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  1. Hi all, the forecast for for Saturday was just too good to ignore. Add to that it is May - the best month (in my experience) to fish the bay. Add to that it was just after a full moon. Add to that the change in ‘rona rules and I decided it was time to get the old band back together so @Old Scaley and I hit the water. we managed to beat the worst of the rush at manly boat ramp and headed for some of my old spots around mud. Conditions on the trip over were tough... we arrived at the spot and threw some placcies around for a while. Steve promptly went into negatives with a grinner, I got two undersized snapper and then a small school mackerel. Steve hooked onto something more substantial and despite my initial call of green sea toad I soon slid the net under a lovely cod at 49cm. Happy Steve. it was getting later in the day so we put the plastics away and deployed some baits. A steady stream of undersized snapper and grassys came over the side before my half of a bony bream bait got smashed. A good fight ensued on the lighter gear and a 47cm snapper was boated. Happy Benno. word must have gotten out because more and more boats kept appearing near us and the bite shut down. After landing the second “it’s time to move” fish (trumpeter) I made the call to head to an area I found ages ago that is quite a way from the island and usually attracts very few boats. Without a mark in the GPS and the change in markers around Mud in the last few years messing with my old reference points I closed my eyes and pointed and said I think it is about there and with more ar$e than class hit it pretty much bang on. it was close to slack water and the bite was slow at first. As the tide picked up the bite also came on. 2 x tuskfish, a tarwhine, a random butterfly bream and even an unlucky school mackerel found their way into the esky. Awesome little sesh, plenty of undersized of the right species, a few bust offs, bite offs and near misses. And.... no other boat within about 250m of us which on a day like Saturday is unheard of. GPS mark promptly added to new unit in Steve’s boat. We made the call to head in just as the NE sea breeze was starting to come on so couldn’t have timed it better if we tried. Ramp wasn’t too bad but I think if we’d arrived back an hour later it would have been a very different story! heres a photo of the catch (less the cod and less some unwanted bits) dragon getting his share - mackerel tail entree and just one more conditions shot because it was so horrible... thanks heaps to @Old Scaley for the day out, was an absolute corker and hope to do it again as soon as home life allows such things. Hope the cod went down as well as the tuskfish last night. Mackerel Thai red curry tonight - can’t wait! cheers for reading benno <‘><