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      Found 4 results

      1. Saw this video of spot tail bass in PNG - don't appear to be huge but plenty of them, and interestingly one fish had a black rear section, with a caption pondering if it was a hybrid spot tail/black bass. Also, a familiar face appears at the 1min 15sec mark. - 26 Mar 2020&utm_content=Newsletter - 26 Mar 2020+CID_480495531a652d4616eee3450f8293d2&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read more
      2. What a trip! Not exactly the one I wanted but there are stories none the less. To explain briefly without going into to much personal detail 1.5 days into the triup and my dad got extrmely sick forcing me to leave and take him back to Kimbe for care. Gutted. I was happy to write it off as I have enjoyed the experience before. I was devastated for him as he was having such a good time. He managed one small black bass for his efforts. Thus I am left with not a lot to report except images. I am sure @John would be happy to fill in many details. Points of interest were the bass were challenging to target due to an early arrival of white bait but some creative use of soft plastics enticed many to bite. As far as hard bodies go trends moved back to my first trip experience with FCL Labo lures killing. I do not have heaps of time to write paragraphs so will add some pictures now and more text later or reply to questions as they come. Visit to the village: Black Bass (Have so many more but how many can you see?): Other Lutjanus species for the trip: Trevally: Questions? I have so many more pictures of bass, cod, randoms, jacks... just trying to choose highlights.
      3. On the 25th March Stu and myself are heading back to West Papua chasing the elusive Black Bass. This will be our 2nd trip into the jungles of West Papua but this trip is going to be very different to our first one. This is an exploratory trip, a journey into the unknown taking us into some of the remotest parts of WP which will see us venturing over 50km upstream and very deep into the jungle in some of the wildest and remote countyside that West Papua has to offer. We are taking in some basic camping gear and we will be setting up a campsite somewhere around the middle section of the river so we can fish both upstream into the fresh and downstream to the river mouth during our week in there. Our river of choice is so remote that there is no villages along the river banks so hopefully we will not run into any issues with any local villagers. Being so remote and hopefully un fished, we are hoping to see plenty of big fish if the water conditions are right and if the fish are willing to play the game while we are there. Our journey begins with 2 days of flights to reach our mates place on the island of Biak where we will stay the night and meet his family and friends over dinner. We may even get a few hours spare in the afternoon to chase some large Spot Tail Bass that haunt a small river system about an hours drive away from his home. If we run out of time, we have planned a couple of days spare for R&R at the end of our Bass fishing back on Biak so we will have a crack at them then. The third day we will board another plane and fly across to another remote island where we will meet our boatman and the son of the chief from the village that we have borrowed the long boats from. The chiefs son is keen to come and fish with us for the week so they have kindly offered us the use of their 2 long boats. After a quick trip to collect some fresh supplies along with a load of drinking water we will load the gear onto the 2 long boats and head off on a 150km trip across the ocean to our river and find somewhere to set up our base camp. This is going to be a trip of a life time and hopefully one that could possibly open up an entire new Black Bass fishery in one of the remotest areas that you could ever dream of going to. Logistically it has been quite hard to organize but now with securing 2 long boats at 6m and 14m in length to drag all the gear along as well as the 1200 liters of fuel and oil has made things a lot easier. Both Stu and myself have upgraded all of our rods and reels for this trip as we do not want to go in under gunned and end up regretting taking in our old Black Bass gear from the last trip. Rods, reels and our lures have been upgraded, terminal tackle has been upgraded along with heavier braid lines and leaders. It's going to be a cracker of a trip and the next 4 weeks is going to take forever to pass. Some of the new arsenal. Bone Combat Beast XXH rod with a Shimano Tranx 300 Bone Combat Beast XXXH rod with an Abu Revo Toro Beast reel.
      4. Just throwing it out there... If your new year's resolution is to catch PNG's iconic black bass or spot tail bass... We have 1 seat remaining for our August trip. Awesome crew booked in. Will be lodging at Baia and fishing Pandi, Langa Langa, Sai and Torio rivers (maybe Dagi on way home) for blacks and spots, and plenty of surrounding reef for red bass, gt, doggies or whatever else. Last trip I will be doing for a few years. 15th-22nd August