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      Found 19 results

      1. So I’m on holidays from tomorrow. Got the boat ready and the young boys are keen as mustard! Due to wind (not mine or theirs) bay is looking ordinary so we see are going to hit the Pine early. I’ve bought the boys baitcaster gear so will try soft plastics etc before cast netting for some bait or pump the sand banks on the low for live bait. Also dropping the pots in. Weekend saw 4 muddies for my first go although only one keeper. Report to follow!
      2. What a cracking day yesterday on the bay! Planned to use the light southerly winds and long period swell to hit the coffee rocks again with my 2 boys, but as I was going to be out all day decided to drop the youngest from the roster as he packs it in after a couple of hours. So hit Scarbs just before 7 (wasn't too bad at the ramp considering) and then headed north east. Was scratching my head as the wind was up a bit more than forecast creating a less than desirable ride. Did a quick check of the M4 but there was no bait so kept on moving as I had plenty of frozen yakka from the last trip. Freeman passage was breaking on either side but got through without too much trouble but always pay to hang off and check when you are in the middle of the tide change around there. Got to a couple of marks from before and dropped the motor guide. Plenty of fish on the sounder. Fished for a couple of hours moving around to not much luck. One small parrot was landed but the rest was whiptails and rubbish. Had a couple of good hits but nothing would stick. Decided this time round to not use the paternoster and go ball sinker to hook. Reckon I should have changed and maybe my luck would have improved. Son had a ball as he caught the parrot fish and also an occy that casually bit a hole in the bottom of the net and slinked away on the bottom of the boat! Wind had dropped off and was torn between going to the artificial but son was starting to feel a bit green so headed back via the M4 again to replenish the bait stocks. Coming back was awesome and really did match the forecast with it almost glass like. After 2 trips to the coffee rocks I am thinking I might spend a bit more time focusing on closer to home. I know I can hit the cockle banks and get a fee of whiting with a high chance of probability. Scarb / North Reef is really hard due to the boat traffic and small fishing window of early morning / early evening. Beacon bashing is almost over...and kind of get a bit bored sitting around a beacon with plenty of over boats. So what to do ... guess I should start using the Scout's pro's and focus on the southern bay islands and also The Pine. Even though I had a great day on the bay ... definitely feel a bit deflated with not a lot of fish for the efforts.
      3. Hi all, Finally got a small window - family wise and weather wise - to get out for a fish...feels like months but it has only been 3 weeks or so. Was going to hit it super early but decided to have a snooze in and have breakfast with the family before heading off around 7.30 for Scarborough. The weather was looking pretty good with only a blow up from lunchtime onwards. Ramp was a bit busy but still managed to get on the water at 8.30 and just decided to take it easy and headed to the mile in the hope of some Macks...but to be honest I just wanted to get the boat on the water and cruise with the new Merc 90CT...having only 3.5 hrs on it makes me itchy. Highly recommend anyone looking in the 90 bracket to take a look at the Merc as well....bloody awesome, quiet and definitely a bit more downstairs in the torque department compared to the Yamaha 90 - which is a great block as well...and my previously preferred choice. Bit of chop on the way out ... nothing the Scout couldn't handle at 28kts got to the mile and there was only one other boat there anchored. Did my stealth crawl in with the motor guide and just keep eyeballing the sounder seeing ridiculous sized schools going underneath me. I kept spinning but to no avail...moved around the beacon trying to get some livies which was hard going but got two small yakka ... both out on a live bait rig but never touched Spent about 2 hrs with not much to show at all. The other guys got some small Macks but nothing else. Plenty of birds on the surface too with schools blowing up here and there. Had to head home feeling a bit down but still had a cracking day... check out this sounder image it was like for most of the morning.
      4. Have heard some crazy reports that the prawns are back on and thick as s#$t! Thinking of hitting the Pine tomorrow or the weekend.
      5. Hi all, Been a while since I wrote anything beyond quick replies here and there. What you get for the start of the year and being to flat out already... BUT ... I have spent a fair amount of hours on the new old boat (thanks @Luvit for the advice on the Scout). Have to say I am still totally in love with this boat...took me 3 to get there but I am now. I know my decision to get an open bay FG boat was the right one for me now. I've been across the bay, cockle banks, north artificial and more recently spent a couple of outings in The Pine - trying to pick up the skin of soft plastic flatty fishing and checking possies out for Jews. But more importantly I've now had 2 sessions cast netting for prawns and I have to say if you haven't caught your own prawns before you have to give it a crack. I watched a stack of YouTube videos and still was pretty **** on a 8ft nylon but got a feed, second outing I started using a 10ft top pocket and upped my game. I can see how / why this is so addictive. Coming from down south where you can't use a cast net and spend hours wading through the run out on a full moon with a hand net .... well that is just shite. I've had a couple of comments about using the Scout for pawning but I just laughed and said I don't wear boat shoes so it is all good to get dirty and then just wash it out. Heading out this Saturday / Sunday to the reefs in the morning. Will post some photos and a report! Here are some recent photos over the last couple of months Tight lines all!
