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      Found 4 results

      1. Hi all, Headed out offshore with @Luvit Friday night and Saturday. Not the best day on the fishing front but still an epic day out that we'll both remember for some time. I'll let the video do the talking. Enjoy. Cheers, Benno <'><
      2. The boys and I headed over to Moreton Island late Saturday afternoon. First cast I hooked a nice mackerel on a SP but lost when my net boy took to long. We had a quick look around and set anchor for the night. We had some Tuna pasta before settling into a high stake UNO card game. A fairly ordinary nights sleep with Morons doing high speed doughnuts all over the beach and sand dunes at 2am in the morning in V8 Land cruisers. They will be the first to whinge and complain when they close beaches off because of the damage d'heads like this do. I let the kids sleep while I motored up towards the cape. Did a small troll with bibbed lures till the boys got up. No hits so we went in search of some fish to jig up. We weren't having much luck so we headed to Hutchies Reef and found a school of fish on the sounder out to our left. I said to James there were fish to our left and he could see a school of small Kingfish around 50cm, sweet! We quickly had a triple hook up on the Gobblers Sp's. It was Luke's first Kingfish and he was amazed at how such a small fish was fighting so hard. We didn't take any photos so we could release them asap. A few more hook ups before a shark joined the party and snaffled a few. We moved away and tried another spot I though may hold Kingfish at this time of the year. The sounder showed some bigger models on this mark and I should have been ready for them. I hadn't re-adjusted my drag form the smaller fish, so when a big model hit it quickly reefed me. My own fault that I was kicking myself for IT. I up sized to a 6 inch jerk shad to see if I could temp another. A quick retrieve and we had 4 hoodlums follow it to the boat all in the 1.2m to 1.5m mark. These were big fish and thick through the shoulders. We tried more drifts but cold not get another on to hook up. Some bigger then normal tuna swam by and followed the lures to the boat but no hits. After that kids wanted to go back in the bay to see if there were any more tuna around. We shot back in and had a brief look without any evidence of them being around we headed home for an early one since the kids were of on school camp Monday morning. A great half day and some prime opportunities missed. On a side note I have a new Gopro 7 black after drowning one of the Gopro 3+ models a few months back. Looking forward to doing some new videos.
      3. Sorry everyone, I know it was late notice for the deckie spot and for those of you that I called and the others that did not see that post till late another time. What an absolute perfect day to be on the water yesterday. I only had a small run from Moreton Island in the morning to the Cape so I was there nice and early. (As a side note I am so sick of the amount of a$$holes on the bay at night with incorrect lights or none at all. Water police in one night would cover their wages and make considerable profit if they booked everyone doing the wrong thing.) It was just breaking day when I placed 3 lures of varying sizes out the back. Within 5 minutes I had my first hit on the small 140mm lure, that turned out to be a nice 1m long Spanish. Quickly placed into the ice slurry before resetting and heading off again. A little time passed and there was hit on the big 200mm lure, but no hook up. Shortly after a good hook up on the 160mm lure and line was racing off the reel and as I was clearing the other rods the fish found its freedom. This is where solo costs you, rather than being able to get to the rod, you have to hope the fish stays on while you clear the deck or risk a major tangle with the other lines. As the sun got higher I thought I would have a go at the Marlin and Dollies. A little way out you could see birds and splashing underneath so out I went. There were huge amounts of tuna out there, more than I've ever seen before. Everywhere you looked there were more hitting the surface. I thought to have a bit of fun I would throw out a SP to see what type of tuna they were and the first school I had a double hook up, one on a skirt lure and the other on the SP. I landed one fish however, by the time I got to the other rod the tuna had got away as well. Surprisingly they were striped tuna, so the one I got will hopefully be turned into a mud crab (Robbie). I decided to only run 2 lures and a teaser so as not to get myself into much trouble if all hell broke loose. I looking behind the boat I could see both of the lures leaving a nice smoky bubble trail every so often and the water was a great color and the temperature over 28 degrees. While looking for bait etc I constantly looked out the back hoping to see a Marlin come up on the lures. Then I saw something behind the short rigger and within a millisecond the the rigger flexes momentarily until the rubber band breaks and the reel sings. I gunned the boat as Tugger suggested to set the hooks. I look out the back and there it was my nemesis, a big Mahi-Mahi jumping all over the place. I was stoked and quickly got the teaser in as they can be uncontrollable and a braid tangle is never good. NOT AGAIN, It jump right off before I even got a hand to the rod. Other seasons I have used the same set ups with braid and one rod I have top shot with mono for the extra stretch, but I have never lost this many fish without even getting to the rod. Licking my wounds and thankful to this point I had not lost any lures I was still optimistic about getting a Marlin. Because I only had a choice of 2 lures to run I would typically run the lumo on the long rigger and a darker color on the short rigger. I decide to change things up a bit and run the Blue Crystal in lieu of the lumo because it had a better action than the lumo I had. Throughout the rest of the day I marked plenty of bait and along with another dozen boats we worked the same area. I saw 2 boats in close proximity hook up to marlin so I was in the right area, however I could not even raise one. I tried 3 lure changes through the day and varying speeds but I could not raise a beakie. The morning it was going off but the rest of the day was dead for me, but I would have not wanted to be anywhere else on such a magnificent day chasing the pelagic's. Can't wait to the social.
      4. Heading to the cape late afternoon with my son Luke. Have some tuna pasta for dinner, listen to some music and be ready in the morning for a big day trolling for wahoo, marlin or dolphin fish. Looking forward to it.