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  1. Hi guys Rice here, just here to ask if anyone's had experience fishing Wynnum foreshore/Creek Went for a flick there a few times with my mate on the Wynnum Creek breakwall during the outgoing tide, never had much luck; in fact we didn't catch anything yesterday even though it was purported to be an "excellent" day as well and there were plenty of bait fish around Anyway, I'm hoping that the lack of fish is due to my inexperience and not because the creek is dead. The jetty can get quite busy so it's nice to have a close-by alternative
  2. What's up guys Rice here, been fishing the Saint Lucia/Toowong stretch of the river pretty frequently and it's been quite productive so far, so I just wanted to share a report about today's 1 hour session On a 2-4kg Kmart rod and reel combo, I first got onto a decent bream after a quick fight. Quite happy with this one as it was definitely a PB, and probably went for high 30s Not long after I also landed a catfish of a similar size. No photos, but it went back into the drink as per usual However, I mostly wanted to ask about this last one that I caught I caught one a few days ago about twice the size as well. Been asking around and people either tell me it's a baby Jew or a river perch. As a consensus hasn't really been reached, I thought to ask the experts here. What do you guys think?
  3. Hi i recently caught my first threaddy from the Brisbane river on a live mullet. I am hoping to catch some more so any spots, baits and techniques would be greatly appreciated. i live in Bulimba so any spots near there would be good. thanks Thorbjorn
  4. Hi I was wondering if your are allowed to take things like rods and fishing carts onto the city cats because I can’t drive and there are lots of spots I want to try out that are near city cat terminals thanks Thorbjörn
  5. Hi guys just had a bit of a run in with a Middle Eastern/Indian looking couple at Orleigh Park near West End, had a look at their catch and could maybe count around 20 bream inside a little bucket, not bigger than 10cm. I ask them to release their catch if they could but they just told me to piss off, so I ended up calling the fisheries. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have been able to do much about it though since the fishers were long gone by the time they arrived (they might have been wary of me as I could see them watching in the distance as I made the phone call). SO what would you guys do in this case? Any tips? Some might say just call the fisheries instantly but it just feels bad snitching you know so I gave them a chance. PS I tried fishing West End pontoon in the arvo today trying to catch some flathead, but only caught one undersized bream within 30 minutes, would like to know if anyone had any advice. Cheers!!
  6. What's up guys, so yesterday, I decided to keep a bream for myself just to see what actually killing and preparing your catch was like (I do customer service in a seafood shop). This one went for about 28cm I tried my hand at scaling, cleaning, and fileting as well but I did a pretty **** job of it since it was my first time. So yeah, that night I had the bream with some broccoli and fried rice for dinner, and it was actually surprisingly nice Anyway, I wanted to know what you guys thought of eating out of the Brisbane River, especially in recent times following the floods. There seems to be conflicting opinions concerning this; some people wouldn't poke a fish with a 6 foot pole, while others are keeping just about every legal fish they catch. I live in the Toowong/West End region which I've heard was a pretty dirty reach of the river but I'm no expert after all. Any comments are appreciated
  7. Sup guys this is Rice here, just caught my first few fish in the Brisbane River and they were bream. Sadly didn't have a ruler to measure them with but I think the second one was legal, either way I put them back in the water. PS shout out to the guy who took the first photo for me maybe you are reading this post right now lol
  8. Looks like the river is open for boating again after the flood.
  9. Howdy, I've found this forum many times whilst searching google for tips and suggestions. It asked me join so I could see all your pics, so I thought I should. Might be fun and educational for us all. I've got no interest in boating, and do quite well from the land anyway - mainly canals, estuaries, boat ramps, pontoons, marinas, and occasionally the beach. Almost always at night, once a week on average. Only target larger species. I was sick and tired of targeting smaller species and getting bugger all, so I thought why not target only larger species and get bugger all? At least if I only catch one or 2 in a session that it would be more memorable. Most common species caught are tailor, ray, catfish and pike eel. Usual baits are mullet strips and pilchard. Would love to find a jew but they don't seem to be as keen in the cutbait as the species mentioned above. My next mission is to learn the ways of the cast net. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, first time posting I would like some help identifying a species of crab that keeps entering my crab pot in Hawthorne Photos attached below When I use to catch mud crabs >10 years ago (exact same spot) they were the large with a greenish appearance, with a paddle like rear leg on either side, similar to the ones sold in all fish markets, but for the past two days I keep getting these ones, no paddle and white under the claw, dark black on the top side So my question is - What species are they, are they edible??, and whats the legal size for them? (Only kept catching small ones) All crabs were released Thanks in advance Philip
  11. Hey All, Just wondering if there are any reasonable spots around Brissy or GC when the whole family can go for the day so that the little kids can swim and play in the sand but I can also cast a line for bream, whiting or flathead? Basically everyone wins lol Cheers Brendan
  12. Hi guys I'm new to this forum and just wondering where can I possibly have chance of catch a decent pan size pinkie landbased in brisbane area. I've fished at bribie island a couple of time on a boat hire and caught a heap of undersized pinkies there. However, travel to bribie is not ideal for me and am looking for more of a nearby place to fish for pinkies on the land. If you have any suggestions or tips that would be awesome!! Thank you
  13. I am looking for a good place to throw in a crab pot around Brisbane. We do not have a boat so a spot accessible by land would be great. I've considered Boggy Creek pinkenba or near Boondall wetlands.
