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  1. Hi all, I'm picking up a kayak this weekend. I'm looking for recommendations on a suitable baitcasting rod that's reasonably short (around 6' or so) but heavy for accurate casting of big lures for big cod in rivers and creeks. My front runner is a Venom cork handle baitcaster, and Millerods Cod Freak. Has anyone used a Dobyns Fury? And of course Daiwa, Shimano and Okuma? I would like a 2 piece though if it's quality isn't compromised. I already have a Bone Voyage 7'3" for bigger water, I need something for the kayak and skinny water.
  2. Hi all, Headed up to Cotton Tree Holiday Park on the weekend with the family for a short camping trip. Managed to sneak out on the yak on Saturday arvo when bubs went for a snooze. I am not familiar with the area so thought i would go for a bit of a troll around and see what i could find. Wasn't long before I got a hit in the shallows just off the edge of a sandbank and was a little surprised to see a 30cm bream on the end of the line, i was certainly expecting a flatty in that area. I continued on and found a small flatty that liked my lure and while unhooking this one disturbed another in the super shallow water, massive puff of sand and a large flathead took off, estimated at about 80cm, super cool to see. I continued on and found another flathead that was just legal but released. i found a very likely looking area and soon caught a small flatty, had barely reset the lure when it got whacked hard, this one was even peeling line. a fairly short but spirited fight ( @ellicat - the little wascal had spiwit) and a 38cm bream made it into the net, a quick measure and he was sent on his way. another few smaller bream and a flathead soon followed from the same area. I was then winding in one of the lures quickly to enable a quick easy turn around and the lure got whacked on the retrieve. a few jumps and runs later i had a lovely probably 50cm tailor beside the yak but unfortunately the teeth found the leader and it was bye bye breakfast and $20 lure... the next day after packing up camp, i headed out with the wee one on board. first port of call was to cruise across the shallows and look for stingrays which were thankfully plentiful that morning. after that we had to stop and chase the soldier crabs around of course. and then chase the seagulls. after that, a quick museli bar and back on the yak to see if we can catch a fish. not long after starting trolling along, a small flathead grabbed the lure, wee one was super keen to wind the handle and even pointed at the fish without me saying and said "flathead dadda". I don't think i've ever been as proud a parent as then. We watched the little flathead swim away and then not long after hooked up again and after some more handle winding and "it's a bream dadda". again... so proud. only her 2nd fishing trip too! we let the bream go and then spent a while watching some pelicans feeding and then hooked something a lot heavier. more handle turning and a "really really big flathead" appeared. it was just over 50cm on the ruler which i guess isn't really really big but when you're only 1m tall it would appear pretty big. we let this one go too as it was not quite big enough to feed the 3 of us on it's own - definitely its lucky day. after that it was clear that kayak time was nearly over so a hasty retreat was sought, managed to make it back home before the bruce highway become a cluster ef which was good. i don't have any fish photos to share this time but thought i would put the story up regardless. cheers, ben
  3. Hi, looking to buy a 2nd hand kayak in the RIverina or NE Victoria. Cheers
  4. After a few successful moments of taking my 2yo out in the kayak for very short paddles, decided its time to try and have a fishing session with him on board. Only paddled about 200m from the launch point incase it all went sour. It all started with tears as he wanted to play with the car instead...but after a fire truck going screaming over the bridge some clever distracting by dad, we were off! My game plan was simple, servo prawns and one rod. catch anything at all to show him and go home happy. Turned out the bream loved the servo prawns. Caught a few legal fish and a few under sized. Not bad for a 1.5 hour session, 200m from a boat ramp and using servo prawns. Little bloke had a few nerves and was happier to see the fish released "bye bye fish, BYE BYE FISH!!!), but he loves to keep looking back at the photos of the trip so ill take that as a success. On the plus side, it means i can get more fishing in as ill just take him with me now. any tips on how to get kids not to hate wearing their pfd?
