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      Found 220 results

      1. dhingchakdude

        Best Nbn Service Provider In Sa

        Sup All! I am thinking about applying for a NBN connection, all the companies I have searched have bad reviews (optus, belong, vodafone) etc etc. Does anyone has any suggestions which provider to choose?
      2. Greeneggs


        Hey Anybody used Solar Buddies before? Applicator that applies sunscreen without getting any on your hands! video-1542002492 (2).mp4
      3. Item number 192784853113 12/24 volt charger23 amps on 12 volts and 17 on 24volts reduced from around $60 to $29.08 I got one months ago and it runs perfectly good cheap spare. Hard to get hold of a dual voltage charger with a decent output.Only thing wrong is that it has US240v plug so you have to use an adapter or change it. Cheers Ray Sorry not able to show actual ebay snip.
      4. Dinodadog

        Posts Gone To Quick

        I can not see any sense in putting up a post when nek minute you are down the page and gone after someone answers every post, no names mentioned. A new format could stop a lot of this happening, something like 3 major headings, General, Fishing Reports Saltwater and Fishing Reports Freshwater. I have seen days where a fishing report goes up and then a whole heap of general posts goes up and the report goes down the page and gone. I have been on here since 2007 and have enjoyed posting, but I think a change is overdue. Dino
      5. straddiebrad

        Turkey Beach

        would anyone one here know if there is a pub in turkey beach
      6. rayke1938

        Some Old Maps Of Bne

        Some old maps
      7. rayke1938

        Have You Seen A Sawfish?

        Copy of email Cheers Ray From: Niall Byrne [] Sent: Tuesday, 8 January 2019 1:40 PM To: '' Cc: '' Subject: Have you seen a sawfish? Dear Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association, Could your members help us find out what’s happening to sawfish? I’m writing on behalf of Barbara Wueringer, the director of Sharks and Rays Australia (SARA). She wants to hear about your sightings – a live fish, a saw on the wall of your local pub, or a photo from your family album Forty years ago, sawfish were regularly seen off Sydney and the east coast, and Perth and up the west coast. Today they’re rarely seen outside of the Gulf of Carpentaria, NT and the Kimberley . Your sightings, no matter how long ago they happened, will help us work out how many sawfish there used to be, how many remain, and how we can help them recover. Here’s a copy of a media release we’ve issued about the call to action. You can report sightings and find out more about the project at We’re also discussing the project on social media @SharksAndRaysAu, where we’ve shared some footage of sawfish hunting. Kind regards, Niall ________ Niall Byrne Creative Director Science in Public 82 Hudsons Road, Spotswood VIC 3015 0417 131 977 Or call the office on 03 9398 1416 Full contact details at
      8. Old Scaley

        Looking For Carpenter/builder

        Hi all. I am looking for a semi-retired builder/carpenter/good handyman (or woman) to replace my front landing. Currently it is a concrete pad sitting in a steel cradle and that cradle is rusting away. I want to replace it with hardwood decking. It is only small (about 2.2 sq metres) and access is good. One complication - the pad is sitting on an asbestos sheet that will need to be removed. Keeping the same stairs and metal railing. Would require some welding. If you know someone can you let me know? Cheers, Steve.
      9. Carpie1

        Fishing Buddy

        I'm looking for a land based fishing buddy living in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I've got a few health problems and can only fish areas with easy access. Not fun getting old. I don't mind an Ale, I mostly target Carp on light gear these days. My New Years resolutions are to go fishing more, and catch that big mongrel Carp that lives in our local lake.
      10. ellicat

        Bad Start

        Had a bad start to the break when the wife hit a red-light-runner this morning. Navara won the battle but still needs an operation.
      11. Where did everyone go away for Christmas, let's see what amazing places people have gone or are going to..
      12. Carpie1

        1 Less Mud Sucker

        I picked this mudsucker up on worms the other day. I still haven't given up on his old man, he is about half this size again. He has spooled me twice while I have been using light gear
      13. Angus

        Happy New Year

        Morning all and a very happy new year! Well 2018 was a bit of a write off for me fishing wise and online presense wise but hoping to change that in 2019! I hope everyone had a good 2018 and is planning an epic 2019. Angus
      14. ellicat

        Luck Continues Into 2019

        Yesterday whilst looking at a new car I didn't realise I'd dropped my glasses on the ground. Went to go for a test drive and here's the result....
      15. benno573

        What Are You Up To?

