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      Found 4,583 results

      1. Around this time for the last 3 years I have promised Mrs Scaley a feed of freshly caught Moreton Bay prawns. Every year she rolls her eyes and sighs, already convinced I won’t deliver. This year, all the signs were good for yesterday - recent rain, some reports of good catches, some spare time for me. Now all I needed was a deckie to do all the hard work. As luck would have it, I had a call from the Dentist (not his real avatar or occupation) and he was expecting another bout of industrial diarrhoea on that very day so a plan was hatched to hit Southern Moreton Bay to finally end the prawn drought. Since he gets very few chances to get out lately we decided to go all out and throw everything at aa ambitious attempt at a seafood basket of prawns, crab and prawns. We launched at 5:45am to catch the low tide for some yabbies. It was then that I discovered that the battery that runs the accessories wasn’t going to deliver for one more trip like I thought, despite charging it up the day before. To make it worse, the Dentist had nagged me about it last time we went out but my thriftiness got the better of me. We laid out our 8 crab pots in a promising spot, then hit spot A for a quick fish before the prawn search began. I was first up with a nice whiting in the mid-thirties followed by a bream about 28cm. I kept the bream in case we didn’t catch a feed. The Dentist, meanwhile, persisted with 2 rods as usual and managed to trawl up all sorts of vermin, including small rays and a huge catfish (sorry for the photo quality - not my forte). After a short session in which we added a few fish to the esky we set off for the main event, the prawn hunt. We checked the pots on the way and there were muddies there, but no legals. So we were hopeful that a longer soak would yield some mouth watering monsters. Prawning without a sounder was always going to be a challenge, but we gave it a red hot crack. I pretended that my casting ability was inferior to the Dentist, so I was able to sit back and marvel as he threw cast after cast - some pancakes, a few figure eights, and I think there was even a trapezoid in there at one stage. We muscled in on a number of prawning scrums (presumably they all had working sounders) from Karragarra Island to Macleay Island and Redland Bay, but not a single prawn was sighted. No one else seemed to be getting any so I couldn’t even blame the Dentist’s casting ability. After what seemed like days but was only a few hours we decided to give up on the prawns and check the pots. No keepers so dropped them in spot B while we had a final crack at the fish. We added a few more whiting to the esky then picked up the empty pots and headed back to the ramp about 2 pm. Not the seafood basket we were hoping for, but still a nice feed of whiting (and one prawn that was ironically caught in a crab pot) and a top day out. Lesson number one from the day is that we can only do two activities in one trip, three is too many. Lesson two is for me not to be so tight and replace the battery before it dies completely. Coincidentally the local German supermarket had 100ah deep cycle batteries for $229 so I grabbed one of those today and will go prawning again soon. Thanks for reading
      2. To reply to all those comments.. The shorts even saw a Test match at the Gabba in the 80s..It did taste not to bad ,succulent white flesh similar to a Ling or other Cod like species..When I hooked this fella it did not put up a fight at all as I thought I was dragging in a lump of weed. I know there are some of you elderly gents like me who have fished Whalleys gutter, that's where I caught this bloke plus a couple of Grunter. I am on my way to the Well this weekend.Leaving from Behms creek and try for some flatties or Jacks..Buzzard
      3. Went camping over the weekend at North Currigee camp ground on South Stradbroke island got there Friday morning and left midday Sunday. The wind was up most of the weekend so no offshore fishing but the seaway and broadwater were the go to for fishing. Friday after setting up camp we went fishing down in the seaway after finding small live yakkas. 1st drop for both my deckies was a double hook up on jew after a quick measure both jew were just under size so back they went to swim another day. We dropped another couple of jew then the tide started and they went quiet time to head back to camp. The arvo was spent greeting more crew and having a few coldies and beach fishing. That night we sat around the fire it has been a while with fire bans for nearly 6 months. Saturday was windier and only the young lads went fishing fishing , off the pontoon was easier for me. Saturday night was another top night around the camp fire after dinner. It turned out just some good camping with mates top spot and I will be going there again. Sunday morning we had some showers after an early morning storm but we were well protected. We all left together around midday planning the next camp back there will be easy.
