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  1. Hi All I asked the BF to take a day or two off work so we could go fishing for my birthday, thinking the Gold Coast or Moreton Bay, maybe an overnight trip. He decided it would be a great birthday present if he could get me on to my first Barra. So today we are heading to Rockhampton for 9 days hopefully most of which will be dedicated to fishing! Whoo Hoo!! Best BF ever. We will be fishing the Fitzroy and weather permitting the reefs off Yeppoon. I know nothing about fishing the area except what I have learner over the last few days. Expect we will be chasing Barra, Threadfin Salmon and Coral Trout. Any advice about fishing the area would be much appreciated. Also if anyone can direct me to a couple of Yabby banks that would be great . I really hope to be posting some fishing reports soon. Cheers Kat
  2. Hi guys Rice here, just here to ask if anyone's had experience fishing Wynnum foreshore/Creek Went for a flick there a few times with my mate on the Wynnum Creek breakwall during the outgoing tide, never had much luck; in fact we didn't catch anything yesterday even though it was purported to be an "excellent" day as well and there were plenty of bait fish around Anyway, I'm hoping that the lack of fish is due to my inexperience and not because the creek is dead. The jetty can get quite busy so it's nice to have a close-by alternative
  3. As some of you may know I have been on a mission to catch another thready this winter I’ve had so many nights fishing without sight of gold. So I went out for a fish tonight with no expectations. I set out a few live prawns as usual and went back to cast netting. When I heard the faint sound of a reel turning over. I ran over, flicked my bait runner into action and held on it took heavy drag like it was nothing. after a few good runs I managed to tame it and brought it closer when I saw a huge threadfin salmon. I pulled it up onto the rocks and tried to pull it closer when tragedy struck…. My leader had snapped, my heart sank as I saw it sliding back into the water and swim off. I reckon it was about a meter 20 because it was a lot bigger than my last one which was 97cm cheers Thorbjörn
  4. Shame we are not allowed to tag in NPD anymore. Just goes to show how far they can go. There was a report of one from Wivenhoe recaptured at the port last week.
  5. Two old codgas, three bay snappers. Rang Brian with no notice at 7am to meet me at the ramp at 9am for the Snapper Quest part 2. I didnt really know myself if i was going to have a crack today, but woke up, checked wind reports and decided to give it a go. Was fantastic to see Brian bring in the big ones, the smile on his face made me feel all warmnfuzzy, one of the best feelings ive had for awhile with my pants on, and the adrenalin was pumping for both of us with his first hookup. Well done mate The last one may have been the 90cm pb, why didnt we unspotlock and chase? Duh, i didnt think of that at the time.... Will leave it to Brian to fill in his glorious details
  6. Hi all Seeing as though I hadn't been fishing in yonks (school ) I decided to head out to a new spot on the Brisbane River, with @TheCharliefisho. We got to the spot at the late hour of 7am though it was still quite chilly. Hopes were high when a few throws of the cast net brought some mullet, herring, and bony bream, and baits were deployed. About 15 minutes into the session, my overhead starting clicking. I let Charlie have the rod, but the hook was set slightly to early allowing the fish (bites weren't conclusive but could've been a soapie, not vermin as no slime) to have the hooks pulled from it's mouth. Just after this, my Sedona (birthday present from back at May 10) had a small bite and I skull dragged in a catfish on a herring. Ugh. My Dad also got stung by a scat which apparently started hurting a lot after about 15 minutes. My Dad left soon after getting a few more varied baitfish in the net. It was pretty chilly, but I continued netting to get some more mullet, glassies, ponyfish, silver biddies, and bony bream. Surprisingly, prawns and herring were absent from the fishing session - probably due to the dirty water. After a couple of tangles I casted my overhead out to the side of the jetty. It didn't take long before this screamed off, had nibbles, and continued without hookup. I only had a 3/o suicide hook so this did seem odd. After rebaiting five times the overhead had a very fast run but still didn't hook up. The bites on the livies looked like bream so maybe it was just pickers. Charlie also had a fish spit the hooks when he was hooked up on a plastic (short hookup), which was surprising in the filthy water. Time went by, but the fish weren't chewing. We rebaited many times with live mullet, bony bream, and silver biddies, but nothing seemed to be happening. We altered our casting distances to try and find the fish, or any drop offs/snags. From about 10-40m out there was nothing, and we still hadn't