  5. I decided to brave the 20kn southerly forecast and dirty water and go for a bit of a flick on the kayak on Sunday morning. Launched just on sunrise and deployed three lures and went for a troll up the creek to see if anything much had changed after the recent deluge. Few extra snags here and there but generally not too bad. The water was still very dirty but the tide was dead low so i hoped for better things to come. I was pleasantly surprised when my zerek tango shad had a solid enquiry which turned out to be a bream just on 30cm. my mate who was with me loves eating bream so it was added to the esky on his behalf. shortly after a flathead in the mid 30's decided the pontoon21 crackerjack looked too good, he was let off with a warning. I headed back down the creek to catch up with my mate to see how he was going and randomly got a decent hit right in the middle of the creek, a 48cm flattie soon found its way into my esky. my mate had happened upon a cracking bream at 34cm and an unders flathead. I then headed down a bit further where i had some luck last trip, i got another bream just under 27cm, he was released, and then a 42cm flathead took a liking to the 80mm yozuri, he was also added to the esky. i then headed back upstream and searched around. my zerek tango shad got absolutely nailed by something the ripped a heap of line off but unfortunately didn't stay connected. the lure was returned unharmed, guess the hooks pulled. I then hooked up to a 46cm flattie which made it into the esky as well. after this things went very quiet. i picked up a 20cm whiting on the crackerjack and a flattie at about 30. We called it at 10:30 and headed back home, each with a feed for sunday dinner. only took one photo as the phone was left in the car. good to see a few fish - first time on the water in nearly 2 months!
  6. Remember the olden days on this forum (BFO), as the weekend was approaching the forum would be full of new topics of where people were going, decky spots, invites to meet up and have a fish etc. They sure seemed to have faded right away now. anyway, I'm going to brush the cobwebs off the Hobie for a very early session at the Newport canals this Saturday morning. Probably launch at first light for a couple of hours and see if i can score some more points for the North. Anyone is welcome to come along if they wanted. Usually plenty of bream and cod to be caught flicking at the pontoons.
  7. Hey all! Currently using the shimano viper combo (sienna 2500) 6'6" in the kayak in the pine river and it seems fine for the small plastics and getting into those tight spots. however after advice I'm wanting to get the Daiwa double clutch 95mm and wanting to know recommendations of a 2nd rod to use for this lure, would need to be 7' and under due to the kayak but obviously strong enough to handle potential mack/tailor/jew Thanks Team!
  8. Thinking about putting an electric motor on a kayak as I have a 2 and a half seater and when I want to take it out on my own it can be a little tricky. anyone else used an electric motor on a yak and if it’s worth the hassle?
  9. decided to use a couple of brownie points and take my yak for a spin this morning. got to the ramp just on sunrise, loved the fact there was no other cars at the ramp, and got my stuff together and got into it I trolled around for a bit and landed a small flathead, followed by another. I then hooked something a bit more solid and landed a GT around 40cm. I really enjoy eating these so it was bled and released into the esky. I continued on and landed another 4 undersized flathead, a small tailor and a bream. Then I hooked something very solid which started towing me off down the creek. Unfortunately I correctly guessed during the fight what had happened - I had trolled over a stingray and the hooks had stuck. I managed to get the large cow tail ray up beside the yak and even managed to get my lure back. i then passed by a family of swans and not long after hooked a second GT which was also released into the esky. i covered just over 16km according to gps, not a massively successful morning but enough action to keep me interested, good to clear the mind and a feed for the family to boot. cheers, benno
  10. Hey all, time to get rid of two kayaks I don’t use anymore. One is in rough condition (hence the price tags) and the other I is much better condition. Prices are firm and already cheap as, doing a special for AFO members lol first in best dressed. Located north lakes the Mantra Noa needs a few bits of TLC (handles) but apart from that it is a great beginner kayak. Caught plenty of fish from it. Comes with a seat and 2 piece paddle and paddle leash . Seat is basically brand new, don’t think it has actually been used. $100 firm second kayak is a BCF Glide reflection. It is missing the bung (pictured) and has damage from where mY old dog chewed on it. I used to just cover the damage in duct tape, would never be an issue for a few hours on the water. Also missing a rod holder. Apart from that it was a great kayak. Perfect for someone who might want it to paddle out shark baits or just a cheap weekend toy. Also comes with seat and paddle. $50 firm
  11. Just saw these on Catch of the Day. Not sure if they are any good or how they actually work but thought it might suit Hamish or others with kayaks. They are actually cheaper on other sites I noticed. Around $55. RAILBLAZA Kayak Sounder and Transducer Mount with Rotating Platform Head Unit
