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  1. Going to Sharp Park River Bend Country Bush Camping and wondering if there is any fish there In the river.
  2. Hi All, Male 36 here, looking to get back into fishing like I used to as a kid. I'm interested in fishing for natives in the Riverina and trout in the high country of VIC & NSW. Chased some trout over Xmas and going for a trip to Nagambie soon after the natives. Also going to start strapping a rod to my motorbikes to combine 2 of my hobbies. Cheers.
  3. After several different types I think that I have finally got it right. What do you need. Cable ties - Bunnings or cheaper still on ebay. Plastic gutter guard 180mm wide Bunnings whites super gutter guard 180mm X 8 m about $7 or cheaper at Masters. Ideally 25mm begonia pot saucers from K mart $1 each but they havent had any for months.so I use Frisbees from K mart $1 each. Bundle of tent pole shock cord $3 from K mart around 12 gauge gi soft drawn fencing wire. I scrounged some from a farmer mate. Empty 2l soft drink bottled. I use soft copper wire for the hooks and attaching the tie rope. You should be able to scrounge some from a sparky or auto electrician First step is to cut the gutterguard to length. Just mark the edge of the frisbee with a felt pen and place a mark on a length of wood and roll the frisbee Add an inch to allow for an overlap join. Similarly cut the fencing wire to length. The fencing wire has to be formed into a circle and the neck of a 9kg gas bottle is ideal for the frisbee size and if you are fortunate to find some 25mm begonia saucers an upturned flower pot is good. Then cut a hole in the frisbee slightly smaller in diameter than the soft drink bottle. Next step is to cut the neck off the soft drink bottle ( I find scissors best leave the screw top on the bottle and it is easier to make the initial plunge into the bottle} Then using a small tipped soldering iron melt 4 holes around the hole in the frisbee and corresponding holes in the drink neck and cable tie the neck to the frisbee,( Do this in well ventilated area because of the burning plastic fumes.) You could drill the holes but it is much faster with the soldering iron. You will note that I have also made holes around the circumference of the frisbee.You only make the holes on one of the frisbees. Next step is to join 2 lengths of the gutterguard side by side. Just tie them together loosely untill the whole lengthy is complete and then flip them out and then tighten up the cable ties. The co joined gutterguard is then cabletied to the frisbee and the top is pulled in so that the diameter is slightly smalletr then the outher end that is secured to the frisbee and one of bthe fencing wire circles is cable tied to the top nAnd then the second wire circle is tied in to the centre of the pot I then insert a short rod into the top of the trap to attact the clop that I tie the rope to. Clip is made from the copper wire mentioned earlier. I then place some weight opposite the rope attach point. ( Anything heavy to take the pot to the bottom quickly.( I use old galvanised bolts ) Next step is to burn 3 holes in the other frisby that is going to be the other end of the pot.
  4. G'day all We're going up to Hinze early tommorow to wet a line, and later will be checking out the boat ramp area near the enviromental park. I also just noticed while browsing google earth the Nerang river looks quiet good from the bridge back to the dam. I presume there's no barriers for the fish moving upstream? and just wanted to ask has anyone fished this area? private property? The other thing I noticed was in several areas the road thats winds its way around is only 75-100 metres from the dam itself. Seeing as we dont have a boat, I'm keen to try as many land based spots as possible, the quieter the better. Any help/advice much appreciated Mojo
  5. Good morning all, First time posting on here. I'm not new to fishing but haven't spent a lot of time over the years fishing much but now I have more time on my hands I'm keen to get out a bit and try put some fish in the freezer and generally get out in the fresh air. I'm based on the Darling Downs and am keen to head down to the Texas/Bonshaw area to chase Yellowbelly and Cod. I've read a few older posts on here but am chasing some more advice. I don't own a boat or a yak currently but am looking to buy a yak soon so I can fish the dams around here. In saying that are there enough land based spots down that way or am I better off to wait till I get a kayak? It's 1.5hrs from where I am so I don't want to drive all that way and find no where to fish. TIA. Cheers, Cameron.
