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      Found 73 results

      1. Still learning my way around the bay and boat fishing but keen to link up with anyone on AFO tomorrow. The misso and I don’t know anyone who owns a boat but would be keen meet some new friends and tag along in our boat.
      2. Hi all, Just joined. Based on Brisbane Northside. Just sold a 35 foot flybridge cruiser (thank goodness - never again) and have ordered a Stejcraft ss64. Not sure of delivery date yet but probably within two months. I am looking for a group/club interested in fishing Moreton Bay, or any tips/spots etc. Although I have been fishing the bay for close on forty years I now have more time on my hands, and intend to spend much more time out there.
      3. Got roughly $10k for a boat to buy. Looking at heading around moreton bay (on a good day), not quite to moreton island, aswell as primarly fishing estuaries and the bribie passage. What is a good boat that doesnt break the bank for this if possible? Was looking at the quintrex renegade (bit out of price range) and quintrex hornet trophy. Obviously buying second hand Cheers
      4. Weather looking good. Batteries are charged. Might give Moreton Bay a go tomorrow!
      5. We decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather on Sunday and join half of Brisbane out on Moreton Bay ........ wife and kids luckily got to the north ramp at Manly Harbour first and rang me while I was on my way to inform me it was overflowing, so luckily there were some spare trailer parks (that weren't taken up by cars without trailers ........) at the south ramp so we were all good. Was my first run with the new Suzuki DF100B engine so good to start running it in. Set anchor and got the teams lines in and Liam had an undersized grassie in the boat in no time. I started working on filling the scaling bag with berley (a bit of an assortment) and once it was deployed and shaken a few times I exclaimed that I reckoned the action would soon pick up - about 5 seconds later I had a run on my baitrunner and brought in a legal grassie, so one keeper in the esky . Things went quiet during the tide change (I was hoping to be there earlier ....) with just rat squire coming in, but as the tide started to turn the action picked up again with a couple of flounder caught (one kept), Liam got a keeper bream and also a legal tusky as well as an undersized tusky (geez they play up once netted - feisty buggers .....). George (5 years old) early on in the session decided today was the day he started baiting his own hooks and to his credit he continued the whole session, specialising (and requesting ...) with the head half of the bait, threading the hook through the eye of the bait and then in his own fashion securing the hook back into the bait. Not the best presented baits, which detracted from his hookup rate, but very proud of him for giving it a go. Liam quite a few times offered for George to reel his fish in and when he wasn't doing that, he did a great job at netting fish so everyone was kept busy . I will have to start getting better of getting action shots of the boys as I'm afraid I've only got a 'kill shot' of dead fish again - they'll turn into a yummy mixed feed of fish though We set one crab pot (was meant to be two but I again forgot the uprights for my larger pro pot ...) in about 6.5m of water but no reward. Very busy back at the ramp but luckily the crowd was reasonably well behaved and we were out of the water in about 15 mins so not too bad. One guy after me seemingly forgot to trim/tilt his motor up prior to trailering it and it was horribly close to the bitumen ..... Thanks for reading.