  12. Hi all Well this morning I woke up earlier than anticipated so I got the gear ready, and took the cart down to the jetty. It had three rods, the net, some bait consisting of frogmouth pillies, prawns, and Bony Bream, and an esky. I arrived about 5:45AM to a medium tide and a flat water, not a ripple to be seen in sight. The temperature of the misty air was very nice for fishing, and the odd 'hello' from walkers was the only thing that broke the silence. The smell of the Brisbane River and wet forest was making a weak aroma which I liked (good memories of course!). The sun was still rising, and I was ready for a fish. The salmon line was deployed with the head part of a Bony Bream, and casted out as far as it would go. One line had a little Motor Oil placcy, and the other line still needed rigging. I didn't even have that done after about 20 minutes of being on the jetty, and nothing had happened then. I did see a large school of baitfish 'boil' when I casted my line in, meaning that they may be around. While I was tying on a hook though, the salmon line buckled over and off screamed line like no tomorrow. I picked up the rod, tightened the drag, and the fight was on. I lifted up the rod, then cranked the reel handle as hard as I could. Unfortunately, I then felt something that ruined that experience. "Foosh!" That was the fish spitting the hook on me. I left the bait out for a bit longer but soon enough realised what happened. I reeled the line in slowly, and up came nothing. I made an educated guess that it might be a Thready, as the leader wasn't very frayed and the speed of the run taken was far faster than any shark I had ever come close to catching. I switched everything over to a new rig just to be safe, and then deployed the next bit of biddy. My dad was down by now, and he did a bit of cast netting. On the first throw, he got a juvenile Yellowfin Bream, and some little prawns. We kept them (the prawns) for bream bait, seeing as though the only thing I'd be using if I didn't catch anything would be herring (dead). We did some more throwing, and got together a small amount of herring and prawns (as well as one lone mullet). I started flicking the SP around as well. I flicked it under it mangroves, around the mudflats, and under the pier numerous times for no love. I was using a 'hop-hop' technique, which I figured would've made the lure very enticing for a flathead or cod. Just as I was walking towards the jetty, the salmon line went off. This time the fish did not take that much line, so I tightened the drag and struck straight away. It felt good- heavy weight and shakes. Then, just like the last one, it spat the hook! This time also had me coming back empty handed, so once again I replaced my trace as there was a little bit of fraying and put out the final bit of Bony Bream, the tail bit. Everything went slightly quiet now; nothing on the plastics still, and no hits on the rod which had a little live prawn out. I then decided to do a bit of cast netting. My dad and I use the same technique, except he has a variation of it which requires you to give it a larger whip. I tried this - one throw was OK, with about 60% opening (he gets 90%,99% of the time) and then the next was a doozy as the net was pretty well closed and banana-ed. (Funnily enough, we got a prawn in this throw ). I saw the salmon line get some action then - a bit of line went off. I picked it up, held it out there for a minute, then reeled it in. There was still an intact bait, so I threw it back out waiting for another fish. My dad had to head off now, and in his last throw he got the mullet then. It was about 15 minutes until I saw a peck-peck-peck on the salmon line. I assumed the bait would've stayed on but after checking it I realised that it was gone. I reeled in, disappointed, and chucked out a half frog mouth pilly. It was about 15 minutes of nothing, at around 7:30AM, when the line buckled over completely. Line was screaming off, and I eventually got there, tightened the drag, and prepared myself. After a bit of cranking, he went for the pylons. I managed to coax him out though, and then he took the fastest run a fish has ever taken for me out into the middle of the river. He was near the surface but wasn't coming up now. I gained line on him but as he was about to surface, he took an even faster and stronger run straight back down. This happened about three times now, and by this time I had a serious case of the shakes. After many tense moments I finally gained enough line to get an ID on him. "HOLY MOLY! THAT'S MASSIVE" Or at least that's what everyone thought (and I bellowed) when I saw it. Some passers by luckily came down to give me a hand netting it up, and in no time it was on the jetty. I got some quick photos, seeing as though the hook was a goner cut that off, and then I measured him. 115CM long. Jeez, Louis! I picked up the fish and lowered him back into the drink, ready for the release. He gave a massive kick off, and that was probably the best feeling I had in a while! Here are some photos of the fella (pic heavy) - Landing Him Up you come 115CM of Threadfin Salmon I could hardly lift him! IMG_2475 (1).MOV Up ya come! Trying not to dislocate a shoulder IMG_2479 (1).MOV Back ya go! Well, after that exciting series of events... Quite frankly... Disaster Struck! The Thready resurfaced floating in the river. We tried desperately to get him in the net before he got too far out, but it was too late. We couldn't get him. "Please go down, Please go down, Please Swim away, Please swim away" was all I could say. It wasn't looking good, and I was about to dive in (the people stopped me), so I tried the next best thing - hooking him again. This was a complete no