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  1. It's mid week....time to get interested in the weather forecast for the weekend of boating / fishing. Check out all the green . Saturday sunrise and high tide coinciding at around 6:30am. Ideal for an early run to spot X. Expecting some mint conditions and lots of boats out with all my weekend warrior friends. Mid week fishos/retirees need not attend (given all the great mid week weather) or risk some boat ramp madness. Nice morning westerly (only slightly blowing against the incoming tide). Expecting a comfortable morning cruise out with the tail wind behind me. Hardly a South-Easterly for the arvo run home with the breeze dropping off further compared to the morning. Expecting mint arvo conditions. Might anchor up for a nice lunch / afternoon tea on the water after a days fishing.
  2. Headed out for a session with @Kat today. We launched about 7am and struggled for quite awhile to find some livies. In the end Kat managed 5 pike which were sent to the livewell. That did us for a start. Managed to turn one into a keeper - Kat managed this one as well - 20220616_123438.mp4 We caught up with @GregOug on the radio and phone and ventured over near Harry's for a catch up. The Bay was a glass out. Greg had been having a bit of a disastrous day with a few things not going well to start the day. To put a full stop on the day he had some problems and couldn't get his Sounder/GPS to work when he went to leave. Did you figure it out, mate ? Fishing was tough and we ended up back at a mark at Green. No joy - just pickers. Kat suggested we hunt for more pike and we agreed to extend the day until just after dusk. They were again hard to find but we found a good patch eventually and Kat boated another 7. That would be enough. We quietly anchored at the next spot and deployed a pike each, then settled down to wait for that sound. It didn't come so we made tracks for home. Back at the ramp by 7. Apart from the one keeper it was a tough day at the office. Good company though. Thanks for coming out Kat, even though you caught more fish than me.
  3. Saturday the stars aligned and @benno573 and I finalised a plan on Friday to fish the Bay together. An early start saw me rise at 2.30 for a 4am departure to Manly ramp. We were at Harry Atkinson artifical reef just before first light, with half a dozen others, where we fished plastics (as taught to me by @Another Wazza). Conditions were pretty ordinary with waves up to approximately a metre and the wind kept us cool. Not much joy on the plastics except for me losing a tail, so at 8am we moved onto Mud Island figuring we had passed the peak period. A lot of boats had also shown up. At the first Mud spot the weather improved and we managed to get a few legal squire, with me boating the best one at 48.5cm, somewhat shy of the 70cm I was after but I was still happy. Also managed a legal tusky. Somewhere during the morning Benno pointed out a barge in close to the island. Sure enough it was @Drop Bear and @Old Scaley as well as a couple of other gents from the OzFish crew doing their bit for our environment by doing a cleanup on the island. Good on you fellas. They popped over later to say G'day. Quite a few boats showed up around us and the bite slowed so we moved on to another spot where there was plenty of bait but no cigar, so we moved again where there was even more bait but no cigar there either. We spied the odd small bust up during the morning of both longtail and mack tuna, so Benno had a slug ready. Sure enough a couple bobbed up within casting distance and benno landed a slug almost in the mouth of one. haha He was on immediately. Only trouble was it was only on 10lb string that had a join in the line about half a spool down. It didn't take long for the join to be exposed and there was some nervousness about its strength. We were hoping for a longtail, but after quite a struggle, in came a big Mack Tuna going 85cm and just under 8kg. Well played mate. After that bit of excitement we moved again. The conditions were very calm now and so was the fishing with a steady stream of unders and pickers. Benno was also the grinner king for the day, but worse was still to come. A couple of snip offs occurred before the excitement of a bit of drag being pulled ended devastatingly - a giant sea toad ! Aaaarrgghh. Nooooo. Sure enough we had a couple of more snip offs before we moved on. We headed back to the first Mud spot where we settled in for the dusk bite. Not a lot going on apart from unders (mainly on Bennos's side), then there was something that set off a fair bit drag singing. Excited at first, the call was made it was acting like a ray and sure enough it was. Feeling defeated on the big snapper quest, we called it a bit early but well into the dark and headed for home. Back at the ramp at 7pm the fella pulling out next to us said he had caught a 90cm snap and also the boat that had just pulled out had caught a 90 as well. Ho hum. It had been awhile between drinks for us, so it was good to catch up with a long session. Thanks for the day Benno.