      7. Good news is I've been fishing a bit the last two weeks (first time since school started back I think ....), the bad news is I've been slack with putting reports up, so I'm doing a combined one to cover my Saturday arvo/evening and Sunday morning trips over the last two weekends. Been fishing a new spot which is a drop off from about 4m to 7m and seems to have a fair amount of wire weed. I went solo both Saturday arvo/evenings and unfortunately it was quite windy, and took longer than expected to settle down both times, meaning my plate centre console was banging around on anchor and my baits were dancing all over the place. Been using winter whiting heads/frames, whole bay squid and both live and dead herring that I castnetted at Manly harbour (on Sunday just gone the whole harbour was packed with them and hardyheads, of which I got a few). The first solo trip only produced one just legal grassy sweetlip before I opted to go home in case the storms came into the bay from the south-east. Then Saturday just gone I got a cod and another just legal grassy. I seem to have not taken a photo of the gold spotted cod, which went about 43cm, and was baked whole (as was the sweetlip) with garlic, teriyaki sauce and kaffir lime, yum!! I taught my sons Liam and George the delight of eating the meat from the cheek area and also the gooey bits around the eye, so sadly it looks like I'll need to share this with them in future (they were fighting each other over the last eye). The session two Sunday's ago was overall quite quiet given the good weather, but eventually the boys picked up a bream each and I got a nice fat 35cm sweetlip on a whole squid bait right at the end of our session as we were getting ready to pack up (thank goodness ...... ). We'd decided to put some crab pots in as we'd heard there had been a few around. As always, I took the lazy option and just spread them out in about 3.5m of water to the right of the Manly leads (only 3 pots as I'd forgotten the uprights for my larger pot ...) so that we could head fishing. Sadly on our way back to check them, we discovered the first two had the float and a few metres of rope but no pot. I wondered when I pulled the first one in whether it had been run over (and then wondered how, as I have a couple of bits of lead crimped onto the rope to stop it floating on the surface and they weren't in a high traffic area) but when the second one was the same (and both ropes were quite cleanly cut ....). My suspicions were confirmed when, to my surprise, the third pot (closest to the leads) was still actually attached to the pot, but when I pulled it up there was no bait in it and no crabs. So we were a bit disappointed about this, particularly the boys. Obviously I'll need to start only setting them near where we are fishing. I would have thought being the middle of the day and so close to the harbour and channel they would be safe, but obviously there are some out there brazen enough to still do the wrong thing. I reckon they mustn't have beaten us to them by much as the two floats not attached to pots were floating around very close to where they'd been deployed. Oh well, life goes on . To my surprise, this Sunday just gone George wasn't in the mood to come fishing with us so we left him at home (to a surprised mum when she woke up ....... ) so just Liam and I went. As stated, we stocked up on herring (we kept some live), a few hardy heads and one small mullet which we also kept alive. Unfortunately we were plagued by bites (and bite off's) from little 70cm school sharks, but at least Liam got to catch one on his bream rod, which provided him with some fun and some good practice and fighting something a little bigger/stronger than he is used to. I'm glad I decided late last year to put my old Wilson landing net in after a grinner put a whole (which has been repaired) in my Berkley catch and release net. Not long before we packed up, and right as the tide slowed before the low tide change, the live mullet rod took off (am suspecting shark but who knows) and made a few very powerful runs. I gave my Sienna combo to Liam to wind in so it was out of the way but it was either snagged or had a fish on (I think the former) so I attempted to swap rods with him, but as I did so the shark/large fish bust (or bit) me off, so I tried swapping back with him, but didn't make sure he had a good grasp of it, so into the drink it went (second time for this combo, hence the reel made a slight noise). Liam was devastated but I cheered him up, let him know it was my fault, and also informed him that one of the eyelets popped out that day so all in all it was the right combo to lose and on the plus side we now get to replace it .......... . Thanks for reading, hopefully we can continue to get out and fish as it's good for the mental health and quality family time. I've got a large underfloor fuel tank (about 120L) so the good thing is that with these small bay trips I don't need to fuel up real often, reducing the risk of coronavirus . Stay safe all and thanks for reading. I'll try and take more photos (and landscape ones ...) in future .
      8. Another link. This time about prawning.
      9. Hi, after all this rain we have had in SEQ. What are your thoughts on fishing in Moreton bay now and the next month? Anyone experienced it from previous big rain events? cheers Towknee
      10. Just attaching a link to a short article about the Moreton Bay flush out after all the rain. cheers Greg
      11. This is my first post here. Had to come tell someone!! What a rush. First time out with the fly rod down near Victoria point Moreton Bay. Wasnt a monster, but still its a bream! Im so stoked right now!!
