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      1. Hi Guys I am planning to do a few overnight trips in my boat soon, just wanted some knowledge from people on here on the following:- 1. Do many people stay out overnight at places like Deep Tempest if the wx and swell are good ? or do most coming back around Comby and stay near Bulwer, Tanagalooma ? 2. When camping overnight on your boat in the bay near Bulwer etc do you need to be extra cautious in a westerly wind, in case you finish up on the beach ? 3. Any other little comfort tips people might have would be appreciated. Terry
      2. Just got back from Evans Head with the caravan what a top spot the van park has. It has the river and surf as 2 borders of the park and on the other borders you have the Rsl, pub, surf club and bowls club. As I have never been there before I took this as a challenge to visit everything. So I had a drink in all the establishments and fished both the river and surf. My brother also brought his van down as well as his roof topper tinnie so both he and our partners went fishing up river. The girls outfished us and got some big whiting and a nice flathead which fed us for dinner. We fished off the northern wall which was 300m from camp but had no luck. We went up to razor back lookout for beers and niblies with a spectacular back drop , it was good to see the position of everything. Then after we bought some ocean king prawns from the Co op to finish off our bellies. Here is the rainbow touching the lookout I was hoping it would bring me luck The last day to keep it simple we pumped yabbies off the beach right in front of camp and fished off the bank for more good size summer whiting. The river itself is loaded with these yabbies banks more than I have ever seen in any estuary I have been on and each 1 loaded with yabbies. It is a destination I will be going back to with plenty of natural beauty and of coarse plenty of fishing options.
      3. Hi all This weekend my Dad was doing a camp with his Cub Scouts (the level lower than scouts) so I decided to tag along with a couple of my mates. It was great fun and even though I didn't catch anything, it was quite fun and we had fires, went hiking and swimming. I know this is a fishing forum so if you aren't interested in reading a camping report with only a little bit of fishing, I don't advise you continue The report also has a lot of photos, so you will have to put up with that too Since there weren't any cars to take us up to Rocky Creek Scout Park, we had to train up. The 1 and a half hour train trip up wasn't so bad, but since my friend decided his 'extra good satellite map' would work quicker/better than the route I had planned, and he was being stubborn, we took that way. After the 30 minute walk, we realised the stupid thing had taken us to a big steel fence on the other side of the camp, so we re-traced our steps and got back to the starting point. Afterwards, we took the actual route and arrived. We were all worn out, especially me as I had two packs on, but we were just in time for lunch I was loaded up well, with two backpacks and a tent - Loaded up After lunch, we proceeded to get our tents up and went down to Rocky Creek. It was pretty high and a lot more fast flowing than the last time I was there. My friends and I went for a swim, which was very nice. The water was a bit murky and we had to keep checking for rocks. We went on a rope swig that had fortunately been made and slid down some of the slippery waterfalls (hurt your butt a bit but was worth it ). Then, I went for a fish as well - Fishing in Rocky Creek I was using soft plastics, poppers and didn't bother flicking anything more expensive out as the creek is riddled with snags. It was on a 6'6'' telescopic rod spooled with 10lb braid and 12lb mono leader and a size 4000 Shimano reel (my travel rod). That was fishing in a pool below a small waterfall, so that's what all the white bubbles are from. It's my second time not catching anything in there, so I'm questioning if there's even any fish/eels inhabiting it. I also was going to use some bait (any leftover meat) but it was quickly consumed by the group of about 40 people camping out. After that, I had to get back to camp to make the nights bonfire for everyone. I love making fires on camps, it's one of my favourite things to do The cubs had just put a whole load of grass on one of their fires, so in this process I was getting smoked alive LOL. We were quite low on wood, so I just used all the