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Found 8 results

  1. Well I took everyone’s advice and headed out for a fish today. Left from Pinkenba Boat Ramp near the mouth of the Brisbane River. There was probably half a metre of chop most of the way, up to three-quarters of a metre the closer we got to Tangalooma. Had a look at the wrecks then decided to drift from Cowan Cowan Point out towards Bulwer. Ended up drifting all the way to out past Comboyuro. Did a few drifts back and forth past Bulwer for a net result of one huge toad fish. And this was over the same ground I used to catch quite a few decent reef fish. Mind you, that was forty years ago! Anyway, Bulwer has now joined my ever growing list of unproductive grounds. Oh, for one bloody spot where you can actually catch a decent fish. So frustrating! The weather itself and the boat were beautiful though. The boat ate it all up, just as @ellicat said it would. Still a bit choppy on the way back, but still managed to go past the eighty kilometre an hour mark that the speedo goes to. Might have to change to mph or knots for future trips! Anyway, that’s my report for what it’s worth. Lol. cheers Greg
  2. Hey legends, So as part of my recovery I am shouting myself a trip on a charter boat out of Townsville for a 5 night live on board fishing trip. They focus on the outer reef in remote areas. They are good operators and we always come home with a stack of fillets. This time I am hoping to lay off the booze a bit and target larger fish (yet to see if this will come to fruition). While trout and RTE are great to catch I really want to focus on trophy sized fish. I don't mind if i go all day without catching a fish if it sees me catching one monster fish for the trip. My current plan is to take lots of large bait jigs and an aerator and fish lots of large live baits both under a float and on the bottom. Also take large knife jigs for deeper water and put live baits on these as well. I only have 40lb overhead and 40lb spinning set up. I am happy to purchase more gear. What should I get to stop the really big ones getting back into the reef? What reels can pack a punch but don't really burst the budget? Tips tricks techniques to catch the big ones please. What else can I do?
  3. Hi all and thanks for the add, was chasing a bit of advice and locations of some ok/good reef fishing in S E Queensland I've heard redcliffe and that area has some nice spots I'm originally from the NT so it's all new to me, I've recently acquired and gps chart plotter so dead keen to have a play, cheers
  4. Hi, I am heading up to North West Island, QLD from Moruya Heads on the South Coast of NSW. We are spending around 16 days on the island with family and taking a 455 Quintrex with 60HP Yamaha. Keen to do a bit of fishing/spearing while out there. If anyone has any suggestions on gear, lures, recommended shoals/reefs/spots to check out or gear to bring to the island any insight would be appreciated. 1st time to this area and super keen to get onto some Reds and possibly a few big GT's, Doggies and Spanish Mackeral. Thanks in advance for any advice. Look forward to posting some pics of my adventure in the near future. Cheers Glenn
  5. Hi everyone new to this site and reef fishing been estuary fishing up to now have recently purchased a 5.7m formosa with a 130hp Yamaha. Looking to start fishing the northern end of morten bay would love to get my hands on some snapper and pearlies what's the best way to find some spots to start at is there a site that lists GPS spots at all not having much luck finding any
  6. @Luke Landrunner and I are planning on heading up on Friday to get out on early Saturday morning stay out till Sunday and home Monday afternoon weather permitting. A quick trip but hopefully a good one. If anyone else wants to bring their own boat up and keep in contact, feel free to drop us a message.
  7. Here is a video I put together a couple of months ago of a session on a few fish out on a wider reef up North.
  8. Here is part 2 of the trip fishing Montgomery reef and other inshore reefs around the Kimberly.