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  1. https://www.fishingworld.com.au/news/nsw-introduces-flathead-slot-limit?fbclid=IwAR12Nnk_z53xduzRrFRyNSsGJgt1yHteTojl5dcLKy85s0dwYDgKuoes3io NSW now has introduced 36 to 70cm on Flathead just like QLD has had for a while now. I have not been privy to the science but if it makes it a healthier fishery and we all get to eat flatties I am all for it. Many years ago, before the slot limits and before I knew about flathead changing sex, I caught and ate a 97cm version. Full of roe.... Skin was tough as nails and the meat was hard and not very tasty. I have eaten large whiting (45cm) and it was similarly not very delicious. I don't do this now. Anyone got info/opinion on the breeding of big female flatties and if slot limits are doing their job? @Daryl McPhee
  2. Yesterday I had to spend the day on the GC as one of the kids had a Birthday Party to attend. The plan was to fill in time in the morning going Beach Worming - try salting some for later use. But I couldn't stand the thought of not going for a fish so packed the rods etc in the car. We knew we might be a bit late for the tide for worms and only managed two before giving up and, to my disgust paying for live bait at the local tackle Shop. Brett dropped me at Shearwater park while he took the kids to the Birthday party. I managed to catch a small winter Whiting and decided it might make a good live bait so emptied the little belt bucket and popped it in some water. I spent a little time trying in vain to catch some more whiting/Bream etc with the worms but no joy. Brett arrived back with the eldest who wanted to go somewhere with a playground so we headed to Coombabah Creek where I caught another small winter Whiting. I changed hooks and put one on as live bait, sat back had a smoke and drink and was about to move the bait saying I was bored and there was no action - Brett said you should move the bait . I started winding in slowly so I could cast it back out toward the sand/mud bank again and then the drag started going. At first I thought it was a snag, then a stingray, then after a minute or two fight was pleased to bring up the Flattie. Was careful to keep the rod tip down because I had a feeling it want hooked well. Drag was very light. As I dragged it the couple of metres through the mud it spat the hook. My foot secured it for tea. I immediately cast the remaining live to the same spot and waited a few minutes the bait was swimming hard and then, although the drag didn't move I had a feeling the bait might have something larger wrapped around it - so I started a careful retrieve and felt some weight and then the drag started again. I landed the second Flattie and job done. Fresh Flattie for tea. Filleted in the dark in a hurry cause was dark and late for kids tea. Worst filleting job ever - so we got a small portion of some unknown fish out of the freezer to supplement. All in all a great day - got exercise, sea air, muddy feet and fresh fish.
  3. Hi all, Here's a very brief report of my day trip on the Noosa River. Recently, I went up the Sunshine Coast to see some relatives, and took up the opportunity to head out for a quick flick in the 30 minutes I could. When I arrived to the spot I fished on my previous Noosa trip with @AUS-BNE-FISHO, I noticed that the water was very dirty and brown, unlike the usual blue. This may have been due to the recent rain. It's important to note I was also fishing a low tide. It was also very choppy, as a bunch of jetskis were mucking around nearby. Lots of families were bait fishing all along the shore. It didn't look promising at all, especially considering the little luck the families were getting with bait. After fishing up one side of the give or take 250 metre shoreline (it's a long pathway that is located on an esplanade), I had no luck. I was feeling down when the strong currents kept pushing my lure (2.5 inch baitjunkie minnow) around on the sand and I couldn't keep in control of the lure. I walked down about 70 metres to an inviting sand flat that was calmer than further up the shore and no one was fishing on it. First cast I chucked my lure in and worked it for about 10 seconds before pulling out my phone to answer some texts from @AUS-BNE-FISHO Lol All of a sudden i felt a tug on my line and I thought I was snagged (I would never have believed to catch a fish this quickly) and I reeled in some line, only to feel some exciting runs and decent head shakes. To my disbelief, a fish had simply taken the lure just as I stopped working it, as it might've landed right on its head, or it had followed it until it stopped. I was on a fish! And it was a good one too! After the fun little fight, I'd brought a nice flatty into shore! Here's a quick pick I took of the fish. NOTE: I'm aware that the brag mat was folded up at the end, and I estimated that there's roughly 5cm added onto the actual length. See, I had actually put the fish on there properly until it flapped about and messed everything up. Lol. Although the mat says 54-55cm, the fish was really about 48-49. Still a good size for my books, considering I've only recently been actually catching fishing on lures! All in all, I was very grateful to be able to catch this fish in the small period of time I had, especially considering the environment/conditions. Thanks for the quick read - Charlie
