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Found 16 results

  1. Went for a walk along the jetty today to see if the water had started to clear up a bit after all the rain we have had, and saw this guy in the boat on the sand nearby, with the tide going out, might have to wait a while for a fish! . The other guy in the water had a better idea. Although in all honesty the boat had "Research" written on the side so probably working or something, but it just struck me as funny. The water is finally starting to clear up a bit and some baitfish are now turning up. It has been months since I saw any bait there because of all the rain and mud going into the bay.
  2. snap1946

    fish kill

    hi all what's killing all the fish at somerset dam big bass yellows and tillies on the banks and no fish is getting caught cheers snap
  3. Hi I’ve been doing some bait fishing in and around Canberra, particularly for Cod on cheese. I’ve been getting lots of bites but few hookups. This is on baitholder hooks and circle hooks. I tend to baitfish with rods in holders. I often get solid bites but no hookup. I’ve tried keeping the line tight, giving it some slack, setting the drag as I want it for the fight or setting it super loose to allow the fish to take the bait. Nothing helps. What am I doing wrong???
  4. Tuna are fish

    My Barra

    So I have a pet Barra, he’s about 1 year old and and 15 cm. He’s a bit small for his age I know, but just had a few questions about him, is it normal for him to gulp up a heap of rocks then spit them out. Also he cut himself on the head the other day and was just wondering if there is anything to do to help heal it quicker (the tank also has a ton of salt in for him) cheers
  5. I was fishing in a canal with a whole pilchard. It was just after sunset. I did not feel the bite or anything but I pulled up my bait because I was fishing landbased on top of this cage. I pulled up and I felt the weight. It started taking drag not fast but slow and heavy. It never suctioned to the bottom but had lots of weight. I have hooked countless stingrays and I've landed 60cm+ flat head but this felt different. It saw the land and went off the other way. It just kept swimming until it did one massive slow head shake like a bang bang. Then the hook popped out. It was like a 2 minute fight. I'm not sure what it was but left me questioning. Any ideas on what fish.
  6. Hey All, Just wondering if there are any reasonable spots around Brissy or GC when the whole family can go for the day so that the little kids can swim and play in the sand but I can also cast a line for bream, whiting or flathead? Basically everyone wins lol Cheers Brendan
  7. Hi all Heading to Bribie in late October to the Bongaree Caravan Park for a couple of weeks. Have a 12ft blow up with a 3.3hp. Looking for some fishing tips if you can share it would be appreciated. BB
  8. Should we be afraid? https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/fisheries/sustainable/harvest-strategy
  9. Hi, this is a bit embarrassing as myself (and my friend) are very new to fishing (as green as you can get), and first few trips we landed nothing (no surprises there) but then this weekend we finally got lucky and landed the below fishes. We thought they were Carp and therefore an invasive species (we didn't mind, was just glad we caught something finally) but then when I asked my friend, they said it looked like Perch or Bass, and then my parents said it might be bream (as you can tell, my friends and family are as hopeless as we are...) So what exactly did we catch? Thanks for any help in advance!
  10. Hi all It is warming up, and I know Summer is still quite a while away (well not really - a month and a half!), which is a bit scary seeing as though 2020 has gone that quickly! My question is now, what will you be targeting over this Summer. Some mackerel, big pelagics, or maybe some big estuary dwellers? I'll be going for the following - - Threadfin Salmon... It would be very frustrating if I couldn't get one of these fellas all Summer! - Bull Sharks.... I am going to try for a larger one than 80cm for sure and maybe try and eat one out of the river (maybe) - Cod.... A nice big river cod would be a good fish, and very possible as it seems these bite better in warmer months - Mangrove jack.... I will try for some river jacks with live baits on a overcast arvo. - Aussie Bass... My dad and I will take the yak to the Upper Brisbane because it is warming up and we can swim while we fish, Lol. ... And of course I will be flicking the odd plastic about for a flathead, or maybe a breambo. I just hope I can manage some good fish. Cheers Hamish P.S. I didn't really know what topic this could go in as most are a bit too specific.
  11. Can somebody tell me what fish these are. Think one mite be a venus tusk fish. No idea about the other Caught them a couple of Ks out from the Gold Coast seaway at the Pinnacles.
  12. Went out for a Saturday fish around the southern bay islands, hoping to pick up some snapper before the season close. We ended up picking up seven snapper, with five just under sized at 34cm, and two a little over 40cm (no pics sorry). I also caught this 50cm fish. At first I thought it was a mulloway, except its tail didn't look quite right. I also thought it might be a teraglin, but then I thought its head wasn't quite right. Either way he put up a good fight, especially when he got next to the boat. I took a pic and let him go on his way. Any ideas what this fish is? thanks Matt
  13. I sort of new to fishing been fishing for 1 year now i have a bit of experience but I want to get better .im been fishing with bread but now im starting to do more lure fishing so im looking for advice on that im mainly looking to target bream and flathead. i have already got a few soft plastics and hardbodies . I use a fishing diary and I’ve sort of figured out good times to go fishing. Every time i go fishing I always catch atleast 2-3 fish but are usually undersize bream but sometimes i catch good fish around 30cm btw i fish 2-3 hours a week and i know basic things like knots and tide changes and how they effects the fishing . My gear atomic arrowz bream surface rod 2pc - daiwa Aird LT 2000 with 6lb braid and a fluorocarbon leader between 4-8lb daiwa aird x 2-4kg 2pc - shimano sienna FE 2500 with 10lb braid and a fluorocarbon leader between 8-14lb go to knots uni knot to connect leader line to hooks and lures alberto knot to connect braid to leader oh and btw i did put this in the wrong topic section sorry about that and also spelling mistakes
  14. Hi Guys Im just wondering if anyone has fished for bass or anything near pallara/ forest lake. I have access to a kayak. Also what bait is good Cheers
  15. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a Shimano Saragosa 10000SW. I was wondering if I could fit it to my Diawa Monster Mesh 832XX. The rod is rated to PE 8 (80lbs). However, I only want to spool the reel with 50lbs power pro braid. Is the rod too heavy for the reel and line I wish to use, or should this work? Also, it says on the rod that it's casting weight is 200 grams. I was wondering if I could successfully throw 75-150 gram lures on this rod? * Please help, as I have already purchased the rod and will have to return it if you recommend otherwise. Thanks.
  16. Have just moved to Brighton and are after any spots around the area to fish. Fished the pine river this morning at Brighton park, got a couple of mid 40 flatties, but had to work for them. Any info would be great, have heard the pine is pretty hit and miss. Cheers
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