      12. Took the wife and two boys out fishing after Liam's soccer game on Saturday morning, heading straight to our usual haunt at Green Island. The boys love it because we always catch plenty and yesterday was no exception, with the first hour resulting in small squire one after the other - I reckon they would have caught close to 15 in the first hour and there my partly rigged rod (to put a floater bait out the back) lay to prove it ....... (nothing changes - perhaps I should start planning ahead and rigging it up at home ......). We had a very large green sea toadfish on Georges rod (I fought that one for him), Liam got a just undersized tusky plus a small grassie and a nice big bar-tailed flattie but unfortunately a big grinner (@Old Scaley the boys could give you a run for your money ..... ) had put a whole in the silicone net (right - no more grinners going in this net!!) and the flathead went straight through it. Turned out it was still on the line but unfortunately in attempt number two it threw the hook and won it's freedom (much to Liam's displeasure - not a happy chappy!!). Dropped the family back to the ramp about 2:30pm (they lasted a bit longer than I was planning .......) and then back out to do some trolling for mackerel. Got one not far from Green Island and kept heading towards the Hope Banks, marking a couple of decent shows of bait along the way. Got a Watson's Leaping Bonito close to the Hope Banks then decided to go back to where I had marked the shows of bait earlier (was then hoping to head to the eastern side of St Helena Island outside of the Green Zone to find some new fishing spots but didn't get there - next time ... ) and bingo, the sounder was impressive!! Trolled the area back and forth a few times picking up three more bonito and another mackerel. By this stage it was about 5:15pm so decided to anchor up and fish with pillies to see if I could add to the esky. The pillies were getting picked apart by the baitfish so I put out a whole squid on ganged hooks and then also plucked a couple of whole yakkas out of the esky. Had three sharks on in about a half hour period which was a lot of fun - the first one broke me off when it dove back down beside the boat so I upped the leader size and had a good fight with the next one, with it jumping and thrashing around on the surface a couple of times a fair distance from the boat. Got it beside the boat and it was dark by now and my headlamp was in need of new batteries - much around trying to tail it and also trying to gaff it before it eventually busted me off as I was messing around. Grr!!! Caught and landed the next one after again mucking around trying to land it - good fun solo in the dark!! Busy back at the ramp with about a 15/16ft tinny towing about a 20ft fibreglass boat in. After I retrieved mine a guy came over to ask if I had a detachable winch handle as his had bounced off in transit - I didn't but luckily he only had a 15ft tinny and a couple of guys to help so seemed to be in control. My boys were excited to see the catch when I eventually got out of bed this morning ....
      13. Anyone got any tip for locations to hit this weekend. 19 foot Haines so pretty open to anywhere in the bay or out to the Cape or outside Bribie. Not much preference, just need to get the boat out and havent been out for a while. Any tips apprecited
      14. Hi all, new here! Grew up fishing the Noosa river with my younger brother, 15-20 years later we have just bought a bigger tinny than the 11ft x 6hp we used to strap around in. We keep the boat at his place in Noosa but I live in Brisbane and I'm keen to get into the bay to chase some pelagics or the river for some salmon or jewies, typically I always use lures but i'll never say no to a live bait session. Any tips or tricks you can share will be much appreciated, particularly how far into the bay we would have to venture to chase decent fish will be handy. 4.2m Stacer x 30hp Yamaha - Lures - Brisbane - Noosa
      15. An interesting piece from Ern Grant - Grant's Guide to Fishes 1 hr · GRANT'S FISHY TAILS - #214 - DISGRUNTLED ANGLERS In the 1870s (Yes, I said EIGHTEEN-seventies) an authoritative book came out: Fishing in Moreton Bay. It set out a situation beyond argument: angling in Moreton Bay (Sth Qld.) was buggerupfinish. Reason? – those “tinkers-dam netfishermen”. Hold hard a minute. Their nets were tarred cotton; bulky, inefficient, and targeted mainly on Mullet. How do I know of these shortcomings? In around 1940 I used a tarred net – to the well-expressed disgust of fellow-anglers. But the book gave me a couple of specks of gold. Reproving his fellow-anglers, the author tells us: "Your Bream average just under a pound (500g), and your Whiting run five-to-the-pound." (about 100g each!) Well, wonders will never quit ceasing. That comes awful close to our catches, made after 145 years! Anglers have always needed to find excuses for poor catches. When the French were exploding atomic bombs at Muraroa Atoll, way out in the Pacific, my desk was protesting under the weight of bottles of seawater, to be tested by the Gummint Analyst for radio-activity that fouled-up fishing. Radioactivity? - not a chance. In the southern Bay and the Broadwater - a favoured resort for the well-off - anglers' success rates were so poor that, annually, fiery protests and complaints came to my Minister and myself. And these people, too, blamed netfishermen. So in the 1960s, my Senior Biologist tried placating them by cancelling ALL net-fishing in the whole of the region. Did catches improve? - not a chance. And about the only adverse influence? - rampaging speedboats. Its cure is ever-present: practice, practice, practice. How the devil do you think I've been able to write and illustrate a book of 880 pages on fish unless I'd caught most of them for myself? - Go thou and do likewise. 24You and 23 others 2 comments