caught anything good. At about ten in the morning, Charlie decided to rig up one of my lines (Abu Garcia Veritas 3-5KG and Diawa Shinobi 2500) for bream with bait. It didn't take long before he was on to a little but fat 28CM model, which took a couple of runs on loose drag. Bream A large live mullet which had been deployed was made into a strip bait - and it didn't take long for this to go off. I fought the fish for a couple of minutes on my heaviest setup, but I was disappointed to see a average sized catfish. Charlie continued fishing for bream and flicking a plastic, but failed to hook anything more. While Charlie was walking away fishing with his plastic, I lost a decent bream because the drag was too loose (didn't realise). Eventually, Charlie came back and set the rod on the jetty, with a winter whiting. This got a couple of nibbles but no hook up at first. Then, it was redeployed. I did some cast netting, but Charlie and I both turned around to see my rod in the water! Obviously, the drag wasn't set loosely or there had been a tangle in the line causing the (probably little) bream to be able to take my line into the water. I started winding my other lines in as quickly as possible - one had a catfish on a stick on it, and the other came in no worries. We tried everything, and after dragging the bottom of the river with big sinkers, poking the bottom with sticks, using a coat hanger as a grapple hook, and a neighbours pool net, my Dad was at the jetty to pick us up. He decided to go for a swim, and despite feeling the bottom for 20 minutes my rod was no where to be seen. We left after that and got a Traveller Pie on the way home. Here are the stats of the trip for anyone interested: Stats of Trip: Tide: 8:00AM, .9M, Low, 1:15PM, 1.7M, High Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent Bait Caught: Glassies, Ponyfish, Scat, Mullet, Silver Biddies, Bony Bream, Winter Whiting, Jelly Prawns Bait Used: Livies ^^^ Fish Caught: Catfish x 3, Bream x 1 Tackle Used: 10, 20, 30 pound braid mainlines. 10, 30, 50 pound fluoro leaders. Size 3/0-6/o circle, baitholder and suicide hooks. Size 4 star sinkers and large barrel swivels. Abu Garcia Barra King on Ugly Stik, Shimano Baitrunner on Shimano Silver Tip Rod, Shimano Sedona on Abu Garcia Nexus, Abu Garcia Veritas and Diawa Shinobi (RIP). Air Pressure: 1008-1011 Humidity: 60-75% Overall Success Rate: 5% - An already crappy fishing trip became expensive too! I hope you enjoyed reading, Cheers Hamish
  7. Slipped up to Baroon to see what the water was like,I found out it was still dirty dirty dirty. Found a dozen medium sized bass and on the way back to the ramp found a school of smallies, ended up with 44 bass and 3 whopper eel tail catfish, all on shrimp, lures just did not work. DinoMessenger.exe
  8. Hi all I usually fish with live baits but recently have been trying lures for fish like bream and flathead for a bit of fun while the threadies and Jew aren’t biting. I haven’t actually caught anything on lures such as soft plastics and deep diving minnows but would appreciate any help with actually catching anything. thanks Thorbjörn
  9. I have been waiting for over a month for Hinze dam to reopen and Friday when I saw that SEQ water reopened the western arm I said that is it I am off first chance. 6am launch with a sneaky freezing westerly as soon as I ventured out of the ramp bay having a drastic effect on my bladder with a major operation with several layers of clothes to delve through to obtain some relief. Talk about just in time. Water is very discoloured with about 6 inches of visibility so I headed upstream to see if I could locate a fish. By 10 am I gave up and turned around and headed downstream and found a school of fish on a small drop off in a bay down towards the dam wall. No monsters with the fish going between 25 and 38cm. A few of the smaller bass had fin rot probably due to poor water quality. The school dispersed after around an hour and I unsuccessfully kept on searching to see if I could find more fish . Back at the ramp and happy with a tally of 17 bass. Cheers Ray
  10. So @Allnighter and @Old Scaleyand I hooked up for a session on the snapper this morning. Expectation and excitement levels were high. Temperatures on the other hand were quite the opposite. The idea was to catch some livies then head to a surefire spot. Bait wasn't really playing the game so Steve and I tried our luck with some live mullet around the 4-5 inch mark that we caught the day before and Darren with a whole whiting frame. This wasn't working too well and eventually a couple of pike turned up on the bait jig from Darren's boat. He kindly shared one with us and they were deployed with anticipation. First light. Then it happened. I got the fright of my life when an 80cm snapper snavelled my bait. I played it like a champ and Steve scooped the net under it while Darren cheered on. The Quest is over. This post may or may not be true in all detail, however we all got 1 wobbygong each.