  6. Anyone know some creeks in the Gold Coast hinterland for Australian bass and cod.
  7. Does any1 fish the caboolture river (freshwater)for bass?? I'm LB... Just wanted somewere close to fish on the way home from work in the arvo's.. What sp's work? or should i be throwing poppers/hb's?? colours... I have a good slections of sp'and hb's for breaming.. Do i work them the same as i would for bream?? Just looking for a starting point... thanks for any help Noel
  8. Here's a little fishing tale of a big North Pine Dam bass. In August 2012, Dennis (@Dinodadog) recorded a new PB for himself when he captured quite a sizeable bass. This fish was huge, and fell only just short of the magical 60cm mark, coming in at 58.5cm. Being this size, the bass was probably quite old, maybe even 15 years or more. Adding to this, the fish had at some point been captured at least once before, as it had an old algae encrusted tag stuck in its back. Unfortuately though, there were no records of this tag. Since that day, on almost every trip out to the dam, I wonder where that bass is, and hope that someday we'll see it again. I mean, it would surely be 60cm by now! Well, skip forward to June 2016. Another fisherman by the name of Charlie was out on the dam hunting a big bass himself. Charlie was currently enjoying greatest month of his fishing life, nailing a few whoppers and it would be fair to say he was in great form! He hooked and landed the biggest bass he'll see for a long time, laid it out on the brag mat, and up comes a new PB of 58cm. Charlie, absolutely thrilled, also notices this fish has a crusty old tag in its back. The details are sent in to Suntag, and back come the results that link these two very lucky fisherman. Charlie and Dennis, both recaptured the very same bass four years apart. The fish had not grown one bit! The very slight difference in measurement can be explained by small variations in measuring devices, or possibly that the bass was in fat winter condition when Dennis caught it, and a bit slimmer (and even older) when Charlie found it. So, if you're hoping to see that whopper you caught again one day, it is very possible! Catch and release, so someone else can land the big one! Link to Dino's original post that the fish first featured: Luke
  9. I went fishing at a fresh water lake on Saturday. it was a bit of a walk and a track through the bushes to get to a spot for fishing. i could see the tilapia in the water and cast my line. i was using home made bait (flour mixed with water and a bit of garlic). i hour in and i missed a bite. 30min later i hooked up, but only a small one. Then 1hr 20min later as i was about to leave my reel started screaming and i could not see my float, i set the hook and got the big tilapia in. it was a good 42cm i think as i did not have anything to measure it with. then i packed up and left, on my way out i got a big scare from a snake right at my feet. i got passed it and then disposed of the invasive pests properly.
  10. Hey legends, @rayke1938 @Dinodadog and anyone else. There is a call for members for a working group for freshwater fishing https://daf.engagementhub.com.au/freshwater-fisheries-working-group-expressions-of-interest Just thought I would let you know.
  11. shayned

    70cm Bass

    The ranger at Nth Pine reckons a bloke just recently caught a 70cm Bass and was going to post a photo on a website. Has anyone seen it?
  12. Hi, I am new to fishing. I have done it but often use BIL's gear. Would love to get something for myself. Likely to be used while camping, at Christmas time at our beach house (with river) and the odd weekend. I'm not going to be out every weekend but as often as I can. Type will be estuary and fresh, mostly from bank but intend on getting a kayak at some point. If there is an allrounder style set up that would be awesome. Would love to chase flathead, bream, whiting and bass etc in the fresh. Budget: would love to keep it under $200 as my first but could stretch to $250 if it was worth it. Would love some advice. Cheers
  13. Hi all I used to catch Carp all the time back in Denmark and didn't think there were any in good old QLD but after reading on this forum, having learnt that there are lots, good for anglers, bad for our local fish population. I prefer bank fishing with float and sweetcorn or bottom fishing with my own homemade boilies Where do I go and catch the little buggers for sure? I live in Burpengary so was hoping around here, Morayfield, Caboolture, North Lakes, Strathpine (think I saw a thread about carps in a dam in a park in Strathpine). If any one up here fancy a fish in a local water in a couple of weeks time, join in Cheers Carsten
  14. hi , just wanted to know if anyone knows any good spots in glasshouse or close by:)
  15. Hi guys And month also ago when the weather was her you windy up here for long period i know decided to get into hiking the rainforest creek in search of jungle perch. I have been fishing around the tully gorge and mission beach area mostly but some of the fish have come from creeks around cape tribulation I usually always start with surface lures as its just so much fun !! The nordix stage dynamic 6ft is the rof for the tight country. Love it so much. ANGUS YOU GOT ANYMORE?? Enjoy the pics Callum
  16. Today I went fishing at a campground near dotswood at a nice stream/river I used hardbodies for the first 40 minutes nothing I searched around and found a nice hole and seen a few fish Swimming around . kept switching lures until I got my zman slims swims out had a few cast and bang I seen a fish come out of no ware and smash my lure it was a decent fight was fishing for a 2-3 hours moved around a bit had a few breaks in between in total I caught 5 fish biggest one was 25cm and fought like if a bream and flathead had a baby . I’m having another break but will continue fishing in a hour or so and hope I can find some more spots on the river with more fish oh and btw all the fish were sooty Grunter
  17. Hey team, how is youngs crossing these days? I haven't been there since the floods. Has the water quality improved yet?
