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Found 21 results

  1. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    Ted's haul
  2. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    School mackerel from Rous Channel
  3. Got the old fella Ted @crazywalrus out for a session this morning. Put in at Manly and we were on the water at 5.30am. Followed the last GPS track to spot X where we deployed our pilchards on 3 x 4/0 gang hooks about 5 feet under a float. Straight up a nice schoolie. Things were looking promising. Nothing much happened for awhile except for Ted catching some baby squire that were too young to have teeth. Now Ted, being the sporting type, likes to play with the silly string and fished two rods with 4 or 6 pound line. What could possibly go wrong ? Well everything did go wrong but I've ribbed him enough already, but let me just say I had a lot of tag ends on the boat floor when I cleaned it. There were a few missed hits and snip offs happening then the unweighted floating pillie went off on my Ugly Stick with 30lb braid. I jumped at the chance and it felt big and went on a little run. Then it didn't run but I couldn't get it up. I stuck at the game for about 15 minutes before giving Ted a go. Then I took it back until finally/thankfully the leader broke. My arm is now aching. Not too long after the bonito showed up. As my arm was too sore to keep casting I decided to catch two at a time to be more efficient. There were a few boats around but no one was catching much other than small squire. The tide turned us around and eventually Ted hooked a nice schoolie and actually got it into the boat. Then I got another and then it was time to beat the wind back to the ramp where we divvied up the fish. Ted getting a few feeds while I opted to just keep the 2 bonito for bait.. I'll throw up some video later.
  4. @Old Scaley and I followed @Drop Bear out to his secret spot where they've been cleaning up lately. Ran into @tugger out there as well. The fish were a little scarcer today. Steve was first on with the first fish to blood the boat. Then he couldn't get the hooks to stick on a couple and I hadn't had a touch all morning. I was thinking a doughnut may have been on the cards. Finally one took the pillie and I was on. The fish did some circles and then dove down a bit and wrapped my line around the motor. I thought it was all over, but managed to get the line clear and landed my first mackerel in 13 years. He went 65cm on the lie detector. Managed only one more with a 69cm giving a decent tussle. The boat went well and it won't be long before she takes me out again. Thanks for the day, Steve. Bestest decky ever (as well).
  5. I had been keen to get out amongst it for a while and the weather and tides looked good today, I had second thoughts at 4am this morning though, it began raining pretty heavy while I was having a coffee, I checked the rain radar and it was pretty scattered, so I rolled the dice, hooked up the boat and took off, other then the grey sky, the weather wasn’t too bad at all. first runs on the board came in they way of a 55cm school mackerel, he succumb to the old floating pilly technique. Around the turn of the tide I found myself hooked up to a nice Jew, he fell for a Z Man curl tail, and put up a spirited fight on a 20lb baitcasting outfit, he managed to collect my floating pilly line during the fight, which made for some interesting net work, followed by some not so interesting untangling. The Jew went around 84cm, not a horse, but still great fun. A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, I ventured out in my mates boat, we left Vicky Pt around 7:30am and worked around some of the southern bay islands with limited success, about 11am we decided to work the Banana Banks with plastics, and it payed off, paddle tails and curl tails did all the damage. The smallest lizard in the pic was a 45cm bar tail, we probably got another 4 or five that weren’t legal size though, and about 6 or so monster sized grinners, by the end of it neither of us were calling what fish it was, as the grinners broke our hearts too many times.The bay was like glass from the time we launched, right throughout the day, you don’t get much better then that. About a week before the lizard trip, I took my mate out around Amity, and could only scrounge up 1 schoolie off the old floating pilly trick, the grinners were thick as and quite brazen too, they were smashing 7” plastics like they were going out of fashion. The last 3 schoolies I’ve caught have all been 55cm, a bit of variety in size wouldn’t go astray, but I’m certainly not complaining.
