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  1. Well with Benno being a diligent worker we couldn't get out for the beaut forecast yesterday. So we made plans to get up early and beat the ramp-rage by departing from Bongaree ramp at 4.15am. We had a plan to fish some ground (new to Ellicatch) on the bottom around the tide change and then go trolling some of the northern beacons inside Moreton. I think first cast we had a legal grassie in the box. Then it's all a bit of a blur with plenty of action. At one stage Benno threw a slug at a tuna bust-up for two hookups that let go. I got a GoPro for Christmas and this was its maiden voyage. I need to get better as I forgot to do any recording when I had a fish on... first things first I guess. I did manage to hit the record button on @benno573 as he brought in a Maori cod, quite excitedly as it meant the Northside team would have an entry in the cod category at least. 20220126 Benno Maori.mp4 One for the Northside Team. Like @GregOug, we landed 3 juvenile red emps that fight hard enough to think you've got something legal, so a bit disappointing but they're a good looking fish all the same. Plenty of unders as well as whiptails (which proved to be prime chunked bait). Notable captures go to Benno, with a 50cm Grassie and a nice 35cm Tuskfish from Venus who must have crash landed recently. We kept a few grassies around the 40 mark as well as a few just over legal. Then the Lancers moved in which were initially used for strip baits but in the end were just annoying as they were eating their dead brothers, so we called it and headed for the beacons. On the way we trolled up two schoolies on the 2nd last 6 inch Yamashita trolling board. No more fish were boated and the weather had turned so we kicked on for home satisfied with a nice box.
  2. Well! I went out this morning and had one of those days. Firstly, the 0.2 metre seas predicted were over a metre of swell with at least half metre of chop on top by the time we got near Moreton. It was like we were in a washing machine. Then we tried to find some live bait around a couple of the beacons and buoys over there but the current was running that strongly that we raced past them and I couldn’t position the boat in one spot so that Damon could drop a jig down. We eventually gave up on the idea of live bait and headed to our new spot X. We calculated the wind, the current, the waves, the sea spray etc etc and finally dropped anchor so that we would be able to fish precisely over our spot. We didn’t even come close! Ended up hanging exactly the opposite way to what we thought and quite a distance from our spot. We dropped baits over the side anyway as at least the current was heading in that direction and they proceeded to water ski behind us. The current was that fast. We kept on adding more and more lead until I was worried that we might capsize if only one of us threw out at a time. Damon eventually got somewhere near the bottom because he started getting some bites. He bought in a just over legal sweetlip, but missed some really nice bites. Shortly afterwards I was up the front trying to tie my line onto the anchor winch so I could get it to wind my 24kgs of lead in for me, when Damon hooked another fish which seemed to fight harder and harder the closer he got it to the boat. When it broke the surface we saw why. There was a 35cm parrot (tusk) fish on the bottom hook and a 67cm school mackerel on the top hook! They took some getting into the landing net, especially as we discovered that Damon had made his leader exactly six inches too long for me to reach them with the landing net. Lol. He eventually proceeded up the front of the boat so they were close enough for me to net. A bit later, just as the current was slowing down to twenty or so knots and we were anticipating actually having our baits stay on the bottom for a second or two, Damon got a text from his girlfriend saying she had just tested positive for COVID! After discussing this for a minute we decided that it had put paid to any more fishing so we up anchored and headed for home in the forlorn hope that Damon wouldn’t have already infected me if he also had it, given that we had just spent the last three hours or so in the confined quarters of a 6m boat. It was like 8.30am when we got back to the ramp! I’m not sure what the neighbours thought as we handed each other rods, buckets, tackle boxes and all the other assorted paraphernalia you take each trip but never even think of, let alone use once you get on the water, and trying not to touch anything in the same spots the other had, all the while wearing face masks in the by then 35 degree heat! Oh well, these are the times we live in now.