  11. Hi all, Here's a very brief report of my day trip on the Noosa River. Recently, I went up the Sunshine Coast to see some relatives, and took up the opportunity to head out for a quick flick in the 30 minutes I could. When I arrived to the spot I fished on my previous Noosa trip with @AUS-BNE-FISHO, I noticed that the water was very dirty and brown, unlike the usual blue. This may have been due to the recent rain. It's important to note I was also fishing a low tide. It was also very choppy, as a bunch of jetskis were mucking around nearby. Lots of families were bait fishing all along the shore. It didn't look promising at all, especially considering the little luck the families were getting with bait. After fishing up one side of the give or take 250 metre shoreline (it's a long pathway that is located on an esplanade), I had no luck. I was feeling down when the strong currents kept pushing my lure (2.5 inch baitjunkie minnow) around on the sand and I couldn't keep in control of the lure. I walked down about 70 metres to an inviting sand flat that was calmer than further up the shore and no one was fishing on it. First cast I chucked my lure in and worked it for about 10 seconds before pulling out my phone to answer some texts from @AUS-BNE-FISHO Lol All of a sudden i felt a tug on my line and I thought I was snagged (I would never have believed to catch a fish this quickly) and I reeled in some line, only to feel some exciting runs and decent head shakes. To my disbelief, a fish had simply taken the lure just as I stopped working it, as it might've landed right on its head, or it had followed it until it stopped. I was on a fish! And it was a good one too! After the fun little fight, I'd brought a nice flatty into shore! Here's a quick pick I took of the fish. NOTE: I'm aware that the brag mat was folded up at the end, and I estimated that there's roughly 5cm added onto the actual length. See, I had actually put the fish on there properly until it flapped about and messed everything up. Lol. Although the mat says 54-55cm, the fish was really about 48-49. Still a good size for my books, considering I've only recently been actually catching fishing on lures! All in all, I was very grateful to be able to catch this fish in the small period of time I had, especially considering the environment/conditions. Thanks for the quick read - Charlie
  12. The other week @Kat and I hit the Bay for an arvo/evening in search of the elusive 70+ snapper. While we were rigging the boat at Viccy Point, the fella who just came in was telling us where we were intending to go was dirty as anything and suggested we head to Goat Island where it was a bit clearer. They had just been there catching an esky full of 30cm bonito for bait the next day. Kindly, he gave us 5 of them to use on our mission. So we accepted the suggestion and headed to Goat after collecting some livies - 1 yakka and a hardy head. Not all that successful but we were hopeful with the fresh bonito as well. We located a likely looking spot along the edge of the ledge and deployed the livie and our fresh baits. Kat was on and brought the first fish aboard - a grinner. First grinner for over a year on Ellicatch. Then I brought in a legal grassie - released to the esky. Mrs ellicat enjoys them so I knew I was in the good books early. After that there were plenty of unders squire, grassies, more grinners. Eventually Kat landed a legal squire that made its way to accompany the grassie. We thought briefly that Kat was onto the size target, before realising it was a ray, a big one too. Kat also landed the obligatory shark, much to my disgust. Suffering an electrical problem, we ended the night early and headed back to the ramp at 6 knots without lights. A fun night but no cigar.
  13. Got a good weather window for a run out the the southern great barrier Reef. Had a mate Aaron with me and Lance's ashes to take out for his last trip to his favourite fishing hole. The fishing was alright as we got some good coral trout and red throat emperor. We spent 2 nights out offshore tucked in the Lee of the reef at night. The weather was perfect and found enough fish to fill out Esky with coral trout, red throat emperor, moari cod, spangled emperor, tuskies and hussar coming home. Before we left we had a snorkel and spread Lance's ashes while I said a poem. I had a last beer with Lance half a can for me and half a can for the old man now out to sea. Good bye old mate thanks for all the memories you will not be forgotten. A snorkel over the reef deserves a beer afterwards. A few coral trout for the plate. Time to wack the sides off.