big logs first with lots of kindling so it would light. At first I thought it wouldn't go off due to dampness, but after some blowing it did not disappoint This was about 2 hrs after the creek, and after dinner, which was sausages. We had a couple marshmallows and I was getting seriously tired. After the fire, I was completely done for the day. My legs ached, I began to feel a bit sick and I was tired (more than ever). I decided to crash in my tent, at about 8:00PM. Unlike me though, my friends (who are crazy) slept in the trailer and went to bed at about 1:00AM. I'm not sure what they did in that time apart from getting slayed by mozzies and eating, but they did find a green tree frog - One of the few 'catches' Well, I had a really nice sleep and I had a good sleep in too. After drinking a bit, I felt better and today I was up to anything (hopefully ). After waking up and packing up our gear, I was told to cook breakfast so I got started on the bacon while I waited for the others. They eventually got there and then our cooking operation became more efficient, with the final product ending up like this - BBQ Breakfast Now, it occurred to us we had to go home . We packed up our tents by about 8:30AM (or at least I did) and since we were catching the 11:05AM train, we still had a couple of hours. To kill time, we went for another swim in the creek. The rope swing was fun, and as well as water we had another fire, which I built on the rocks. That was very nice, but we had to keep it going so it took a while for us to chuck some logs on and just let it burn due to the struggle of finding any. It eventually turned out nicely, and we all were back by 10:30AM. The creek had gotten considerably clearer overnight as well. Nice Creek Overall, it was a nice camping trip and even though there was no fish caught, it was still fun. Next time, I might camp on the rocks under the stars, but we will have to remember everything possibly to repel mosquitoes. Here are some statistics of the report (not much that to read LOL) Statistics of trip: Location: Rocky Creek Scout Park Suitability: Good for large groups, but not much to do... I suppose that's why it's a scout park Fish Caught: None Tackle Used: 10lb braid, 12lb mono, small poppers and soft plastics Overall Success: 85% - getting there and fishing weren't to good, but otherwise it was awesome! Now, I have school camp tomorrow 'till Wednesday, so I won't be on the forum until then. I still need to play the trumpet and pack, too. Hope you enjoyed reading the report, Cheers Hamish
      4. Hi all, Just letting everyone know there’s a fishing, camping and 4x4 expo on tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at the Redcliffe Showgrounds for those that weren’t aware. cheers Greg
      5. Heading to Warrabah NP next week to get away from it all. Taking the rods, Dan and his girl. Hoping to get onto a cod or yella. With so many people haunting my usual spots these days we've looked further afield. Hoping to find a quiet spot in the winter weather. They had snow at Guyra the other week, so here's hoping. Will have a report after we return. Hopefully a good one. Has anyone been there before ?
      6. until
        2019 Sydney Caravan Camping Outdoor Lifestyle Expo Friday 20 – Sunday 22 September 2019 Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
      7. until
        2019 NSW Caravan Camping Holiday Supershow Tuesday 30 April – Sunday 5 May 2019 Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Rosehill It’s called a Supershow because with more than 300 exhibitors on hand, every aspect of caravan and camping is covered: Caravans Motorhomes Campervans Camper & Tent Trailers Slide-Ons Tents Camping Accessories Holiday Parks Destinations What is a Supershow without super prizes? Our Passport Competition gives you the opportunity to win over $25,000 in great prizes. Simply pick up your passport as you enter the show and then visit all the stamp points to go in the draw for a chance to win. Prizes include an off-road camper, two ecotourer bikes, a truly ingenious portable fridge/freezer and super sized accommodation vouchers which will pay for your next holiday. NSW permit no. LTPS/19/32842 At the Supershow you can find some super price specials, value add-ons and special bonuses you won’t get anywhere else. Discover and compare an incredible range of products – in real time, in real life, all in one place. Talk to the experts who can help you buy small and big-ticket items that are tailored to your needs.