        Soooo... that time of year when a fat man tries to slide down the chimney only to work out we all have modern houses and fireplaces are a thing of the past. Besides, the last thing you want is @ellicat creeping around your roof on Xmas eve stealing your cherry ripes and any other chocolate not nailed down. Interested to hear what plans people have for the festive period. I have ~2 weeks forced leave from work so figured I might as well do something fun, as such, I have a bit of a little roadtrip planned, kicking off at sparrows this Saturday. Brisbane -> Barrington Tops -> Jindabyne -> Top of Kozzi -> Vic high country -> (maybe) Wilson's Prom -> Brisbane. Looking to take any opportunity to try and land my first aussie trout along the way, may be able to sneak in a beach or estuary fish on the way back home depending on where the trip goes. Feels weird only packing one rod for such a trip but I have come to terms with it in my head... i think... i have about 30 hard bodies and 15 packets of plastics to make up for it though! So i've told you mine... what are you up to??
      16. All have a Great Christmas and New Year. May your rods bend often and the fish large. Eat, drink, be merry and stay safe. This is the time for the loonies to be on the road and on the water.
      17. Drop Bear

        Merry Christmas Drop Bear

        Well after loosing a good fish when it bit the lure in half i decided to buy myself a pressy. Did you buy yourself anything?
      18. Drop Bear

        Saves On Drone Fishing

        Well if you made a spud gun it would save heaps on a drone. You wouldn't want a tip wrap just before launch!!!
      19. rayke1938

        Most Recaptured Tagged Fish

        Was thinking about the last tagged fish that Rick caught and sent an email to Bill Sawnock and got the following response. Ray Species Times recaptured Mangrove Jack 13 Barramundi 11 Goldspotted Rockcod 8 Maori Rockcod 5 Blackspotted Rockcod 4 Australian Bass 4 Samsonvale Australian Bass 3 Golden Perch 3 Have a great Christmas Bill
      20. Drop Bear

        Aj Rampage!

        Have you ever seen AJ's this hungry? I haven't
      21. Ebbarc2018

        Crab Pot Theft

        Hi Guys, Read that some crabbers have been having problems with theft from crab traps. I have been developing a new system of a dye or ink stain device that operates when the pot is removed from the water, a float disperses a needle that brakes a dye packet, hence dye every where, any comments if this would be of interest to anyone?? Is it illegal?
      22. Hi team - my brother is wanting to know a good half day charter operator out of the Gold Coast for January (Thursday 10th). They will have a group of 8 and aren't real fussed what they target as long as they hopefully catch some fish. Any recommendations? Fish The Deep?
      23. I have had some trouble with my knot strength on the 40lb braid. What is your favourite knot?
      24. Lbe

        Fishing And Patience

        Hi all Well another earlier morning chasing livies, travs and jacks. Unfortunately nil on all Last high tide 2week ago i fished same tide same area etc and got heaps of livies and bust ups happening all around bait fish getting nailed Got a nice trav around 42cm. The main difference it was very over cast and light showers. Iam using 80mm minos, plastic with 1/4 jig heads. Area fished....salt water creek upper coomera. Has anyone had any luck today ..or is it just
      25. benno573

        Rescue At Fingal Head

        Just saw this one on the news. Knowing the area very well after fishing there for many years, I cannot see how this could come as a shock to any fisherman. While I am of course glad that no-one was seriously injured, this is a serious waste of emergency services time and resources to assist some people who were clearly totally inexperienced and grossly under prepared. I hope they are "compelled" to contribute to the bill for the rescue. Rant over.