go, and I failed miserably each time. There was only one option - I called dad, quickly explained to him what had happened and why the kayak needed to come down. Fifteen minutes later, my faithful fishing mate was there and my dad and I were paddling down the river, as fast as our arms could carry us, to the threadfin salmon. We got to him about 500 Metres down. I grabbed him, and the first thing we did with a sharpened screwdriver was to vent him. He stabbed it into the very inflated part, and heard the hiss of air come out. That confirmed my suspicions- bloody barotrauma had got to the poor bugger. We paddled to the bank, allowing air to go through his gills the whole time. I prayed he would give a massive kick and go straight back down. He didn't... YET. We found some rocks under someone's jetty walkway, and stopped there. My dad did a kamikaze jump straight out of the kayak into chest deep mud and water. LOL. I waited with him for a long time, with not much progress except the fish getting a tiny bit stronger. I paddled the double kayak back to the jetty up the river, to say hi to my mate. I told him the situation, and I was still praying the fish would be gone by the time I got back there. It didn't end up swimming off though, so there was more trying to do. I was back with my dad for another ten minutes, and after watching the fish kick I had hopes. I went back to tell my mate, who said, "Well, it's either a happy released fish or BBQ salmon dinner, Hamish!". The whole time, my dad was in waist deep water standing on a dodgy rock bar. He said he could feel the odd thing brushing past his leg when he was down there, like an eel. Yuck! Since he paddles too, I decided to ask him if he wanted a go. He replied yes, so I quickly paddled back to dad to tell him. The fish was not progressing, not even in the slightest. We swapped life jackets and sunnies, and now my mate was going to give the fish a check out. In this ten minute period, I frantically messaged everyone who I could that might know about what the hell to do with a fish that's been vented in the swim bladder and swimming for an hour, as well as make the URGENT thread in AFO. Lets just say it's not URGENT anymore! After that, my mate was back, so we swapped over. The fish was swum for around an hour and a half-two hours by this point, and we still needed to try and released him. My mate informed me my dad said I had a choice - to release him and waste him or keep him. I got there and I saw that the fish had pretty well died on Dad. I was very sad at this moment, and I felt really bad about keeping him. I knew this was always a possibility though so I have only myself to blame for catching these fish. We loaded him up on the yak... Got him back and had a brief admiration session of the fish. It was absolutely huge. Dad loaded the fish in the yak, and got going straight away. He needed to get the ice on the fish as soon as possible so it tasted as best as it could. By the time I was home with my mate, we had ice on the fish and we were ready to fillet him up. We decided that I would do it, and that we would let him ice down a bit longer. In the Esky It was then my Mum and Dad had the silliest idea ever- to take the fish to a fish shop to get it filleted. "What kind of BS is that", I thought... After some convincing, we piled into the car and got there. Even though they then refused to fillet it (my dad literally said, "Hello, I have a large fish here, will you fillet it for payment?". That was responded to with, "Yes, $15!") they had some good Bony Bream, Mullet, and other baitfish in there so that may be a cheap seller for me if I run low. Once we got back home, I started the filleting job. I was doing well until I hit the backbone, and then... I forfeited and handed the knife over to Dad . After lots of struggle though, we ended up with 3.2KG of meat, and probably about an extra 500g of fish crap. We threw the frame away, as it was to big to freeze, and now the meat is sitting in the fridge waiting for a BBQ dinner with me and my mates families tomorrow. Dad Filleting 3.2KG of meat About 10KG (it seemed WAY more than that... I can lift a 12KG barbell and could hardly lift that so either dodgy scales or I've gotten weaker, LOL) Quick photo That was the salmon done. The biggest fish of my life, that I've ever seen and caught. I felt very bad about it, but what happened has happened. Next time though, I do not think I will be putting out the salmon line. It also seems the ones that are smaller are far more hardy than big ones, so a few of them would be nice. Thanks for reading this report, and I hope you enjoyed. It sure was an epic day. Here are the stats of the trip. Stats of Trip - Tide: 2:40AM, 1.6M, High, 8:20AM, .5M, Low Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent - not too much run Air Pressure: 1010.7 Humidity: 68% Temp: High was 33oC Weather: Sunny, few clouds Time Fished: About 5:45AM - 7:45AM Fish Caught: Threadfin Salmon x 1 Bait caught: Mullet, herring, prawns Bait used: Bony Bream, Half Frogmouth Pilly, Prawns, Herring Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb and 80lb mono leaders and traces, size 2 and 5 ball sinkers, 4/o and 6/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi 2500 on Abu Garcia Veritas, SHimano Nasci 2500 and Ugly Stik, Penn SSM 650 on Rogue Firepoint Boat rod Overall Success Rate: I can't give it 100% (as much as you wanted to read that @Another Wazza) as it didn't swim off. Settle for 50%. Cheers Hamish P.S. No one has made an attempt to guess why I changed my profile pic on December 19th and only then, .
