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      1. Luke and I headed off on Sunday and launched at Urangan boat ramp around lunch time. First spot we stopped at we jigged a couple of school mackerel and quickly moved on not wanting to lose any more jigs to them. We head for Wathumba area and saw no birds until we got there. There were small schools of small tuna and some bigger ones around but they were not interested in any of our offerings. We anchored up for the night in anticipation of tomorrow's full day. The crack of dawn we were up and our plan was to head to Rooney's point and hop from reef to reef before heading onwards to southern gutters. The first 2 reefs didn't produce much so we kept hopping. On our first drift I picked up my first large mouth nannygai or saddle tail snapper. They fight well and I expect will be nice eating. With a lot of pickers around we decided to head straight to the southern gutters. There were plenty of fish there but sharks were ridiculous. We couldn't get anything past them, except Luke managed to pull an ander size Red Emperor out of the mouth of a shark and the poor thing had it whole head crushed. After many bust offs we headed back to the closer reefs for the afternoon. Turned out be a good decision because we were not being hammered by the sharks and the afternoon bite was good. Luke pulled I think 6 under size Red's up to 48cm, doh. Luke also picked up his first Nannygai 2 x PB and new species for us both. Then I upgraded with a 50cm tuskie another PB We added about 4 more Nannygai's to the esky and a few Mosses perch. This is the sort of reef fish I love to eat. I left a micro jig out bouncing and a nice size Mac tuna pulled hard on the jigging rod. This provided most of our bait. We were pretty tired after the full day and as the sun dipped below the horizon we threw the anchor our and reheated some Spaghetti Bolognese that Luke had pre made. It was amazing and washed it down with some beer and bourbon. I thought I'd try some Soft plastics after dark and to my surprise they worked well at 35m meters down in the pitch darkness. I scored a nice Mosses perch and then another Nannygai while Luke kept banging fish on bait and still bringing in small reds. The wind come up and we broke anchor so headed back to Fraser for a calmer nights sleep. Yesterday morning we headed back to the same the reef but the fish were not co-operating and the drift speed was double that of the day before with the wind getting up. Considering what we had in the esky we were satisfied and made the call to head back to see what else we could find on the way home. The wind was a SSW so we punched into the chop all the way home. After travelling for 25 kw back from Rooney's at speed we saw some fish and ground under on the sounder and quickly pulled up to see what it was. Luckily for us it was bait fish and some Golden trevally. 2 weeks ago I made a new color up at Gobblers while in the lure training a clear but when viewed side on it has a green tone skin look. I cast the new plastic out (yet to be named) and hopped it of the bottom very subtly and felt the weight. This was a good fish and after a spirited fight we landed my PB Golden at 92cm. We had another 4 hits that we didn't convert and a braid failure after a hook up, which impressed me no end. All in all we had a ball as usual and learnt more new things. To come home with such good quality fish was a bonus.