  3. My goal is to catch a Spanish Mackerel, I’ve been chasing these for years with no luck, especially out of Yeppoon in Central Qld of late where they appear to be extinct there. So the plan is this: I have 2 weeks off in January/February and Im planning a trip down to Mooloolaba Sunny Coast area. From my research that time and place seem to be my best chance of running into one of these oceanic speedsters. I’m taking my 581 Mclay Crossover Cuddy Cab, 140hp Suzuki and plan to pester the local tackle shops for info on where and when while there. Will mainly troll, lures, and rigged swimming dead baits. But will mix it up depending on conditions etc. I am taking the following offshore type rods, 1. PE3-4 Demon Blood OH Rod, with a Saltiga 30HA Star Drag running 50lb braid (250m) 2. PE4-5 Demon Blood OH Rod Saltiga 35 Lever Drag with 60lb Braid. (330m) The overheads will run a top-shot of 50 0r 60lb nylon/flurocarbon for a bit of shock absorption, perhaps 20m or so. Also taking a Nomad Blue Water 7” spin stick, PE 2.5-4 with a Certate SW 10000-H and 47lb braid (300m) for throwing small stick baits and flasher lures etc. Is there anything im missing, or recommend I need for this mission?
  4. Just 2 queenies this morning; there was big mackerel cruising the beach making blue salmon shower so nothing biting. Was literally seeing 20kg mackerel in 50cm of water 3m from the shore
  5. Had to get up at 2am to leave at 3am for a Bongaree ramp launch at 4.30am. Plan was to hit a mark off Bribie and then troll and slug the northern end beacons inside Moreton. We managed to get our lines in about 5 just as the sun came up. @benno573 was first on with a little but legal Moses Perch and a 33 grassie. I managed to just break the donut with a penny sized squire that I didn't know I had on. Haha We then trolled across to the beacons but couldn't raise a smile. The conditions were a little sloppy, so we decided to head back closer to Bribie where we have had success before. We were running two Laser Pros (One 2.5m/120mm and one 6m/160mm) and a slug right back. No joy here either, so Benno contacted his mate who had collected a few earlier in the week. He had got them a bit further north, so the question was put whether we go back across or just search around where we were. We decided to head back across, this time with a trolling board and spoon as well as the two Laser Pros. No luck on the way there and a close pass to the beacon produced nothing. We were still hopeful but some doubt had crept in. We did a circle a bit wider that produced a hit and capture. Finally one in the esky. Then we continued doing large circles for eight more and one dropped beside the boat. All fish bar the last one taken on the trolling board rig. Then it was time to head back around 10.30am. Satisfied with the results, it was a good day. Today I ticked over 200 hours in the boat since I got her nearly 18 months ago. So glad I got her. Pics to come.
  6. I decided after hearing Sam’s confirmation the other day that the schoolies were in the Rainbow, to give them a crack. I managed to convince my mum to come along and enjoy a day on the water too, she wasn’t that keen to start with, she said I leave too early in the morning for her liking, so we settled on a 9am departure from Raby Bay, needles to say I had to park out on the road as the car park was packed. We launched the super yacht and cruised towards the Rainbow in a very glassy bay, I pulled up just short of the Welsby light and began a drift back down the channel, unweighted pillies on 5 O gangs is what we used, whilst drifting we started a friendly competition of who would be crowned the mackerel master of the day, I got on the board early with a nice 68cm model, she soon followed with a 55cm, it was neck and neck there for a while, but I assured her if it went down to the wire, we would have to go by who’s catch came in with the longest overall length. We ended up boating 4 on the first drift, then cruised back up for round 2, I got a breather as she got snipped twice, and dropped another, then I came home strong landing 3 in quick succession, the boat was looking more and more like a crime scene at the end of the 2nd drift, so we pulled stumps and headed for home. I was pleasantly surprised when I got back to the ramp, the longest part of the retrieval was walking to the ute, It was a good end to a great day, and although my mum isn’t a keen fisher person, she thoroughly enjoyed the outing.
  7. went to mouth of the Rous last Sat, bloody carpet sharks taking my prime bait on offer before the sun came up, then the snapper hit for a short while, fresh squid did the business and i had more bites by floating down the bait than plummeting to the bottom on a paternoster rig. snap-sushimi was nice for breaky, and i kept another to bake tandoori-style. I then got a line bitten off so changed up to wire, pulling in a couple nice schoolies and lost an even bigger one. Then 9 boats turned up so it was off for an early mark and to fire up the smoker.