  13. Goodday! I've just joined up! SO, I'm totally new here & I DON'T even know IF I'm in the right Forum/section for this topic. I just bought myself a brand-new 2-seater 3.7m kayak & now I'm in the market for a 60 lb. (thrust) trolling motor. [I'm real eager to start my fishing "adventure" sometime soon!. IF I'm NOT in the "correct" dept. here, please advise. I was looking at a STRIKER 60 lb thrust motor, with some rather decent electronics [incl. 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds, screen monitor for amount of battery charge left, etc. However, when I read the several reviews, I started having some reservations. M7y sue is exclusively salt/sea water. More of the reviews (than not) indicate a problem with quick, early rust of metal parts. DOES anyone know about this?? IF this is all true, IS there any comparable Trolling motor (with pricing comparable in terms of power, features, etc.) that does NOT the SAME rusting problem(s)? THANXX for anyone's experience/expertise/insight! Much appreciated, Lone
  14. Hi all, Currently up at Bribie for the next few days, managed to sneak out on my yak yesterday arvo after the NE died down and before the SE kicked in. Had about a 4 hours window in the weather but only a 2 hr window in bubs nap cycle, i was hoping to hit somewhere closer to the 2 hr mark to keep everything peachy on the home front. launched off the beach and headed out in light rain hoping to find a mackerel or similar for a tasty BBQ. I made it to the spot and decided to throw a 30g slug around in the hopes of a mac, one hit but no further action. i dropped back to a 20g slug and it was on from the first cast. i managed 5 schoolies much to the disgust of those fishing near me who were not going as well, 1 well under, 2 just on legal and released and 2 better ones at 58cm and 64cm respectively that were accidently bled and then released into the tub in the front of the yak. given i had suceeded in my mission, i took a longer way back to the launch point trolling a variety of lures but no touches. made it back, total time out of home 2hrs and 18 minutes so kept the boss happy as well. didn't get any photos of live or even dead whole fish but here it is ready for the BBQ, just under 1.8kg all up.
  15. G'day all. I have recently bought myself a Viking espri. It's been a great yak but I would love to get a sounder for it. I know a fair bit about the sounder side of it but not about the battery. Does anyone know any good battery's for the kayak that are under $100. Thanks
  16. Hey all! last minute trip to Newport over the weekend with my brother which wasn’t a bad session. I threw around Ecogear bream prawns in the 40mm salt n pepper colour. Although used a cranka crab which im now a fan of! I landed my pb cod from the kayak which was good fun. Landed a few solid bream too. The cod was caught at the back of a pontoon close to shore in the shadows (pic below where you can see where the cranka crab landed) The biggest bream was caught on the cranka crab on what was a really fast retrieve. I cast parallel to a pontoon but it was a rubbish cast so I just decided to retrieve in really fast and cast again, after a few winds and bang! This big bream hammered the lure, was pretty cool! IMG_6452.MOV
  17. Howdy all, This was from a trip a while ago but i never ended up doing a report for. i wanted to put the "go to" bream lures up to the test and started with the Ecogear bream prawn 40mm in the salt and pepper colour. Worked really well and is a very lazy style of fishing really. Cast against structure and let the un-weighted soft plastic sink slowly in front of the bream. Ended up with 5 bream, two of which were a decent size. My goal is to use the cranka crab next, see how that goes! I put together a video for anyone who wants to watch.