      16. Hi All, Quick report, Headed out the other night to try for a another snapper & to see if I could get one a bit closer to that magical double digit mark, Left the Ramp at 5.30 and on anchor just after 6pm, Had the whole place to ourselves Started to deploy the burley and 20minutes later the first fish hit the deck nice snapper around 83cm - Things where looking good, Kept plugging away and releasing another 6 fish in the high 70cm bracket. , we re-anchored after the tide changed and started the burley and putting baits back out and the decky's rod goes of very slowly, Sets the hook and just about get pulled out the back with serious fish running hard for the ledge. My 1st thought was a shark but the tell tale sign of a nice snapper started in the rod tip. Decky sorted it out pretty quick and I slid the net under another good fish. This was somewhere in the 94cm back, and went 8.2kg on the lie detector, Thing didn't fit in the 80L esky. Race home on a glassed out bay around 10pm... Hope you all took advantage of the good weather over the weekend. Cheers Josh <><
      17. Well I think I may be getting a little excited with my posting but. Today I got away a little early from work and had 3 hour of free time. So what better else to do than look for some fresh ground close to the ramp. First stop was West Peel artificial reef as some guys at the bar reckon it is hot at the moment. I covered the distance from Raby bay boat ramp to WP in about 10 minutes are 32 knots. Not much showing on the sounder. They are in more water than I first though. Some in as much as 45-50ft. Found a little more ground in another spot I ain’t telling anyone. Here’s a sounder photo for a tease. Can’t wait to flog it on Friday . You should have seen me when I saw I didn’t have any rods onboard Has anyone actually caught anything at West peel? I reckon the guys at the pub are ******** me. regards, Mick
      18. Hey guys. I was reading a few old articles on the Mud Island Sinkhole. Anyone tried it? I have done some research it seems bogus. I might go for a ride out there tomorrow. My boats only a Black Haines hunter Seawasp. With a 50hp Yamaha 2 stroke come say hi if you see me. Just want to know whether it is worth my time. Otherwise I will go over to a few spots off Bribie I know off. Regards, Mick
      19. Hi all. Headed out after work last night with a mate to see if the snapper where still around. Launched at 5.30pm and on the anchor by 6pm burleying up and putting some baits out. Took about 1hr but slowly they the came on the chew Caught 6 around the 70-75cm mark with 4 being released. Then the sharks rocked up and took the body of a solid fish in the mid 7kg bracket. So we up anchored and headed for home as we didn't want to see any more fish destroyed by sharks. Good to spend a few hours on the water again. Hope to get out again in the coming days. cheers Josh <><
      20. Hey everyone. I am new to these forums but am hardly new fishing. Like a lot of us, I have been fishing since I could walk. Anyway, the other day I went for a look over to Raby bay reef. It was very very slow. One squire 15 cm which was released. Anyone had any luck on either Ormiston Reef / Raby bay reef / Cleveland point. I never seem to produce fish there. Wouldn’t of pulled 3 decent fish from Cleveland point out of the 20 years I have been fishing it. Regards, Mick
      21. Hi AFO gang, Been a little quiet on the posting front for the last month or so. Have been doing some fishing here and there with a couple of great trips with @Luvit and @Luke Landrunner off Mooloolaba a while back. That was a pretty awesome day although bloody hell the weather turned shite really quick on the way back but the Grady White kept us safe! Thanks again @Luvit In between have been doing some basic whiting fishing north of Scarbs / Newport and the Cockle Banks with some pretty good success mixed in with some crabs. But I have some more time this weekend and with the weather looking the way it is I might take the Scout past the northern artificial / coffee rocks and try my hand at some reef bashing from Flinders up to Hutchies and around. Anybody been out there recently or heading out on Saturday? All the reports are showing fish fish fish and I'd love to get into some decent reef fish for a change. Cheers