  14. Bit hard leaving the fire this morning. Met Hai at gentleman's hour of 6.30at the gate because I under estimated the traffic. The shrimp traps were chocka and the water was chocolate brown as we headed downstream. We tried quite a few spots and not a thing on the sounder so by the time we got to fad 2 we decided to accept the advice that someone had written in the sign in book and head upstream. Ran into Kev at the powerlines who said he had been getting a few at the powerlines but they had gone off. A bit further up on the LHS we found a good show on the sounder ajnd quickly boated 3 nice fat bass that were released for someone else to enjoy. We worked our way up to the barrage ad then turner around had headed back towards Kev who said he was still getting the odd fish. We spotlocked near him and Hai dropped one fish and we moved on as it was a bit rude sitting on top of Kev. Back at the ramp by midday and happy with a total of 3 bass,
  15. Saturday the stars aligned and @benno573 and I finalised a plan on Friday to fish the Bay together. An early start saw me rise at 2.30 for a 4am departure to Manly ramp. We were at Harry Atkinson artifical reef just before first light, with half a dozen others, where we fished plastics (as taught to me by @Another Wazza). Conditions were pretty ordinary with waves up to approximately a metre and the wind kept us cool. Not much joy on the plastics except for me losing a tail, so at 8am we moved onto Mud Island figuring we had passed the peak period. A lot of boats had also shown up. At the first Mud spot the weather improved and we managed to get a few legal squire, with me boating the best one at 48.5cm, somewhat shy of the 70cm I was after but I was still happy. Also managed a legal tusky. Somewhere during the morning Benno pointed out a barge in close to the island. Sure enough it was @Drop Bear and @Old Scaley as well as a couple of other gents from the OzFish crew doing their bit for our environment by doing a cleanup on the island. Good on you fellas. They popped over later to say G'day. Quite a few boats showed up around us and the bite slowed so we moved on to another spot where there was plenty of bait but no cigar, so we moved again where there was even more bait but no cigar there either. We spied the odd small bust up during the morning of both longtail and mack tuna, so Benno had a slug ready. Sure enough a couple bobbed up within casting distance and benno landed a slug almost in the mouth of one. haha He was on immediately. Only trouble was it was only on 10lb string that had a join in the line about half a spool down. It didn't take long for the join to be exposed and there was some nervousness about its strength. We were hoping for a longtail, but after quite a struggle, in came a big Mack Tuna going 85cm and just under 8kg. Well played mate. After that bit of excitement we moved again. The conditions were very calm now and so was the fishing with a steady stream of unders and pickers. Benno was also the grinner king for the day, but worse was still to come. A couple of snip offs occurred before the excitement of a bit of drag being pulled ended devastatingly - a giant sea toad ! Aaaarrgghh. Nooooo. Sure enough we had a couple of more snip offs before we moved on. We headed back to the first Mud spot where we settled in for the dusk bite. Not a lot going on apart from unders (mainly on Bennos's side), then there was something that set off a fair bit drag singing. Excited at first, the call was made it was acting like a ray and sure enough it was. Feeling defeated on the big snapper quest, we called it a bit early but well into the dark and headed for home. Back at the ramp at 7pm the fella pulling out next to us said he had caught a 90cm snap and also the boat that had just pulled out had caught a 90 as well. Ho hum. It had been awhile between drinks for us, so it was good to catch up with a long session. Thanks for the day Benno.
  16. Flat morning on the bay with a gentle nw and not too cold, water temp 18 degrees First snapper 80cm and released after jizzing all over me
  17. Finally got out on the dam with only half a boat. Last time i was out I noticed that the screws holding the seat down were loose. What I thought was only a minor job turned out to a major. The rear section of the floor was rotten due to me sealing all around the floor when I installed it several years ago. The boat sits out in the open and when it rains the carpet is sodden the the water got into the screw holes for the seats. the wet weather and with the dams closed it was a bit of a bonus but the last few days were sending me stir crazy and even though the boat was half finished I said stuff it I am going fishing. Only one seat installed no top on the new battery box and carpet just roughly installed but at least I got out for the grand total of one forky. See the eagles are commencing to rebuild their nest in the dead tree for the third time.