  18. Hi all, Finally it was Moreton time again. Loaded the car with way too much stuff and my partner, bubs and I hopped on the Saturday morning MiCat to Moreton. The tracks weren’t in the best condition but we made it to the campsite without incident. Bubs decided to crack a significant na-na, as such, I was stuck building the whole campsite while mum did her best to soothe the beast – man the bourbon at the end of all that tasted good. After finally settling for a sleep, bubs completely re-set and we headed for a walk along the beach in the afternoon. I took my light setup for the walk, hoping to find a gutter were a flathead may be sitting. Unfortunately there was no good gutters for flatties but I climbed up onto my favourite rock at north point and threw a plastic about. I managed to landed a massive dart that played up a treat on the light gear as well as a bream around 30cm, both were released. Next morning I was awoken earlier than I would have liked, managed to get bubs back to sleep but I could not. So nothing else for it – rigged up a slug and went for a walk up to the rocks just after dawn in the hope of landing a tailor or two. The wind was blowing about 20kn straight in my face but I managed to land 3 tailor and a dart on a 40g slug, 2 tailor kept destined for a later bath in some thai red curry sauce. After breakfast, I headed back to the barge to collect my sister and brother in law who were joining us for a few days. Had some significant 4WD challenges trying to recover a bloke towing a caravan who was going no-where, but got there in the end, 2 recovery straps, 8 max tracks and 12psi all round for me. I also then towed out another guy in a GU patrol who had dug himself in so far he was on his chassis rails – claimed he had 18psi in his tyres but a quick smack of the sidewall confirmed this was very much not the case. After removing this w-anchor/obstacle from our path we were back at camp in no time. Based on my sister having a severe seafood allergy, fishing was somewhat curtailed on Sunday / Monday but the glass off about 3pm was too good to ignore. I launched the yak and headed out to an isolated patch of reef that I had all to myself. Before long, a few nice fish were coming aboard, I ended up keeping 3 snapper and 2 grassies for the freezer. Tuesday morning we were greeted by a 25kn southerly so a bit of a tour of the island ensued. My sister departed on the afternoon Micat and we returned back to camp. An afternoon walk resulted in two more nice tailor being kept destined for lunch tomorrow. Wednesday morning we were greeted by a cracker day, so kayak was locked and loaded and I headed out to the same reefs I had fished on Monday at about 9am. They generally don’t fish all that well in the middle of the day, however, today was a bit of an exception. I only had about an hour of fishing time and managed to nab 3 snapper, a grassy and a new PB school mack of 78cm, as well as plenty of undersized snaps, the world’s smallest yellowtail king and a variety of other smaller reef fish. Made it back in time to take bubs for a quick trip on the kayak up and down a nice sheltered gutter which she really enjoyed so win all round really. Took the bucket of fish frames down the beach later that day and watched the pelican, raptors and seagulls fight over them. Thursday morning we were greeted by rain so minimal activity occurred, had a quick flick between showers and hooked up to a huge flathead in about 30cm of water – unfortunately not long after the big girl threw her head around out of the water and the plastic came flying out. Bugger! Would have been over 75cm regardless but still would have made a good photo. I went for a walk during bubs midday nap and managed to land a smaller model at about 45cm. Friday morning I took bubs for a walk up to the rocks with me, managed to land a long tom and a small tailor with her in the carrier on me. After breakfast, I walked along the beach in hopes of a flathead or two but they were very hard to come by. I landed one small bar tail, a bream and about 8 long toms. My last hurrah trip on Friday afternoon I landed a couple of nice tailor to take home. Unfortunately this trip was soured when I was standing on the one small rock casting away when 2 randoms just decided to come and stand right beside me and have the nerve to tell me that we would take it in turns casting from then on. Like WT actual F. So I called them a name that rhymed with a flat bottomed boat, left them to it and raced over to another rock on the opposite side of the headland and was rewarded with two more nice tailor and a restoration of peace and solitude. Saturday thankfully we managed to get everything packed up dry and into the car before the storms hit – perfect timing really, hit us on the barge on the way home! Thanks for reading if you got this far. Looking forward to the next trip over when hopefully bubs can hold her own fishing rod! Cheers, Benno <’><
  19. Hi everyone. I’m headed to Woodgate Beach in August for a couple of weeks with the family. I haven’t been there before. We will be land based fishing and I also have a kayak. Can anyone give me any tips on where to fish and if I can pump yabbies etc. Also can you only get to Theodolite creek by 4WD? Thanks everyone