  6. Mr @Drop Bear and I went in search of a feed of calamari today. We left Wynnum in Robbie’s boat around dawn and motored across the Bay in pretty good conditions just as the sun came up over The horizon. Another good start to the day, not too cold and not a lot of breeze. The plan was to hit an area where @Drop Bear has been having some success. After a nice run we arrived and started a drift. The squid were playing hide and seek, and they were better at hiding than we were at seeking. So much so that we didn’t didn’t see a single tentacle. @Drop Bear decided to float a pillie out the back under a float, and it wasn’t long before the float took off and after a short fight a nice school Mack was in the esky. So plan A quickly became plan B and we had a fun little session, pulling in 8 before the small packet of pillies ran out. We did get a couple on hard bodies as well, but the bait was the most successful. The wind was stronger than expected and once the tide turned we had wind against tide making for less than ideal planing. We had always planned to do some trolling of spoons on paravanes for Mack’s, so we trolled all the way back to just off St Helena. Robbie did his best to dethrone @kmcrosby78 as the Grinner King of Moreton Bay, catching several on the troll, but we didn’t see another schoolies. We did a bit of sounding around east of St Helena and dropped a few baits (just fillets of whiptails we caught earlier) on some promising territory outside the green zone. We had bites, but the only fish landed was a couple of small squire. Time to head home after another great day on Moreton Bay. Here is dinner on the cleaning table. Thanks again, Robbie. It is great to be back fishing with mates again.
  7. Hi all, I would like to pick your brains on a few questions. I fish mostly landbased off Cairns. I am looking for a spot at False Cape (don't want to give the exact location away but people would know the spot if they fish it). Has anyone fished it recently and would be able to give me some tips and tricks for catching fish there? Can you catch mackerel if you throw a bait out on a float? Also, I would like some knowledge on land- based shark fishing. Has anyone got some good spots (just please tell me which beach, I will put the time in) for big sharks? I don't have a option to 'swim' a bait out o a kayak or something of the sort so would a float rig work to let it drift out or possibly just casting? Thank you all and tight lines.
  8. Me and my brothers did a morning charter with Smithy out of Mooloolaba yesterday. We’ve done a few over the years but never managed to get all 4 brothers together at the same time. My old man wasn’t into fishing but he loved hanging out with his boys and liked talking with Smithy so he used to come along for the ride. He passed away a year a go so it was nice to hang out with my brothers and Smithy a catch some fish in his memory. We started the morning trolling livies for Spanish and had 2 hits straight away but the sharks were too quick for us and we got toweled up. We went for a run looking for some tuna and came across a patch of spotties that were playing the game. It was mayhem and multiple hits per cast on slugs and stick baits. We boated 6 in a frenzy then moved on to where smithy had done well on the longtails the day before. We found them but they were their usual flighty selves so Smithy made the call to run to a fad for some dollies. Well the dollies were thick and we had a good hour catching them on livies, stickbaits and slugs. Back to the tuna where we left them and they started playing the game but pulled hooks, bite offs, equipment failure and a bit of inexperience costed us the 3 or 4 longies we hooked. Found a patch of mac tuna that were less flighty and caught a couple even keeping one for bait (great tailor bait off the beach!). Got a couple of small schoolies vertical jigging under the tuna schools and hooked something rather large that gave a good few strong runs before wearing thru the leader. Back at the pontoon for lunch at the pub and a beer with smithy before the trip back to Brisbane. Here are a couple of pics from yesterday - we didn’t take many due to the chaos! Also a pic of my dad with a nice AJ from a previous charter with Smithy.
  9. Hi, planning to take my son out fishing on Friday. He really wants to catch a mackerel. I haven’t had a good go at chasing them in Moreton Bay yet. So if anyone has some advice or recent reports of getting a few would appreciate it. - I generally like to get out really early in the morning. Is it important for Mackerel in the bay? Or is anytime ok? