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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all Last night my dad and I decided to go out prawning. It was mainly to stock up on some good baits, but I have decided to be a bit adventorous and I'm going to try some of the bigger prawns for a feed. (If it goes to plan, I'll either post them up in the recipes, or make another topic, or post them up in this thread). We were going to the Colmslie boat ramp, which seems to be a reliable location. When we got thee, there was a massive moon (which is good for prawns apparently) but the tide was only about half way up, which is not so good there. It's better when the tide is high for prawns there, or that is what I've read on it anyways. Luckily, on my first cast, which was rather crappy, I got one big one. My dad, who was throwing the twelve footer, got two big ones as well. It continued on like this for about the next half hour, so until about 6:30PM. By then, the tide was really gushing in and it had complete control of our nets. We were starting to get lots of prawns now, which was good. But the bad thing was, they were tiny. These prawns were actually very annoying, because each throw it would take a few minutes to clean them out. As well as the prawns, we were getting lots of something that was not very welcome. The scat were out in plague proportions, and they were the world's biggest pain to clean up out of the net. They got stuck like herring, they were spiky as anything, and they were grimy, grunty and just yucky. LOL. I think they are now one of my least favourite fish to catch in the cast net, and they are certainly up there with glassies and catfish. I have lots of net cleaning to do today, and I am planning on an arvo session so when I finish this I'm going to have to get cracking. It was now about 7:00PM, and I decided I'd throw my tiny net (4 foot) up in the shallows, mainly just to check for any snags. It is a lot harder to get a good circle as the rip from the last time I took her out in the yak (I don't remember what report but I do remember standing in shin high mud throwing my net onto a log) makes a difference. I wasn't getting any big prawns, but I did manage to get a little bream. I think it's good to see there's still some fish at Colmslie, but hopefully all the bigguns haven't been taken. Here it is (I took a photo just for AFO ). - I think this could possibly be the worst picture ever, LOL, but I think you'll all be able to see the bream (tiny). The bream was released and swum off well. I then got back to throwing the net, which really wasn't that eventful for the next 45 minutes or so. My dad only got one big prawn, and that was it. Luckily for us, one of the people who seem to be a regular there was very nice to us, and he actually showed us a new way/tip off throwing the net.He seemed to like my BCF net very much, because it was heavier. Maybe because it sinks quicker that way. To the point though, he picked up my net (10 footer) and showed us how to throw it. To our amazement, he did a perfect circle (like, PERFECT), and when he pulled the net up a few herring were in it. I threw them back, as I already have some herring, but I was very glad. The main point he tried to emphasize though was that you need to hold the net back a little longer. Even a half second. After that, it was about 7:45PM. We started throwing buckets off water on the jetty to clean it off, and we eventually had it looking better than when we got there. Some others came down now as well, I just hope that they cleaned it up too. By about 8:00PM, I was back in the car, ready to leave. We had left with an OK haul of prawns, and while there weren't to many we got lots of big ones. It has become a custom to have a traveller pie on the way back from our cold, cast netting trips, so we stopped off at the Foodary and got a 4 and 20 traveller. Yum! (My reward for cast netting ) We finished them, and were back at home at about 8:45PM. I got some quick snaps of the prawns there as well, so now you can all finally look at the catch. One frogmouth pilchard came home (which you can't see because it's under all the prawns). The funniest thing was though, while I did get some in the net, I found this one floating along the surface, still alive. I scooped him up and put him with the rest off the prawns. Here is the nights haul - OK, so that is the prawning report done. I suppose it is great that we can still catch good prawns from the land, and even though I didn't even get 1Kg, I still got some . Hopefully everyone enjoyed the report, I know it was a bit different to usual. I've got a bit of stuff to do before I go out this arvo but if it goes well a report will follow. Here are the stats of the trip - Statistics of trip - Tide: Low, 4:00PM, .3M, High, 10:40PM, 2.8M. I fished the rising tide Moon Phase: 98% Full Moon. Lots of run. Air pressure: 1021.8 - Might've been OK for a fish... Time fished: 6:00PM-8:00PM Crustacean caught: 30 odd prawns, all large Gear used: 12 foot, 10 foot, and 4 foot Surecatch bottom pocket/top pocket cast nets Overall Success rate: 85% - Good prawns, hopefully they taste good too Cheers Hamish Sorry it's not the best pic...
  2. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has been doing well on the prawns lately in the Brisbane River. The other night i went to Colmslie and only my dad and i only caught about 4 with about 2hrs or throwing (we caught about 35 herring though). I was wondering if anyone had any good spots where they were catching about 50-200 prawns (I'm just freezing them for bait in the future and i certainly don't want 10L ). I throw a 4ft net (which i will be upgrading to a six foot soon as it is nearly worn out). Cheers Hamish