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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, I made a decision to get back into fishing (Not that I was really ever heavily into it). Last time I went fishing was probably close to 30yrs ago with my Grandfather. We used to fish in the local canals near home in Brisbane with varying levels of success. I never knew anything about the differences in rod etc. so I consider myself still a newbie. Compounded buy the fact that I am sure there as been some great advances in the last 30yrs. I have no idea where to start with the rod and reel or even where to go near where I live in Sydney. Hoping to do a bit of a day trip on Sunday and do some creek or river fishing if anyone knows of a decent location between Sydney and Central Coast or Sydney and South Coast. I would like to find somewhere that I can get my vehicle waterside as well as it is setup for camping/daytrips with fridge, awning etc. and advice on what sort of rod/reel combo for creek/river fishing with potentially the occasional boat trip on the cards. In the mean time I will hit the search bar up to and thankyou in advance for any advice
  2. Hi just joined as I am doing up my boat from scratch as she has been sitting for a few years. Tech has changed so much in the last few years so looking to upgrade as much as possible. Life has been too busy and just want to get back out there. Have been fishing and crabbing since I can remember and miss it. Looking at getting into something new as well, prawn and squid fishing and small sharks for eating. Moreton Bay area will be my hunting ground. Looking forward for all the good advice. Any and all advice will be welcome. VJ
  3. Howdy, I've found this forum many times whilst searching google for tips and suggestions. It asked me join so I could see all your pics, so I thought I should. Might be fun and educational for us all. I've got no interest in boating, and do quite well from the land anyway - mainly canals, estuaries, boat ramps, pontoons, marinas, and occasionally the beach. Almost always at night, once a week on average. Only target larger species. I was sick and tired of targeting smaller species and getting bugger all, so I thought why not target only larger species and get bugger all? At least if I only catch one or 2 in a session that it would be more memorable. Most common species caught are tailor, ray, catfish and pike eel. Usual baits are mullet strips and pilchard. Would love to find a jew but they don't seem to be as keen in the cutbait as the species mentioned above. My next mission is to learn the ways of the cast net. Thanks!
  4. Hello my friends, I have been fishing in Brisbane river and estuaries for 2 years and wanted to try freshwater now. Summerset dam is probably closest to get to and i may use kayak for fishing as well. Can someone kind enough to point me to some easy start spots both land based and with a kayak. Some advice on bait are welcomed as well! Thanks brothers and happy new year!
  5. Hey guys and gal's, I am headed to maroon dam at the scenic rim for a few days and keen for a fish. I have vague knowledge about chasing bass and perch and I want to use lures. I'm chasing a whole new setup as my last 2 rods went into the drink thanks to a friend haha. Anyhelp will be appreciated. Will be going to BCF so may be limited.
  6. Hi All, Great forum and lots of content. I live in Lansvale with very easy access to Prospect Creek and therefore Chipping Norton Lake. I know you’d never eat the fish here, but still fun in catching them. Just getting into it as a way to occupy 3 young boys - and myself. Have a jetty and small boat to get out about. Looking for any suggestions or tips to keep them entertained. Going to start with catching poddy mullet in a trap and then maybe find some holes around the lake to fish in. Also interested in the chicken pellets and burley. Any tips on tides, times of days or year, wind conditions for Poddy Mullet success. We see the fish swimming in the Prospect Creek from our backyard in the warmer months but I’m starting to think it’s the warmer months when they are active. Thanks in advance and nice to meet.
  7. Hi All, New to fishing here, I recently moved to Sydney from Auckland. Here I went to the store and got size 2 hooks, running sinkers, frozen prawn and pilchards. I cut the pilchards to 3 and was also taught how to half hitch the bait. To my surprise, even with every parameter changed, the same thing that used to happen before happens here as well: I cast, I make sure the line is taught, nothing happens, I check it 5 minutes later and the bait is gone. Not even entirely sure what happens to the bait. Meanwhile the guy next to me keeps reeling in fish left and right! I asked him for advice, but he didn't know what I was doing wrong. He also used frozen bait. I also tried cotton before and it didn't help. Lost and frustrated, though it must have happened to others before I couldn't find too much information on it... tips will be much appreciated. Idan
  8. Hi I know this question gets asked a lot, but I was hoping someone local to myself could chime in. I'm at Wello Point in Redland City. We're looking at our first boat, and are trying to figure out where to start. Ideally, we'd like to be able to have the experience and confidence to fish around the southern Moreton Bay and be able to spend a day on the beach at Peel, that's our current goal and what's got my wife on board I've had plenty of people give advice and where they all seem to align is, aluminium hull and a quality motor that you can trust, that seems to make sense to me. Where the advice differs is the size of the boat. Some have recommended to start small 3.5-4m to get confidence around the estuaries, others have said, you'll outgrow that too soon, get something around 4.3-4.5 with a windscreen, that's big enough to make it a little more comfortable for the family, and that will give some room to grow. I guess it's personal, but I'm personally leaning towards the second, and have been looking at a couple of Quintrex Estuary Anglers 420. On a mostly-decent day, would one of these get you to Peel comfortably? Or be good enough to poke around the islands for a fish, or are they apt-named because they aren't too great outside of a creek or river. This stuff is second nature to most locals around here, so being new to the boating and fishing world, is a bit daunting; thanks for the patience. Cheers
  9. Hey All, only recently joined this community and love what i have read and seen so far. I have a 4.1m allycraft rhino. Cast deck and false floor... this was in the boat when purchased and iM in process of building a esky and live well in front under cast deck and re doing the floor in midship.. anyway im pretty new to fishing so sorry in advance if i ask u guys some odd questions
  10. Hi keen fisherman can't wait to look around this forum. Always looking to learn more, tight lines to all!
  11. Hi all , i'm only just getting into fishing i'm 16 years old and live near the coast in Melbourne. Even though i'm extremely new to the site i have already found huge amounts of help and guidance with choosing a rod etc from some some of the guys on here,big thanks to Angus,drop bear,old Scaley and fishinfox for your help and patience and i look forward to day when i can help out other begginer fisherman on the site in the coming years. Cheers Logan
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