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Had an awesome week on Moreton last week. Took the barge over on Saturday 19/10, weather was average at best, we even had hail on the way over! The squalls moved out to sea just as we arrived and we quickly set up camp at north point before the next storm came through. After the storm passed, the sun kind of came out and the ocean glassed off. No time like the present – kayak was launched with the aim being to get a couple of dinners for the next few days. Conditions were amazing and in short time 2 nice pan sized snapper and a school mackerel were on board and I was heading back to the beach before the next storm arrived. A LOT of plastics were lost to school mackerel, at one point I was right in the middle of a bust up with a heap of schoolies, tailor, a few small sharks and even some snapper racing around smashing into the bait. Awesome to watch. Crumbed snapper for dinner followed. Sunday morning presented a 30kn SSE so after a bit of a lie in, we headed down onto north point beach where the wind would be at our backs. First spot wasn’t all that sheltered, however, the first flathead of the trip was landed – a nice mid-40’s model that was released as dinner was already well in hand. A move to another spot provided both more shelter and more fish. 5 more flathead were landed and released, 3 of them going over 60cm long. Awesome session, could easily have filled the freezer but was happy to release them to fight again another day. Mackerel in a thai red curry for dinner was superb! Monday the SSE was still up around 20kn but was forecast to drop through the day. Another lazy start and a mosey down to North point beach showed the wind was up but the ocean was flat. Kayaks were launched and a lovely paddle along the back of the surf break featuring dolphins, turtles and 1 nice 42cm snapper for me. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach, a few more flathead were landed and released. We headed up to the lighthouse on sunset for happy hour. Tuesday morning I awoke early and it was totally still. We had a quick breakfast and launched the kayaks again in idyllic conditions. We were greeted by a pod of dolphins, a few turtles and even a manta ray. I landed one nice snapper but could barely get a plastic near the bottom without being snipped off by the school mackerel. I put a slug on to have a bit of fun and caught 4, the last one was hooked up around the gills so wouldn’t release, I shared the fillets around the camp site that afternoon. Wednesday I headed out kayaking early again, this time I bagged 3 nice snapper and another schoolie that was kept at the request of some neighbours. We then jumped in the car and headed for Tangalooma for a snorkel, timing it with a tide change for best water clarity and least current. Highlights were two wobbegongs and a huge blue parrot, generally a very good snorkel. On the way back I found middle rd block by a fallen branch, when I picked this up to move it a squirrel glider jumped out of the end and climbed up a nearby tree and then glided away. Can’t believe it stayed in the hollow during and then after the branch falling! Thursday morning I elected to sleep in and we then headed over to our favourite spot on the island where I landed a very nice tailor off the rocks (released) and then spent a few hours looking in rock pools and relaxing on the otherwise deserted beach. We headed back to camp for a late lunch, conditions were not perfect but I went for a final kayak and nabbed 3 nice snapper – should have been 4 but had to pay my taxes for the week which was a good bit of fun getting towed around for about 15 minutes before the teeth inevitably won out. Friday morning I headed up to the north point rocks early and had a spin for tailor. I landed 10.2 tailor, the 0.2 coming when a huge Spanish Mack decided to grab a hooked tailor, narrowly missing the treble on the back of the slug – part of me was disappointed, the other part quite relieved. All tailor were released. Friday afternoon we had a fish with some pippies for dart and landed a couple, pretty quiet as the northerly was ramping up by this point. Saturday was pack up day – good thing too as the northerly was 20kn+ at sunrise and only set to increase. We packed up and headed right down to the southern end of the island out of the wind a bit for a final swim, chill out and picnic lunch. We watched a 2-2.5m hammerhead cruising in over a shallow bank and through the south passage bar – likely heading in to birth some pups. Then all too soon, that was it, back up the beach and across middle rd and onto the barge home. Some photos from the week are below, might throw some video footage up on the you tubes or grab some stills out of it and add them soon. Cheers, Benno <’><
  11. HI Guys Lost a big Mackerel on the weekend and an expensive Rapala Deep Diver which is fine but I have been mixing it up lately to see the difference with Strikes and land rates. Sadly this one seem to be cut or busted on the cloth part of the wind on leader but it was the only hook up of the day whilst we have another three with traces in the water that didnt get a strike. Does anyone have personal trolling experience and not use Wire Traces with their lures. Interested to hear your stories and best success stories Cheers
  12. Hey Legends, I have often been told the best way to catch Spanish Mack Trucks is to slow troll a rigged Gar. I have heard lots of methods with 3 x 6/0 Gangs and a cast net sinker or premade rigs and using soft plastic squid heads over the top but I have actually never done it. Does anyone recommend it and do you have any tips on how to rig and how fast to troll etc?