  20. Hi all, been a while since a did a report. between a change in commitments on the home front and the whole isolation BS... opportunities to get out and about in any way, shape or form have been limited at best. The forecast for Sunday looked toooooo good to ignore so I begged and pleaded and was allowed to disappear for a few hours for some socially isolated “exercise” on my hobie kayak. i arrived at wello pt boat ramp at bang on sunrise, quickly rigged the yak up and headed out into the bay. keen to get off the donut early, I trolled a small lure out of the channel and had 3 pike and a grinner before the end of the leads. Not an illustrious start sure but donut avoided! i headed for an area where other boats and kayaks were not, figuring even if the structure wasn’t amazing the lack of noise etc would hopefully lead to better success. I rigged up and then realized I had packed the wrong “medium” rod - 6-8kg, not 4-6kg. Not the right rod for working a plastic on a lighter jighead at all. So I benched it and pulled out the lighter 2-5kg 10lb rig and crossed my fingers nothing too big came along. first cast resulted in a small cod Next cast - absolutely smashed and promptly bricked and busted off. Bugger! re-rigged, next cast and smashed again, managed to keep this one off the bottom and shortly slid the net under a corker grassy - ended up going 44.5cm on the lie detector. shortly after, landed a Moses perch that was just legal but I let him go anyway then things went went a little quite for about 1/2 hr, wasn’t even bothered too much by pike! Then in consecutive casts I landed a couple of nice pinkies I fished for another hour or so but could only manage an undersized grassy and about 20 more pike. So I cruised back to the ramp and headed for home. to the victor go the spoils... cheers for reading. benno <‘><
  21. I was part of a Facebook run kayak comp over the weekend. The target species was Mangrove jack (which no one managed to land) We launched at about 6:30am from Banksia beach, and myself with a fair few other competitors headed straight up the canals. I was hit by what I can assume was a jack very early in the day, it hit like a train at full speed and I never had a chance to get him out. He dusted me up in about 10 seconds…straight through 40lb leader! From there on it was a quiet day, I managed a small cod and a big eye trevally. Both caught on Zman Swimmerz in motor oil. There plenty of schools of trevally around, but they were hard catch, they weren’t taking much. I sounded out a lot of bait school with fishing surrounding the bait…my guess was more trevally. I trolled through them, threw paddle tails, jigged prawn lures….but could never get a touch. Finished up around 12:30 when I was knackered from the belting heat. Also ran into the nessy of the passage on the way home….he/she created a massive wave when it scurried away as I got closer. Vid below too All in all it was a tough day fishing, 7 hours on the water for 2 fish but I must say, it was great fun to fish in a comp again…maybe the Moreton Bay or Bris River classic might make a come back on day…here’s hoping. FullSizeRender.mov
  22. Looking at building my fitness back up after losing the top of my lung. Might as well try and catch a fish while I’m at it hey ! Show me what you got, looking for something stable and cheaper the better. cheers
  23. Anyone got one of these, they can give me some advice on please. I'm thinking of getting my first kayak, just to cover more territory around the coast, should all be pretty flat water, but I travel from Toowoomba so needs to be a one man show on my Ute and I'm not young any more. Any advice appreciated cheers.
  24. Hi all, Looking at heading out for a kayak fish this weekend. Flexible to a point on the timing, just trying to decide on a location! Kayak is a hobie outback so no real issue taking it out into the big blue if the weather is right for it. Full moon is next monday so it should be a good weekend for it. Wind looks slightly more favourable on Sunday. My options so far are: 1) launch out of cabbage tree point either morning and go chasing flatties in my "regular" spots 2) launch out of coomera/pimpama either morning and go chase some flatties, jacks and trevally 3) head up to coochin creek or bells creek and chase flatties or a jack 4) try off redcliffe around scarborough reef - might be difficult as I don't as yet have a sounder 5) launch at caloundra and head out around the blinker chasing mackeral and reefies, likely only on option Sunday morning and weather forecast has to improve slightly. again might be tricky given the lack of a sounder. Also a little bit reluctant to take this challenge on solo. 6) try around the brisbane river mouth targetting threadies, jew, flathead and snapper. 7) launch at wellington point and try for a mackeral or some reefies along the ledge. What would you do? Cheers, Benno
  25. I bought a squid light from an Aussie supplier in the hope the kids could use it from a kayak. Since my enthusiasm has been dampened for using the kayak in northern waters, could people chime in and let me know what kinds of waters would have squid and kayaks ?? I know the Sydney Harbour would work but I'm not going to go to Sydney for that ! I live in Toowoomba and it is freezing this time of year so we want to get warmer on the upcoming holidays and were hoping to go to Rockhampton area. Would the Clarence work ? (Iluka and Yamba) Cheers, Steve
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