  18. Previous Member

    where are the redclaw @

    went for an all night redclaw session down at lake samsonvale, NPD, thursday night, managed only 5 reddies..where have they gone? also just wonderin, is lake samsonvale apart of North Pine Dam or is North Pine Dam another lake altogether?
  19. Hi all, Just chasing some info on Tallebudgera & Currumbin Creek and nearby places - can anyone let me know where I can pump some yabbies. I'm staying near the mouth of Talledbudgera - are there any in there? Hoping to spin off the rocks in the morning and then fish for whiting, etc in the arvo each day. Cheers.
  20. I have been told lately a few conflicting things about this body of water and was wondering if anyone firm information. I think the topic has been thrown around a few times on here but I wanted to start a fresh thread in case there was revised and updated information. It seems like a relatively large body of water to go wasted? So does anyone know what the factual deal is? Is there potential for it to be fished? Is it just lacking a stocking association or something? Or has it been ruled strictly no go for some reason? (And what could be done to change this)? It looks like it would make an awesome little bass and toga fishery. Angus
  21. Link to report for the Sunshine Coast https://www.bnbfishing.com.au/great-mangrove-jack-captures-noosa/?mc_cid=f654f805dc&mc_eid=47674f88e7
  22. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good freshwater spot fairly close to Brisbane where I can take the family and friends for a day out tubing, skiing, BBQing and generally having a fun time? cheers Greg
  23. Hi guys, did a search on here and google but can't seem to find access points to the Stanley, new to fishing in the area and wanting to head out there today and try my luck. Any info would be much appreciated! Cheers, Dan.
  24. Extract from email from LAFMA Please refer to the QBFP Update below from Coby Walker, A/Senior Compliance Officer, Qld Boating & Fisheries Patrol. This was to be included in the September Issue of FFSAQ News. Lloyd Willmann, FFSAQ Media Officer QBFP update: Why have closed waters when there’s no flow? G’day again from the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol. Time to get into some nitty gritty about specific issues. This month I want to focus on regulated waters, or closed waters as they are commonly referred to. While regulated waters is the legal term used in the Fisheries Act, we’ll stick with closed waters throughout this article. Why do we have closed waters? The simple answer is that most of our native species move upstream and downstream regularly, given an appropriate flow. The most common and uniform fish movement is when fish want to spawn and they head upstream. After their spawning migration, they will head back downstream. Barriers such as weirs and dams prevent these natural movements and large numbers of fish tend to gather above or below the barriers. So we close these areas to all forms of fishing to protect any masses of fish – this is particularly important if fish are in spawning mode. It’s just common sense really. So why are the closures maintained when there is no flow? We are in a drought, there has been no flow at most dams for years, the fish are not gathering at these barriers, so there is no reason to protect those areas – is there? Yes there is. Firstly, sometimes the fish do still gather near those barriers as it may be the deepest water or the upstream end of a hole. Secondly, we find that many fishers are opportunistic and ‘follow the crowd’. Many of the people we catch in closed waters offer up the excuse that they didn’t know and only fished there because they saw other people fishing there earlier. So to ensure fish are protected if and when they gather on mass, we have to protect these areas all year round. Not because the fish are there, but to ensure there is a clear and consistent message that the area is out of bounds and not to fish in there, no matter what the fish might be doing. You can help by educating your local fishers (especially the young ones who may have never seen fish gather on mass) about the need for closed waters and the need to stay out of them. We generally have advisory signs at the boundaries of each closure, but these are not compulsory – they may even be out of sight at the 100% level (some distance from the water’s edge) or they may have been vandalised or torn down. You can’t rely on them being there, so it’s best to take a cautious approach around any type of dam or weir. The most common closure on a weir or wall is 100 m upstream and 200 m downstream. There are a couple of areas around the state with customised distances that may differ from that, so again, encourage your fishing fraternity to check the rules at fisheries.qld.gov.au before they head out to an unfamiliar area. We’d appreciate it if you could share this information with your networks and contacts. If you would like us to cover a specific issue in these articles, please contact the FFSAQ Media Officer. Cheers Coby Walker, District Officer Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol ( Warwick ) Coby Walker A/Senior Compliance Officer, Qld Boating and Fisheries Patrol Department of Agriculture and Fisheries ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T 07 4542 6770 M 0408 884 033 E coby.walker@daf.qld.gov.au W www.daf.qld.gov.au Hermitage Research Facility 604 Yangan Road, Warwick QLD 4370 Customer Service Centre 13 25 23 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn! Download the free 'Qld Fishing' smart phone app from Apple and Google app stores.
  25. there is a rather large one in a drying up pool near my place and i would love to catch it but what can i catch it on?
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