  4. Hi All, here's my first proper report! This report will be about a weekend Noosa trip I went on with @AUS-BNE-FISHO , primarily fishing with lures and doing some live bait fishing. DAY 1: Hamish and I arrived at our Noosaville waterfront Airbnb at around 4pm. We both got straight to fishing. Hamish and I brought our lighter lure rods, live bait rods, and a cast net down to a jetty directly in front of our property. After a few throws of the cast net, Hamish caught about 10 bait size herring and a couple silver biddies. We quickly cast out our baits with light leaders and circle hooks. While waiting for the fish to bite the bait, Hamish and I casted our lures around. I used a little grub, which got followed up to the surface by a little trevally, but unfortunately didn't hook up. From memory, Hamish casted around little bassday sugapen or some other surface hardbody, with no luck. Regardless of the copious amounts of bait busting up all around us, our livies didn't get a touch. We continued to fish the jetty until dinner (around 9 pm), with no other action. However, we did notice an artificially lit bridge within walking distance that looked promising. There were lots of pylons, little rocks, and ok water depth. It seemed fishy. After dinner, we walked down with our lures (no bait), and fished in and around the pylons. We saw a big ray cruising down in the shallows which freaked both of us out. Lol. I didn't have any luck fishing the same 2.5 inch grub as I did on the jetty, but Hamish caught a tiny 25cm ish flatty almost right below him. I don't remember what he caught it on, but it was some sort of a little Zman or Baitjunkie plastic. After about half an hour of fishing under the bridge, we headed home and went to bed. DAY 2 Hamish and I had an early start today, waking up at about 5:15 AM. We walked a couple kilometres and fished a few Noosa River beachside spots that a mate had recommended to Hamish. We were both using some plastics casting in and around boats, and the flats. However, we didn't have much luck. After about 40 minutes of fishing the spots, we headed back home. On the way home, we fished some boat hire marinas directly on the Noosa River. Casting out about 20 metres near some boats, I caught 3 30cm ish flatties on my 2.5 inch mudblood minnow baitjunkie on a 1/8th #2 jighead. This was my highlight of the trip, because although they were small, they were my first 3 proper fish on lures! I was as happy as could be, and it was obvious Hamish now had a bit of motivation too. He casted around the same sort of area and hooked up to a 27cm bream on his Zman lure in "houdini" colour from memory. We had both caught fish on lures by now, and were pretty happy. My Flatties We headed home for breakfast at around 9:30am. After lunch and a rest, Hamish and I got curious and explored for new nearby spots. Walking down a path we came across this very sketchy, but promising looking bridge. Along the way we also noticed a sort of mini dam, that regulated the water in the main body where our property and jetty was. There was also a traffic stop type thing for boats passing through from the noosa river into the canals. No wonder the canals were so calm, and shallow: We both realised that the canals weren't tidal and were instead just human-regulated bodies of water. Hence why our livies weren't bit on day 1: it wasn't likely any decent fish were actually swimming about in there. Back to the promising bridge, and Hamish casted right under and just slow rolled his baitjunkie. I was a few metres away when I heard a yell from Hamish and the scream of his reel. Hamish had hooked up to something big! I walked over, to see it was a huge flatty that had smacked the lure from the deep. Hamish had fought it to shore, but we didn't bring a net, as we were just sussing out the spot. So I had to use Hamish's shirt and stick my hand down the flatties big gob to land it. I was super happy for Hamish. I had taken him on a trip and he caught a great fish. We both felt like we had personally succeeded now! @AUS-BNE-FISHO's high 60's flatty! It was now early afternoon, and Hamish, my dad and brother, and my myself decided to go fishing at popular bridge. We had no luck on lures, but we caught some moses perch, bream, and butter bream on prawn and worm. We then headed to the noosa spit for a late arvo flick. My dad and brother fished for whiting off the beach while Hamish and I casted lures all around the joint. I didn't have any luck but Hamish caught a nice first cast bream on the sand flats. Bream DAY 3 Today was the day to leave. We had caught fish, and had plenty of fun. Hamish and I didn't go fishing in the morning, instead we walked to a nearby Tackle World and picked up some Zman plastics and jigheads. Other than that, the morning was uneventful and we headed back down to Brisbane. CONCLUSION Thanks to everyone who read the report. Hope you enjoyed the read!