  4. I recently bought two new G.Loomis rods and was keen to try them out so when today's forecast for Moreton Bay was for around 0.2 metre seas until after midday, Damon and I decided to head to our recently found spot over at Moreton to try them out. The river was calm as we headed out around dawn and things looked very promising. The calm seas continued until we got past the main shipping channel beacons but deteriorated very quickly after that. We were soon punching into a very nasty swell with cross chop and the wind was considerably stronger than the less than ten knots forecast. We decided to persevere but by the time we got to our spot the seas were probably at least a half metre of chop on top of a metre and a half swell, and very confused. We anchored and sent some baits down with some fairly heavy lead as the run was nearly as bad as the last time we were there. The swell and chop was pretty bad and I missed a couple of decent bites but then managed to hook something that obviously had some size to it because I wasn’t gaining much line for a couple of minutes, and then it would fight for a few seconds and then just be a heavy weight in between fights. I started to suspect a cod at this stage, but when we finally got our first glimpse of it in the white-capping swells behind the boat my heart sank because I thought it looked like a huge sea toad. But Damon said he was sure it was a cod, and he proved to be correct when I got it to the back of the boat. It was a very nice cod. That nice, in fact, that we had considerable difficulty getting into a landing net that was way too small for it! Lol. But eventually Damon somehow manoeuvred it into the net with the tail sticking out, and brought it aboard. My very first fish on my new spinning rod, and what a great start to its fishing life! I caught one keeper grassie after that, but we’d only been there about half an hour when I started feeling decidedly queasy. I was just about to mention this to Damon when he turned to me and exclaimed that he was feeling rather ill. The swell, chop and generally very confused sea was just too much and we quickly up anchored and started to head for home. We only made it a couple of hundred metres however before we decided it was going to be a very uncomfortable slog back to the ramp. I suggested we instead head down Moreton close in, in search of some better seas. By the time we reached the Sandhills it was considerably calmer and we headed towards Mud. By the time we were approaching Mud the seas had almost totally abated and it was much more like the predicted 0.2 metre seas than the maelstrom we had encountered at the top end of the bay. We were both feeling much better by this stage and decided to try a couple of spots on the northern side of Mud. But as usual, at least for me, Mud was reluctant to give up any of its mythical fish to us. As it was still before lunch time we decided to head to another spot we had caught a few squire at in the past. Surprisingly, this was when the day’s fishing really started. As soon as we dropped our baits down we started getting nice bites and a few decent runs. We bought a couple of grassies on board, then Damon caught a Moses Perch. It became a bit of a blur after that as we hooked fish, lost fish, boated fish, got bitten off, broken off and generally had a ball! The squire gradually got bigger. Damon boated a 38cm, followed soon after by a 43cm. Now, to us, that’s a decent squire! We high-fived each other and felt like we’d finally got the monkey off our back. Not to be out done, I soon had a good run and after a solid fight I boated a 50cm one. We kept getting big runs, often hooking up but either getting broken off on the bottom or bitten off. Whatever they were, they were biting through around 60 lb double leader just above the hook. Eventually I hooked something that was monstrous and peeled 30lb line on very heavy drag like it didn’t even know it was hooked. I fought this thing for at least fifteen minutes without ever sighting it, or even really getting it close to the boat. At this stage I remembered the giant turtle we had seen surfacing in the area a few times in the past hour or so, and it finally clicked that it was probably him I had hooked. He ended up breaking me off on the bottom, and I can’t say I was totally sorry, as he had just about worn me out. The G.Loomis spinning rod had certainly got a decent workout on its first day of duty. I love it! It has a sensitive tip and heaps of grunt, with a range of 15 to 50lb! We decided to call it a day and headed off to the ramp, knowing we had a fair bit of work ahead, cleaning the boat and gear, and scaling and filleting fish. All in all, probably our best day in the bay so far.