      8. until
        In 2019 the Canberra Home & Leisure Show is growing and becomes the Caravan Camping Outdoor Lifestyle Expo 25 – 27 October 2019 Exhibition Park in Canberra, Canberra
      9. Hi all I am planning a trip to toonumbar dam to chase some bass. I have never fished the place. I am wondering how itis fishing a swell as can I use my petrol outboard on the the dam or is it electric only? I also see u can camp near the dam. Can anyone tell me what the campsites are like? Regards Chris
      10. I'm very excited. The ducks are in a row and I'm very excited that I am going to have my first trip to Harvey Bay on Wed. Well I have been to Harvey Bay in the past but not since I have been involved with AFO. I have learnt so much from so many of you I feel really confident we will be able to get a feed and have a nice time. I have spent the last 2 days getting Quampie ready. Thanks to @aussie123 and Reel Tackle I have a replaced the bilge pump and pick up on the live bait tank, replaced the dodgy plastic rod holders to brand new stainless ones and bought some extended rod holders so I can run 4 rods now. I got a nice surprise when I checked the switch on the bilge. Salt water had gotten behind the switch panel and they were all corroded. So I built a box out of some ply wood I had lying around. I bought a new switch panel and re-patched everything to this. I now have spare fuses and a, hopefully, water tight switch panel. Very glad I saw it before the trip. All of the switches were in trouble and most were starting to rust away. The switch from the old bilge was not working at all and constantly on. I think the old motor burnt out from this. On top of this I have bought a few skirted lures, brushed up on how to rig live baits for trolling and how to rig some larger dead baits for trolling. I hope to catch a few large spotties and have a go at rigging these as troll baits. The plan is to read off at stupid early on Wed, launch at Urangan,_Queensland and leave the boat and car in the caravan park. $20 per night. My mate is a 4wd nut and is taking his car over so we will have to stay at Awinya Creek. because I was told you cant camp at Wathumba from a car. Can anyone confirm that it's boat access only? The idea is to tow spoons and catch some spotties. Find some baits and tow some livies. If the wind alows go out to Roonies and target some Spanish on livies and perhaps try for some Marlin if we get the chance. Does anyone have Gps list for spots to try up north of Wathumba? We might send a few livies down for reefies if that is an option. Aussie told me there was a wreck up there worth a shot. Anyway wish us luck. I think it's gonna be awesome!
      11. just a quick report, first in some years i think. Camped at pointro, last friday, we had maybe two other boats on the dam besides Den and Khoi. Sweresy was my decky. The conditions were awesome and it is a great place to fish and camp especially with the family or quick over nighter with mates. Maroon is chock full of tilapia, everywhere you went there were schools of large fish and a heap more on the beds. Had a few chase out lures but no hook ups. The bass and yellas were on the chew and hit pretty much whatever we threw at them. here are a few pics from the friday and sat morning sessions Most pics from Khoi, Den and Kris Lures used with most success was a Fish Arrow Jig Spin with damiki armor shad paddle tail plastic. Hardbodies i used Pontoon 21 preference shad and cablista jerkbaits. Kris used a maria as well Khoi and den threw spinnerbaits, Fish Arrow J Grubs and Damiki Armor Shad paddle tails. Campfire is still closed and is an example of what not to do. I will let the pics do the talking cheers Rob
      12. until
        This event features over 180 local and national companies displaying the very latest products and services. Showcasing some of Queensland’s and Australia’s best caravan, camper trailer and boating dealers, all in the one location. The Event will also showcase dozens of complementary companies, providing a whole range of products and services, including holiday and touring information, camping, 4x4 and boating accessories, insurance services, bush cooking, tools and loads more. The event will provide a great day out (or three) for the entire family, with stacks of daily entertainment, prizes, competitions and more. We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Moreton Bay Caravan Camping, Boating and 4x4 Expo! The event takes place at the Redcliffe Showgrounds, just North of Brisbane. The Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest developing places in Australia, situated between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with a population approaching 500,000. This event is expected to attract in excess of 19,000 local outdoor adventure enthusiasts over three very busy days. Place your business in front of this targeted audience!
      13. I have been pushed for time since I have been back, so I'm just having to short cut things to get everything back on track. No write up just some happy snaps because I will be out tonight.
