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Found 3 results

  1. From the album: Fish

    Moses Perch
  2. Hi All So I decided to test my new outfit in the Thunderstorm this avo. Last of the run in. Coombabah Creek. Outfit performed well on its first trial run. Three moses perch and one bream landed. All unders. (Tried larger bait but wrong type probably). I have fished this spot since I started a few months ago and only caught moses perch yesterday and today. They are beautiful, soft and guts the bait down. They are small, about 15 to 20cm so can only presume it is the start of the season for them. That in a month or two I might be getting legals for the dinner plate. Will do some research but any knowledge about them is appreciated. Cheers Kat
  3. A stunning forecast for Friday saw me and @tugger scramble to the South Passage bar. With the cooler mornings of late we hoped that the 33s would show some nice snapper. 5 to 10 knots WNW made a nice crossing of the bay in the full dark and we quickly made it to the SPB as the first grey light poked through the few clouds and distant rain on the horizon. I tied on a bait jig by torchlight and we made ready for the bar. A simple crossing with one big bump and we were out. The wind more westerly here and perfect conditions saw us at the bait grounds very quickly. About 10 other boats followed us through the bar taking advantage of the good weather before the nasty change predicted for Saturday morning. My bait jig had gotten wet at some stage on a previous trip and had only 2 hooks that were not rusted out.... Tugger found one in the tackle box and we got about 8 yackers. Out to the 33s. With not much wind it was easy enough to float down pillies with small sinkers. it is about 65m deep here so a bit tricky to find the bottom without a massive sinker but not too bad. Tugger showed me some subtle changes to my bait presentation so that the hooks were more exposed. I got 2 small snapper and Tugger got one small keeper at about 40cm. After a few hours and not many fish, with perfect conditions headed to Boat Rock hoping that we could get in close. There were 3 other boats here, the closest one had 6 blokes on it. With a gentle westerly and not much current we anchored in close, right in the Honey Hole and dropped pillies and live yackers and floated out a slimy under a balloon. Bang, Straight on. We pulled in fish after fish but they were mostly small. The boats around us were pretty ****** that we were doing so well and they had not raised a fish. Tugger battled something we hoped would be a cracker only to find a Chinaman fish that we sadly let go. Stunning fish especially when they are young like this one. I caught a stack of Trevally. Mrs Drop Bear and I are going to a dinner party on Saturday night. so I phoned the host to make sure we had enough but not too many and we released all the trevally after I got the 5. The Moses perch came on in waves. Tugger caught the biggest one. I busted a hook off and a sinker off and dodgied up the Paternoster rig. It looked a real mess but still worked fine. Tugger got a grassy... well we think it is a grassy. We let it go as we had enough fish and weren't sure as it had very rusty colouring. Tugger yelled and I looked down to see a massive whale shark cruising under the boat. I don't think you can see it properly as the sun was in the wrong place but I got a pick of it. So exciting to see it I had no idea that they were around here. I think you should be able to make out its tail? We bagged out on the Moses and threw one back. We caught 4 snappers here to add to tuggers one at the 33s and I took an ok sized goat fish to try. The wind started up from the north and I had to do some OzFish stuff so we pulled the pin at 1pm. The wind was still slight and made for a nice trip past Point Lookout and Shag rock. The bar was easy as the swell only 1m and we even made it over the shortcut. "If it looks too shallow then give her heaps" but it didn't look too shallow at all today. Thanks @tugger for another amazing trip. Your ability to constantly catch fish is amazing. Look at all these fish!!!! Yew!!!!! We are going to feast like kings this week!!!!! I will try and get some photos of the trevally when I cook them up. Thanks
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