  13. Mental health day on Friday Tried a few spots around Mud early morning but only to be plagued by Pike so went to Harries/Tiwi Pearl for a look as I'd never never been before. Used the pike as strip bait but only got pickers. This bait game is still a bit new to me. Picked up a mackerel on the slow troll, some sandies and a few squids on way back home. Magic day to be out on the water alone Mothers day was beer battered Mackerel
  14. Went down the gold coast yesterday with lance to fish for mackerel with cyclone Oma approaching as we won't get another chance for a while. We headed for mermaid reef once we got out of southport seaway with the sea calm I put the hammer down. We floated out pilchards and a live yakka but with no mackerel hits after a few hours the decision was made to move. We headed back up near the seaway and found a nice bommie on the sounder to sit on. We jigged up some bigger yakkas and as I was winding in a small yakka we set early to change it for a bigger bait when the little yakka was hit and the reel screamed. The fish took a few long fast runs with a spotty mackerel darting from 1 side of the boat to the other he finally was slowed and we had our 1st Mackie in the boat. As we got the fish bled and in the box there was no time to rest as soon as another yakka was set it was inhaled and the rod buckled over. Lance took the rod and fought a likely Spanish mackerel but it spat the hook after a quick run. This happened again as soon as another live yakka was set and I fought what I thought was a small fish but after it's 2nd run it really woke up and speed increased on a couple more runs. A nice Spanish came into view and we got a 1.2m long Spaniard in the box. With more burleigh came more spotties and they were soon swimming right up to the back of the boat eating the cubes of pillies drifting out. It started a hour of power with spotties taking every bait we could get out but most fish were lost. We boated another 3 spotties losing many more mainly to them running around the anchor rope. It was fun watching them in the burleigh trail and able to see them take the bait. Lance hooked another Spanish but it must of shook its head and the hook then foul hooking it and he then had no chance of turning this big fish. The wind finally got above 5 knots and the fish went off the bite so we headed for home. Fantastic day on the water and a few nice fish for a feed is what makes a happy fisherman.
  15. Hey guys sorry about the lack of post, I've been quite busy and slightly broke lately. Anyway a recap on my last adventures. I was trying to target flathead for about 2 weeks very unsuccessfully so on boxing day I decided to try something different. I was already going down the Gold Coast to do Christmas with my fiances side of the family so decided to take my boat out to palm beef reef. So I've never crossed a bar before in a boat and I can definitely say that the currumbin bar crossing was pretty average. But I just waited for a gap in the waved and just fanged it. My boat just ate the waves and from there it didn't take too long to get to the reef. I was there about an hour before high tide and couldnt be bothered flicking any lures so just had a bunch of dirty pilchards which I put on my shark rod with a ganged hook and a running sinker. On my other rod I just had a paternoster rig. I was only there 2 hours and I had 3 runs and probably about 6 snap off's. The paternoster rig caught about 7 or 8 stone fish lol Anyway I'm at work but I will attach a photo and I'm thinking about going out in the bay this week. Any tips or places to go in Moreton this week guys? VID_20181226_114047_389.mp4
  16. Hi guys Thought I'd share my Monday trip out from the river mouth as Borumba over the weekend was a huge letdown (unsurprisingly considering the traffic). Old man and I headed out at 6am from Pinkenba, conditions were glassy until we lost protection from port and hit the the 10knot south-easterly. High tide was due for 10:00am and first slugs went down at the first major set of tripod beacons just after 6:30. The chop made travelling and fishing pretty uncomfortable but we could see bait on the surface and down low so we persisted. Didn't get a hit on the slugs so on went the pillies and it was gametime. We had some good hits soon after resulting in 4 dropped fish, 6 in the boat, and 4 released with baits drifting mid-water in the current using gang hooks on 40lb fluro leader. The bait moved off and the bites dried up so we moved to Spot X out in the open in 6m of water. Baits on the bottom got picked off by small squire and trevally, but my floating pilly got smacked soon enough and an energetic 5 minute fight on the Ci4+ spooled with 20lb Fins resulted in my PB Moreton Bay Schoolie just tipping 68cm. Didn't get a photo with it as the chop made it too hard to get in a good position Home with the slack tide for crumbed mackerel which I've decided is my favourite method for my favourite eating fish (so far). Cheers
