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Found 8 results

  1. Another link. This time about prawning.
  2. As usual its been a while between posts for me. I hadn't been out in the boat since last year! I managed to get my newly serviced tinny (with new thermostat ) out to the Pine River a few days back, on a solo trip, and managed to land some hard-fought dinner. I started the trip by motoring towards the mouth from the deep water bend boat ramp, sounding at a few not-secret-at-all spots but not getting many returns on the Lowrance display. I fluked the tide at the shallow section between the green-red-green markers just south of Dolyes Rocks, which is getting less passable every trip I make to the Pine!? A mate of mine is a Hydrographic Surveyor for the QLD gov, which incidentally doesn't service the Pine, and his thoughts are the Port of Brisbane is saving $$$ by reducing frequency or not dredging some channels anymore. Long story short, after an hour or so I finished fishing the far-lower reaches with a donut, on both bait and lure. Bad start but not unusual in my experience in this river. The trend almost continued when I headed upstream to the Bruce HWY bridge and wrecks just west of it. I managed a couple of small bream on prawns. So I ventured further upstream as the tide was nearing high, anchoring on a bend and immediately landed plenty of small bream and flathead on prawns. Only when I through a lure did I manage a keeper - on first cast... 10 minutes later, a few more tiddlers on bait followed by... ...and 'NO' it's not the same fish photographed later! Stuck around for 30 mins until high tide, then decided to leave with just enough flatty tails for the family for dinner that night. Hard work but worth the trip.
  3. Hi all, Been a while since I wrote anything beyond quick replies here and there. What you get for the start of the year and being to flat out already... BUT ... I have spent a fair amount of hours on the new old boat (thanks @Luvit for the advice on the Scout). Have to say I am still totally in love with this boat...took me 3 to get there but I am now. I know my decision to get an open bay FG boat was the right one for me now. I've been across the bay, cockle banks, north artificial and more recently spent a couple of outings in The Pine - trying to pick up the skin of soft plastic flatty fishing and checking possies out for Jews. But more importantly I've now had 2 sessions cast netting for prawns and I have to say if you haven't caught your own prawns before you have to give it a crack. I watched a stack of YouTube videos and still was pretty **** on a 8ft nylon but got a feed, second outing I started using a 10ft top pocket and upped my game. I can see how / why this is so addictive. Coming from down south where you can't use a cast net and spend hours wading through the run out on a full moon with a hand net .... well that is just shite. I've had a couple of comments about using the Scout for pawning but I just laughed and said I don't wear boat shoes so it is all good to get dirty and then just wash it out. Heading out this Saturday / Sunday to the reefs in the morning. Will post some photos and a report! Here are some recent photos over the last couple of months Tight lines all!
  4. Hi guys new to site an just moved to north Brisbane looking to fish the pine with lures any help where to start would be thankful as iv never fish the pine. Thanks
  5. Hit the water early on Saturday morning hoping to find a few bream. And much like tuggers snapper trip, it was a foggy start to the day. Ended up being a super slow trip with a few lost fish. I had swapped trebles on a few lures to crappy eBay ones I had laying around....what a mistake that turned out to be! I lost 3 fish to no hook ups...very frustrating! Lesson learned though Finished with one 25.5cm bream a pike... it was just one of those “one fish for a thousand cast days” guess you can’t win em all. At least it wasn’t a donut trip. Plus I put a fish on the board for the northsiders!
  6. Launched the kayak in the pine river on Sunday morning hoping to track down some flatties or even a jewie if I was lucky enough. No Jew turned up but I managed a couple of flathead on soft plastics which kept me happy. I landed 2 and lost another next to the kayak with the biggest going 44cm. The wind picked up at about 9:30 so I called it quits and went home after that. By the time I got home the wind was blowing an absolute gale! Lucky I called time when I did or paddling back to my launch spot would have been fun Gear: Sedona 2500, Nordic Stage Favourite, Zman Minnowz in electric chicken First time I’ve used my old gopro hero2 in a while as well. The sounds quality on those things are terrible!
  7. Well that was an exciting phone call. @Luvit just called and we are meeting at the pine at 4.30am. First trip prawning for Quampie and apart from a little go with @Tybo at the Social last year first real go for me. Wish us luck! Prawn sandwiches for lunch tomorrow I hope. Now off to clean out the boat and have a few more practice throws
  8. Hi all just wondering if anyone has a certain area they can point me in to cat bullies in the pine river?? thinking of going up bit from the bridge on highway. ryan