      6. Hi AFO'ers, Hit the nautical mile on Saturday to give the new MotorGuide and Merc90CT. Happy to report that both work well and the Scout is even better than before. I can now see why they say an electric will change your fishing forever. Being able to move around the beacon without anchoring quiet as a mouse is just awesome. So easy to catch live bait this way.. I was hoping to get onto some Macks but they seem to be somewhere else apart from a stray undersize. Had a couple livies get smashed hook line and sinker ... Then this ol' chap decided to grab and run...he / she might have been the original culprit as well. Doesn't look like a bull shark anyone got any ideas? Was released for another day. Pulled up stumps and headed towards Tangalooma to get some more hours on the engine. Could see some bust ups here and there but could get anything to take a bite. I knew the engine upgrade was the right choice when I was sitting on 4400 and was doing 26kts and had to keep checking the engine was on! Also love being able to use the Lowrance to control the motor guide ... bloody handy with that shark as I just hit a couple of arrows and took myself away! Not the most successful day but loved it anyway! Tight lines
      7. Okay still a bit early in the week but got pass out card for this weekend Saturday and maybe Sunday. Saturday not looking great for going wide unless the southerly blows through a bit earlier. Looking like it’s going to blow about 15-20kts...but I’ve got to take my mum and uncle out. Sunday looks like the pick but don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Will keep an eye out and keep the post going with the plan updates. Any ideas let me know
      8. Bit the bullet and bought a new sounder...the Lowrance run out sale is just too good to say no too. Did pick up a Carbon HDS3 9 Inch with Total Scan minus maps for $1699, but decided to skimp a little and get the EliteTI9 with totalscan and maps for $999. It's being installed as we speak and I am ready hit the water ASAP. But the wind forecast this weekend is looking less than ideal with +15kt northerlies forecast from lunchtime this Saturday. Will share where I end up and some pictures from the sounder fish or not... Maybe nautical mile might be worth hitting up early again ... thoughts? Hit me up
      9. Report from yesterday heading out from Scarborough to Cape Moreton then Hutchison Shoal Weather forecast kept getting better all week with Saturday morning looking like it would be perfect for a trip outside for some bottom bashing... been waiting for some decent conditions to stretch my legs and build some more confidence outside in the boat. So by Friday it was so good I almost thought about pulling the pin on work and heading out to stay overnight at Combo, but had too much on. Was so pumped still thought of heading out at 2-3am...but decided on a 5am push off at Scarbs. Had my Uncle has deckie and an experienced hand around Moreton so we both decided to head to tempest or Hutchies or just go straight north up the channel...still trying to work out the payoff in my head for time spent v fish in the esky and I still have minimum hours outside of the Northern Bay (even then I have only clocked up about 70-80 hrs in total - so much area still to explore close in) so a bit of flip flopping going on in my head. Stopped off at one of the beacons close to Bribie to get some livies ... happy to report there was plenty around and had about 12-5 assorted pike, herring, yakka. Couple of boats were chucking slugs around and it looked like one got a mack on a pillie floater and was thinking we might just anchor up for a while but then reminded myself today was the day to head further out. Was going to head straight to Hutchies but decided to stop by yellow patch (think it is anyway) and pulled in some more livies then headed off. Must admit the swell was a bit bigger than I was expecting ... definitely 1 to 1.5m I reckon and still a bit of wind around so it was a bit bumpy ... was cruising around 20kts though before opening it up to 25-7kts as we got closer. Must remember to hook in closer to the cape and then head straight north - seems to be less swell. As per usual you can see the boats going up and down between Hutchies and Flinders, but I was trying to figure out where to go as I had no marks. So did one drift to get the direction ... reset and started our NW - SE drifts. New sounder is awesome - even with Mr Novice at the controls. I decided on using ball sink to swivel and 50cm leader to gangs with either a livie or slab of fresh livie, uncles was on a store bought double paternoster and fresh frozen bay squid. Would have to say that for bottom bouncing this time round the paternoster was a winner and the squid even more. Strange as last time it sucked ... could have been the tide as we most probably hit the first our of the ebb when we go there First drift and uncle pulled in a Pearlie (just legal - and we nearly threw it back but I said the fridge is empty and is hungry so kept it), I got hit a couple of times but no luck. The sounder was showing tonnes of fish high up the water column, and some occasional marks on the bottom but still not sure what is what. Pretty sure there was a massive school of Macks beneath us a couple of times but