  8. Magic day on Palm Beach reef this morning - minimal wind and fish played the game. Started early and was second boat on the reef, ensuring we secured the same spot as last week. Some of the astute AFO members may recognise one of the boats in my pic. Action was slow through the morning with the odd fish, but switch was flicked at 6:30am and it was mayhem for 45 mins. We had two triple hook-ups and four double hook-ups which always make us look like amateurs as we dance around the boat. At one stage I was spinning a slug when one of my bait rods went off, so I gave the spin rod to my mate. I wind left handed (like all true right handed lure fisherman haha) so he struggled - and as soon as he got coordinated the line went tight and drag was screaming. I ended up with a good Spotty from the bait rod but my mate kept fishing my spin rod, eventually landing a 110cm Spanish. He claimed it but I am a little dubious as to whose fish it was We managed to land the Spanish, a Kingfish and five Spotties before calling it a day. Our conversion rate was terrible - we must have lost 15 fish this morning. One of the Spotties was lost to a solid Shark that took the fish beside the boat. Anyway, my decision to extend my holidays by one extra day turned out to be a good one. The mackerel mayhem always brings a smile to my face. Marty
  9. So @ellicat how did you go today?
  10. Hi all Today I set out for a fishing trip with Brian, Kat, and Steve (ellicat, Kat, and Old Scaley). We met at the Port of Brisbane boat ramp at approximately 5:45AM (I got there right on the dot and everyone else was there a bit before me), and I boarded Steve's 4.35M tinny, and Kat hopped in Brian's boat. After loading up the gear, we were getting ready to set off. Robbie (Drop Bear) came down early as well just to have a chat, so it was good to meet him as well. Hopefully next time it will be fishing @Drop Bear . There was a big dead ray at the ramp right on the top which is a bit of a shame. Obviously someone couldn't even be bothered to throw it back if they were just going to kill it! A lovely sunrise shot (thanks Kat) After we said goodbye to Robbie (and my dad Dave) we set off to go to Mud Island. I believe we were on the East side... We got to the mark and found a good drop off which Kat and Brian anchored up on and Steve and I spot locked on (With the electric!). I dropped my line down with a bit of prawn and got pickered straight away, and not longer after Brian was on a little pinky. Steve and I kept getting pickered by the small ones, and we pulled one or two up eventually (I lie, Steve did, I was still on the donut at that point, Lol). It seemed we were sitting on a school of little buggers. Soon after this, Kat hooked up on what seemed like a better fish. It was putting up an OK fight which we could see from the other boat, and it was a fair size squire. It was measured, and low and behold the first keeper of the day was landed! Woohoo. Good job Kat! She had caught a couple before, a small grassy empereor and pickers too. A solid squire landed by Kat Shortly after that one was landed, Steve decided to rig up with a plastic. He had the rod with a half-pilly out the back, on the bottom. Just as he was about to cast, the rod buckles! After a screaming run in the rod holder, he picked it up and set the hooks. The fight had began! He started pumping and winding, then the fish would run off, then more winding, then more runs. Eventually it calmed down and the fish decided to surface. Once we got it up, we saw a big snapper. Probably 60cm+. Then heartbreak struck. It shook the hook out about 2M from the boat, and from the net which I was holding. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"... Heartbreak. There goes the biggun! It sure would've been a good way to start the day We had been getting snipped off by something that had teeth as well. Brian had been snipped off once, Steve twice, and myself once as well. We thought they could very well be big sea toads... That was until Steve landed a stripey, chucked a fillet out, and nearly caught a mackerel on it! Like the other fish, it had gotten off close to the boat. We were thinking the boat had a bad case of the 'Dropsies", where it made us drop all of the good fish boat side. We were still at the first spot, but by this time we were changing to fish for mackerel seeing as though the snapper had seemingly gone off the bite. Brian and Kat had them floated out, and Steve had one under a float (a pilly, that is). Kat was on next, and it was most likely a mackerel, as it had the tell tale screaming runs as a sign. Her finger actually got cut it took off that fast! Youch! It was running all around the boat, back and forth, but eventually it busted her off on something. After a hit on our line (mine actually - it was just one big hit and it took everything) Brian hooked up. It didn't seem to big from where I was at first, but then it took a BIG, FAST run. After hearing it go, Steve and I were eagerly spectating. It started going around the