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Found 4 results

  1. Well I've been pondering for the past 6 or so months about getting back into boating. The Bay is appealing to me and some of the more recent reports have had me keener and keener. I first of all thought about re-powering The Force but that fell by the wayside as a bad idea pretty quickly. I set a budget and started looking around but couldn't find anything quite like I wanted (except for @Cobiaaddict 's rig but that well smashed the budget). All the boats I liked were double my budget. I kept a few Gumtree and Ebay tabs open and kept looking at them for the last 3 weeks. I dropped a couple of hints to the Trouble and Strife a few times. Last Saturday I could stand it no longer. I told Michelle I needed to double the budget to get what I wanted and she was happy with that. I wanted to keep it to myself so I could surprise a couple of mates by turning up to West End for a 'pussy' session with the new rig. I needed to lean on someone to whittle down my list, so in the end I gave @benno573 a call and we bumped it down to 2 then back to 4 then the top prospect was identified at Mermaid waters. 2 of the others were at Yamanto and Maryborough. Benno and I went for a look on the weekend and I came to an agreement on price with the bloke. We settled today and now I'm the proud owner of a Quintrex Escape 470 powered by a 60hp 4 stroke Merc. It has a step thru section to the anchor which will help my dodgy back pulling the thing in when on a loner trip. Alas when I'm with anyone else they will be MY deckie for a change so I won't have to pull anchor. I owe a few friends from AFO a lot of trips from over the years and look forward to the payback. I've named her Ellicatch. Here she is.
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new here. I am looking at buying my first boat and am looking at either quintrex explorer trophy 385. This is in my price range and suits my fishing needs well. I have seen this mentioned elsewhere and the answer always seems to be to go for the hornet trophy as it is a better ride in the chop. I was hoping I could get some clarification on this topic. I will be fishing inshore only. If anyone is familiar with the areas, I will be fishing the Georges river, Port Hacking river and Parramatta river in Sydney. There can be the occasion when the wind gets up and there is chop on either of these systems (as well as having the regular ferries on the parramatta river). Can anyone give some guidance on these two hulls? If I can I would rather stick to the explorer trophy as that is in my price range, and if I was to go for the hornet trophy I would definitely have to stretch my budget. If you have any questions for clarification please ask. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Part of my keel is missing ! The last 500mm or so of the keel back to the transom is gone, looks to be cut away at stage or maybe missing from factory, does anyone know if this has any effect on the boat at all and why it would be missing?
  4. Hi guys, Looking to buy a new boat (I am set on new, sorry) for around 20-30k mark, can push it to 35k This is our first boat ever and will mainly be used around Woy woy area/Taren point/brisbane waters. Main use of the boat will be for fishing but also for cruising and having a good time on the water I have narrowed it down to mainly 2 boats -quintrex fishabout 481 60hp - Quintrex cruiseabout 481 60hp or 75hp (the 75hp variant is pushing the limit cost wise, will there be a significant difference in 60hp vs 75hp? The problem is besides Quintrex and Stacer I'm not too sure what other brands I should be looking at and it's difficult to find dealers in NSW. Any other information would be greatly appreciated. When I do decide to purchase the boat is there any chance of negotiations on a boat or are boats usually quite fixed with pricing, should I ask for things to be thrown in?