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Found 4 results

  1. I was at Mum's on Macleay Island for the weekend. Friday night was hot so I turned the ceiling fan on high to cool down. I thought it would be a good idea to pick up my rod to rig up for an early morning fish. Result: The weekend was not off to a good start. By early Saturday evening the weekend had not improved - no keepers and had to trudge around the island with a surf rod (no surf beach in sight). As I was contemplating the rest of the weekend I got a message from @GregOug asking if I was available to go out on Monday. I made myself available. We headed out Monday at about 6am from the Port of Brisbane boat ramp and waited just off the ramp for Greg's mate to arrive and show us a couple of spots for some Grassie Sweetlip. Greg had been instructed by his mate on the appropriate rig and in turn had passed the info to me. We were rigged up and ready to go (thanks Greg). We headed out to Green Island and anchored up alongside his mates boat. Greg was almost immediately on with an under about 29cm. Greg now had the feel for these beauties and was soon on again and shortly landed the first legal fish of the day. A Grassie Sweetlip 31cm and 463g. Greg released it to the eskie (as @ellicat would say). Greg was hooking up and landing every couple of minutes, however, all further Grassies were just shy of legal. We lost count eventually and I was so busy jumping up and down for the landing net I missed all my chances of hooking one of those beauties (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it). Greg also landed what we think is a small Tawny Shark. We released him back to the bay. Greg's mate and his deckies were also landing only unders so they decided to head to Mud. Greg and I stayed a little while longer then packed up, pulled anchor and made our way to Mud. Of course we passed Greg's mates boat and reached Mud a few minutes before them. I estimate we got at least 20 min more fishing time. That Green Machine can fly. However turns out Greg's lifejacket can also fly. Luckily his mate lagging behind spotted it and picked it up out of the water. Lol. At Mud there was a little more traffic and nothing seemed to be showing on the sounder. We eventually decided on a spot that looked promising. There were lots of pickers it seems. Greg landed an ugly unidentified thing. Greg had a few promising Grassie runs but didn't hook anything. Greg obviously chose the right side of the boat again! Anyway, I decided to swap rigs as I clearly needed a change in luck or equipment. I now had my heavy boat rod with my Nasci 2500. The Nasci was upgraded to 20lb braid (my 10lb was old and failing and @deegee12g had donated some 20lb braid and the heavy boat rod to my growing tackle store). I had 15lb Fluro leader and a 3.0 octopus hook. We were getting pickered and seemed to be constantly re-baiting. I got a couple of tugs that seemed promising but nothing seemed to eventuate. I waited a minute and decided to check my bait again. Alas I started winding in the line and appeared to be snagged on the reef. Oops no maybe a fish? No fight just heavy unmovable wait - definitely a snag. Trying my best to free my tackle from the bottom I again felt some movement. No it is definitely a fish!! Wow there was some weight to it. After a nervous few minutes expecting my line to snap any moment I landed my overall personal best - Gold Spotted Estuary Cod. Greg was there with the landing net and we jumped up and down and high fived and cracked open a beer to celebrate. After releasing him to the Esky (lol), we settled back down to try our luck again. After another little wait I had felt a few small bites and started winding up to check my bait again - again I felt resistance - was it a snag? Movement? Yes. This time I recognised the reaction (or inaction) and tightened the drag a little and began to reel him in - a few minutes later I was pausing as I was exhausted, this thing felt like a monster - it was going to be my new PB!! We could see the join in the braid to leader - he was almost there. Then snap. This time it was jumping up and down but no high fives and I can't repeat what I said on this family friendly site. About this time the wind was up a little and we heard from @ellicat and @Old Scaley so we pulled anchor and went to say hi - hold up our prizes to show each other and headed back to the ramp. Oh and thanks for the Grassie Greg it tasted fantastic. Great day out. Cheers Kat P.s If anyone is thinking about being deckie for @GregOug think again! The above was all an elaborate untrue story Greg forced me to post. In reality he treated me like a slave and the day was boring, as usual no fish were landed. The photos are doctored with the help of Photoshop.
  2. My nephew is a marine biologist currently working in Norway. He surprised his family by arriving home in time for Christmas. He is a keen fisho so I promised him a trip while he is home. He leaves tomorrow so today was the last chance and also the best day wind wise that we have had since Christmas Day. I have been keen to drag a paravane around for some spotties, but reports have been average so I thought I needed a back up plan. Decided to put in at Manly and troll around Hope Banks and use bait fishing at Green as the back up. Conditions were perfect early and it glassed out around 9am. We trolled for about 2 hours with no result. No birds working or any signs of action so we anchored off Green where we lost heaps of pillies and squish’s to undersize squire and a few very small trevally. Called it a day around an hour into the runout. Nothing to show for the day but still a great day on the water. I have been thinking I need to take better car3 of my gear. What do you think?
  3. awesome morning out on the boat (Pilfer) today, was just checking out a couple of secret spots around green island for the first time....and of course wetted a few lines, caught the gold spotted rock cod on a soft plastic - black prawn and tayt caught the 40cm lizard on a zerek fish trap - dinner sorted!!!
  4. Part report/part question for others. Headed out to Green Island at dawn this morning - bit of swell around but all good (just means less boats ). Found some decent structure with good fish life around it so anchored up, got some good quality squid baits into the water and started the berley trail. Aaaaannnnnnnddddddd proceeded to get molested by hordes of trumpeter (was fun a few weeks back with the kids but not so much when you've got good baits out and are hoping for some squire/snapper ....... Tried moving to the flatter bottom/deeper water adjacent to the structure hoping this might throw them off the scent but they were obviously everywhere. So ....... is anyone else experiencing them, are they common or is this unique? I kept reminding myself of what I'd read about fishing for red emperor and not striking at the smaller hussar bites but sadly no bigger fish scared the little blighters off!!! On the plus side I located a few marks I'll try next time and had a fun couple of hours with the wife and kids sheltered on the north side of Green with us kept busy catching some pike (good way to stock up the bait freezer ... ), a 33cm tailor and a couple of flounder (tried to look up the legal size as it wasn't on my chart but the page wouldn't load - next time they may be eaten!!). Anyone else out and about?