boat, and we were hoping it would be landed. After some more big runs, Kat finally slipping the net under it. "It's massive!", Is what we heard next!.. And it sure was at 73cm! A nice big, early season mackerel! Jaw shot (P.S. Brian, didn't I recall you saying Ellicatch was going to be a smoke free boat?) After that big mackerel (and a round of applause/cheering), Steve and I kept fishing in the general area. I had a good run on the mackerel line, and Steve had another hit as well, but the bite had seemingly gone pretty quiet in that spot. I tried with a weighted bait (like what we were getting pickered on) but we decided to move spots to a different area. Steve motored along and eventually we were at the next spot. We had hopes for a good cod or good tuskfish, and in fact the second I dropped I got a good hit. Soon enough though, Steve got a rat squire, and luckily i got off the donut! It was past nine now, so I was pretty glad. Even though it was a tony one, I decided to get a quick piccy anyways. Another couple rat squire... Very pretty fish with the blue dots though After a few more picker attacks and a couple missed hits, we decided that wasting baits on the tiny squire was not working at all, so it might be better to move into the Port area. Steve was kind enough to let me drive for a bit, so I took the wheel (well, the throttle), and went very slowly over the chop, trying to keep a straight line. I'm not sure if I did a very good job though, because I didn't go to fast or far... Me with a popper driving the tinny After I gave the control back to Steve, we motored off to the POB. We started off about 50 metres away from a big cargo ship, and decided to go for a drift. We were in about 16-17M of water, and we were hoping for a possible salmon. I had two size four ball sinkers on to get me to the bottom, and Steve had about a size four sinker. For the first half hour or so (I'd say) we were drifting with the wind against the tide. I had a prawn out on the bottom. Brian and Kat were soon to arrive as well, and they anchored up first up. Due to our very slow drift, I was not covering that much ground. After doing a little more drifting, I felt a hit, and then I was on. It felt like a pretty good fish, and while it wasn't taking any big runs, it had lots of weight. At one point mid fight, it took a tincy bit of line. I was pulling him up now, but just as he was about to surface he went straight back down. I got him up and then we saw it. A massive flatty! You beauty! Shortly after this Steve landed it for me. Here is a pic of the fish - My new PB flathead at 62cm. Thanks for getting me onto it Steve (I think I annoyed you today because I thanked you so much after it ) After we chucked that one into the esky, we kept fishing. We finished up fishing here shortly after - Steve's soft vibe was getting no love at all and my prawn bait seemed to be untouched the whole time for the next drift. We crossed sides and went over towards Clara's Rocks, and we were starting off a drift near there and around the Boat Passage. I still kept my heavier rod out as we were now fishing for snapper. We did one drift past the passage and apart from a bunch of small picker attacks on both mine and Steve's line until about 12:30PM. Brian and Kat were on the other side of the river, over near the sunken wall (I think). They weren't getting any unfortunately, so they went back out to anchor up while Steve and I fished the wall. Apart from getting a couple picks, I was not successful. Steve got a small 23cm breambo though, which did fight decently. We were hoping for a cod or at least another keeper here, but we couldn't gather anything. Soon it was time to get back to the ramp, so we motored back. I held the boat while Steve went to get the car and then the boat was ready to get towed away, the gear was out, and we were nearly off. I made sure we got a nice group photo first though, so we could post it up After that, we said our goodbyes and I set home with Steve (I was getting picked up from his house). My flathead came home to mine in the esky, and some of it is now sitting in my tummy (the other part in the freezer). It sure tasted good. Big thanks to Brian and Kat for coming along with us. It was good to meet up again And big thanks to Steve as well for the great day out on the water.... Like I said as we were leaving though, it was a darn shame about that snapper! I hope you all enjoyed the report, and sorry it took a bit longer than usual to write And my bad if I've forgotten anything from today everyone! Stay safe everyone! (P.S. Here's the stats). Statistics of trip - Tide: Low, 3:50AM, .4M, 9:45AM, 2.1M, High, 4:00PM, .5M, Low (That is Brisbane Bar times) Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous and lots of run! Fish caught: Heaps of rat squire for everyone, I think Brian got two mackerel (one just under and the 73cm), I got the flathead, Steve lost the big snapper because it got the hook out of it's mouth in some fishy miracle, and I think that is it Bait caught: Stripey x 1, surprisingly no grinners (sorry I've probably jinxed it for next time everyone) Bait used: Squid, prawns, the humble pilly, stripey fillets Tackle used: 16lb leaders, size 4/o circle, suicide hooks for me (a 5/o's for me and Steve as well), size 2-4 ball sinkers, swivels.. I don't know any of the other gear others were using but I had a Diawa Shinobi 2500 and A Penn 650 - 12lb and 30lb braid - Rogue Firepoint boat rod and Venomat rod. Air Pressure: 1025 Humidity: 56% Temperature: 250C Water Temp: (According to the sounder at the first spot) It was 20.430C Location: Around Mud Island and Port of Brisbane Overall Success Rate: 75% - Would've been higher if we got the snap! Cheers Hamish Woohoo! Someone got unlucky with this catfish
