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      Found 134 results

      1. Hi Everyone Okay so I bought an Abu Garcia Salty Fighter 2-4kg/BMAX30 Combo as my first fishing rod about 12 weeks ago. Don't laugh but being new to fishing the owner of the tackle shop basically picked it out for me so I didnt look at anything else. Also I didn't know that salt water was so fatal to reels. I have learnt my lesson but now need a new reel. Budget is about $100.00. please provide some suggestions... looking to purchase tomorrow or friday Cheers Katrina
      2. So today after avoiding learning the FG knot for a year or 2 I decided to learn it and fished with It .used my rod and some pliers to keep the braid tight so I have 2 free hands to weave the braid without putting it in my mouth FYI the braid I use has a toxic coating so best not to do that but I’m not sure how toxic it is It’s j braid x8 . Anyway each knot has taken me about 4-6 minutes to tie but as I get better at it . I’m sure it will be a lot quicker . note this is my first impression of the fg knot I’ve only used it today pros . It’s strong when tied probably caught a bunch of saltwater catfish today and they put a lot of pressure on line doing big runs. It’s thin like super thin casting is a breeze even with 12-20lb leader it flies straight through the guides on small 2-4kg rods just fine . With knots like the GT knot or double uni this would be very problematic and you would normal get wind knots even with my triple finish Alberto you would still run the possibility of wind knots with heavy leader and light braid . cons can be tricky to learn depending on the method you chose theirs multiple ways to tie the FG . FG knot can be only be used with leaders as strong or stronger then the braid.ex 6lb braid nothing under 6lb leader. not sure if this is %100 legit for all braids but I’ve heard someone say it overall this knot is strong thin and simple to tie . In terms of strength and thinness it’s close to the triple finish Alberto but not as thin when you start going with braid over 10lb . I a tied Fg knot with 6lb and it was slighter thinner then the triple finish Alberto . I also tied a fg with 10lb braid and 20lb leader this was where a FG knot I think is best used if I were to use a triple finish Alberto with 20lb leader and 10lb mainline it would be strong but it wouldn’t be no where near as thin . I will probably be using this knot along with my triple finish Alberto depending on the fishing I’m doing but I highly recommend learning it because of how thin it is and how simple it is to tie it can take awhile to tie but it’s a very simple strong knot
      3. I supposedly bought a new Shimano Stradic 5000xg last night for $90 delivered. I release it’s probably not genuine but thought it was worth a chance at that price!
      4. Was sitting at home bored so I thought I'd buy my Mrs a decent combo cause the pink okuma combo she has is crap. I have pulled up on good spots dozens of times and watched her get smoked because she was under gunned . For a couple of years now I've been trying to talk her into upgrading but because she thinks it looks nice she wouldn't have a bar of it. Looked around down my local tackle shop and ended up digging out a nice live fibre , then Pete (the owner of my local ) starts handing different reels over the counter so we tried them all on the rod and I settled for a Penn spinfisher . Turns out she likes it better than the okuma . Didn't break the bank got change out of $400 and she got a tough little combo. And at the end of the day I got that crappy okuma off my live fibre stand.
      5. Ok by now you guys are probably sick of me always posting tackle related threads . But I’m interested if anyone knows of any decent cheap 4000-6000 reels under $50 will probably get $30 pryml shadow reel from bcf if I don’t find anything . Usually I would get a sienna 4000 but it’s a bit extra
      6. Read about this project in the Bush and Beach magazine. Recycling bottle tops into crab pot floats, crowd funding campaign to make the moulds.
      7. History of stradics . Shimano stradic FJ was released in 2011 and gained popularity im not %100 sure if this was the very first Stradic but first known from my research . Today the Stradic FJ can be found second hand on eBay and a few people today are still using buying and selling them . These days the shimano ultergra is basically the same reel if you were looking for a brand new FJ the ultergra would be almost the same if not better . Shimano stradic ci4+ FA . This Reel gained a lot more popularity then the FJ almost everyone who owned one swore by it .it was different to any reel in the price range it was probably the lightest spinning reel in the world at the time and made the stradics one of the most popular reels in Australia . Shimano stradic FK . This reel was very popular with a lot of land based fishos. people mainly used it for light tackle lure fishing and bait fishing due to shimanos new hagane gear the Stradics now became a lot stronger and longer lasting . Shimano stradic Ci4+ FB . This reel looked a lot more modern and shiny and was now again one of the most popular reels it was now lighter tougher and more popular a lot more people swore by them . Shimano stradic fl . When this stradic came out a lot of people were excited including myself the new Stradic fl is now lighter and so much more tougher and more water resistant and smashed the previous FK and FB ci4+ and now featured a screw in handle with no hinges and MicroModule II and silent drive and X protect and because of those upgrades a lot people have said this is now comparable to the Stella due to upgrade . Shimano stradic Vanford . This reel will be out in week or so you can buy it now but is still expensive so best to wait a couple of weeks till the price goes down to around $290-300 for smaller reels atm it’s $340-60 a lot of people are exited about this reel to . It features a lighter MGL rotor the reel is a lot lighter then the FL And features a Extra bearing 7+1. Not a Hugh difference but $20-30 for a lighter reel and smoother reel if that’s what your after. So that’s the evolution of stradics in the past 10 years a massive difference between them all . The stradics have come a long way since 2011
      8. Hey guys, I’m looking for rod and reel recommendations for beach squid fishing. I have a lightweight setup in mind. The rod must be able to cast 7-30 gram jigs as far as possible. Fast action and around 9 feet long would be preferred. 3000 size reel would be ideal. I plan to run 10lb braid through it. Any recommendations? Cheers, Flynn