couldn't get any hits on metal slices. So keeping to the rule of don't move if you are getting fish ... decided to keep doing the same track. Got some more reefies gold stripped snapper, trevally etc - but by this time my uncle was well and truely giving the reef his view of burley from a bent over position. He was out for the count and while I said we could head in he said he'd push through so I could keep fishing a bit more. Couple of more drifts with plenty of bait being taken but nothing hooked (using big hooks) and then I got absolutely taken to the cleaners that just pulled the line off for 10m and then left me with my swivel - might of been Dr Greynose. Catch of the day was the Gold Spot Pigfish landed by my uncle, I got one as well but dropped at the boat (you think I would have got the net re ady ... rookie). Couple of boats trolling back and forth and almost thought about it but still learning the fuel economy (150l tank) and with Uncle looking bad decided to call it at 11.15 and headed back in. Felt pretty good about the decision as we got 15m away from Scarborough you could see the wave tips getting white and then just past the tri pod beacon it was really blowing up - to the point I was getting spray across the wind screen! All in all great day with some more experience under the belt and feeling better about the boat. Should have taken some more pics but here is the pig... almost too beautiful to keep. The gold spot pig fish went 45cm and looking forward to heading it tonight (first time - so going to steam the fillets I think) How did everyone else go ? p.s My Suzuki DF140 (2008) was fully serviced at 195hr when I bought the boat, but while I was out there it would start then stop, then when I started it again it would go...anyone got any ideas? Also anyone got recommendations for trailer rust repairer around North Lakes? Just realised there is a hold on one of the cross beam struts I didn't see when I bought it.
      10. FINALLY got the chance to fish ... been a month and half and I am junkie in need of a hit bad...feel like the guy out of Trainspotting! Now the bloody hardest thing of all...where / what to do tomorrow. Weather is looking mighty fine wind wise for a trip to the top of the Cape and maybe up to Hutchies ... Or do I just see if there are any early Macks schooling up around the beacons...or try for some late season long tail... What to do what to do... Guys hit me with some suggestions.. Got a couple of things on tonight (beers) so most probably looking at a 530 - 6am blast off from Scarborough
      11. Hi All, Fingers crossed I get my boat back by Friday cause the weather is looking pretty good. Apart from good hauls of winter whiting I haven’t landed any of my target species like long tail, Spaniards etc. Not wanting marks (although appreciated....just general area ... need to upgrade). Was planning on just staying between Bribie and the Cape - think I’ve found some rocky areas but the current is a shocker. Normally drift trying to find the bites and then anchor but the current is crazy.
      12. TGIF everyone! Thought I would change from a post report to a plan and report in one post (hope this works. Weather is looking bloody awesome tomorrow morning for my 2nd attempt at getting out of the bay and onto to some reef. Still feeling conservative re fuel consumption so not planning on going all the way to Flinders / Hutchies or Tempest just yet, but think going a bit further than last week should be okay. So the plan is leave Scarborough around 6ish (sorry deckie is a late riser) and head straight out and fish around the deeper areas of Comby point and find some good marks for rock to build up some knowledge. Question: is it safe to navigate from the point around to Yellow Patch? Any other ideas please let me know
      13. Happy Long Weekend all Moreton Bay and Redland Bay residents! Got the permatrim fitted to the DF140 on Friday to help keep it my new- old boat on the plane better and keep her from bouncing. Definitely made a difference although there wasn't a lot of swell to go through....oh yeah back to the report. Gentlemans hours again so got to Scarborough ramp around 715 and after waiting a bit since there is only one ramp in operation headed out around 7.45. Mates were out on the Cockle banks so headed to them to test the boat... They were getting some winter whiting and while I was not super keen (bit tired of them ... bit selfish I know) stayed around for a bit but then pulled up stumps to try for northern side of the Moreton Island. First time out this far but got a bit nervous so really only stayed just before the Venus banks area...still not sure of how shallow the areas is and wasn't 100% on the fuel / tank / consumption yet so still wanted to play it safe. Current was insane~! Some good structure but only kept getting whiplash, small sweetlip (grass emperors), hussar and also a cod (think it's a red cod? - returned) Did plenty of southeast to northeast drifts...had to as the current just rips through and at the end of the drift the swell really picked up. Headed back with empty esky but more experience in the area. Not sure if the fuel guage as it went from 3/4 full to 1/4 by the time we got's a concern. Going to try for tomorrow morning. Any tips please let me know!
