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Found 5 results

  1. Well I've been pondering for the past 6 or so months about getting back into boating. The Bay is appealing to me and some of the more recent reports have had me keener and keener. I first of all thought about re-powering The Force but that fell by the wayside as a bad idea pretty quickly. I set a budget and started looking around but couldn't find anything quite like I wanted (except for @Cobiaaddict 's rig but that well smashed the budget). All the boats I liked were double my budget. I kept a few Gumtree and Ebay tabs open and kept looking at them for the last 3 weeks. I dropped a couple of hints to the Trouble and Strife a few times. Last Saturday I could stand it no longer. I told Michelle I needed to double the budget to get what I wanted and she was happy with that. I wanted to keep it to myself so I could surprise a couple of mates by turning up to West End for a 'pussy' session with the new rig. I needed to lean on someone to whittle down my list, so in the end I gave @benno573 a call and we bumped it down to 2 then back to 4 then the top prospect was identified at Mermaid waters. 2 of the others were at Yamanto and Maryborough. Benno and I went for a look on the weekend and I came to an agreement on price with the bloke. We settled today and now I'm the proud owner of a Quintrex Escape 470 powered by a 60hp 4 stroke Merc. It has a step thru section to the anchor which will help my dodgy back pulling the thing in when on a loner trip. Alas when I'm with anyone else they will be MY deckie for a change so I won't have to pull anchor. I owe a few friends from AFO a lot of trips from over the years and look forward to the payback. I've named her Ellicatch. Here she is.
  2. GregOug


    Wow! This is going to upset a few people!
  3. GregOug

    The New Boat

    Hi all, Well! Happy to report that there is finally some movement with my new boat. It has left the factory and is with the dealer to add the finishing touches. I had a look at it last Wednesday and work was well underway. The engine was already on including the digital throttle and shift. The HDS7 live was in as well as all the gauges. They are replacing the 3 blade 23 pitch prop with a 19 pitch 4 blade. I am trusting the dealer that the change is worth it because he has trialed various props on the demo boat and he just happens to be a power boat racer (the big ones!) and is currently leading the Australian championship! Still to be fitted were the epirb, the 750b black VHF radio, the fire extinguisher, various USB charger/cig lighter combos, dual batteries, rod holders, engine colour coding, bait board and boat numbering. One item of interest is the radio which has all necessary buttons and controls on the mouthpiece, obviating the need for the control box to be inserted into the dash. I also went for black because I am sick of the white ones which discolour after a couple of years and turn that dirty beige colour. The dealer expected all of the above to be completed by today before going to the trimmers to fit the canopy. He said it should be ready to pick up the end of next week, although I’m not holding my breath! I’ve only mentioned the radio, prop etc in case someone has knowledge and wants to comment on any of them. By the way, the motor and boat look awesome!!!!!! cheers Greg
  4. Old Dealtry

    How Much

    Hi there I am looking to sell an early 90's Mercury Red Band 75HP 2 Stroke long shaft motor, with forward controls, power tilt/trim, in fair condition for it's age. I am not sure how much to ask, any thoughts? Thankx in advance
  5. Schubz

    Optimax Hours

    Hi all, I am looking for info on how many hours people have got out of a merc optimax. Everywhere you look you see them for sale at around the 500 hour mark so was wondering if there was a reason for people to be selling at that time. I am looking at hp anywhere from 140 to 225+ depending if I go twin or single setup. Thanks in advance for any info Tight Lines. phill