      14. Our journey to the tip of Australia is over, although I wish it wasn’t. There was so much to see we had to skip a lot which gives us an excuse to go back there sometime in the future. We left our plans very loose, so we could take things as they presented themselves. I can not go into too much detail otherwise it would never end, and I tend to waffle a bit. I will let the photos do most of the talking. Our trip took just over 3 weeks and we covered over 6,000 km. On the way up we stuck to the coast till Cooktown and then headed to a few stations before finally getting to the start of the Old Telegraph Track (OTT). The trip didn’t really feel like it started till we arrived at the OTT sign. We met a nice family along the way and we decided to stay together for safety and assistance if we need each other. They had a Holden Colorado without a winch so we happy to have some company. The rivers were low being the end of the dry season which was one of the reasons we picked it do at this time. Many of the crossings were dry but there was still enough to provide some excitement and heart pounding moments. The southern part of the track was not what we expected. The track itself was not difficult until you arrived at the river crossings, which was to be expected. The northern part of the track was just as we expected, with slow progress and crawling through the bush over rocks and tyre ruts. I enjoyed this section the most. We wanted the car to come home in one piece, so we took the easiest routes through the rivers where possible. We had been speaking to people on the way up and a story of a guy seeing a Prado sinking at one of the crossings days before had us a little on edge. Never the less we were able to negotiate the whole track with only getting water in the car once earlier on because I didn’t go through quick enough to push a big enough bow wave and the carpets took 5 days to dry out. I have a very minor dent in one door and had to empty the starter motor of water which caused us a minor setback. It took us 4 days to do just the OTT camping at streams along the way. The threat of crocs was less with not as much water around. We did hear of a story where a croc took a horse at one of the crossing we camped at but could have been just a story. The scenery was spectacular, and I even managed to flick a few soft plastics around in crystal clear streams. I could see clearly with the polaroid sunglasses, so I waded up the stream never going any deeper than my shorts just to be sure. I was rewarded with my first ever Sooty Grunters which was exciting, and a highlight was hooking 4 Saratoga and landing 1. Crushing the barbs down for catch and release didn’t help my cause. The normal tourist areas were the standouts, Fruit Bat Falls, Twin Falls and Elliot Falls. There were times we were there by just ourselves and that was a cereal feeling. Once the OTT was conquered we still had the tip to look forward to. Many hundreds of KM on the corrugated PDR (Peninsula Development Road) was ahead of us. Don't know what has happen to quality of this photo ATM will have to find the original. It certainly felt like an accomplishment getting to the tip via the OTT. It doesn’t have to be that hard if you take the PDR though. We looked on the map and on the return trip we took the PDR and the same distance on the OTT that took 4 days only took 3 hrs on the PDR. Most caravans and non 4 x 4 take this route all the way to the top. Gunshot. We did the chicken track however another Prado rolled there hours later with kids in the car. We saw it on at the repairers on a flat bed truck days later. Collateral damage from the brave that try it. To change it up a bit we came inland on the way home and one of the highlights was visiting the Stockmans Hall of Fame in Longreach. We spent the 5 hours there and then went back for the dinner and show. We also did the Qantas Museum but in all honestly it not my thing and I could have skipped it. There was so much other stuff that I haven’t covered but a good time was had by all. I"ll post more picture tomorrow night.
      15. I have decided to start camping again after years away, I have a tent and all the other items to camp with. I don't have a 4wd just a falcon to carry supplies. the problem is where to go. I live in Jimboomba. I am looking for somewhere I can camp bank fish and red claw. I work a rotating shift so plan on camping during the week avoiding the weekend crowds. any suggestion would be helpful. Riverrat
      16. This is for ALL members, new or not so new. A few of us discussed in @Doyley's "New Tow Rig" thread about having a get together somewhere on the beach. I'm proposing the weekend of Friday 16th - Sunday 18th February as dates when we have high tides around 8.30 - 9.30am at Cooloola/Teewah. EDIT 29/1/18 Settled at Teewah 9/2/18 - 11/2/18 EDIT 1/2/18 Cancelled Alternative place of Bribie Island has high tides 1.30 - 2.30pm. It would be good if you could indicate your location preference and any alternate dates. Once we've thrashed it out and settled on a place and time we can organize the finer details.
      17. Hey everyone, Ive booked a 2 night trip for later in the year to camp at Mission Point. My biggest concern is leaving the car and trailer at the ramp. Which ramp do you find is the safest around the passage? Donnybrook and Toorbul seems dodgy to me.. Plan to pump some yabbies at Mission point and fish for bread and butter stuff Any other camping advice or tips for the area would be muchly appreciated. Also, im thinking of towing a kayak behind the boat. I don't see many issues with it as long as I take it easy...any advice?