      22. Hi All, Its been a while since my last fishing post and a long time since I last had a fish to be honest I think Australia Day was my last fish . Headed out with a mate from Tasmania who has not ever caught a decent shallow water bay snapper before , So the pressure was on . Lucky me, with literally months off the water and know knowledge of fish on the chew any where the search was on. Headed out for a quick bay snapper session Saturday arvo leaving Clontarf around just after 1pm to grab some live baits and then find some nice hard rubble bottom to anchor up on and burley in hope of a July snapper, After spending a couple of hours searching for live baits and finding some nice rubble bottom with a little drop off we anchored up about 3.45pm and started to burley up , send some baits back hoping some fish would come on the chew, After waiting close to 1hr (5pm), the 1st rod got lit up and the decky was into a nice fish with good head shakes, few tense moment as the fish ran for drop off with great intent , but some nice rod work and Ben had his head turned and coming to the boat nicely, few more small runs and I slid the net under a great fish , as we were dehooking this fish and getting ready for a few happy snaps - the other bait-runner went off hard , so I set the hook with it still in the rod holder - struggling to get this one out of the holder, I was now onto another nice fish which I felt running hard along the bottom almost straight away., after some back and forth action I slowly had nice snapper in the net and on the deck of the boat yay me, trip successful, So we quickly rest the baits and went about a few photos, after getting a shot of Ben holding both fish , both rods went off again with a big double hook up on 2 more cracking snapper at 75 & 78cm - which went back - I went checked the esky had a quick measure and with a 81cm & 84cm in the ice box I realized we where wasting out time. Ben had set another 2 baits out and whilst holding my Snapper for a photo we had another double hook up, Ill put the photo up of myself looking away at the back of the boat holding my fish with a concerned look of holy geeeeezzzzz. . We had another crazy 20minutes with about 5 more fish hooked and released totaling 11 for the session and taking the 1st 2 home for a feed, Both fish weight 6.0kg & 6.1Kg . Hope you all enjoy the read Cheers Josh <><
      23. outh-East Queensland fishers are set to reel in a bigger catch with the installation of fish aggregation devices along the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and in Moreton Bay. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said devices, called FADs, were a floating buoy that gets tethered offshore and attracts fish. “We’re investing $1 million in rolling out a series of FADs that will attract sports fish species including Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish), cobia and mackerel,“ Mr Furner said. “The added benefit of making it more likely that you’ll hook one of these species is that it takes some of the pressure off snapper and pearl perch, which are currently overfished and stocks are very low. “Over the next year we’ll be developing a design and installation plan for the FADs in consultation with stakeholders. A FAD monitoring and maintenance program will also be developed.“ Member for Lytton Joan Pease said enhancing the fishing experience in Moreton Bay was good for fishers and for local jobs. “For many people fishing is an important part of Bayside lifestyle, but it also drives more visitors to our region and that creates jobs,“ Ms Pease said. “This is a great initiative because it will enhance our reputation as a great place ot drop in a line, and that means more jobs in businesses servicing those visitors. “We are investing in jobs today and for the future, and delivering infrastructure for our state.“ Mr Furner said the State Government would also be exploring oppportunties with potential partners who may be interested in matching funding to roll out even more FADs in South East Queensland or more widely. “NSW Fisheries has already demonstrated success with FADS installed along its it east coast, which attract large numbers of dolphin fish,“ Mr Furner said. “We believe that this initiative will help to strengthen world class recreational fishing in Queensland while giving snapper and pearl perch an opportunity to rebuild stocks. “By encouraging recreational fishers to target species other than snapper and pearl perch, we can ensure that our kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy fishing for these iconic Queensland species in future.“
      24. Hi, Hope a few forum members are taking advantage of the weather this weekend. Put the boat in yesterday arvo till after dark, fished around Redcliffe/ Scarborough in the hope of getting a few tailor. Caught some legal bream and plenty of undersized fish. At least this kept the young bloke entertained Anyone has any luck catching tailor yet around northern Moreton Bay?
      25. Hey, I am looking for GPS marks for fishing spots in Moreton bay. I used to live here when I was younger but moved to Sydney for work for 17 years. I have know moved back but can’t find any fish here anymore. I am looking for marks ( you could PM me) from About Victoria Point to Green island maybe a bit further north. If someone could respond that would be fantastic.