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      Found 3 results

      1. Weather looks great this weekend, looking at taking the tinny over if anyone is Keen? Will be going over in the dark and working the tide as it comes in.
      2. I have been using up the last of my long service leave on the way to retirement and to any fishos out there who are close to the end of their working lives, I can thoroughly recommend tossing it in as soon as you can afford. No more sitting in boring meetings on those days when you know the Bay will be glassed out, just wishing you could be anywhere on the water. Last Thursday was one of those perfect Brisbane weather days so I knew I had to take advantage of it. Contacted a few potential deckies but no one available so I was all set up for a solo effort. I do like the solo trip but also appreciate the company on other occasions. Anyway, at 5am @ellicat sent me a message to say he was recovering from his man flu and was keen to join me so I arranged to pick him up on the way through to the ramp at the port. The plan was to get to Mud around the turn of the tide and hope that a couple of bigger snapper may have been patrolling the area before too many boats moved in. The ramp was relatively quiet (ah, the joys of the work day fish) and we put in just as the sun was coming up. By the way if you are looking for a good bait shop around the Bayside try Mr Bait in Violet Street at Hemmant. Good stuff at good prices. I lost my marks for Mud a while ago when I did a factory reset of the sounder so we sounded around until we found a nice drop off. Baits we’re deployed and I had a a plastic working as well. The baits were being attacked regularly but only pickers. @ellicat was on a mission to show @jon how to wrangle a big tusky and it wasn’t long before he was battling his own pb. I have no idea why I can’t insert photos where I want them anymore but there is a pic below of the man himself with his monster from the deep. Over the next couple of hours we landed babies of a heap of species including snapper, grassies, tuskies, lancer, bream, stripies and more, but nothing near a keeper. We decided to move to the front rock wall at the port where I had some success a couple of weeks ago. Stopped at a favourite flathead spot on the way but no touches on bait or plastics. The wall was a bit more productive with a few bigger but still not legal snaps. We did get busted off a couple of times and lost connection with a few better fish. I managed a 41cm snap for a baked dinner but that was it for the day. No crabs either. Al in all, a very enjoyable day in perfect conditions despite the lack of keepers. Not the most exciting reportbut then reports have been scarce the last few days.
      3. Took Liam and some bloke we met at the ramp (who was too sick for work but can't be named for legal reasons ...... ) on Thursday and headed to Mud for a fish and to throw some puts in (with PLENTY of mullet fillets to tempt the nippered ones). Bit more wind at the ramp than we'd anticipated and I forgot how slow my tinny is with 3 POB (even if one was a 6yr old ....) but conditions were good once we got past the front rockwall so off to Mud we went, opting to stay on the western side rather than going around to the east. As a result, the pots were put in and then off to our first fishing spot, which was a nice drop off with some wire weed. With a combo of squid or pillies for bait, our guest was the first to pull a fish in, an undersized grassie. My turn next with a little shark that was released unharmed, and then Liam's rod went off and line was peeling off before another shark, bigger than mine (of course ...), thrashed about on the surface at a distance and just like that the hook was gone and so was he (probably not a bad outcome ). We seemed to be catching the bottom a fair bit (leading our guest to suspect we weren't quite anchored in the right spot) and with the fishing quiet, we decided to go and try another spot. Unfortunately, despite the sounder looking good we received no bites so didn't give it real long and decided, as it was now around 5:30pm, that we'd go back to the first spot, re-anchor and see if they'd come on the chew nearing sunset. Couple of small squire showed themselves and our guest had a good bite on his floater bait but no hook-up and before long it was almost dark so the call was made to go and collect the pots while we could still see our way, which we did with only one proving a bit hard to find after dark, but we found it. The first pot had two very nice sandies and we were hoping this would continue, but we ended up with 6 out of 8 pots, with one of them being the largest sandie our guest and I had ever seen (slight shame one nipper wasn't full size, but a cracking sandie nonetheless at about 16cm notch to notch). Chugged our way back to the ramp, which took about an hour and with me getting a little wet, then home. I had intended to go fish the Measured Mile for mackerel the next morning but by the time I sorted things out at home I decided the time I needed to wake up was far to close so opted for a sleep-in (must be getting old ....).