      18. Mate has just left Borumba yesterday and have advised the following The campground at Borumba Dam is closing on 17/10/17 till further notice. The nearest park to the dam will now be Deer Park. Seq water put up the lease and Col Hardy ( Who also owns Deer Park and was the previous lessee ) was awarded the tender but has walked away from the new lease because of new conditions in the lease. The water treatment plant for the park broke down last year and SEQ Water have been trucking in water from Gympie since then but have said that the new lessee would be liable for this cost in future or would have to install rain water tanks and a collection system to supply them. The cost of carting water is $50,000 per year. SEQ water were only notified that the lessee is walking 2 days ago so they are considering their options. They do have pland to demolish and replace the 2 existing amenities blocks if the grounds are to reopen. SEQ Water are contacting the Gympie Lions group about what can be done so the Mary Valley Lions fishing Classic can still go ahead on the 4th and 5th of November. Work is well underway with the extension of the boat ramp with the temporary ramp quite useable for normal cars. Cheers Ray The dam level is at 76% which is its lowest level for over 10 years. Plenty of bass and yellas were caught last week on both lures and live shrimp but redclaw non existent Cheers Ray. News Chained and padlocked: Popular camp ground shut down 20th Oct 2017 6:00 AM | Updated: 10:16 AM 0 3 Comments Use this content by Tom Daunt CHAINS across driveways and padlocks on doors. That is how the Borumba Dam camping ground has been left after a disagreement over business viability caused the facility to close on Tuesday. Former manager Col Huddy said he was unable to meet new stipulations imposed by Seqwater, and as a result has been forced to vacate. "Seqwater has instructed us to remove all the fireplaces as they do not meet their standards," Mr Huddy said. "This puts us in the position of being responsible for managing the unacceptable risks that go with uncontained fires. "Seqwater insists all grey water cannot be discharged on to the ground and so must be discharged into drains but there are no drains. "The manager is forbidden to construct drains and the provision of drains is a Seqwater sole responsibility. "We cannot comply with this condition. The refusal to allow us to pump water means it must be brought in by tanker at a very significant cost and as a result the business will operate at a loss or if we are lucky it might break even. "No one can undertake to run a business at a loss," he said. OUT: Col Huddy from the Borumba Dam camping ground. Renee Albrecht Mr Huddy said the impact on the Mary Valley economy would be significant. "There is definitely going to be a reduction of people," he said. "All the people that come here for weekends and holidays come from further away. "The day use people will still come, but the long stay people aren't going to be here at all. "50% of the people that use the dam now will find it difficult to do so in the future," he said. Mr Huddy has had a management agreement with Seqwater for the past 11 years and was successful in his latest tender to continue managing the facility. MORE: Shock announcement: Major Borumba Dam event called off A spokesman for Seqwater, the company responsible for managing the south-east Queensland water grid of which Borumba Dam is a part, said the closure of the camp ground was temporary. "The organisation recognises that the camp ground is a valued asset for the community and hopes to be in a position to announce the outcome of the tender process shortly," he said. "We're working with the local event organisers to ensure planned events can continue to run at the camp grounds until further arrangements are in place. Borumba Dam Queensland Police "Seqwater recently launched a public tender for operation of the Borumba Dam camp grounds. "The existing licensee Col Huddy was the successful tenderer. Unfortunately, we were unable to agree to terms and Mr Huddy has made a commercial decision to withdraw his tender. "We thank Mr Huddy for his years of hard work in making the camp grounds a safe and enjoyable place for people to visit and wish him well for the future. "Seqwater is progressing with the tender process along with the proposed refurbishment and upgrades of the existing camp ground facilities scheduled for February 2018. "Confidential tender negotiations are ongoing and we expect to make an announcement on the immediate future in the coming weeks," he said. Borumba Dam, Jake Vassallo from Brisbane.
      19. ellicat

        Big Brown

        Had a mate send me these pics of a snake caught recently in suburbia. The size and thickness is quite remarkable.
      20. My eldest son Jesse asked if I'd like to go camping for Father's Day. Answer was of course YES. Had a great weekend, here is some pictures of the awesome scenery. Hope everyone had a great day also.
