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Found 6 results

  1. We hit up Shorncliffe Pier yesterday. The weather was fantastic. We chased yellowfin whiting and bream and while we did not get a heap of fish, we left with a feed. Cribb Island worms and yabbies were the baits we used with yabbies being more effective. There were plenty of other legal bream there but we only kept the three. The flood tide up in the shallows did the trick.
  2. Hi All I'm Katrina and haven't fished since I was about 20 back in NZ - 20 something years ago. Back then it was fishing with the boys and all I learned was one knot and how to cast. I loved it so much I decided it was time to take it seriously and learn the sport. I purchased my gear last week and have been obsessed ever since. I have been watching YouTube clips and reading fishing knot books. There is so much to know. I am hoping other members may be able to share knowledge, tips and maybe even offer to buddy up for a trip or two occasionally. I would especially like tips on snags (how to avoid them), cleaning gear, and threading bait. I am land based around the GC but also have family on an Island in Moreton Bay with a boat so intend on exploring the fishing there too. I caught a Bream on my second trip (1st fish caught in Aussie)! Also scaled, gutted and filleted it myself (also a first)! Would love to hear from anyone with good land based spots for beginners? Cheers Kat
  3. Went for a land based session with a mate yesterday evening in Redcliffe. Had to take advantage of the weather, wind and tide. Would have taken the tinnie out but with a curfew placed on my mate we had to maximize fishing time. Within 10 minutes of arriving I had missed a run and then my mate reeled in a decent 40cm Tailor. We got our hopes up for a solid Tailor session. What actually followed was an on/off patchy bite of mainly flathead. The best two going mid fifties. Nice and plump fish but the laziest fighters I have ever come across! Bait was a mix of prawns and pilchards. Hope more Tailor arrive in the bay soon.
  4. G'day I've got some time off, from the family, so heading to the goldy, perhaps Tweed area. I'm from Toowoomba so have no idea where to scope for fishing, I'd like somewhere accessible I can wander around flicking lures, etc. Is the Tweed wall ok for lures, ideally I'd like somewhere I can park easily and wander aimlessly flicking for a couple of hours. Thanks in advance guys. Cheers john ,
  5. Hi guys, I threw a few pots in the Brisbane river chasing mud crabs over the weekend from a few of the access points near Bulimba. I managed to come up with a few massive Jennies and will be going back to see what sort of Bucks are floating around. They were in the open water stretches of the river where it is pretty wide, so a fair bit of water flowing in and out. I figure that they catch prawns and other bits and pieces commercially around there..... What are your thoughts on eating what you catch in that part of the river. I figure they should be fine but the mrs doesn't seem too keen. Does this mean more crab for me with the potential downside of 6 nipples or 4 eyes appearing in the future or should I be all good?
  6. Hi all, With a weekend not dominated by rain, it was time to get out and have a serious fish for whiting. The first port of call was a location at Paradise Point. It generally holds plenty of fish, but it has plenty of run. This is not usually a bad thing, but at this spot nine times out of ten the run is full of weed. It didn't disappoint with more weed than a Friday night in Nimbin. Both Max and I got our PB of weed, and I got a pile that must of been about 3kg (wet weight) that took line in the current. There were a couple of whiting mixed in with the salad. Yabbies were the the best bait on this occassion. We followed up the morning session with a later afternoon trek to the Nerang River. Specifically to a spot at Chevron Island which I refer to as either the "Pancake Manor" due to the amount of stingrays present or the "Ant Farm" due to the high probability of being bitten by a variety of ant species. Often the best bite there is from a green ant. The stingrays didn't disappoint with a three out of the first four fish being stingrays and the other being a long finned catfish eel. Not a great start but persistence paid of with a good burst of whiting at dusk and into the evening. Cribb Island worms did the trick here. The best fish for the trip was only 33cm, but most were between 29 and 33cm. We ended up with a fair haul. The light got too poor to record any useable footage after awhile, but the highlight in my opinion is at the end of the video when a very excited Max deals with a double hook up of a 32 and 33cm fish. You sometimes hear that you can't catch fish land based in the Nerang, but that is not true. While public access to the foreshore is limited, there are still various locations to get a feed.