  14. Hi All My name is charlie and would like to introduce myself to the fishing community especially around the Brisbane area here on the forum. I've got a little experience when it comes to fishing in general but I definitely need to sharpen up my knowledge on Brisbane fishing. Thanks, Charlie
  15. I have been off the water for the last 6 weeks but will be back into it starting now. I have had plenty of time for research on the www and YouTube. Last week something on AFO made me look at catfish in the Brisbane River (yep, I was bored) and I came across this Wikipedia page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brisbane_River_Classic Some of the names will be familiar to those tragic like me who have been on this site for years, and of course @AUS-BNE-FISHO who told me a while ago that he has read every post on the site. Enjoy!
  16. Hello! I'm pretty new to fishing and was wondering if anyone who could advise some bait for catfish in bulimia creek, near Brisbane.
  17. Just looking for some creeks where I can catch some bass in Brisbane or Logan
  18. Hi all I’m trying to give my grandfather his wish of finding a spot to catch sea eels in Queensland. He has fished his whole life and enjoys his time out. He used to fish all through the NSW and towards the Victorian border now that he is in Queensland he wants to find a spot where he can get back to doing what makes him feel good and makes him happy. if anyone knows of any good spots to spearfish for sea eels not freshwater eels it would be so much appreciated. Thankyou
  19. Hi everyone! I’ve just moved to the Brisbane CBD from the Brisbane north side. Looking for places to fish using soft lures. I’ve used to fish around at Bald hills/Nudgee area but doesn’t have an access to those area anymore. I’ve saw that West end is a good place to fish using hard lures, but are there any other places that’s relatively close to the Brisbane CBD? I’d go to any places if I have car license, but I can only access to the fishing spots by catching public transport Cheers, Daichi
  20. This is an excerpt from the latest Maritime Safety Queensland release: Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan From 6pm tonight, Friday 8 January, until 6pm Monday 11 January people in the local government areas of Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Redlands and Logan will be required to stay at home except for the following reasons: Shopping for essentials, food and necessary supplies Medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements Exercise with no more than one other person, unless all from the same household Providing care or assistance to an immediate family member Work, or volunteering, or study if it is not reasonably practicable to work or learn remotely Child custody arrangements Legal obligations Visit for end of life Attend funeral or wedding in line with restrictions Masks will also need to be worn everywhere in those local government areas except if people are at home. Please refer to the Queensland Health website for a map of the lockdown area and specific Questions and Answers about this lockdown. https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/greater-brisbane-lockdown I note that the wording seems to have changed somewhat since the original lockdown back in March last year. I interpret the above to mean boating and fishing are Not Allowed during this current lockdown. I am not a lawyer however so I am not giving advice. You need to make your own minds up. cheers Greg
  21. G'day all. I'm thinking I'll put in my kayak at the boat ramp down at lota and head out to fish the mouth. I am looking to get a feed for Christmas. What I would be targeting would be anything that's good on the table. What fish are people getting at the mouth of the creek around this time and what bait is most popular. All answers will be appreciated. Thanks
  22. Hi there I am looking for a freestanding smallish rod holder. Preferably Gold Coast or Brisbane pick up. Cheers Kat
  23. Hey everyone! long time reader, first time poster here I’m still learning the ropes with land based and surf fishing. For the past year I’ve been fishing off Shorncliffe pier, up to Margate beach and Woody Point just about every weekend. Ive had some great fun, catching an array of species- Mostly Bream, and flathead. More special, or unusual catches off Margate being - 2 large octopus (about 1.5-2kgs), a small shovelnose shark (40cm), and a Gummy (?) shark (70cm) off the Shorncliffe pier. caught all of these off a cheap 6ft combo from BCF, But have recently added a large surf combo to my load out in hopes to chase something bigger/different. recently had a crack up at Woorim beach off bribie, beautiful beach but the swell and wind was a bit too chaotic that night. Managed to land a 70cm flathead which was awesome (not the flathead pictured below, we let her go) but nothing after that. I was wondering if you guys have any tips about surf fishing in the North Brisbane, what baits to use, and what (bigger) species I can target off the beach? nothing wrong with whiting, flathead and bream, but hoping to chase something new and a heavier hitter. sorry for the long first post but if you read this far, much appreciated!!!
  24. Hi all. Does anyone have a good ramp on Brisbane Northside? I usually use the Pinkenba boat ramp near the mouth of the river but it is steep and slippery as the tide falls. I used to use the Nudgee Beach boat ramp which is a good ramp and has pontoons but the entrance to the bay is very shallow on low tide with a bit of rock bar which can damage your prop. Any suggestions welcome.
  25. Hi All New to the forum. Have been reading your advice and general knowledge over the past week. Great community. just after some wisdom. I have a 4m tinny with a 15 on the back. I am looking to expand out of the estuaries and rivers and try some well known points. I’m just not sure if I am being unwise in my boat. Areas such as mud, green and peel island seem interesting. Love to hit the Macks, tuna, snapper etc... Will my boat be ok with good weather conditions? How about the measured mile? .... is the pushing it too far? Any advice is welcomed. Cheers Cam
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