      21. Lachlan

        Slipping Sands

        I'm trying to find out who owns/ runs the fishing huts at slipping sands. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
      22. Copy of seq water recreation newsletter, Quite a few changes ubject: Recreation Newsletter March 2017 Date: 22/03/2017 8:52 am From: recreationreview <> To: March 2017 Achievements of the Recreation Review – three years of progress In 2013-14, Seqwater conducted a large scale community consultation project known as the Recreation Review. We grouped lakes that are in close proximity into ‘clusters’ and examined the type, mix and amount of recreation activities on offer. More than 2,500 survey responses were received and numerous consultation sessions conducted. A report for each group was produced which highlighted some of the key improvements each community said they felt would benefit recreation in the area. You can read these reports online. Many of these improvements were made possible through funding from the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. Some of the group specific highlights include: Cluster 1 – Atkinson, Somerset and Wivenhoe · A designated swimming area was established at Lake Atkinson in early 2014. · At Lake Somerset, a 6 knot gazette area was established in the northern end of the lake to improve safety and allow fishers and kayakers to recreate safely in this area. To help support this initiative, a new access point at Westvale Road was built so that small fishing vessels and paddle craft can launch directly into this 6 knot area. A new playground was also installed at The Spit, enriching this family friendly day use area. · At Lake Wivenhoe, a 6 knot on-water speed limit for low emission fuel powered vessels was established and those wanting to pursue more high octane activities encouraged to visit Lake Somerset. Two designated stop off points with picnic facilities were established for paddle craft users. The Billies Bay and Hays Landing recreation area was refurbished and opened to the public in late 2016. The area features a range of facilities including a boat ramp, swimming area, toilet amenities, parking and ample picnicking facilities. · The boating permit scheme for Lake Somerset and Lake Wivenhoe will be phased out, and the scheme discontinued from 1 August 2017. This will bring the access policies for these lakes back in line with our other sites and allow recreation users to enjoy on-water access without the cost of a permit. Cluster 2 – Kurwongbah and Samsonvale · Paddle craft were permitted access to Lake Kurwongbah in late 2014. To support this change, a new designated launch point and wash down facility was established at Mick Hanfling Park, fishing was permitted from kayaks, and updated signage was installed. · In mid 2016, a new car park was established at the end of Postman’s Track at Lake Samsonvale, and more than 7km of fire break trails were opened for public multi-use access. An extensive study was untaken at Lake Samsonvale to determine whether opening the lake to public paddling would have an impact on the drinking water quality. The study determined an increase in paddle craft could be accommodated, and discussions are underway to investigate possible launch points and other details of the potential arrangement. Cluster 3 – Maroon, Moogerah and Wyaralong · In late 2014, we established a new paddle craft launch point in the Maroon day use area and permitted visitors to bring their dogs on a leash to the area. · Lake Moogerah received numerous upgrades including: a designated swimming area at Muller Park, the establishment of a 6 knot speed limit for two arms of the lake and dogs were permitted on a leash at Haigh Park. In addition, the picnic facilities were upgraded with a ceremonial structure, new bollards, resurfacing of the car park and new gardens. · Seven new shade shelters were installed at Meebun Day Use Area at Lake Wyaralong, along with the new car park and toilet facilities at the improved Eastern Trail Access. Additional multi-use trails were also established. Cluster 4 – Baroon and Ewen Maddock · The upper reaches of Lake Baroon were opened up to paddle craft in early 2014, and the Martin Williams Walk was extended in early 2015. · Throughout 2014 many changes were implemented at Ewen Maddock, including the installation of a new wash down facility, improved paddle craft access and parking facilities. The Gympie Street North entry point to the trail network was improved with new entry fences and the local council laid new road base. In addition, Seqwater will be installing a new toilet block over the coming months at the Ornamental Wetlands area to facilitate use of the adjacent mountain bike trails in Beerwah State Forest. Cluster 5 – Enoggera, Gold Creek and Manchester · Many of the 2014 upgrades at Enoggera were done in conjunction with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), including: a new paddle craft launch point, allowing fishing from paddle craft and establishing a picnic area. Trail signage and mapping is still being investigated. · Gold Creek received some basic picnic facilities, and an updated orientation sign is currently being installed. More signage updates are anticipated for the area. · Recreation users can now fish from paddle craft on Lake Manchester with a new paddle craft launch point installed. In addition, the picnic area has been refurbished with two new gas BBQs, three new rubbish bins and repairs to picnic tables. The trail linkage has been improved so that trail users no longer need to use Lake Manchester Road and we have some signage and mapping updates on the horizon. Cluster 6 – Cooloolabin