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      Found 5 results

      1. Hi all I've just gotten back from a trip in the Brisbane River, near the Story Bridge. I was fishing of the wharf in Captain Burke Park, that's the one near the beach. First of all, we went to get some live bait from the beach. WE threw our nets for about 30 minutes and we were pretty unsuccessful. WE caught a sole, a couple baby bream, some glassies and one mullet. WE only used one of them though, the mullet. I chucked it out on my 650 Penn reel spooled with 30lb braid on a Rogue Firepoint 2m Boat rod. I had a size 1 star sinker on and a pretty large swivel. I had 80lb mono leader to a 6/o circle hook. The second rod isn't a very good quality setup though it has lasted and works great - I've had it for over 5 years. Once I casted the mullet out, it took about 15 minutes for our first action. I saw it getting some pretty good pecks, and i could feel they were good nibbles. When the nibbles stopped, i reeled my line in and expecting the bait to be gone, i saw it's head was bitten off clean. I cast it back out and then in about 5 minutes the reel was screaming. I tightened the drag and struck. Once the fish was on, it felt heavy and was taking some good runs. The very large head shakes gave me the feeling it was a Threadfin Salmon or Jewfish (Mulloway). Though, about 30 seconds - 1 minute later, the fish had busted me off. ON closer inspection, it looked like a knot failure but i made sure the braid was tight. I think the braid must've weakened from the knot and broke. The fish was off and i wound up the line and re-rigged. After throwing numerous herring and prawns cocktails out (and herring and prawns) i realised dead baits we just going to keep getting pickered. As well as having 2 bream lines out, which also were getting pickered, we weren't having any luck. WE went out to catch some more live bait and we were eventually successful. Another lousy mullet was pinned through the tail and thrown back out in the river. WE waited and then we caught a little herring which was thrown out on the other line. After about another 30-45 minutes, i got another take just as we were leaving. After the initial run, the fish shot up and took a jump. IT made a decent splash and was probably about 20 metres away from the pier. I thought it was a salmon at first, as it was silver and jumped. When i finally got it to the side of the pier though, i realized it was another small bull shark, probably just over 90cm. I walked it down to the beach, were i had an audience watching. After a quick struggle trying to de-hook it, it busted off and i took a picture. Then, i swum it and it kicked off. I guess this was a successful trip, but i was targeting threadfin salmon, which is what i reckon i had on first. I will certainly be coming back here for another session and i hope this interests someone in my tale. Cheers Hamish
      2. Went out for a quick fish after work with my mate before this weather closed in. Dangled livies at the fish boxes (with at least 10 other boats) for 3 hours over a tide change and sunset for nothing! Threw a plastic around on my light gear before we came in and hooked this beauty! After a tense fight with strong runs and big headshakes up circled a big silver ghost. 115cm and 14kg of GC jew! Absolutely stoked! I took the otoliths (jewels) out and have donated them to NSW DPI’s Research Angler Program who will cut them and estimate the fish’s age. I’ll post the age when I get the info back
      3. So I went out for a fish the other to try and catch a threadfin. This is my 8th attempt at doing so and no luck. I couldn't catch any prawns as bait but caught a bunch of herring. I fished right up against the pillar almost into the "no go zone" as my anchor decided to take me for a ride. All we got was a nice cod and a sting ray. Any advice on better spots to anchor up or what bait to use for threadfin? I think I might need a hand with this one. Anyway here is a photo of the little fella
      4. Took a couple of non-AFOers for a fish at the port today. One guy had never fished there before and was keen for a Jew or a Threadfin so I put the castnet in and planned to arrive a couple of hours before high tide, I was a bit surprised to see the number of trailers in the car park on a Wednesday and later we saw a small flotilla anchored in the boat passage opposite the tug station. Could not work out why they were there until the water police dropped by for a safety check. I asked if they knew why all those boats there and the nice police woman told me they had been there every day catching large numbers of a fish that she didn’t recognise, but she did have a photo of what we quickly identified as River perch, so the annual run must be on. Anyway, we got a heap of good sized herring and a few gar in the net so headed to the Jewie/Threadie spot on the top of the tide and deployed some preprepared burley and a few livies. No action at all for an hour so moved on to chase the squire. The fish weren’t plentiful but the quality was good. I think it will be a good winter in that area.
      5. Hi all i am heading to baffle creek at the end of the month. Just wondering what the fishing be like? Any resonce would be appreciated. Regards Chris