  5. I decided to brave the 20kn southerly forecast and dirty water and go for a bit of a flick on the kayak on Sunday morning. Launched just on sunrise and deployed three lures and went for a troll up the creek to see if anything much had changed after the recent deluge. Few extra snags here and there but generally not too bad. The water was still very dirty but the tide was dead low so i hoped for better things to come. I was pleasantly surprised when my zerek tango shad had a solid enquiry which turned out to be a bream just on 30cm. my mate who was with me loves eating bream so it was added to the esky on his behalf. shortly after a flathead in the mid 30's decided the pontoon21 crackerjack looked too good, he was let off with a warning. I headed back down the creek to catch up with my mate to see how he was going and randomly got a decent hit right in the middle of the creek, a 48cm flattie soon found its way into my esky. my mate had happened upon a cracking bream at 34cm and an unders flathead. I then headed down a bit further where i had some luck last trip, i got another bream just under 27cm, he was released, and then a 42cm flathead took a liking to the 80mm yozuri, he was also added to the esky. i then headed back upstream and searched around. my zerek tango shad got absolutely nailed by something the ripped a heap of line off but unfortunately didn't stay connected. the lure was returned unharmed, guess the hooks pulled. I then hooked up to a 46cm flattie which made it into the esky as well. after this things went very quiet. i picked up a 20cm whiting on the crackerjack and a flattie at about 30. We called it at 10:30 and headed back home, each with a feed for sunday dinner. only took one photo as the phone was left in the car. good to see a few fish - first time on the water in nearly 2 months!
  6. Hey everyone, just wondering best flathead lures, and how to use them. Also, recommend some sorts of areas I should be fishing. (I am in the sunshine coast at the moment) THANKS!
  7. Hey everyone, I am currently staying up in noosa (river), and am wondering if anyone knows any good spots especially for flathead and jacks, because fishing has been slow on plastics and hardbodies for me so far.
  8. Just a quick report. I had a few hours around the rainbow channel last weekend with Angus. We were flicking 4 inch soft plastics around the sandy patches on the drop off on the Western side of the Rainbow. We came across one spot where the flatties were schooled up. There were at least 12 in the spot some were huge. Not quite busting up haha but they did spook easily in the shallows that were just over ankle deep water at times. We dropped more than we landed but kept 4 and released one that we weren't sure if it was too big. 2 of the ones we dropped were very large flathead. One of the medium versions jumped straight out of the net! On the way back we had a flick on the north side of Peel just outside the green zone near the Lazaret and picked up some nice little squire and a grassie. The sandy was just swimming past. Just his unlucky day I suppose. Here are some pics
  9. Hi all, headed out for a kayak trip with a mate with flathead being the main target. Arrived at spot a and was greeted with appalling conditions… Although the lack of breeze did mean a serious bath in 40% deet was required immediately! the water looked dirty and a quick trip down to spot x proved this to be the case. Given it was just after high and the dirty water would only get worse, I made the call to move to a different spot about 40 min drive away. we loaded up and then re-launched at spot b. The tide here was almost dead low and the water looked much cleaner. We both had hits fairly shortly after launching with no hook ups. The tide started to push in a bit and I decided to try old faithful pontoon 21 crackerjack 55 which has delivered the goods repeatedly over time. About 50m into the troll I had a good hit and soon landed the first for the day at 46cm. I explored a bit more and other than 4 pike and a crab pot had no further interest. A spot that had looked likely on the low tide now had enough water over it and sure enough I was on again with a tango shad accounting for a mid 30’s model which was released, shortly after the crackerjack got whacked hard and a much more solid weight came on the line. I then landed a 54.5cm model which was released straight into the esky. By now I was being very greedy and trolling 3 lures behind the yak which is fine if you are going fairly straight - it has 4 rod holders after all. This allows you to use different colours and sizes in the same area and work out what works on the day. I had a good hit on my heavier rod with a larger yozuri 80mm lure nicknamed the slayer and a nice 50cm model was boated. I then went to retrieve the tango shad and it got nailed on about the second turn of the handle. A nice 45cm model was added to the net and some serious “sorting stuff out” ensued with two cranky flathead on my lap. I trolled around the area a bit more but couldn’t get another hit so went exploring further upstream. I was trolling along a mangrove edge past some likely looking