      4. I thought I would put this up even though it was a number of years ago. I caught this Stargazer while fishing for Flathead where I lived for some 22 years at Jacobs Well. It used to be great fishing there years ago but things have to change. I never heard of anyone catching anything like this since. Cheers Ya'll..
      5. WE did a bit better than sunday with only around 30 forkies that Percy enjoyed until he filled up. Quite a few small tilapia in the shrimp taps that ended up in the composting bin. Redclaw have gone off a bit so time to move the pots.Ended up with 7 yellas and 8 bass with Steve Davies catching the best bass at 45cm and I got the best yella also 45cm . Big variety in the colouring of the yellas that were all caught in the same spot. Steve managed to catch a fish with his u beaut copyrighted lure.
      6. Hi all I was planning to go out this weekend, but since we were busy I just marched down to the local park to have a fish. It was pretty nice but the results weren't the best. Here it is- So, I spent last night rigging/preparing my rods/tackle and getting killed by mozzies. I watched the All Star's Game too, and that was good. When I rocked up on the jetty this morning, it was pretty cool, the tide was rising, blue, lightly cloudy sky and pretty windy. Since I was sheltered though, I wasn't getting any. I cast my lines out, baited with a mix of herring, mullet, prawns and eel. The target species were sharks, bream, cod and just for fun, catfish Getting to the jetty Nice sky I was fishing of the wharf bit at first, but with the rising tide it was pushing my line towards the pylons/under the jetty. I didn't get touched apart from the resident pylon pickers, (probably baby river perch) so in about 30 minutes I moved my lines to the jetty. This was far more efficient, as I could put two lines out the back and keep an eye on the shark rod, baited with a chunk of eel. I got my first run in about 10 minutes, but no hook up. To make it even worse, when I wound it back in, the bait was still on which meant it had just sucked it in and spat it out - silly catfish! The Setup This happened about 5 more times and then I moved back to the wharf, fishing the eddy/channel made from the wharf and jetty. It made fishing a bit easier, I had one line out the front and the other sitting in the channel. While the line out the front was getting hits and some good runs, I failed to hook up. Though, every time the bait was still on when I retrieved it. Finally, I hooked up on the line in the channel, and it was quite a feisty fight. The catfish jumped under the jetty, but I kept a tight line so it could't flick the hook. Forktail Catfish After that fella was dealt with, the skies started to look threatening and the bite was going strong, but no more fish, There was a light shower but it must've missed me because I reckon it looked like a storm cloud. It missed me My dad then came down and picked me up, and my Albright knot snapped clean off, causing me to loose a trace and some leader - I assume the knot weakened the line but I also might've casted to hard as I'd casted it about 5 times before. Here are the trips statistics - Tide: Low Tide, 0.3m, 3:40AM, High Tide, 10:30AM, 2.3M Time fished: 6:40Am-10:00AM Moon phase: Waning Crescent Phase, so growing smaller until the new moon Bait Used: Herring, mullet, prawns, eel Bait Caught: - Fish Caught: Catfish x 1 Tackle Used: 14lb braid mainline, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, 12lb mono leader, 80lb mono leader, 80lb wire trace, size 6 sinker, size 2 bean sinker, 650 penn reel, 30lb braid mainline, Shimano Nasci 2500, Shimano Sienna 1000, Diawa Shinobi 2500, Ugly Stik 6'6", Ugly Stik 8' Overall Success Rate: 40%, was relaxing and at least I didn't donut Hope you enjoyed the report, Cheers Hamish
      7. up to 3 spots avail NPD tomorrow 23/2 . 5.15 start meet at gate end of adsetts rd no smoking no bananas bait fishing for bass and should also get a feed of redclaw 0403072325
      8. Link to Gold Coast report.
      9. Link to report for the Sunshine Coast
      10. Heading to the story bridge to wet the line on Saturday night and wondering what tides the best to fish that area? Is there any other spots around the area to try? I was also gonna try breaky creek mouth as well.