      14. Morning all, Just a quick report as I am about to head right again now. Plan was to take the new boat out past Cape Moreton (first time for me), but had to abort. Chop was fine although bit more than expected. That wasn't the issue. No matter what I did I just couldn't get the boat from porposing the while time. Played with the trim, speed moved some stuff around and still no joy whatsoever. So headed to Curtain for the first time. Plenty of boats already on the anchor so did a couple of drifts to get the feel then anchored up over a wreck and landed some monster bat fish (think that's what they are see picture.) Couldn't get anything else so pulled the pin and decided to see if I might get lucky with the Kings at Tanga's. Let's just say that there was a s@#$%load of undersize pinkies everywhere ... but I hooked up to a King ... Slight problem though... It had snaffled the pinky on the live bait rig ... tried to play it (as I was laughing my arse off)... 30 seconds of later Mr King said f@#k this and snap. Still fun though. Boat already on the mark already laughed as well...he had been busted off 3 times already. I couldn't get another hit but saw one of the other guys hookup only to be busted off. Pulled stumps and headed back to Scarborough in a bouncy bloody boat ... not matter what I did. Arse is just too heavy ... Will see how she goes this morning with just me in it. Going to take some bricks with me to see if I can balance the front out, otherwise kinda not sure what to do next... 1. Take it back and see what the dealer can do 2. Hyrdrofoil? 3. Tabs? @demarc how did you go mate ?
      15. What a day in the Northern Bay! Wanted to go out Saturday but had a couple of things on but got the boat out yesterday with the entire family for a spot of fishing. Launched from Scarborough and headed straight to Cockle Banks for some easy fishing with the kids and the boss. Moved a couple of times as there was nothing biting ... usual rule of thumb baits soaked for longer than 10mins without a hit maybe I am just impatient. Was fishing just after the high and decided with the wind to hit the edge of the banks and bingo! Non stop Winter Whiting mayhem! Kids and the boss had a ball, although as the tally started to climb I was only thinking of the filleting work left for yours truely! There were some solid ones going 25+ that really smashed the baits. Funny that we didn't get one flathead ... but it I don't think the bait was in the water long enough. How did everyone else fair? I heard Saturday was a cracker in the bay too...this weekend looks pretty good on the long range forecasts
      16. Not a bad day on the bay at all if I say so myself fellow AFO members Second weekend I have been out and it has well been worth the effort (although today was easy going) No.1 son couldn't been shaken out of sleep but no.2 was up and ready to go with a massive grin on his dial and just said: "maybe it's because he want's me to have some time just with you Dad!" Just smiled and said "I reckon you are right son so wanna go bag some fish?" To which I got another big grin and nod! Just what fatherhood is all about and makes you forget about the other 95% of the time you want to throttle them Anyways ... bacon n egg roll and a hot milo later we headed for a 6.30 on the water date with Scarborough. Perfect morning with just a slight breeze (although bloody chilly) problems at the ramp and we were off to the cockle banks. It paid big dividends again with my son on to his first fish on the first drop and in comes a nice winter whiting. Spent the morning drifting back and forth and could have bagged out but left a couple and headed home for the wonderful job of filleting 40+whiting and a couple of flathead. Would have loved to head further out but fishing with your kids is just about as good as it gets...just hope they repay the favour when I can't handle a boat by myself and am pissing into a bottle 6 times a night To top everything off ... I get home and the says who caught all the fish to which my son says "why me of course Mum! Dad did catch a couple but it must have been when I was asleep!!" Bloody awesome ... might try tomorrow morning wide if I can get up though.
      17. Got to admit I love fishing with light gear in 4-5m of crystal clear water with almost no wind and the sun shining! That was my Sunday in the Northern Bay...oh yeah and plenty of winter whiting to throw into the mix On the water by 6 at Scarborough thanks to a mate joining ... makes using my auto hitch worth the $500! Wanted to see if we could get into some Snapper on the north reef with the SW and outgoing tide. Plenty of boats already anchored up with lines heading towards the Tripod Beacon so opted for a couple of drifts across the shallows between the reef and Redcliffe. Not much luck so anchored and and started a pilchard trail...10 mins later Bream everywhere! Couple of keepers (just) but threw them back for another day. Was getting past 8 and thought we might try the measured mile but decided to drop into Redcliffe first to get a coffee and B&E bad boy - very civilised must say pulling up to the beach and getting breaky Started to head east to the beacons but could see it was going to get a bit bumpy and this late in the year most probably meant we would be bobbing around for not a lot. Thought about the wind and pretty confident there was going to be whiting headed north for cockle banks and do some light line fishing and just chilling out... Plenty of boats around and the bay really turned on one of those days that makes it so awesome! Heaps of whiting around ... just drifted south to much fun on 2-4kg kit just love it! Was using squid strips and cured worms (shop bought) and everything got smashed including lots of smoked a couple of times - brings a massive grin to my dial every time on this light stuff! Only took about 10 home between but could have bagged out if we wanted to. Might hit it next week too as whiting is always welcome by the kids in my house!