drains with no luck. I then went past a larger feeder creek with bait everywhere and just felt like something would happen. Sure enough the crackerjack got nailed. The last fish of my bag came in at 51cm. After boating this one, it managed to do a half back somersault with pike out of the net and embedded one hook of the second treble firmly into my calf. Never had a flathead been pinned so quickly! Thankfully the other treble fell out of the fish in the process which just left me with a lure hanging out of my leg. At this point, I realized the pliers were not on board anymore (an accidental donation to the fishing god) and my mate with his pliers was about 500m away against the current. Pedaling a hobie with a treble in your calf is certainly less than comfortable and also creates a decent shark burley trail. Managed to wave him over from about 100m away and the treble was successfully removed - thankfully in one swift attempt. I kept trolling my way back to the launch point as my mate had plenty of room in his bag that I was happy to try and fill. Two more undersized flatties were landed and subsequently released. all in all, a cracking day out exploring an entirely new system and the fillets make 4 feeds for the family which is a good result. Thanks for reading cheers, benno
  10. So a bit over a week ago I picked up an Ally Craft Avalon 395, 25hp merc sea pro, 54lb motorguide cable steer setup for $2500. It needed a good clean as it didn't present well and had say mostly un-used for the last 5 years, but the motor had 145psi in each cylinder, leccy worked and didn't notice any hull issues. We cleaned her up, bolt mounted the outboard (was only clamped), changed the gearbox oil, greased her nipples, new spark plugs, put in a Lowrance Fish2 7xTS that I nabbed for $250, picked up a 100ah lithium deep cycle for $749 (100a sustained discharge rated), replaced the rego stickers. Still going to/have to do the water pump based on time since it was last done for piece of mind, probably in a few weeks once the parts arrive. After that we'll look into giving the trailer a refurb. It's usable, but the usual things like springs, U bolts etc are all a fair bit rusty and I doubt the wheel bearings have been looked at for a while... good project for my son and I to sink our teeth into. Anyway, we hit the maroochy river on sunday and in spite of the mass amount of boat (and jet ski.. so many jet skis) traffic we still managed to boat 3 flatties including a double hookup. The day was more about putting the boat through its paces anyway. She's not as nice as my last boat, but I'm very very happy with it. Pics are prior to being cleaned up... for what its worth.
  11. Hi all. So I just got my car back from the shop, after burning a MASSIVE hole in my bank account. With Christmas coming I decided to limit my spending, which meant no big trips to land based spots around SEQ, and staying home. However the fishing craving never subsides... the addiction is too strong... SATURDAY I had never tried the closest body of water to my house being Enoggera Creek behind the RBWH, so I decided to give it a crack with some bread on light bream gear after seeing some of @curranboy99's posts up at Kedron Brook. So a shout out to him, as without his post I wouldn't have a report to post, thanks mate. I walked down yesterday afternoon with a loaf of white and gear in hand, to the the spot just under the Lutwyche Road foot bridge. I decided to aim for structure, hoping for some bream. Rather than using a float set up, I decided to option for a weightless single hook setup instead. I was using my new Stradic 1000HG, Gloomis DRS820 GLX, Sunline Super PE 8 braid in 6lb with a meter of 12lb leader tied on with my altered slim beauty knot, and a size 4 Penetrator hook. The tide runs slowly this far up the system, and it was halfway through the run-out tide. I used the crust of the white bread to burley up the water, then compressed pieces of the white center into a small ball, hid the hook inside the bait, and threw out in with the burley. At first there was no action, until a few minutes later a heap of bait were fighting over the burley. From what I saw it was small mullet, and maybe some small herring, but I can not be sure. So i decided to throw in just behind the bait, in the hope some larger fish were in behind, trying to have a crack at the live bait. Within a few seconds of my bread hitting the water, it was hit pretty hard, and the fish ran out to the middle of the creek. It didn't get far, as my setup is a litter overpowered for the smaller fish species, but very fun with the right drag settings. I ended up landing a very healthy catfish. After 4 more, I called up my brother-in-law to come down from our place to have a crack as well. Over the next few hours we ending up going through the whole loaf, and landing roughly 15 catfish. While not a desirable fish, it was still a very fun session in the rain. i believe the biggest one for the day went 38cm. SUNDAY After a successful session the day before, my brother-in-law decided to step it up and get some pilchards. So around 9.00am we headed down to the same spot again, this