoons but the entrance to the bay is very shallow on low tide with a bit of rock bar which can damage your prop. Any suggestions welcome.
  3. Hi All New to the forum. Have been reading your advice and general knowledge over the past week. Great community. just after some wisdom. I have a 4m tinny with a 15 on the back. I am looking to expand out of the estuaries and rivers and try some well known points. I’m just not sure if I am being unwise in my boat. Areas such as mud, green and peel island seem interesting. Love to hit the Macks, tuna, snapper etc... Will my boat be ok with good weather conditions? How about the measured mile? .... is the pushing it too far? Any advice is welcomed. Cheers Cam
  4. I love wetting a line but have always struggled to find time, particularly since becoming a dad. Well, like a lot of people I was made redundant from my job recently so suddenly I have plenty of time for fishing. I moved to wynnum about 6 months but haven't really had much luck in any of the recommended spots. It would be good to explore some new spots and try to learn a thing or two (still struggling to figure out the bloody soft plastics). So if anyone's keen to go for a fish somewhere (happy to venture out to redcliffe etc), let me know.
  5. Hey guys, new to posting here but long time member. I recently found some of my older land based catches around Brisbane most of them before the floods, back when jewies were 45cm limit lol, which has got me keen to start targeting the jewies again this season. I will update with some more pics and journals soon but thought it was worth posting them before they get lost again.
  6. Heading to the story bridge to wet the line on Saturday night and wondering what tides the best to fish that area? Is there any other spots around the area to try? I was also gonna try breaky creek mouth as well.
  7. Hopefully the below link will take you to a current report re prawning around Brisbane. cheers Greg
  8. Hi all 2 days ago i just got two more sharks at my local park on the brisbane river but they were both under a metre. I was wondering if anyone had any spots for bigger sharks on the Brisbane River, preferably land based though i could go out of a kayak to launch lines or fish out of it. I do know i can get some bigger ones if i keep fishing my area, though i don't think that's efficient a there are so many pups around that it would probably be a low chance i catch a big one. My range is probably anywhere in the river, but it can extend out into the moreton bay area around the port of brisbane boat ramp. I'll be using bait i catch (mullet, bony bream, eel) and if anyone has any other bait i'll give it crack. Cheers Hamish
  9. HI Guys Lost a big Mackerel on the weekend and an expensive Rapala Deep Diver which is fine but I have been mixing it up lately to see the difference with Strikes and land rates. Sadly this one seem to be cut or busted on the cloth part of the wind on leader but it was the only hook up of the day whilst we have another three with traces in the water that didnt get a strike. Does anyone have personal trolling experience and not use Wire Traces with their lures. Interested to hear your stories and best success stories Cheers
  10. Hey all, new member here. Heading out offshore tomorrow morning, was thinking of hitting the wider ground. Any suggestions as to what is working and firing at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  11. G'day Folks, Just wondering where some good carp spots around Brisbane/Gold Coast are?
  12. From the courier mail: The best times and spots to catch fish in southeast Queensland this weekend High water temperature in the shallows is forcing most fish, including flathead and whiting, into deeper water. Here’s the inside word on what time to fish and where. WEATHER We have a great forecast for the weekend with light north easterly winds predicted offshore. If you’re heading out fishing make sure you take a raincoat, we could see quite a few showers throughout southeast Queensland. Current off Point Lookout has been from the south at over three knots at times through the week, which has made fishing the deeper reefs very difficult. Water temperature offshore peaked at a little over 26 degrees through the week which has fired up a run of pelagic species in shallow and marlin on the wider grounds. TIDES This weekend falls a few days after the new moon, as a result we will have medium tidal flow, between 40-50 per cent of the year’s biggest, and tides will reduce in size over the next week. With the lack of any other major influence this weekend, solunar peaks should be well worth fishing. On Saturday we have a 75 per cent peak at 2.50am and 3.00pm and on Sunday it drop to 50 per cent and falls at 3.30am and 3.45pm. Anglers getting an early start will have the run in tide from early morning till lunchtime, the tide will run out all afternoon with low tide around sunset. WHAT’S BITING Water temperature in the shallows has been very high forcing most fish, including flathead and whiting, into deeper water during the middle of the day. The better catches have been early morning before the sun gets too high in the sky and late afternoon. It’s been a similar story with mud crabs. There’s been plenty caught but the majority have come from deeper holes, especially at night. There are a lot of anglers chasing prawns, unfortunately with very little result. Top spots this week include the Pine River and deeper holes in the Logan River. There’s been very few reports from the Nudgee grounds in the bay or around the southern Bay islands. Whiting continue to be the main catch in estuary waters, top spots include the Nerang River, Coomera