      18. Well...that didn't go the way I was hoping given all the hype around a great day for heading offshore. Left Scarborough around 6.15am (bit later than I had hoped) and headed towards the northern beacons M4 etc (first time) hoping to get into some Macks. Then was planning on heading a bit further out and try a couple of the reefs. Was only 10 mins into the trip and started to hit the chop and was getting thrown around a fair bit ... must off been the SW pushing against the incoming tide. Decided to push through but by the time I got the main channel I felt flogged plus it was blowing a bit. Slight change of plans as I was on my own so headed to M4 to see if anything was around ... donuts and then hit every beacon on the way to Tangas...nothing but small pinkys and it was pretty bouncy so decided to sit at Tangas for a bit but current was ripping through. Couple of drift past the cars to no avail...someone was already parked on top So headed off to the measured mile...plenty of bait fish around but only 2 boats and the one tied off to the beacon had been there for 4 hours for nothing. Stayed for an hour to get some more bait for the freezer then pulled up stumps and headed for home. Stopped on the way to get a feed of whiting then waited 15 mins at the ramp it was that busy. Home by 2.30 and totally flogged...seriously got to myself a boat that I can trust in the chop... How did everyone else go? p.s. sorry Northside ... nothing to contribute really to the comp
      19. A mate of mine has a 5.15m bow rider that he uses a lot in the broadwater and has been nagging me to take him fishing in it. With lots of success with thanks to people like @Tybo and @tugger and @benno573 and @demarc and @aussie123 and @Angus Sorry if I forgot someone. With light winds and small swell we decided to hit the group off Point Lookout. Low tide was early so had to wait a little bit to cross the South Passage bar. The light winds and small swell made for a pretty simple and safe crossing even in the far from ideal bar crossing boat. We tried for some livies at shag rock with no luck so towed some spoons on paravanes from shag to the group. Thanks for showing me this @Tybo and @aussie123. Small Bonito and Mac tuna were thick. We had multiple double hook ups and kept a few for bait. There were dozens of Manta Rays lolling on the surface right near the group. So hoping that some cobia were amongst them we threw some slugs around them with no luck. Back to trolling and we got a really nice school mac that went over 70cm... (not sure how the tail got knocked off and also a PB schoolie for me) and a lot more bonnies and little tuna. So time for an anchor at Boat rock. It was really quiet today. Got a few small grassies and a stack of spikey cod that all went back. I put a much smaller sinker on and float lined a slab of bonito down. It eventually hit the bottom and I hooked something bigger. We were fishing heavy so wasn't much of a challenge but I was glad to pull in a nice big squire over 55cm... (when does a squire become a snapper????) I floated a pilly and a gar out the back. The gar got smashed but it missed the hooks and didn't come back for a second look The wind had properly dropped off and the tide change produced no more fish so a bit more trolling. This time we used bibbed lures. Halco lazer pro in clasic white with red head and x -rap deep diving bibbed in a pilchard colour to try and get past the little tuna/mac. Sadly this didn't work although we had a large fish on when we trolled in front of North Gorge on Straddie but it spat the hooks. Its a bit tricky in front of point lookout at the moment. There were some odd waves breaking for no apparent reason in deep water so we kept our distance. The wind was predicted to pick up and one of the guys was complaining that he haddn't had breakfast so we headed back. The tide was much fuller now so the crossing was pretty simple although the 5.15 bow rider only has a 70hp 4 stroke Yamaha and was a bit under powered IMHO and struggled to get back onto the back of a wave when it fell back a bit in the sloppy bits. The bar is much further north than when I went out a few weeks ago. The gutter that ran along Flinder's wasn't there. Its quite pronounced and heads pretty much straight out from the last shark buoy (maybe a little north) 7/12/2017. I showed the boys Myora Spring. It was full of people so we didn't go close. Stunning spot at high tide. Then we went and had some prawns and oysters at Little Ship Club before bumping through the freshening sea breeze back to Cleveland. So only 2 fish to take home but it is such a stunning place especially when the wind is down. I feel very lucky that this is on our doorstep and really privileged to have been taken out there a few times with the very generous @tugger Interesting for me there is NO whales out there at the moment. After seeing so many for so long it was really strange haha. Glad they are back.