  11. Mr @Drop Bear and I went in search of a feed of calamari today. We left Wynnum in Robbie’s boat around dawn and motored across the Bay in pretty good conditions just as the sun came up over The horizon. Another good start to the day, not too cold and not a lot of breeze. The plan was to hit an area where @Drop Bear has been having some success. After a nice run we arrived and started a drift. The squid were playing hide and seek, and they were better at hiding than we were at seeking. So much so that we didn’t didn’t see a single tentacle. @Drop Bear decided to float a pillie out the back under a float, and it wasn’t long before the float took off and after a short fight a nice school Mack was in the esky. So plan A quickly became plan B and we had a fun little session, pulling in 8 before the small packet of pillies ran out. We did get a couple on hard bodies as well, but the bait was the most successful. The wind was stronger than expected and once the tide turned we had wind against tide making for less than ideal planing. We had always planned to do some trolling of spoons on paravanes for Mack’s, so we trolled all the way back to just off St Helena. Robbie did his best to dethrone @kmcrosby78 as the Grinner King of Moreton Bay, catching several on the troll, but we didn’t see another schoolies. We did a bit of sounding around east of St Helena and dropped a few baits (just fillets of whiptails we caught earlier) on some promising territory outside the green zone. We had bites, but the only fish landed was a couple of small squire. Time to head home after another great day on Moreton Bay. Here is dinner on the cleaning table. Thanks again, Robbie. It is great to be back fishing with mates again.
  12. Woke up at stupid o'clock and set sail for my new favourite spot in Moreton Bay but unfortunately it was windier than I'd hoped which caused a problem as it was wind against tide til about 8am. At this point I was thinking back to all the dud sessions I've had over the years when I get up super early and don't boat a keeper til much, much later. Difference this time was that I didn't boat a keeper all morning, well, unless you count the large barnacled sand crab that I happily put into the esky. Lots of small stuff around with only a small bream, two undersized squire (one tiny) and a 40cm school mackerel boated. Had heard there was meant to be lots of mackerel around so proceeded to troll a spoon with a paravane, doing a loop out past the Hope Banks for not a touch so begrudgingly headed back in towards the channel between Green & King Island's to see if @Drop Bear's mackerel had grown since last week. Finally saw some bait on the sounder (none the rest of the time amazingly) and sure enough, hooked an undersized schoolie. After releasing it, turned back around an soon after the sounder was looking very impressive but somehow after going back and forwards through it a few times, no more love, so decided to drift through it with a pillie on gangs. Silly me through the pillie in the wrong direction to the drift so had to mess around bringing the rod and line around the nose of the boat, then a couple of minutes later notice the boat had turned a little and the line was close to the motor. At that exact moment the rod buckled over and I was in a foul mood as the motor is pretty new and I really didn't want line caught in it. Picked the rod up and wound a little and realised it wasn't court on the motor - fish, yahoo!! Worked out it wasn't a mackerel pretty quickly so it was time to start guessing - shark? shovel? ray? then I remembered reading about a large cobia boated in the same stretch of water last year and I told myself it was the right time of year for one, hmmm that would be good. Anyway, I can confirm that unfortunately it wasn't a cobia either, so you can probably guess what option that leaves ............. Was meant to pick the family up at about 10am but it was too lumpy so canned it. Conditions settled beautifully an hour or so later so re-invited them to no avail. Long day on the water but good to get the boat out as I haven't used it since before the last school holidays (painting the exterior of our house and a camping trip filled the holidays and I've had a injured knee since day 3 of this school term).