  18. Hello, I have recently been thinking about upgrading my tinny a friend showed me a 250 with a great casting deck for 1300 I have planned on cleaning my 310 up and buying it I am planning on putting a electric motor with foot pedals Im wondering what amount of money it would be for what i am asking about.
  19. Hey, So I've got 10 days leave booked and was to tow my 6.5m boat up north to Yeppoon from Brisbane. Typically, the wind is forecasted to be horrendous all up the queensland coast. It's always the way! The wind doesn't look too bad down south into NSW past the mid north coast - but I've never done a fishing trip into NSW as I've always been drawn towards the species we get up north. I am not familiar with the central/south coast at all. I like my bay / island / reef fishing the most. If you were in my position, where would you take 10 days off to travel to in NSW within 10 hours of Brisbane for some bay / offshore fishing? Looking forward to your thoughts.
  20. Hi I was wondering if your are allowed to take things like rods and fishing carts onto the city cats because I can’t drive and there are lots of spots I want to try out that are near city cat terminals thanks Thorbjörn
  21. Hi All, I have been doing a bit of location scouting on QLD Globe and was thinking of taking my little fella to Clontarf on the weekend, weather permitting. I have a 14ft One Tree Canoe and the plan was to have a flick along the little reef that runs from near the boat ramp to the bridge. Just wondering if its worth our time. He is only 3.5 and will be his first fish if we are lucky enough to get one so happy with what ever grabs his bait. Cheers Brendan
  22. Donut day today apart from 2 forkies.We travelled all over the downstream part of the dam and could not raise a bite. ( The forkies were in a redclaw pot) Water is chocolate brown. I have 4 other redclaw pots in a bay and could only see 3 floats and it is impossible to reach them due to the debris that has collected in the bay. Spotted a small brown frog that was sitting on top of fad 2. There was 2 small brown eagles in the trees on the tip of the island and whenever they ventured out over the water the 2 large sea eagles from the dead tree would attack them. We saw quite a few feathers flying. Weather was not too bad with only slight drizzle and mist with the sun even coming out as we left. Reckon it will be a couple of weeks for the water to clear you can see the colour of the water in the first photo. Cheers Ray
  23. Hi guys just had a bit of a run in with a Middle Eastern/Indian looking couple at Orleigh Park near West End, had a look at their catch and could maybe count around 20 bream inside a little bucket, not bigger than 10cm. I ask them to release their catch if they could but they just told me to piss off, so I ended up calling the fisheries. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have been able to do much about it though since the fishers were long gone by the time they arrived (they might have been wary of me as I could see them watching in the distance as I made the phone call). SO what would you guys do in this case? Any tips? Some might say just call the fisheries instantly but it just feels bad snitching you know so I gave them a chance. PS I tried fishing West End pontoon in the arvo today trying to catch some flathead, but only caught one undersized bream within 30 minutes, would like to know if anyone had any advice. Cheers!!
  24. Hello members of the forum, I am embarking on a renovation of my 310 explorer I have a reel that is a 4000 vanford and a rod that is a td black 20 Macka 5-8kg (rate my setup) and I’ve had a blast on my friends tinny Wanting to buy a rod for seaway fishing along with my new boat should I go light for pinkies, parrotfish, small bigeye excetera or go heavy for mackerel, Mulloway, kingfish excetera my budget is $500-600 I’ve had a blast fishing I caught a 70cm estuary rock cod cheers, Myles
  25. What's up guys, so yesterday, I decided to keep a bream for myself just to see what actually killing and preparing your catch was like (I do customer service in a seafood shop). This one went for about 28cm I tried my hand at scaling, cleaning, and fileting as well but I did a pretty **** job of it since it was my first time. So yeah, that night I had the bream with some broccoli and fried rice for dinner, and it was actually surprisingly nice Anyway, I wanted to know what you guys thought of eating out of the Brisbane River, especially in recent times following the floods. There seems to be conflicting opinions concerning this; some people wouldn't poke a fish with a 6 foot pole, while others are keeping just about every legal fish they catch. I live in the Toowong/West End region which I've heard was a pretty dirty reach of the river but I'm no expert after all. Any comments are appreciated
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