      11. My regular wednesday deckies are away feeding the mozzies in northern NSW so I did a quick solo trip this morning,Absolutely blown away with the numbers of small redclaw in the shrimp traps. The photo is the results of one shrimp trap. Luckily the bass were not adverse to partaking of a feed of redclaw. I found one school that yielded 15 bass in just over half an hour and then took another 3 hours to bring the tally up to 21. Cheers Ray
      12. I was part of a Facebook run kayak comp over the weekend. The target species was Mangrove jack (which no one managed to land) We launched at about 6:30am from Banksia beach, and myself with a fair few other competitors headed straight up the canals. I was hit by what I can assume was a jack very early in the day, it hit like a train at full speed and I never had a chance to get him out. He dusted me up in about 10 seconds…straight through 40lb leader! From there on it was a quiet day, I managed a small cod and a big eye trevally. Both caught on Zman Swimmerz in motor oil. There plenty of schools of trevally around, but they were hard catch, they weren’t taking much. I sounded out a lot of bait school with fishing surrounding the bait…my guess was more trevally. I trolled through them, threw paddle tails, jigged prawn lures….but could never get a touch. Finished up around 12:30 when I was knackered from the belting heat. Also ran into the nessy of the passage on the way home….he/she created a massive wave when it scurried away as I got closer. Vid below too All in all it was a tough day fishing, 7 hours on the water for 2 fish but I must say, it was great fun to fish in a comp again…maybe the Moreton Bay or Bris River classic might make a come back on day…here’s hoping.
      13. Had to work hard to get some fish at NPD ending up with one yella and 32 bass ,6 forkies, and a feed of redclaw. Heaps of small redclaw showing up in the shrimp traps so future redclawing looking great as dam is now at over 66%. Did not take long for the word that Kurwongbah is spilling to get out. Saw about 15 cars parked in Beeville road on the way home so gave the hotline a ring and actually got a ranger who said that they were aware of it. Cheers Ray
      14. Found this article of interest - Bass recaptured after 26 years! 12 February 2020 Comments 1 Comment The bass was recaptured at Tingalpa Creek. Image: Roy Graham ACCORDING to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) the Suntag fish tagging program has achieved a world record for the longest time spent at liberty for a tagged freshwater fish – 9,507 days. The Australian bass was tagged 20 January 1994 in Reynolds Creek at a length of 26.5cm and was released for future recapture and monitoring. Last Sunday, the bass was recaptured in a castnet in Tingalpa Creek at 39cm, over 26 years later and some 190km from where it was tagged. Roy Graham, the fisho who caught the world record breaking fish said “It wasn’t much of a haul - it was a surprising catch,” “We were trying to get prawns so I got the fish in a castnet.” The 190km journey saw the bass travel down Reynolds Creek to the Bremer River, where it made its way across the Brisbane River and eventually travelled south in Moreton Bay to Tingalpa Creek where it was recaptured. “The fish was at the very top of Tingalpa Creek,” Graham said. Remarkably, the fish escaped capture for 26 years in some of the most heavily fished waters in Queensland. Having grown 13cm in 26 years, it is estimated that the bass grew half a centimetre each year. The recapture breaks the previous record of just over 25 years held by a southern bluefin tuna and, though records of these types are difficult to ascertain, it is likely to be the longest time out for a tagged fish in the world. The bass was recaptured 190km away from its initial release location. Image: Suntag Australia “We’ve had six or seven fish recaptured 20 years after they’ve been tagged and this one is the longest,” Suntag Australia Manager Bill Sawynok said. With over 30 years collecting fish data, the Suntag program has helped improve the knowledge and handling of many Australian fish species and has helped mitigate and monitor the potential threats fish face caused by environment change, development or harvesting practices. Via FRDC Facebook page