time aiming to fish the last of the run-in tide. With a small bag of frozen pilchards and a couple pieces of bread, we decided to use all the bread first to see if we could find the catfish again first. This time however, my brother-in-law after two casts with bread, produced two very healthy BREAM!. His first was not legal, however the second went 28cm strong. This got me excited as I love chasing bream on light gear, however all I could produce was another 5 catfish. After the bread was gone, we swapped to cubing up the pilchards into 1.5 cm chunks, hiding the hook in the flesh around the back-bone, and casting in on the same rig setup. After only landing 2 catfish between us in about an hour, we deiced to move further upstream to a pedestrian bridge near the dog park at Downy Park. We used the same setup however targeting deeper water surrounded by mangroves, hoping for something more toothier. First cast in, and straight away I get a hit and weight on the line. At first I thought it was a big catty, but as it surfaced we were shocked to see a decent sized FLATHEAD! I was very appreciative of my decision to not go ultra light at this point... After my initial shock, I quickly realised I couldn't lift this girl up to the bridge we were standing on, so while keeping her head in the water (VERY important with flatties), I swam her over towards the bank on the Windsor side of the foot-bridge and landed her, JUST. As I got her out of the water, the leader snapped.... After a quick pick myself, and a local walking past who caught all of the action, I decided not to eat her and we let her go. I very rarely keep fish, however now and then I will keep the odd tailor or Flathead as I love the gamy flesh. Today I decided against it, mainly because I didn't know how healthy the ecosystem is in the river, and I don't want to take a bigger breading female and predator out of the system. I'm all for sustainability. After this not much happened. In the next 2 hours the tide stopped and turned, and still nothing. Using the last of the pilchard we had just cut up, I ended up getting one more catfish, and then to my surprise, a decent sized TAILOR!! Again I was shocked, but this one I think would had just been shy of legal size, so i decided to try pole it up to where we were standing on the bridge. However this time the leader did not hold up, and it snapped as I watched the tailor swim away to fight another day. Sorry for the lack of photos, it was raining mostly all weekend and I only had my phone so I did not want to get it too wet. All in all a good weekend. I was left in disbelief as after catching 4 different species and a couple legal fish, left me thinking I may have to seriously reconsider why I travel hundreds of kilometers in the search of fish, when such a fun time can be had literally a couple hundred meters from my house. Thanks for reading.
  12. Last Tuesday the fishing weather gods aligned and the BF managed to get the day off work. We headed to the GC Seaway departing from South Maclean about 2.30am. Unfortunately had a couple of stops to make before launching at the Spit boat ramp so the sun was already coming up when we launched. The bar crossing was a non-event as the weather, tide and swell was almost perfect. I logged our trip by phone - my first time logging a trip. The plan was to return about 3pm. We headed to the 36 fathoms found a bait ball on the sounder and I dropped my Sabiki bringing up a minimum of four slimy mackerel each drop. Once I had dropped the bait jig three times we decided we had enough live bait for the time being. We dropped a live bait and another two rigs with squid at the same spot. No joy. We hit another mark or two close by and did a drift or two, again with no joy! It was difficult to find bottom, the current was raging through despite the reports otherwise. We decided to head back in a little and fished one of the FAD's. My first drop I felt a couple of small taps, felt like I might have had a couple of bait fish on (Paternoster rig with two dropper hooks - No. 5/0 for snapper). Pulled up a baby flatty and another barely legal (the latter released to the Esky to accompany the whiting fillets in the freezer). The next few drops we both pulled up small flatties. Other smaller reef fish were landed and then the BF got wrapped around the FAD by an unidentified fish. We decided to move further in and head South East to a couple of marks. The first mark produced some decent snapper after a few drifts, my PB, which measured 50cm on the boat and had shrunk a couple of cm by the time he hit the Bragmat! I also got a 37cm one and a couple of unders. The BF got a couple of unders, a 60cm (again it had shrunk by the time it hit the Bragmat). On the last drift the BF hooked a monster that he swears was a Snapper, it peeled off the drag and unfortunately the hook pulled. I have never heard so many choice words erupting from his mouth! The F word continued every few minutes all the way home! Lol. All of you know this feeling I am sure. For the first time offshore on C-Jay with no marks of our own I thought the trip was very successful - I feel another addiction coming on!