  5. Well! I went out this morning and had one of those days. Firstly, the 0.2 metre seas predicted were over a metre of swell with at least half metre of chop on top by the time we got near Moreton. It was like we were in a washing machine. Then we tried to find some live bait around a couple of the beacons and buoys over there but the current was running that strongly that we raced past them and I couldn’t position the boat in one spot so that Damon could drop a jig down. We eventually gave up on the idea of live bait and headed to our new spot X. We calculated the wind, the current, the waves, the sea spray etc etc and finally dropped anchor so that we would be able to fish precisely over our spot. We didn’t even come close! Ended up hanging exactly the opposite way to what we thought and quite a distance from our spot. We dropped baits over the side anyway as at least the current was heading in that direction and they proceeded to water ski behind us. The current was that fast. We kept on adding more and more lead until I was worried that we might capsize if only one of us threw out at a time. Damon eventually got somewhere near the bottom because he started getting some bites. He bought in a just over legal sweetlip, but missed some really nice bites. Shortly afterwards I was up the front trying to tie my line onto the anchor winch so I could get it to wind my 24kgs of lead in for me, when Damon hooked another fish which seemed to fight harder and harder the closer he got it to the boat. When it broke the surface we saw why. There was a 35cm parrot (tusk) fish on the bottom hook and a 67cm school mackerel on the top hook! They took some getting into the landing net, especially as we discovered that Damon had made his leader exactly six inches too long for me to reach them with the landing net. Lol. He eventually proceeded up the front of the boat so they were close enough for me to net. A bit later, just as the current was slowing down to twenty or so knots and we were anticipating actually having our baits stay on the bottom for a second or two, Damon got a text from his girlfriend saying she had just tested positive for COVID! After discussing this for a minute we decided that it had put paid to any more fishing so we up anchored and headed for home in the forlorn hope that Damon wouldn’t have already infected me if he also had it, given that we had just spent the last three hours or so in the confined quarters of a 6m boat. It was like 8.30am when we got back to the ramp! I’m not sure what the neighbours thought as we handed each other rods, buckets, tackle boxes and all the other assorted paraphernalia you take each trip but never even think of, let alone use once you get on the water, and trying not to touch anything in the same spots the other had, all the while wearing face masks in the by then 35 degree heat! Oh well, these are the times we live in now.
  6. Knowing that today would probably be a parking lot in the bay given it’s Australia Day, I decided to head over to Moreton yesterday and explore a new area we discovered right towards the end of the day on our last trip out. The forecast was looking good and we set off from P.O.B while it was still dark and actually had to wait a while in the river until dawn before it was bright enough to see. The seas were no more than the predicted 0.3m and we were able to motor along at cruising revs all the way from the river to near Tangalooma. We checked out one possible mark but it looked dead and uninteresting so we headed straight to our mark from last trip and started sounding around. There seemed to be a bit of activity on the bottom so we dropped anchor in about 50’ and started fishing. The bites were on right from the start and we commenced pulling in some just undersized grassies, small squire and tuskies. A legal grassy hit the esky, then a tuskie and then we caught the inevitable grinner. We didn’t know we’d hooked him until Damon’s rod buckled over and he commenced fighting a serious sized fish only for it to get off after a brief tussle. He wound in to find the remains of a large grinner, cleanly bitten off half way down, and with huge tear marks out of the remainder. He’d obviously just taken Damon’s bait when something much larger had come along and taken him. We continued to catch plenty of grassies, tuskies and squire, most undersized when I caught another grinner. I hooked him on as a live bait and dropped him back down. Nothing touched him for a while and I was busy doing something else, preparing more bait or something, when my 6000 Thunnus absolutely screamed off! I set the drag a bit tighter but this fish was a freight train and it was obvious there was no stopping this guy. He eventually broke me off, probably on some jagged bottom a long way from the boat. I am going to need to respool that reel because there’s not much left on it. I have no idea what type of fish this was! I got a new outfit out of the rod locker and started fishing again. Then Damon was on to a nice fighting fish which we eventually netted. It was a beautiful looking juvenile Red Emporer, which while nowhere near the 55cm minimum size, put up a bloody good fight. We measured him before throwing him back but can’t actually remember the exact size now. It was around 40cms though. Would love to catch a legal one. They would certainly take some bringing in. The tide stopped running but the bites didn’t. They just kept coming. Eventually we started swinging on the anchor as the current started running back into the bay. That’s when the fishing got rather hectic! We started hooking, losing and sometimes catching some very nice (well, at least in my books) grassies between 35 and 39 cms, as well as a couple of tuskies thrown into the mix. We ended up running out of bait by just after ten and were very satisfied with our morning’s fishing anyway. As the weather was so nice, we decided to troll for a couple of hours in a nice leisurely circle through the Pearl Channel before calling it quits and heading back to the ramp about lunch time. All in all, a great day out!