River and Broadwater. There’s also been a few around Ageston Sand in the Logan River. Flathead are another species worth targeting, top spots include deeper holes around the entrance to small creeks and drains and the edges of main channels on the bottom of the tide. They will also be on the bottom anywhere there are prawns as well. There were a few better quality snapper caught in the Bay this week, the best catches have been early morning by those throwing unweighted baits into the shallows around Mud and Peel islands. Offshore there’s been plenty of pan size snapper and tuskfish on the bottom when the current backs off, especially on the deeper reefs including Square Patch and Deep Tempest. It’s the time of year for pelagic activity and there’s been a few wahoo, mackerel and tuna caught by anglers trolling the Sevens and The Group area. There’s also been small marlin caught, the majority out on the 100m line or current and temperature lines. Spotty mackerel season is in full swing with good catches on the Gold Coast shallow reefs and on the coffee rock grounds on the eastern side of Moreton Island just north of South Passage. On the freshwater scene Wivenhoe Dam continues to be a hot spot for bass with some of the best numbers and quality seen for a long time. There’s also been good numbers in Lake Samsonvale, especially for those anglers using live shrimp. Redclaw have been scarce in all impoundment with the exception of Lake Samsonvale which is producing a feed for those putting in the effort. NEWS Barramundi are back on the menu. After a three month closed season anglers can now target barramundi in natural rivers and creeks in Queensland. The closed season protects barramundi stocks during this vulnerable time in their life cycle, allowing them to spawn and replenish to ensure healthy fish stocks for current and future generations of Queenslanders. Anglers are reminded to check the size and possession limits that apply, the minimum size limit for barramundi on the east coast and Gulf of Carpentaria is 58cm, the maximum size limit is 120cm and the possession limit is five fish per person. For those fishing in some of Queensland’s stocked freshwaters, one barramundi may be taken if it is greater than 120cm. LOCATIONS Sleepy little fishing villages are one of Australia’s greatest attractions and Hastings Point, less than 30 minutes south of the Qld border, is one of those towns where there’s not much going on, but there’s plenty to do. The sheltered estuary waters of Cudgen Creek are a great place to cool off on a hot day and offer good flathead and whiting fishing in the summer months. The beaches produce tailor and mulloway, especially of an evening, and for those that like to rock hop, either exploring the marine life or fishing the headland, the rocks off Hastings Point have a lot to offer. A sleepy little village only a short drive from the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast, Hastings Point is a great place to visit.
  13. Guys here are some marks i found on another website. QUEENSLAND: BRISBANE & DISTS. Datum WGS84 Canyon/Mark Location Latitude Longitude 29's Metro Bris 27.19.500S 153.33.000E Alf's reef Pinnacle Metro Bris 27.44.220S 153.33.270E Amber Jack Metro Bris 27.15.091S 153.36.004E Artificial Reef Metro Bris 27.29.260S 153.20.070E Cathedrals Metro Bris 27.34.700S 153.35.750E Cathedral Reef Metro Bris 27.29.640S 153.36.220E Cleveland Point Metro Bris 27.30.227S 153.17.386E Coffee Rocks Metro Bris 27.08.620S 153.26.230E Curtain Reef Metro Bris 27.06.600S 153.21.750E Flat Rock Metro Bris 27.23.310S 153.33.100E Franks Reef Metro Bris 27.06.668S 153.28.803E Harry's Artificial Metro Bris 27.23.998S 153.18.374E Henderson Reef Metro Bris 27.07.500S 153.28.500E Jew Reef Metro Bris 28.04.260S 153.35.550E Les's Reef Metro Bris 27.07.074S 153.34.310E Moreton Island Reef Metro Bris 27.16.100S 153.25.370E North Moreton Trench Metro Bris 26.56.300S 153.23.400E Pearlie Reef Metro Bris 27.19.795S 153.36.689E Raby Bay Metro Bris 27.30.360S 153.16.530E Smith Rock. Moreton Is. Metro Bris 27.00.290S 153.28.050E Spit Beacon Metro Bris 27.30.339S 153.19.324E The Square Patch Metro Bris 27.14.692S 153.36.872E QUEENSLAND: GOLD COAST Datum WGS84 Canyon/Mark Location Latitude Longitude 12 Fathom Reef Gold Coast 27.59.650S 153.28.710E 24 Fathom SE Gold Coast 28.00.400S 153.31.527E 24 Fathom East Gold Coast 27.57.442S 153.30.598E 36 Fathom Reef North Gold Coast 27.39.220S 153.30.557E 36 Fathom East Gold Coast 26.56.015S 153.38.139E 36 Fathom SE Gold Coast 27.59.678S 153.39.210E 50 Fathom NE Gold Coast 27.51.102S 153.44.600E 60 Fathom SE Gold Coast 28.01.845S 153.47.431E Burleigh Reef Gold Coast 28.04.250S 153.29.500E Cottons Reef Gold Coast 27.47.002S 153.33.000E Focus Gold Coast 27.59.649S 153.28.710E Kirra Gold Coast 28.07.200S 153.35.160E Nine Mile Reef Gold Coast 28.11.904S 153.38.040E Palm Beach Gold Coast 28.06.385S 153.28.810E Scottish Prince Gold Coast 27.57.600S 153.26.150E Traps Gold Coast 28.01.240S 153.45.880E Tweed Canyons Gold Coast 28.12.767S 153.52.362E Tweed Canyons 2 Gold Coast 28.13.983S 153.53.027E
  14. My wife and I are coming to Australia in December for my sisters wedding. We are going to be staying in Southport for a week before we start heading up the coast, and I would like to get some fishing in. I am from the smack dab middle of Canada and have pretty much zero experience fishing saltwater. So if anybody would like a fishing partner for a day from Dec 8 -14 let me know! I will be bringing 1 or 2 medium sized rods along with me for jetty and river fishing along the way, but would love to go with a local and get some local expertise for my first time out fishing saltwater.