  13. Hi AFO,ers I am after some suggestions on a new whiting rod and reel. For both land and boat based fishing (not for surf beaches). Ideally it should be something that can handle the Flattie bycatch too. But predominantly bait fishing for whiting. One of my land based fisho mates on the GC has a Catana (8ft I think) spooled with 8lb braid and he regularly outfishes me in terms of the size of whiting - 37, 38, 39's. Probably technique mostly but I do regularly catch 30 to 35cm whiting (although not recently - still getting used to boat fishing). But I have had a fish with his outfit and I do like it but was hoping for similar in a shorter rod. The rod I currently use was a much appreciated hand me down from a friend and is a good all rounder but definitely not whippy - blackhawk Ecooda have it paired with my Nasci 2500. Any suggestions of a rod and reel pairing/combo would be appreciated. Preferably ones that are readily available to check out at a local tackle shop . Cheers Kat
  14. After having an offshore charter trip off Fraser cancelled due to bad weather, @benno573 and I went for a whiting trip down the Pin area. We launched at 5.30 and the tide was perfect for pumping yabbies. Benno is much better at this than I, so I left him to pump while I gathered this time. We did a quick troll for some flatties and Benno landed a legal one just over 41cm. We tried about half a dozen spots during the day, with plenty of bream and stingrays annoying us, but one spot stood out with this elusive beauty - coming in at 41.5cm and thick - you couldn't get your hand all the way around it. Other notable catches were a nice 50+ flattie on yabbie and a clutch of solid mid 30's whiting. So that's 3 over 40 for the day. We've had more productive days but it was good nonetheless and we managed a feed and scratched the itch left over from missing the charter.
  15. Hi all I was lucky enough to be invited out for the second time in the school holidays on Brian's ( @ellicat's ) boat, along with Steve ( @Old Scaley ). Kat ( @Kat ) was also coming along in her boat, and the plan was to meet at the ramp at about 7. It was a public holiday, so we did think it would be busy. After meeting up at 6 and driving to the ramp at Jacob's Well (and stopping at Gem Bait and Tackle for live worms) we were putting the boat in a bit before 7. We decided to head off and meet Kat on the water, so after a short boat ride through the vast expanse of mangrove lined saltwater we had arrived at the first chosen location. We all cut up some worm and lowered our baits into the water. This was the weather for the whole day. It was windy but that kept us cool at least! After a short period of time and a few little nibbles, Steve began the day with a small whiting. I followed suite shortly after, and a bit more time passed. Brian nailed a little one now, as well. I gave my worm a big cast, and after about five minutes I had a better hit on my rod. This fish was pretty decent, and we were all happy to see a 41CM flatty surface beside the boat. After a bit of mucking after dehooking and brain spiking it, he was quickly released to the esky. Yum! I retied my hook and trace, and then got another bit of worm out. This time, my line was smashed! It was a good bite, but I called it for something little. That was until it got near the boat. My little 2500 sized reel began to feel the sheer strength of this large fish of some sort as it tugged hard on the end. It ran down deep and in it's desperate bid of freedom to escape almost tangled in the prop. Luckily, Brian expertly slid the net under the large whiting just before it could escape. We were all excited - it went 34CM on the measuring stick. That's a new PB for me. Woohoo!!! Good Whiting At this spot, we all got a couple more nibbles, and if my memory serves me correctly, Steve and Brian pulled in some more undersize whiting. It got pretty quiet here though, which was a bit of a bummer, but we moved on to a spot that had proved successful before. After a long and treacherous voyage where sandbars and anchored boats were treated like the balls in a game of dodge ball, we were there. The anchor was dropped and our worms were deployed. We were running low, so some of the frozen worms were used. Unfortunately, despite upping the sinker size, and braving it out in the wind, we could not entice any fish whatsoever. Around this time, Kat came along in her boat, and we met up. We all hatched a plan to go to a nearby spot where we could beach the boat. We drove here, had a quick chat, and planned the rest of the day. It was good to catch up Kat! And thanks for the delicious snacks We managed to get to the next spot without drama, so we anchored up and deployed baits. The comp was on now - yabbies (on C-jay, Kat's boat), and live blood worms (on