  7. Ok so I know most of you think I am making my own private reef in Moreton Bay. Well its true and only the Southsiders will be told where it is. Here is a little taste of what we are doing.
  8. Hi all, Just joined. Based on Brisbane Northside. Just sold a 35 foot flybridge cruiser (thank goodness - never again) and have ordered a Stejcraft ss64. Not sure of delivery date yet but probably within two months. I am looking for a group/club interested in fishing Moreton Bay, or any tips/spots etc. Although I have been fishing the bay for close on forty years I now have more time on my hands, and intend to spend much more time out there.
  9. Dusted the cobwebs off my boat (shamefully I hadn’t used it since school started back in January... ) and took my Dad, brother and my two sons Liam (9) and George (6) out on Monday morning at gentleman’s hour. Launched from Manly and headed straight to the eastern side of Green Island to drift for arrow squid and cuttlefish. Had a southwesterly wind and an outgoing tide which worked well. Successful mission with 20 caught in total with a range of jig colours. We missed plenty with either huts that didn’t connect or they were on for most of the way but dropped off before the boat. Liam managed to snare two that dropped off but stayed within sight which was cool to see - doesn’t say much for the intelligence of cuttlefish though .... . Had one jig lose it’s life to a green sea toadfish, luckily only a cheap one. Then tried fishing but tide had turned so wind against tide which with five POB wasn’t ideal. I got one legal tuskfish, the rest all throwbacks. I took Liam and George again Tuesday morning and we got another 7 so a few nice feeds for our extended family. Again tried fishing but first spot we were harassed by a huge school of striped trumpeter and when we moved we kept getting bitten clean off by probably green sea roads - grrrr!!!! Was great to be out on the water again and quality time spent with family. Would encourage others to nab some of these tasty critters - just drift around east of Green Island in 6m+ and you should find them - yum!!!
  10. Hi All, I have been researching info about doing a trip out to Hutchinson Shoal (on a good day) and wanted to get some info on the best passage out as I hear it can be a bit sketchy at times. Would appreciate following someone out or alternatively getting someone to ride along on my first run out (I’ll provide the bait, boat and and everything bar the rods) just to get a feel for the lay of the land etc. Boat is a Silver Shark 580DC with a 115hp Yamaha, plan to launch from Scarborough ramp if we can get away before it turns into a parking lot. Have been reviewing the contour maps etc. and marking out the route and spots to get the lines wet in advance.
  11. Another day, another wrong forecast. Probably saw 1 other boat out there yesterday and I reckon it might be the weather forecaster wanting the bay to themselves by scaring everyone off with a 15-20 knot northerly forecast. It was a glass out! I fished the bay islands targeting snapper with my brother in the arvo which happened to be a run out tide. We got some just legals or just unders that were all released back into the 4-6m depth where they came from. (only got a pic of one the day before. This 36cm is apparently the first squire caught on Gobblers Lures new paddleshad) We got snipped a few times also, and eventually caught the suspected culprits; school mackerel. All undersized though! Still fun on 6lb. The first keeper fish was a Watson's leaping bonito. I don't mind eating those things. They are nice smoked too. The bite slowed in that area and we moved on to target flathead and squid. It was awesome sightcasting the squid when we saw them, but we only got 2. Enough for dinner at least! I got 2 of the target species before calling it a day as the light faded. Man I love flathead fishing. A 45cm and 57cm were caught and kept and we had a delicious assortment for dinner 20210624_114829.mp4
  12. Okay, so first - the good. Today 9:56am - Counting the whiting as we head back across the bay. Final count 147 whiting, 5 decent squid. Note the slightly ominous rain clouds on the horizon when Alex pans the camera around to the bow. Next, the bad. 10.08am - In just a few minutes the situation has changed totally. Finally, the downright ugly. Photo of what was actually approaching us (courtesy of the Weatherzone site). And what we endured and survived for probably twenty minutes or so. It got worse than this even, but by that stage Alex needed to just hang on, rather than try to film. The huge seas, driving rain and freezing cold paled into insignificance though compared to the lightning strikes happening around us and the deafening booms of thunder that actually shook the boat. In winter! At 10am in the morning! What the ……. IMG_0848.MOV IMG_0844.MOV IMG_0841.MOV
  13. I should be sleeping but I just got sent this article from an old work colleague and its kept me up. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/woman-s-body-found-after-couple-s-fishing-trip-disaster-in-moreton-bay-20210620-p582jh.html Just tragic news and a tragic story. My condolences to family and friends. I was out on the water today (no pics, didnt catch anything worth it) and we noticed how much activity there was from helicopters and a few police boats earlier on. I was hoping it was just training and thought "nah, can't be another accident". Sorry to come back (after another hiatus) with a debbie-downer post but I want to remind people about safety on the water. That's now 3 lives gone in a few months on the water that many of us play in. Lifejackets! Put them on. Especially when you are in choppy waters in the bay or when on your own. I get it, wearing the big block ones are a pain. Fine. Then go buy the slim ones. Spend $70 to save your own life. Spend another $70 and get 1 for your passenger too.