  17. Real quick report just to let everyone know that a heap of birds were working in the centre of the bay yesterday, with spotties and I'm pretty sure some tuna surfacing here and there. I trolled a spoon with a paravane all around the Hope Banks area in amongst a heap of birds, who I think were getting as frustrated as I was trying to keep up with the fish. At one stage they popped up right next to me and I had a real dilemma whether to continue trolling the spoon along the edge of the school or stop and cast a slug. I opted for the former, possibly wrongly, and was devastated when I didn't get a hit and the school popped back down again (I then threw a slug in the area but I think they were moving rather fast). Continued on, with birds spread out basically all through the section between Green Island and Harries and south, some not too far out from Wellington Point. I decided to stop near where a school had been up north of the Hope Banks, throw some cubed pillies in the water and one down on some gangs, while throwing a slug. Hooked up on the slug first cast, just as I'd noticed some fish go under on the sounder, but somehow it snapped my braid (20lb), I think at the leader knot, so not sure if my braid needs replacing (it did knot a couple of times when casting while on holiday down south so might be time). Was meeting the wife and kids back on the western side of Wello Pt at 5:30pm to take them for a quick fish so unfortunately was time to go right as I felt I was getting closer to success, so started flying in that direction but as expected, came across another school within a few hundred motors and just had to troll a spoon again quickly. Stopped to throw a slug, with no luck, then tried to start trolling the spoon again but the paravane off in the distance wouldn't go back down, so started winding it in by hand, trying to get it to bite back into the water. As it got closer, I noticed a dolphin swimming behind it and started to wonder if it was amused/attracted by the paravane. As it got closer again, I started to wonder if it was interested in the spoon .......... Then as I lifted the paravane out of the water (with the dolphin still hovering ....) and grabbed the leader to wind it in, I realised I had a fish on ......... ahah, that's why the dolphin was hovering - can only suspect that I hooked the mackerel just before I stopped trolling. Just legal at about 53 cm (photo later when I have time ). Fishing with the family was quiet despite the burley and it almost being dark, until I hooked a large stingray right as we were thinking about packing up, much to my wife's pleasure as the fight took a while and it was dark once we managed to subdue it ...... The boys loved the experience though so it's all good. Collected my 4 pots from the Wello Pt dropoff in 7m of water (which was fun with not great conditions, no headlamp and a cr@ppy torch - note to self, buy a new one ...) and had lots of crabs in the pots but only one keeper. Going to have to get out again next weekend and try to get my first bay spottie.
  18. Running on very little sleep(over the last week) and a tight window I hooked up the boat and headed down to GC on Friday night. With the word of a 330 bar cross that I didn't want to miss, I decided to head down Friday night, then the option of leaving Brisbane at 130am. Getting to the Labrador ramp just before 9pm, it quickly dawned on me that the Broadwater was under a cloak of darkness, and I had never been to this place before. Not to mention I was solo. Anyway, lucky for Navionics! I launched and quite easily made me way around to the NW end of Wavebreak, only to find something resembling Hong Kong harbour, with every boat of shape and size. I soon found @tuggers boat and saw a group of people around a fire. Everyone seemed a lot more jovial than me, and with little boat space, I saw @Luvit and anchored up next to him. My eyes were hanging out of me head, and my yawns probably wouldn't have impressed people, so I did the anti-social thing and rolled out my swag on the deck and called it a night. It was a first for me, and despite me seeming like a didn't sleep much, @Luvit reckons we came close and he couldn't wake me. Go figure! My alarm woke me at 3am, just when I was really starting to enjoy my swag, and packed up, waiting for the call. At 330 on the dot, @tugger and a couple of other boats went past, and I quickly followed. Still pitch black, I had no idea where I was going, or even crossed a bar before in my boat. For some unknown reason, I thought we'd sit outside the bar waiting for first light, then cross we we could see where we're going. Nope. I couldn't see a thing and we just went at it. I lost sight of Tugger and the other boats so followed Wayne out, and before I knew it, with the lights of Surfers Paradisein the distance, we were outside. No dramas. I guess my first time over a bar is just like any other first time. In the dark, not knowing what you're doing, following the lead of someone else, and over before it began. With lights in the distance, I couldn't see the other boats, so decided to just head down to Palm Beach with Wayne. About half way down, Wayne went wide, of which I figured he'd given up on the mackerel and was going out wide to chase dollies. Later I realised I was heading to Mermaid Beach reef, and was in very close, so was going the long way down. I got down to Palm Beach reef sans Wayne just on first light, and saw Tugger and just a few other boats. I soon anchored up inside and saw some good shows on the sounder, and started to get pumped. As the sun started to come up, more boats arrived, and looking south I noticed an armada of boats coming out from Currumbin. Having never fished it before, getting my sinker weight right cost me the first few rigs, but I soon went down to a very small ball sinker had my flatline working nicely. Burleyed up, and had a few resident reefs come right up to the back of the boat. The shows on the sounder kept coming, and all I