Ellicatch, Brian's boat). Now, this is where good 'tings started to happen. I believe Steve got the first keeper, which put up a fun fight once it saw the boat, followed by Brian. It was looking good for Brian when he pulled up a large whiting which almost made it to the 40CM mark, at 35.5CM! A great whiting! I eventually managed one too, a couple centimetres below this. They were all sizeable, but the bite was timid, and until they were really close to the boat, the fight was timid too. I believe at this point it was 3 all, to all of us, and the tide started to slow. Steve nailed another large whiting, which was a very similar size to Brian's big one. I think this biggun was 35.5CM. One of the biggest for the day! Another biggun. One of mine I cast my bait out towards the bank, and Brian and Steve kept theirs's out on the deeper side. I felt a little bite and before I knew it, I was winding in another slick silver ingot of whiting. This was one of the smallest for the day, at a mere 26CM. I also caught a small flatty at this spot, which was about 10CM (beyond me how I hooked it). After a little while longer Brian wound his line in and to our surprise a very sizeable whiting was residing on the end, which didn't even put a bend in the rod until it was in close. We were all happy with that! After this, we stayed here a little bit longer. I began flicking a lure around but I had no luck, and the bait fishing was quiet. The decision was made to head over to the Tiger Mullet Channel, where we would continue our whiting quest. Kat followed us along and we both trolled a couple lures on the way other, for no fish. The sounder was showing a little bit of bait in certain spots, which looked promising at the beginning. At the TMC, the skipper of a larger boat flagged us down because he had hit the bottom. We did some reconnaissance to find the deepest area he could be in around the boat and then he was on his way back in the channel . At the chosen location, which was near a sandbar, I continued to flick my plastic around. A prawn imitation lure I was using got some nibbles, from a presumed whiting, but unfortunately, I did not catch anything. Steve and Brian, on the other hand, each managed catches of weed, and undersize whiting. Lol. The final spot of the day was on the opposite side of the TMC, and I resorted back to bait here. I hooked an even smaller flatty than before, which I couldn't even feel on the line, and apart from that it was quite quiet here. On my next cast, I flicked my line so hard that it snapped. It was tangled around my reel and I did not notice. That was annoying, but after that, I was tasked with pulling the anchor up and we were fast tracked to get back to the ramp. After retrieving the boat and the rather uneventful drive home, we divided up the fish. There were 13 keeper whiting and one keeper flatty in total. My share have all been filleted and are tomorrow night's tea. The final haul My fillets. I did a very bad job (even in my books) so scooped out everything I'd missed. Thanks for having me out again Brian and Steve, I hope you didn't mind! Kat, it was good to catch up too! I hope everyone enjoyed this report as much as I enjoyed the day fishing! Stats of Trip - Tide: 2:42AM, .4M, Low, 8:20AM, 1.5M, High, 2:30PM, .3M, Low Moon Phase: Waning Crescent, 5% Bait Caught: - Bait Used: Live Worms Fish Caught: Whiting x 13 (keepers), Flathead x 1 (keepers) TAckle Used: 12LB braid mainline, on a Ugly Stik Gold 2-5KG and Diawa Shinobi 2500 reel. I did not look at what Steve and Brian were using. We were using 6-10 pound leaders, with size 2-4 ball sinkers, small long shank hooks, live worms, and barrel swivels. Humidity: 32% Temperature (air): 29 degree High Air Pressure: 1004 Overall Success Rate: 95% - a great day out!!! Cheers Hamish
  16. This morning I was planning to go out to my older brothers boat with my family and help him clean it up and get it ready for summer atm its moored in a shallow part of a estuary depth is between 2-3 metres max . long story short close to last year my brother bought a decent sized cruiser and it needs a bit of TLC for trips and general use and lately we have been getting it ready putting in fridges removing carpet etc . Anyways we get to the boat I find myself doing nothing I don't usually fish there because its not a great spot I always leave my cheap setup there though Shimano Sienna 2500 matched with a 2-4kg Aird spooled with 6lb mono or the spare spool with gliss. I steal one of my brothers prerigged bright pink 3 inch plastics and start covering ground. 