  14. I haven't been getting out much recently but have managed a fish or two each time. So impressed by the little SeaJay! Here are a couple of shots of fish from the last 3 months. (Prawns were from an arvo session when my mate borrowed the boat) Been building a few rods in my "spare" time too. Gee its addictive!
  15. Having decided yesterday was the best day weather wise over the weekend I headed out from the Port of Brisbane boat ramp into the bay with my son Alex and two of his mates. There was a little bit of chop and swell but it was nothing much so we sounded around and found some promising shows on the sounder, dropped anchor and berleyed. Despite different types of fish showing on the bottom all we managed to pull up were large catfish. We decided to head northwards looking for whiting but didn’t get a touch so decided it was nice weather for trolling as the sea had calmed right down by this stage. We put two lures out and had only been going for about fifteen minutes when the lure further back was hit and the reel screamed off. It’s been quite a while since I have heard that noise and I had forgotten how nice it is! One of my son’s friends was closest to the rod so he picked it up and the fight began. At first we didn’t think it was anything much but we later realised he must have been swimming straight towards the boat because when Damon had retrieved maybe half the line, the fish suddenly took off. From that point on, any line gained took a fair bit of effort and it was probably twenty minutes or so before we got our first look at it. The usual panic stations set in as we realised it was indeed a decent fish, not just some vermin. The landing net was nowhere big enough so we located the gaff, raised the engine, yelled instructions and generally had a good time. The fish kept diving under the boat and going from side to side at the rear of the boat. After three failed attempts at gaffing him mainly because as soon as he saw it he dived again, Damon finally bought him close enough and I managed to get a good secure gaffing through the jaw. Then it took most of us to drag him over the side and the high fiving began. The green machine finally had a decent fish to its name! We all had the obligatory photo taken holding him then went to put him on ice. However, we quickly realised there was no way he was going to fit in the esky so we covered him with as much ice as we could, put a wet towel around him and raced back across the bay, to get him properly on ice. We drove straight to BCF Virginia and saw my mate, Gavin and bought an ice bag to put him in. Yet another piece of fishing gear acquired! I think we’ll all be back out there next weekend trying again!
  16. I missed out on a decky spot for tomorrow because I have a Dr appointment... It looks like it will be MINT. Getamongstit!!!!! Wagschool! Wednesdaysicky
  17. Firstly, hoping I out this in the right section. Wanting to do an overnighter in moreton Bay, anywhere from Russel Island up to Northern - not sure yet! Can you just rock up to any of the moorings and attach to it or do you have to book? Can't see how it would be possible to book, so I'm assuming it's just first in best dressed. Also, would it be alright to use a mooring in a 6m boat or are they only for yachts? Cheers!