      15. Any good spots on the seaway in Goldcoast for landbased , trying to target flathead and kingfish and will live yabbies and pillys be a good choice of bait
      16. Hi all Here is Brisbane River Session #7, while I did donut, and it wasn't a very successful fishing trip, I will give the statistics for anyone else's reference So, after some help around the house, tennis practise this morning, table tennis, mowing the lawn and rigging some rods I convinced my Dad to take my sister, our dog and I to Captain Burke Park, under the story bridge. We got there and saw two kids fishing, maybe about 12 or 13. I was mainly trying to catch livies for the duration they were fishing, but after nothing in about 15-25 throws I went up, and chucked out some dead herring (caught at Colmslie cast netting a while back) and waited. I was fishing off the side of the jetty, the tide was running out so it was quite shallow. They left in about 30 minutes, but they'd left their bait, fish blood and organs and a little bit of tackle on the jetty. There mum/brother was watching them, and it is a bit disappointing to see they weren't checking that it was clean. To be fair, she/he probably didn't have a clue. I couldn't tell them to pick it up either, by the time I realized they'd left. Other than that, I was having a pretty good chat, they said they'd caught a couple of 'baitfish', glassies I assume, and they were just getting pickered. I was there from about 4:00PM-6:15PM, we had to get back home to cook dinner. My dad was making a huge effort to get some livies too, throwing the net for the whole time (as well as helping my sister calm the dog after she barked for about 2-5 minutes for each dog she saw ), unfortunately only managing some toadfish, undersize yellowfin bream, small glassies and a small bony bream (all released to be eaten by a salmon). Here are the statistics of the trip, I think the next time I go back there it will be in the morning and on the rising tide. Also, I have a hike on for scouts tomorrow so that's another reason why I had to leave earlier than usual. Statistics of Trip Tide: 2:20PM high, 8:55PM low, so was fishing the run out. Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Phase, so getting smaller and smaller - lasts for a week after full moon Weather: 30c, 86% humidity and the wind was up, probably blowing about 15Km/h, probably from that storm (ex-tropical cyclone) that is causing the big swell Bait Used: Herring, Bony Bream, Mullet, Frog-Mouth Pilchard, all dead Bait caught: Glassy x 4, Bony Bream x 1, Toadfish x 2, baby flathead x 1 - all was released Tackle Used: 30lb braid mainlines, 80lb mono leader, 100lb mono leader, 80lb mono traces, barrel swivel, size 6 ball sinker, size 1 star sinker, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 3 ball sinker, 4/o circle hook, 6/o circle hooks. Fish Caught: *embarrassed* Overall Success: 20% Hope you enjoyed Cheers Hamish
      17. Went for my last session for a couple of months, as I am back in hospital monday for a new left knee this time.Found it very hard on lures and had to use some shrimp. I was glad I did as I picked up a nice fat 44cm silver perch.For a fish that size it had to be stocked before 2008 as apart from 2017 that was the last silver stocking. Luke came along to hold my hand and to make sure I got no scratches, or no op. Oh and thats my hanky hanging out from under my hat as I forgot my neck sock mask. Dino