5 minutes in I get 40-42cm odd flattie brain spiked it bleed it and put it in a esky after that I didn't really do much didn't really feel like fishing as I knew I pretty much fluked that catch a few hours pass its a hour or so till sunset and I decide to have another flick again this time 10/15 minutes in I get a bigger flathead 5cm or so bigger a lot more fat/muscle though I've barely hooked it soon I see the hook is just on the lip of the fish I losen the drag right off but keep a little tension so it doesn't spit the hook . after that I managed to land it I do the same as I did to the first fish and put it in the esky and call it a day. overall not a bad sesh considering I wasn't planning to fish . conditions no wind every now and then you would get the slightest breeze full sun no rain 2 days before new moon first fish was just after bottom tide second fish was on last 2 hours of run out temp 17-18 degrees barometric pressure rising all day since yesterday pressure went down a tad bit in the arvo first fish 30.15 second fish 30.12 water clarity super clear note I think this time was a fluke I did see a lot more baitfish then usual this time and this time there was less seaweed for me to get tangled on . usually there is no signs of baitfish the bream and flathead there I've caught are usually tiny or barely legal . this time I did paddle around in the dingy and did see a lot of small flathead lying in the water I also spooked quite a lot of flathead paddling in the dingy
  17. It was a good week’s fishing in Moreton Bay chasing a few tailor. Started on Monday night at Redland Bay. Bites were few and far between but the tailor were good quality. Moved to Point Halloran on Tuesday night. Plenty of bream and a few small legal flathead and a couple of tailor there too. Most of the bream were only around 27 cm so no big fish. Shorncliffe foreshore was very slow on Wednesday night. Only a couple of just legal tailor that were released and a solid but solitary flathead. Thursday night it was back to Redland Bay and a good little burst of nice tailor early, along with another solid flathead meant for an early night. There are no secret spots, good fish are widespread this time of the year along the western foreshore for those with an understanding of the species and their movements that put in the effort.
  18. New video THIS Thursday, make sure you have a look and see. We enjoyed making this one and the liquid gold it took to make it.
  19. New episode is up, hope everyones enjoying the winter so far and is getting their lines wet *cheers* *sips beer*. The flattys are going wild locally and tailor are going off up towards cochin creek thank you all - Keith
  20. Had a quick trip to the Port of Brisbane today with my youngest boy. We were going to head out into the Bay, but when we got to the ramp at the crack of 7.30am I decided to wimp out because it was a bit brisk to be travelling too far in shorts and a flannie so we just fished the port area. Tide was running out the whole time, but we still managed a few keepers. I was hoping for a few snaps before the closed season. I couldn’t land a single squire but my son just kept hooking up on undersize models. We also landed a few undersize tailor but no keepers. Gave it away around lunchtime.
  21. Hey everyone Went out to Tingalpa Creek to check out the area and was hoping to try and catch some bream and flathead and ended up with a little Jewfish. This is my second jewfish ever and first on a plastic caught from a boardwalk near to the mouth of Tingalpa Creek right near the canoe club. Didn’t expect this fish, was not going for this species at all and it certainly put my new light rod to the test. Was only small for a Jewfish 58cm but with 8lb braid and 6lb leader I didn’t think the line would hold. Now I’m wondering if people regularly catch them in here or was I just lucky and if so how big can they get in this system ?
  22. Hi everyone! I’ve just moved to the Brisbane CBD from the Brisbane north side. Looking for places to fish using soft lures. I’ve used to fish around at Bald hills/Nudgee area but doesn’t have an access to those area anymore. I’ve saw that West end is a good place to fish using hard lures, but are there any other places that’s relatively close to the Brisbane CBD? I’d go to any places if I have car license, but I can only access to the fishing spots by catching public transport Cheers, Daichi
  23. SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS CRUMBED FLATHEAD INGREDIENTS 4 Flathead fillets Packet of salt and vinegar chips 2 Eggs Plain flour Cooking oil METHOD 1 Crush chips 2 Coat fillets in flour 3 Dip in whisked egg 4 Coat fillets in crushed chips 5 Heat oil in pan cook on each side until brown
  24. Hey guys, Been away at work for 3 weeks, I am home tomorrow and weather is looking awesome for Friday, planning on dropping some pots and having a fish up around the pin area. Any one heard of decent reports of crabs and fishing up that area lately ?
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