  13. From the album: The Isles & Bay

    School mackerel from Rous Channel
  14. Got the old fella Ted @crazywalrus out for a session this morning. Put in at Manly and we were on the water at 5.30am. Followed the last GPS track to spot X where we deployed our pilchards on 3 x 4/0 gang hooks about 5 feet under a float. Straight up a nice schoolie. Things were looking promising. Nothing much happened for awhile except for Ted catching some baby squire that were too young to have teeth. Now Ted, being the sporting type, likes to play with the silly string and fished two rods with 4 or 6 pound line. What could possibly go wrong ? Well everything did go wrong but I've ribbed him enough already, but let me just say I had a lot of tag ends on the boat floor when I cleaned it. There were a few missed hits and snip offs happening then the unweighted floating pillie went off on my Ugly Stick with 30lb braid. I jumped at the chance and it felt big and went on a little run. Then it didn't run but I couldn't get it up. I stuck at the game for about 15 minutes before giving Ted a go. Then I took it back until finally/thankfully the leader broke. My arm is now aching. Not too long after the bonito showed up. As my arm was too sore to keep casting I decided to catch two at a time to be more efficient. There were a few boats around but no one was catching much other than small squire. The tide turned us around and eventually Ted hooked a nice schoolie and actually got it into the boat. Then I got another and then it was time to beat the wind back to the ramp where we divvied up the fish. Ted getting a few feeds while I opted to just keep the 2 bonito for bait.. I'll throw up some video later.
  15. @Old Scaley and I followed @Drop Bear out to his secret spot where they've been cleaning up lately. Ran into @tugger out there as well. The fish were a little scarcer today. Steve was first on with the first fish to blood the boat. https://youtu.be/mtuLWQGE4wo Then he couldn't get the hooks to stick on a couple and I hadn't had a touch all morning. I was thinking a doughnut may have been on the cards. Finally one took the pillie and I was on. The fish did some circles and then dove down a bit and wrapped my line around the motor. I thought it was all over, but managed to get the line clear and landed my first mackerel in 13 years. He went 65cm on the lie detector. Managed only one more with a 69cm giving a decent tussle. The boat went well and it won't be long before she takes me out again. Thanks for the day, Steve. Bestest decky ever (as well).
  16. I had been keen to get out amongst it for a while and the weather and tides looked good today, I had second thoughts at 4am this morning though, it began raining pretty heavy while I was having a coffee, I checked the rain radar and it was pretty scattered, so I rolled the dice, hooked up the boat and took off, other then the grey sky, the weather wasn’t too bad at all. first runs on the board came in they way of a 55cm school mackerel, he succumb to the old floating pilly technique. Around the turn of the tide I found myself hooked up to a nice Jew, he fell for a Z Man curl tail, and put up a spirited fight on a 20lb baitcasting outfit, he managed to collect my floating pilly line during the fight, which made for some interesting net work, followed by some not so interesting untangling. The Jew went around 84cm, not a horse, but still great fun. A couple of weeks ago on a Friday, I ventured out in my mates boat, we left Vicky Pt around 7:30am and worked around some of the southern bay islands with limited success, about 11am we decided to work the Banana Banks with plastics, and it payed off, paddle tails and curl tails did all the damage. The smallest lizard in the pic was a 45cm bar tail, we probably got another 4 or five that weren’t legal size though, and about 6 or so monster sized grinners, by the end of it neither of us were calling what fish it was, as the grinners broke our hearts too many times.The bay was like glass from the time we launched, right throughout the day, you don’t get much better then that. About a week before the lizard trip, I took my mate out around Amity, and could only scrounge up 1 schoolie off the old floating pilly trick, the grinners were thick as and quite brazen too, they were smashing 7” plastics like they were going out of fashion. The last 3 schoolies I’ve caught have all been 55cm, a bit of variety in size wouldn’t go astray, but I’m certainly not complaining.
  17. Hi all, I would like to pick your brains on a few questions. I fish mostly landbased off Cairns. I am looking for a spot at False Cape (don't want to give the exact location away but people would know the spot if they fish it). Has anyone fished it recently and would be able to give me some tips and tricks for catching fish there? Can you catch mackerel if you throw a bait out on a float? Also, I would like some knowledge on land- based shark fishing. Has anyone got some good spots (just please tell me which beach, I will put the time in) for big sharks? I don't have a option to 'swim' a bait out o a kayak or something of the sort so would a float rig work to let it drift out or possibly just casting? Thank you all and tight lines.