      18. Another link. This time about prawning.
      19. Hey Gang, Hope you are all well. Sorry I have been a bit quiet on here. I am heading to Airlie for a trip at the end of June. I will be taking my boat (5 m open tinny 70hp tiller) and wondered if anyone has much experience up that way? I suspect it will be reasonably heavily fished. I would love some tips and tricks to put a few fish in the esky. Happy to be pretty humble and get smaller fish and also happy to work hard for them. Are there any barra spots/options up that way? I know its winter. TA
      20. Hi, after all this rain we have had in SEQ. What are your thoughts on fishing in Moreton bay now and the next month? Anyone experienced it from previous big rain events? cheers Towknee
      21. Dam has risen at least 3 feet so reckon redclaw will explode in a few weeks time as they can now feast on all the submerged grass on the edges. Fishing was a bit hard but Steve ended up with a feed of redclaw and we boated 32 bass and 5 forkies. About 10 of the bass would have been unders or just on 30cm and the best bass just over 40cm. All fish were released. CHeers Ray
      22. hi, does anyone know of any good spots to fish in Redlands? I'm after Flatties, Bream, sharks or anything that's a decent size. lure and bait suggestions? Thanks
      23. IlanC

        queensland Question

        Hi, can anyone help me, I was wondering if I can catch fish from Toowong Rowing clubs pontoon/jetty. what are the best times to catch bullies there? and are piles a good bait for them? one more question, best time and bait for salmon there? thanks
      24. Lance and I set off from brisbane to stay the night in town at Agnes waters the next morning we set off early heading north to the bunker group. It started off slow with most spots without fish but the fish that did hit the deck were quality. Big red throat and tuskies pulled hard and Lance hooked a big trout it went 65cm. We kept working hard and put more trout, rte, tusky and cod in the box. On a spot we had 2 Cobia swim up to the Boat and Lance dropped a bait in front of it taking the bait the cobes took off and after 5 minutes got sharked. Before sunset it was time to look for red emperor. On a red spot I hooked a big tusky only to get sharked with just the head to show no reds turned up either. Anchoring up behind the reef we got a good night's sleep then at it again the next day. The one thing with multiple days you get to know where they're biting and when. So the reds might chew early morning and they did I found a small red emperor going 62cm. We found no more reds in my go to spot so off to new ground here Lance hooked a good tomatoe cod as I hooked a big red. My fish fought hard head thumping as they do and peeling line at times and slowly I start to gain line. He fought all the way to the Boat and hit the deck at 78cm and about 12kg. A marlin swam past the boat and we through baits out with no luck. The fish went off the chew out deep so we moved in close finding a couple more trout. The fish went really quiet and with no wind it was hot and time for a swim. The fishing in the late arvo was red hot and the quality was there with Lance landing the best red throat going 55cm and it pulled hard. We bagged out at 5pm on the coral reef fin fish with 40 fish onboard we went to anchor as the wind had picked up. The next morning we set off early heading south to a mackerel spot but no luck there. The run home was perfect with less than 5 knots all morning and a good trip home on the road we rolled in just after dark.
      25. Ok, so on another thread I said I would do a report on today’s trip so I have a record of it while I work out the best way to keep a fishing diary, so for better or worse, here goes. For a few reasons I haven’t been on the water for a few weeks but was able to get out today for a morning session. I needed to be not too far from home so decided to fish the Port of Brisbane area. It was not a successful trip so I am recording the details as a learning process. Location: Fished multiple locations from the end of the port wall back to Fort Lytton. Tide: 7.07am at the Brisbane Bar (but I find the change of tide in that area is usually about an hour later) Wind: A very kind easterly below 10 knots all morning Moon: Waxing crescent rising at 10.25am Plan: on the water at 6am, drop the pots where I have occasionally found muddies, then drift the last of the outgoing along the sunken wall tossing hard bodies and plastics to see if I could crack my first Brissie River jack, or maybe a cod. What actually happened: Made about a hundred casts up against the wall on the drift for no strikes. Saw some prawns skipping but too rocky to risk the net. Headed to the pipeline to look for threadies. Someone on my mark so sounded around but saw nothing so decided to fish closer to the mouth. Drifted around the area where the dredge is working (been meaning to try that spot for ages). Used half pilchards and some leftover herrings from last trip. No hits, nothing on the sounder. Saw a giant ray tailing on the surface which I am sure swam under the boat but didn’t see anything on my new Garmin 9inch combo unit - go figure? The tide was still slack so I drifted a few areas near the wharves. Had one hit on a whole dead mullet and brought up a large ray (not as big as the one I saw earlier). Saw some dolphins - nice. As the incoming tide started to move (about 8.30am) I anchored up at Clara Rock hoping for a few snapper. No luck but managed about 8 bream between 20cm an 27cm. All released. Decided the snaps were having a day off so went to check the pots. Nothing in any of the 4 pots so moved them out from 3 metres to 5 metres and went for a drift along the drop offs into the main channel near the tug station. Got 2 ugly catties and that was it. At about 11am the current was getting ugly so I picked up the pots. 3 good sandies so not a complete waste of time. And that was my day. Thanks for reading, even though this is more for me than you. I know, no photos it did not happen so here is a happy snap of tonight’s dinner.