  18. Hi all, I was just playing with my new Garmin Echomap 95sv Uhd gps/sounder and was checking that all the marine parks were showing. They are. However, it is showing a fairly large marine park directly above Mud Island and at the end of the shipping channel which I know nothing about and can’t see on any of the Moreton Bay Marine Park maps online. Does anyone know anything about this? cheers Greg
  19. @Another Wazza and I hit up the northern bay beacons and Curtain artificial reef the other day, putting about 5 hours or so on the motor, with nothing to show for it but a happy moment, a striped trumpeter and a blue eyed zebra looking fish. Feeling a bit deflated Wazza hatched a plan that he'd take me for a spin in his rig - The Super Yacht - and teach me a few things about braining snapper on plastics. He'd already shared some knowledge when we went out on a previous occasion, so I had all the right plastics and jig heads ready to go. The plan was to head out early to Harries to get the last of the run in and the start of the runout. Launch was at Raby Bay at 4am. Yikes ! The breeze was a bit stiffer than forecast when we launched and was getting worse not better. After we'd started heading out in the dark against some 'unseeable' waves the captain made the call to head back in, so we had a bit of a sound around the canals waiting for a bit of light to help with judgement. It soon came and the wind dropped out a bit so we took a peak outside and changed plans to head around Peel instead. We pulled up somewhere and Wazza hit the spot lock (yay - no anchor today). Then we were into it. I think, under Wazza's tutelage, I hoicked a cast in that direction and let it sink. I noticed the gliss wft had wrapped itself around the back of the reel. As I was clearing it the rod had a good pull and I was on ! I played it for a bit, doing the give some get some routine and then ...nothing. wah wah wah. It had spat the hook or I'd just lipped it and it pulled. Shaken but not stirred, I kept at it and it wasn't too long before I was on again. This thing gave up the ghost pretty quick. As I brought it alongside we thought it was a remora. When we netted the little fella it turned out to be a baby cobia. Only 20cm shy of legal, so we grabbed a couple of photos and sent him back. We moved on eventually as the bite had slowed. I think the captain might have boated an unders grassy on bait before we did. We started fishing bait at this other spot. Wazza mainly on the fresh mullet fillets and picked up some unders squire. I picked up 3 unders grassies and it was time to go. Almost. Captain had deployed his heavier line with a good chunk of mullet and was busily baiting up his other rig when the heavier setup buckled over. He struggled as he removed the rod from the holder with the bend not showing any signs of letting up. Wazza likes his overhead reels and this one was shedding line pretty quickly. In no time he was down to the substantial amount of backing. Blisters forming and deforming as he applied pressure just wasn't enough and the rig was snapped at the leader. I'm calling it the Cobe's mumma, but the skipper only wants to believe it was a shark (so it doesn't hurt so much). With the wind picking up we headed for the ramp, beaten but not discouraged. I'll certainly be giving the plastics more of a go from now on. I had a good day and look forward to the next adventure when Mr Weather allows a visit to Harries. Cheers Wazza.
  20. Hi All Last weekend I returned from off Cape Moreton to Bribie via the Inner Freeman Channel. Easterly swell (not huge) and also an outgoing tide turned the channel into a washing machine. Very hairy conditions that I don't want to temp again. The only other option was to go around the northern end of the Outer Freeman Channel, but it is a lot longer trip. I saw a couple of boats heading in the same direction as me on the Inner Channel but they were a LOT closer to the Moreton Island shore line. So my question is, is hugging the shoreline a better option in these conditions or did they just cop the same battering we did? Thanks
  21. Finally got around to repairing the netting on my crab pots from the last time I tried crabbing (pots shredded by small sharks) Any tips or trips regarding depths and or general Locations in Moreton bay to try for some sandies? Ideally somewhere between manly and rous to soak while I fish for the day. Not really sure what depths I should explore or contours / holes Or the like that I should look for.
  22. I remember collecting and cooking these these whelks decades ago as a child. Does anyone still collect or eat these whelks or is pollution a concern? Wanting to show / teach the next generation of kids what can be found in our beautiful Moreton bay. I remember it to be a fun activity as a kid but can’t quite remember where in Brisbane we used to find them.