and Wappa · Cooloolabin Dam received a security upgrade with a lockable gate as well as new signage and upgraded picnic and playground facilities. · The picnic and playground facilities were also upgraded at Wappa with an additional revamp of the toilet system. Cluster 7 – Clarendon and Dyer · Some exciting new changes took place in 2015 at Lake Clarendon with a new bird watching trail established adjacent to the dam wall, paddling and fishing becoming approved recreation activities as well as the installation of a new launch point. · A new swimming area was established at Lake Dyer in 2015 and signage throughout the recreation area was improved. Seqwater is also currently investigating the installation of a graded track below the dam wall linking the caravan park to the golf course. Cluster 9 – Borumba and Macdonald · Borumba underwent a significant upgrade in mid-2016 with a new double lane boat ramp constructed in August. To further extend this ramp, Stage 2 will begin construction in the next few months and should be completed by mid-2017. The 6-knot speed limit for timbered areas was investigated and approved by Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ), but further consultation with the community indicated the change was not supported. · Improvements have been made to the wash-down facilities and picnic areas at both Lake Macdonald Park and Mary River Cod Park at Lake Macdonald. These upgrades included a new BBQ, horse hitching rail and landscaping in 2015 and resealing the car parks in 2016. Dogs were also permitted on leash at Lake Macdonald Park from late 2014. Cluster 10 – Hinze · Numerous upgrades have taken place at Hinze Dam during the last three years, including: the installation of new shade shelters and picnic tables, new rigging/de-rigging areas at the Eastern and Western boat ramps, signage improvements, the formalisation of a trail entry point on Advancetown Road, a new paddle craft launch point at the Western Boat Ramp, the installation of a soft-fall rubber surface under the playground and allowing dogs on leash at Picnic Parkland and Pocket Park. Across all areas, Seqwater have updated the opening hours for all recreation areas (excluding Lake Dyer) after an extensive trial period with community feedback. The opening hours were changed from 6am to 6pm throughout the year to be 5:30am – 6:30pm September to April and 6:00am to 5:30pm May to August. This change allows recreation users to enjoy an additional 180 hours of recreation time a year. The implementation of the majority of outcomes from the Recreation Review represents a huge achievement and milestone for all the members of the community who participated in this process. Together we have achieved many positive outcomes for all of our lakes and recreation areas that should benefit the community for years to come. We are always on the look out for ways to continually improve our recreation areas. Exciting new projects are on the horizon, so stay tuned for updates! As always if you have any feedback, please call our Recreation team on 1800 737 928 or email Remember to play it safe at our dams, lakes and parks over the Easter long weekend. It’s one of the busiest times of year at our lakes, and we want everyone to have fun and go home safely. Good news for paddlers at Lake Samsonvale The results are in from the 2014 Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) at Lake Samsonvale, which was an Australian-first study and took two years to complete. The study determined the lake is able to support the introduction of public paddling without impacting drinking water quality. This is fantastic news for the community and paddle craft enthusiasts looking to access Lake Samsonvale. Seqwater will be working with local recreation clubs, neighbours and the Moreton Bay Regional Council over the coming months to carefully plan these changes. The location for the new public access launch point has yet to be finalised, and the timing of these changes relies heavily on the outcome of community consultation as well as securing funding to construct the new launch point. Swimming will remain a prohibited activity for Lake Samsonvale, and the restricted access zone between the overhead power lines and the dam wall will remain in place, with water based activities prohibited in this area. If you would like more information about this project or would like to provide feedback, please contact the Seqwater Community Relations team on (07) 3035 5500 or email Borumba boat ramp upgrade - Stage 2 The falling water level at Lake Borumba is not all bad news for boaties! The lower water levels have allowed Seqwater to prepare for the construction of stage 2 of the Borumba boat ramp upgrade. Stage 2 will extend the boat ramp by approximately 10 metres, allowing recreation users to launch vessels for longer as the water level drops. It is expected that construction will commence around late April or early May, and should be completed by mid year without any unforeseen delays or weather events. Remember to always check the recreation and safety notices on our website before planning a trip to one of our recreation areas. You can access the recreation and safety notices web page here. Changes to camping at Lake Wyaralong Families and visitors to the Meebun day use area will have noticed the absence of backpackers and campers frequenting Meebun since the 8 free campsites were closed at the end of January. The sites were the cause of numerous compliance and hygiene issues including the misuse of toilet facilities, environmental damage, illegal activity and vandalism. The closure of this site as a camping area has made the Meebun