  18. Me and my brothers did a morning charter with Smithy out of Mooloolaba yesterday. We’ve done a few over the years but never managed to get all 4 brothers together at the same time. My old man wasn’t into fishing but he loved hanging out with his boys and liked talking with Smithy so he used to come along for the ride. He passed away a year a go so it was nice to hang out with my brothers and Smithy a catch some fish in his memory. We started the morning trolling livies for Spanish and had 2 hits straight away but the sharks were too quick for us and we got toweled up. We went for a run looking for some tuna and came across a patch of spotties that were playing the game. It was mayhem and multiple hits per cast on slugs and stick baits. We boated 6 in a frenzy then moved on to where smithy had done well on the longtails the day before. We found them but they were their usual flighty selves so Smithy made the call to run to a fad for some dollies. Well the dollies were thick and we had a good hour catching them on livies, stickbaits and slugs. Back to the tuna where we left them and they started playing the game but pulled hooks, bite offs, equipment failure and a bit of inexperience costed us the 3 or 4 longies we hooked. Found a patch of mac tuna that were less flighty and caught a couple even keeping one for bait (great tailor bait off the beach!). Got a couple of small schoolies vertical jigging under the tuna schools and hooked something rather large that gave a good few strong runs before wearing thru the leader. Back at the pontoon for lunch at the pub and a beer with smithy before the trip back to Brisbane. Here are a couple of pics from yesterday - we didn’t take many due to the chaos! Also a pic of my dad with a nice AJ from a previous charter with Smithy.
  19. Hi, planning to take my son out fishing on Friday. He really wants to catch a mackerel. I haven’t had a good go at chasing them in Moreton Bay yet. So if anyone has some advice or recent reports of getting a few would appreciate it. - I generally like to get out really early in the morning. Is it important for Mackerel in the bay? Or is anytime ok? Thanks
  20. Hi all, Had an awesome week on Moreton last week. Took the barge over on Saturday 19/10, weather was average at best, we even had hail on the way over! The squalls moved out to sea just as we arrived and we quickly set up camp at north point before the next storm came through. After the storm passed, the sun kind of came out and the ocean glassed off. No time like the present – kayak was launched with the aim being to get a couple of dinners for the next few days. Conditions were amazing and in short time 2 nice pan sized snapper and a school mackerel were on board and I was heading back to the beach before the next storm arrived. A LOT of plastics were lost to school mackerel, at one point I was right in the middle of a bust up with a heap of schoolies, tailor, a few small sharks and even some snapper racing around smashing into the bait. Awesome to watch. Crumbed snapper for dinner followed. Sunday morning presented a 30kn SSE so after a bit of a lie in, we headed down onto north point beach where the wind would be at our backs. First spot wasn’t all that sheltered, however, the first flathead of the trip was landed – a nice mid-40’s model that was released as dinner was already well in hand. A move to another spot provided both more shelter and more fish. 5 more flathead were landed and released, 3 of them going over 60cm long. Awesome session, could easily have filled the freezer but was happy to release them to fight again another day. Mackerel in a thai red curry for dinner was superb! Monday the SSE was still up around 20kn but was forecast to drop through the day. Another lazy start and a mosey down to North point beach showed the wind was up but the ocean was flat. Kayaks were launched and a lovely paddle along the back of the surf break featuring dolphins, turtles and 1 nice 42cm snapper for me. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach, a few more flathead were landed and released. We headed up to the lighthouse on sunset for happy hour. Tuesday morning I awoke early and it was totally still. We had a quick breakfast and launched the kayaks again in idyllic conditions. We were greeted by a pod of dolphins, a few turtles and even a manta ray. I landed one nice snapper but could barely get a plastic near the bottom without being snipped off by the school mackerel. I put a slug on to have a bit of fun and caught 4, the last one was hooked up around the gills so wouldn’t release, I shared the fillets around the camp site that afternoon. Wednesday I headed out kayaking early again, this time I bagged 3 nice snapper and another schoolie that was kept at the request of some neighbours. We then jumped in the car and headed for Tangalooma for a snorkel, timing it with a tide change for best water clarity and least current. Highlights were two wobbegongs and a huge blue parrot, generally a very good snorkel. On the way back I found middle rd block by a fallen branch, when I picked this up to move it a squirrel glider jumped out of the end and