was waiting for was the bite to turn on. It wasn't long before that happened, but straight off the strike I knew it wasn't a mackerel. Released. Not too long after, I noticed two boats of spearos pull up on either side of me, with three and four guys in each boat. I thought, 'here we go, these guys are going to get onto whatever keeps showing on the sounder'. Anyway, I'm soon on again, not a mackerel but interesting for 12m of water and less than a mile off the beach. Released. Over the next hour I never saw one of the 20 odd boats with a buckled rod, and no spearo came up with a fish. I managed a couple of scorpion cod, but nothing more. The spearo eventually gave up, and came over for a chat. They said they never saw a mackerel. Oh well, by this stage the wind was a little up, and around 8 am, I decided to move on. Swung by @tugger and @aussie123, and they confirmed the same, no mackerel today. With a couple of marks I wanted to look at it, I decided to troll back to the seaway, luckily enough going with the wind and swell. I zig zagged back and forth between the 12 and 24 fathom line, going over marks I had. Saw plenty of other boats out doing the same thing, including several large game boats. I did several hours trolling for three strikes, of which only one held. Just north of the gravel patch, I was lucky enough to hook up one what seemed pretty lacklustre, that was until the small skipjack got boat side and then came alive. After a few decent runs though, I boated him and was saved a donut for the day. I tried for a quick photo, but a lively tuna, solo, in a rolling boat was never going to work. Iki jime and bled, it went straight in the ice. After that I was hoping for something more, but it never came. I went out to a mark on the 24s, hoping to maybe have a bottom bash, but once out there, the idea left me. I crossed back over the seaway, and went around to the camp and see how everyone else went. The camp looked a great spot now in the light, I could see why Lance and all the others had called it a day and come back there just to hang out. The talk around the camp was much the same. I spoke with a few, and wanted to get around and introduce myself to the faces I didn't know, but the exhaustion hit me, and realised I still had to pull the boat out and drive back to Brisbane. So I was a little anti-social again, said my goodbyes, and headed back to the Labrador ramp. I pulled the boat out, and drove back to Brisbane as caffeinated as could, nearly needing matchsticks for my eye by the time I was driving through Brisbane city. I got home, filleted the tuna, flushed the motor, washed the reels, then left the rest for another day. All up, I was pushing it the whole time, but glad I did. And thanks to all that organised it!
  19. Hey everyone has anyone with their ear to the ground heard if the spotties are north of peel in the paddocks general area? Have seen social media pics a plenty Angus
  20. So I am heading out this morning with sister drop bear, brother in law drop bear and nephew drop bear. Heading to the sand dunes and then north looking for bait schools. It seems that the sounder is working really well even at 28 knots and with a bit of a chop. It rides really well. Yesterday I didn't check what it was actually blowing but it seemed like 15knots sse? something like that. Into the wind I did about 14 knots and while slow was very comfortable. with the wind did around 18 knots and again very comfortable. I rolled down the front of a few bigger waves and it kept tracking really nicely. I had been concerned that it would want to turn and as its a tiller it would be hard to control but no problems with this. The fuel gauge is rubbish and not at all reliable. with 4 trips around green and mud etc it had used 50 ltrs out of the 80 ltr tank. I am putting in a 10 ltr can today that will be a permanent part of the boat. Wish me luck today.
  21. Hi fellow fishers The past couple weeks have been magic fishing weather and tides so we have been hitting it pretty hard up here. A friend of mine told me about a gas rig about 50 k off the coast of darwin That holds monster mackerel and huge jewies so the BOM was set to favourites and checked regularly with baited breath and then everything lined up perfectly accommodation was booked and the weather gods were kind even on a long weekend (that never happens) so off we went and a sleepless night was had in darwin due to the excitement. The early morning start was a 4am one and there was not a breath of air, the water was like glass and gave us an awesome sun rise put us at the rig at around 6 am there was tuna busting up everywhere and that gave us some entertainment for a couple of hours. We were soon drawn to the rig for some flicking of plastics and hardbodies only to be busted off by big runs and line rubbing on the pylons, I can tie a fg knot pretty fast now as by the end of the trip I reckon I tied about a million of em the surface action was pretty good holding a stupid amount of long tom witch by the end of the day became very effective strip bait. dropping them straight down to a depth of about 45m and within about 10 seconds big fish were just inhaling them and they were in charge wherever they wanted to go they went we never saw much colour but we suspect they may have been big cod or sharks all in all it was a good week end The weekend before that we travel to woolianna on the daly didn't do as well as what we would have liked mainly small stuff and BIG crocs Cheers