day use area cleaner, safer and more family friendly. It is also the first step in the implementation of a master plan for recreation at Lake Wyaralong. For any campers looking for other camp grounds around Lake Wyaralong, there is the Ngumbi remote camping area which can be accessed via the multi-use trails (no vehicles), as well as the Lilybrook Recreation Area which can be accessed via Beaudesert-Boonah Road. Camping at Lilybrook is for event use only and requires a booking. For any enquiries or to make a booking for an event, please contact the recreation team on 1800 737 928 or email Playground upgrade at Meebun Last month the playground at Meebun day use area was upgraded with a new rubber soft fall product. The standard bark mulch that was installed previously required significant upkeep, as it was frequently washed away by stormwater and could potentially conceal hazards such as broken glass and the edging could present a trip hazard. The new state-of-the-art rubber soft fall is a safe and low maintenance solution, and should keep this family friendly recreation area safe for many years to come! New campground management at Wivenhoe and Somerset Three of our more popular campgrounds, Somerset Park, Captain Logan Camp and Lumley Hill, are under new management. Parks and Resorts Operational Management will assume management from Wednesday 29 March 2017. The existing pricing structure will remain in place until 1 July 2017, at which point they will be subject to change. In preparation for the changeover, the Captain Logan and Lumley Hill campgrounds have been revamped, with updated signage to be installed prior to the Easter holiday period. Campsite locations at Lumley Hill have changed, with new campsites opening up around the amenities block, and others along the foreshore being removed. Issues with erosion and damage to the natural area motivated the change, and it is hoped that by removing the campsites situated along the sloping foreshore that we can rehabilitate the area to its former glory. The reduction in the number of campsites also brings the campground capacity back in-line within the facilities’ limitations. You can access an information fact sheet with maps of the campsites on our website. For bookings or enquiries at Captain Logan and Lumley Hill campgrounds, please phone 0428 310 740 or email For bookings or enquiries at Somerset Park campground, please phone 0428 180 450 or (07) 5426 0186, or email New amenities block for mountain bike riders The new toilet block at Ewen Maddock’s Ornamental Wetland is expected to be finished and operational in the next 3 - 4 months. The Ornamental Wetlands serves as a launching point for Mountain Bike Riders heading to the Ferny Forest Trails in Beerwah State Forest, and though there is ample parking available there were previously no amenities. It is hoped that this new facility will make the trails more accessible to the community. This project was made possible through funding from the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. If you would like more information about this project, please contact 1800 737 928 or email Planned burns season has begun During the cooler months, Seqwater will be conducting planned burns around our dams, lakes and parks. The planned burn program began in March and will continue until September. During this time, we may close trails and other recreation areas in the interest of public safety. Please be aware of the following important information: · Smoke may drift and can stay around for up to one week after the burn, subject to weather conditions · If you have a respiratory health condition, please follow the advice of your health practitioner and, if applicable, carry reliever medication with you at all times during the burn period · During the burn, in case of an emergency, please call triple zero (000). Each burn is conducted in accordance with a Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) burn permit, which outlines the ideal temperature, wind speed and direction, and humidity conditions to conduct the burn. As these conditions can change at very short notice, the decision to proceed with a burn can often only be made the day before a burn. For this reason, Seqwater will deliver a notice card to neighboring properties the day before a planned burn, once pre-burn checks have confirmed the burn can go ahead. Please remember to check the recreation and safety notices on our website for information about upcoming planned burns and any changes to recreation when visiting our dams, lakes and parks. For more information about the planned burn program, email or phone 1800 771 497. Alternatively, a full list of proposed
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        How cool is this... I do not know much more about it... But I can picture walking into various gorge country and then setting up...
      24. Went to Aldi with Mrs Scaley this morning looking for these shoo fly gizmos, which are like a little helicopter thingy that keeps flies off you food if you are camping outdoors. All sold out but I did spy camp chairs for $19.99 so picked one up. Will definitely go back for more. Good quality and has a couple of pockets, a drink holder on one arm and a mini cooler on the other arm. If you are in need of new camp chairs, I can recommend these.
      25. I have entered Sports Tuition bluefin comp that is based at camp moogerah this coming weekend. I have asked for cabin accomodation but unable to find any info what is in the cabins, Any 240 power to charge phones. Can you drive your car to the cabin" Is there a camp kitchen with fridge what bedding is required Cheers Ray