  15. Hi guys, I was fishing with a live poddy mullet down near Shorncliffe jetty today and something hit it around lunch time. Any guess on what might have taken the head off my mullet?
  16. I'm new fisher here and just bought some fishing equipment. Are there any spots around indooroopilly suggested? Thank you.
  17. Hello all, I'm coming to Brisbane for the month of December for my sisters wedding, and I going to be doing some fishing! Since I am about 20 hours from the nearest coast line I have done very little saltwater fishing in my life and am wondering if any of you kind fellows could help a fellow fisherman out. Any ideas on pointers, spots to try, or what gear to use would be very appreciated. Or if you want a fishing partner I would be happy to tag along on any type of fishing expedition! I would love to catch a shark while I am there, but would be happy catching any type of salt or freshwater species. I would also like to catch some mud crabs while I'm there if anyone is into that! If any of you are on Instagram give me a follow @Esox_angler and send me a DM so I can follow you back! Thanks, and tight lines! Aaron
  18. Does anyone know any good kayaking spots up the brekkie creek location; where to fish, what tide, what time Etc.
  19. Just looking for any spots around Brissie to catch live bait quickly and easily
  20. Finally managed to get some time free and decided to take my $50 canoe out for a spin last Sunday and again on Sunday afternoon just gone. Trip #1 Having never fished the area, we weren't sure exactly how to approach the fishing and started with some imitation TN60's which didn't attract any attention. The fair amount of water flow was pretty discouraging as the water was far from clear. I would say about half a meter's visibility. We pushed upstream as far as we could until the shallow rapids wouldn't allow any further progress. The current pushed us downstream fairly quickly which made the fishing hard and we were having to correct our position after nearly every cast. With no interest vibes and plastics in the first pool averaging a meter deep, we floated further back to the launch point to a deeper section. A decent laydown tree looked too good to ignore and with a cast to the back of the snag, I saw a bronze flash, my drag zzzzzzzzzipped, and my leader knot failed we switched to diving hardbodies which proceeded to land us 6 fish, all under 25cm, but all heaps of fun and a first for both of us in a canoe! (and a first bass on lure for Tika). Sun went down and with tummy rumbling we went home for tea. Trip #2 Although I was hungover from Saturday and Tika was feeling just as good, we couldn't waste the weekend after having to work most of Saturday (again). Canoe went back on the roof, quick stop to BCF to buy some jig spinners and top up my plastics supply and we were cooking with gas. Because I've not yet had time to add any extras to the canoe it's still a blank canvas but I've got fitout gear coming from ebay in the mail and a couple of hundred stickers to make it look the part. Water was still flowing over the causeway but at a much slower rate and the water was awesomely clear. Again we pushed as far as we could (however I was paddling with my thongs on my hands as I forgot the paddles lol). We both opted for Zman 3" Minnowz in mood ring on a 1/6th jighead equipped with a jigspinner on the front for flashiness and snag resistance. My third cast of the afternoon landed underneath a bottlebrush tree......... Twitch twitch, BANG! A good tussle on 6lb line & leader gave me a 36cm FL fishy. Needless to say was stoked. Two casts later on a shady snag only two meters from the first, another good fish!! Came in slightly smaller at 33cm and with some kind of lesion on his noggin. The bite went quiet for a while until tika landed a cute 25cm model from the same snag which I lost a fish on the previous week. Stoked again! We continued for another half an hour before heading off. Not bad for a two hour session on 30 minutes from home Tim
  21. Hi guys after some more advice on another place i frequently fish Anybody have any landbased advice about boggy creek in pinkenba i fish here quite frequently i nornally get the normal bread and butter species (bream,flat head) ive caught a tailor here and a cod aswell but wonder if theres any other species that i could target I fish off the bank to the left of the boat ramp and cast baits into the current and let it drift out until i feel bites then leave it there and wait any advice about rig setups and bait presentation that im maybe not doing would be appreciated I use 10ft rod with baitrunner 30lb braid as its pretty rocky there with a sz 5 or 6 sinker and 50lb leader down to 2 snelled 4/0 or 5/0 hooks i use either mullet strips or whole pillies for bait.the current is strong thats why i use heavy sinkers and dont like using live bait is this wrong? My second rod i have 10lb line with a sz2 ball sinker tied to a swivel and 20lb leader with a small hook and mullet for bait I get the feeling the technique im using is wrong but dont know what else to do