climbed up a nearby tree and then glided away. Can’t believe it stayed in the hollow during and then after the branch falling! Thursday morning I elected to sleep in and we then headed over to our favourite spot on the island where I landed a very nice tailor off the rocks (released) and then spent a few hours looking in rock pools and relaxing on the otherwise deserted beach. We headed back to camp for a late lunch, conditions were not perfect but I went for a final kayak and nabbed 3 nice snapper – should have been 4 but had to pay my taxes for the week which was a good bit of fun getting towed around for about 15 minutes before the teeth inevitably won out. Friday morning I headed up to the north point rocks early and had a spin for tailor. I landed 10.2 tailor, the 0.2 coming when a huge Spanish Mack decided to grab a hooked tailor, narrowly missing the treble on the back of the slug – part of me was disappointed, the other part quite relieved. All tailor were released. Friday afternoon we had a fish with some pippies for dart and landed a couple, pretty quiet as the northerly was ramping up by this point. Saturday was pack up day – good thing too as the northerly was 20kn+ at sunrise and only set to increase. We packed up and headed right down to the southern end of the island out of the wind a bit for a final swim, chill out and picnic lunch. We watched a 2-2.5m hammerhead cruising in over a shallow bank and through the south passage bar – likely heading in to birth some pups. Then all too soon, that was it, back up the beach and across middle rd and onto the barge home. Some photos from the week are below, might throw some video footage up on the you tubes or grab some stills out of it and add them soon. Cheers, Benno <’><
  21. HI Guys Lost a big Mackerel on the weekend and an expensive Rapala Deep Diver which is fine but I have been mixing it up lately to see the difference with Strikes and land rates. Sadly this one seem to be cut or busted on the cloth part of the wind on leader but it was the only hook up of the day whilst we have another three with traces in the water that didnt get a strike. Does anyone have personal trolling experience and not use Wire Traces with their lures. Interested to hear your stories and best success stories Cheers
  22. Hey Legends, I have often been told the best way to catch Spanish Mack Trucks is to slow troll a rigged Gar. I have heard lots of methods with 3 x 6/0 Gangs and a cast net sinker or premade rigs and using soft plastic squid heads over the top but I have actually never done it. Does anyone recommend it and do you have any tips on how to rig and how fast to troll etc?
  23. Mental health day on Friday Tried a few spots around Mud early morning but only to be plagued by Pike so went to Harries/Tiwi Pearl for a look as I'd never never been before. Used the pike as strip bait but only got pickers. This bait game is still a bit new to me. Picked up a mackerel on the slow troll, some sandies and a few squids on way back home. Magic day to be out on the water alone Mothers day was beer battered Mackerel
  24. Went down the gold coast yesterday with lance to fish for mackerel with cyclone Oma approaching as we won't get another chance for a while. We headed for mermaid reef once we got out of southport seaway with the sea calm I put the hammer down. We floated out pilchards and a live yakka but with no mackerel hits after a few hours the decision was made to move. We headed back up near the seaway and found a nice bommie on the sounder to sit on. We jigged up some bigger yakkas and as I was winding in a small yakka we set early to change it for a bigger bait when the little yakka was hit and the reel screamed. The fish took a few long fast runs with a spotty mackerel darting from 1 side of the boat to the other he finally was slowed and we had our 1st Mackie in the boat. As we got the fish bled and in the box there was no time to rest as soon as another yakka was set it was inhaled and the rod buckled over. Lance took the rod and fought a likely Spanish mackerel but it spat the hook after a quick run. This happened again as soon as another live yakka was set and I fought what I thought was a small fish but after it's 2nd run it really woke up and speed increased on a couple more runs. A nice Spanish came into view and we got a 1.2m long Spaniard in the box. With more burleigh came more spotties and they were soon swimming right up to the back of the boat eating the cubes of pillies drifting out. It started a hour of power with spotties taking every bait we could get out but most fish were lost. We boated another 3 spotties losing many more mainly to them running around the anchor rope. It was fun watching them in the burleigh trail and able to see them take the bait. Lance hooked another Spanish but it must of shook its head and the hook then foul hooking it and he then had no chance of turning this big fish. The wind finally got above 5 knots and the fish went off the bite so we headed for home. Fantastic day on the water and a few nice fish for a feed is what makes a happy fisherman.
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