  23. So I got to squeeze out a quick 3.5 hour fish this morning before work. An old work colleague was kind enough to hit me up for a deckie spot and I couldn't say no We were on the water by 3:50am and our plan was to have a look at the blue beacons past the Brissy river mouth (1mile?) to see if there were any mackies around. Water wasn't as glassed as I expected but we could still motor near WOT. We got there as the sun was just starting to light the sky and found 2 boats at the first beacon where we had about 4 casts before deciding to have a look at the 2nd beacon. Got close to the 2nd beacon and saw 6 boats already on it so decided to give up on the mackies and head to mud. Drifted the south eastern side and chucked 95% placcies with a few casts of a hardbody thrown in. Started off with 1/8th jigheads which is usually heavier than I like in the shallows around mud. Lots of touches but not a lot of hook ups. The fish didn't really convert until I went back to my usual of 1/12 or 1/16 sized jigheads. Most of my fish came on Damiki armour shads and rippers. Long live the Skin Blue colour!!!!! Thank you @Zim man (not that you are on here much anymore). Lots of littlies around and lots of tackle lost to the rubble. I reckon I lost 10/12 jigheads this morning. How good are the colours! and then on the classic "last drift/last cast" finally got a better grassy. All fish went back for a swim and I made it home right on 8am to fire up my laptop and get stuck into my work. Happy Friday everyone Cheers
  24. Gday legends! sooo how do u convince the better half that u need a boat? Is it; 1. that u will be providing a plentiful supply of fresh fish for the family 2. It will be good for your mental health 3. u will obsess 4. u will be gone for long periods of time 5. all your spare cash will be spent on tackle 6. Bunnings will no longer be your favourite store 7. utube will now eat your data not xtube 8. the second car will now sit on the street instead of the garage 9. When u are home, you will spend nights tinkering with your new toy 10. fishing in a boat is safer than my yak now she wants a cost benefit analysis so if that’s what she wants that’s what she’ll get! So if you have a spare moment please help me in preparing this report all comments will benefit my cause...just think of it as a go fund me page without actually coughing up hard earned. forever grateful Leon
  25. Belated report from two days out in the bay on Tuesday & Wednesday just gone. Took my Dad and my two boys, Liam & George and we decided we'd have a kids v adults comp. Did a quick troll between King Island & Green Island and picked up one just legal schoolie that we put in the esky, plus a second undersized one that we obviously released. We decided we'd call that one point to each team . Anchored up in about 6m off Green Island, got the berley working and then the lines in (sorted Dad out first so my team had the first line in the water ..... in hindsight I should have thrown mine out as Dad caught nothing .......... still getting the hang of his direct wind Alvey). George was in the hotseat in the corner next to the berley bag and caught a small squire, sweetlip and bream in pretty quick time. Liam was a bit jealous of his brother's action but I reminded him they were teammates. Eventually I succumbed to his asking if he could switch over and fish on George's side of the boat (from up the front) and he proceeded to landed a 36cm squire (his first legal one) which he was over the moon about, so into the esky it went. I missed a few runs on my rod as I was the deckhand serving my 3 clients but eventually caught a just legal (26cm) bream that we decided to keep (the boys love eating bream). Final score ended up being 7-5 to the kids and boy did they let us know about it - George in particular was ****-a-hoop all day long and giving it to his Grandpa for not catching anything ....... cheeky little brat!! I had a review on my knee with the surgeon (hopefully can try running soon ) at 9:20am Wednesday morning so the boys slept at their grandparents place and when I got there at 10am, worked out that Dad and Liam were keen to go fishing again and George was going to spend some quality time with Grandma. Did the same start but took a bit longer to find a mackerel, eventually hooking one on the eastern side of Green Island but unfortunately he got off a few metres from the boat . Conditions were glorious and Liam was keen to get into the fishing so we anchored up and made a start. Current was running hard and we struggled for a fair while before Liam caught an undersized sweetlip and tusky. Decided to upanchor and move in a bit closer to the island to find less current, which proved a good move as we got more bites and fish. Only had the frame of yesterday's mackerel to use for berley so instead of using the scaler bag I just cut it up and threw out a couple of small bits at a time. Liam caught a 32cm sweetlip which went into the esky - he played it well as it fought pretty well against the current. He was off to a good lead even after I caught a keeper bream (today we decided we'd make legal fish worth two points) and was ahead I think 6-2 before Dad came good as the tide slowed and pulled in two 28cm bream then I got lucky with a couple of sweetlip coming to the boat tangled up in wireweed. Final score 8-7 to the oldies, but we aren't exactly proud of our 'victory' given we were only up against one opponent ...... Was a great two days on the water with my dad and boys - good sign that Dad was keen to back up and go again. Need to get him out with us more often - hard sometimes as my wife likes to fish too so the boat is often full already, but I'll be trying to get Dad out for a fish more this year. Thanks for reading
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