      9. I’ve been going well with my Stradic fl .thing is super rigid super smooth and has survived sand and a dunk in the river and still feels the same as the day I bought it same goes with drag still smooth as the day I bought it. But wondering when I should take the drag system for a service as their only felt washers in a tiny reel when I got my 69cm queenfish as I hooked it .a boat went past and people got then lines tangled in the boat mine didn’t get tangled but people thought I had hooked the boat cause my drag was going so fast I kept telling them it was a fish because I hooked it just before the boat came past after the boat went past a fair bit . they believed me as my line started going the opposite direction of the boat and then the fish jumped out of the water a one point. I’ve had a lot of big runs with the little reel and then the queenfish I don’t know how the drag survived remember people thought it was the boat i had never got a run that big before it went for like a 50m run in 10 seconds. Drags still super smooth but when do you reckon I should take it to get serviced thinking once every 1-2 years for a full service
      10. I spooled up 8lb braid yesterday on my daiwa 2500 reel that’s matched to a 2-4kg daiwa TD Hyper Nero version I’m wondering what to use this combo for and the what lb leader I should tie on with this combo note I have used the rod before with a smaller reel and much lighter line and it handles large fish fine . Also I’ll write down my other combos to give a rough idea what I have combo 1 Shimano 1000 reel 1.5-3.5kg rod 6lb braid and 4-6lb leader combo 2 Shimano 2500 reel 2-4kg rod 10lb braid and 12-20lb leader note the reel has a lot of line capacity and the rod can also handle very large fish it handles fish more like a 2-5 or 3-5kg rod combo 3 daiwa 2500 reel more like 2000 2-4kg rod 8lb braid and ??? Leader
      11. I ended up getting j braid x4 it’s different to x8 the only thing I noticed is that it’s a not as smooth but other then that it feels and looks the same I haven’t went fishing with it yet but it feels nice I might switch to x4 if I end up liking it as much as x8 as it’s cheaper .also if you didn’t know my legalis lt is the lexa Nero lt reel it’s the same reel with a different name I also added my aird lt handle as I like the Eva knob
      12. I’ve always stuck to daiwa j braid x8 since it’s cheap $35 for 150m at bcf it’s also very good never had any issues with old or brand new works like a charm . But I’m looking for something much cheaper . I seen this kastking stuff before and have heard good things about it but never had the balls to buy it’s $15-17 for 300m I’m looking for 8lb braid to fill my daiwa legalis LT 2500 I’ve been told that the dye comes off quickly so if I get it I will buy it in white . If anyone’s bought this braid and used it I would like to hear your opinion
      13. Latest version hot off the press
      14. I lashed out and got a stradic fl, 2500 for my kayak rod, I've always rinsed my reels, off after doing the gc estuaries, but the reel instructions, say no go, so I've been doing it wrong all these years, interested in others experiences cheers john
      15. Gday ladies and gents , has anyone used these fish storage bags ? If so how long is the ice good for before it melts ? I think their a great idea and will take up less than half the space of the ice box , just want to throw longtail in there but want to know if they work before I shell out $230
      16. The girl on the cover might have very big hands but I do like this mag. It's great that they have it online now. I hope it works out for them and they can still make some money from it.
      17. I got a new stradic fl 2500,and got it spooled at bcf, they didn't put any backing on, does that really matter. Was just wondering, also what's a good surface rod recommended to match it with, cheers John.
      18. got a new baitrunner D 12000, says mono line capacity 7kg.. does that mean if i get stronger line and reel something in larger then 7kgs is it going to break my real? would be much appreciated
      19. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a rod that would pair nicely with a Shimano Stradic FL 2500? have been looking at the Jewel rods? What do you think?
      20. Hey there, I'm after some advice on which rod to pair with my Saragosa 6000. I'm interested in doing some inshore jigging off the beach/rocks. I'd like to spend around $150 - $200 Or if anyone knows of a jigging thread/page on what rod etc to use that'd be great
      21. I recently filled up my Stradic 1000 with 150m of 6lb braid and like 10-15 metres of light mono backing looked slightly under filled will probably take the braid off and put it on another reel and add some more backing and then put the braid back in to get it %100 full sorry for blurry photos best pictures I could get but I might just keep it how it is not sure as of yet
      22. Hello everyone, I have received an offer for my Shimano TLD 10. The person would like to trade a Daiwa Saltist 40LDh. I would like to trade but the person has told me of a problem. I will be going to have the reel in my hand in a few days but want some tips. They have told me that when the reel is under full drag, the handle moves backwards. Is this just the anti-reverse bearing failing? I can replace that with ease if so. Also, any other tips for buying used reels? The reel appears to be in good condition from the photos. There appears to be no salt corrosion on the outside. Thanks and tight lines.
      23. Had to cancel my ski trip to Mt.Hotham due to the Covid-19 lock down so instead I am going up to 1770 with my missus for 10 days in Sept. and taking the boat, so when I was sorting out my gear I was hoping to take a rod up with me that I made years ago but never put a reel on to it or even use it, so decided to get myself a new toy for it. Got approval from the boss, initially I was intending to get a Makaira 15 for it, and although it is a really, really, nice reel it is still double the price of the next contender which was another Penn Fathom Lever drag and it probably wouldn't get too much use as I have a few other reels that are similar. So after making the hard decision to not get it (Sob Sob!) I went and bought the FTH25NLD2. I already have a 30 and a 50W in the Maks as well as a 15-2 and a 30-2 in the Fathoms so I got the 25-2 speed model which is just a narrow version of the 30 size. So same drag and reel height just narrower, for future reference you cannot go by the capacity printed on the reel, it is about half of what they say it can hold. So after a couple of re-spools with different sized braid I ended up with 280m of 50lb 0.36mm line and a 30m topshot of 40lb mono leader 0.60mm which is enough for now. Heaps of drag on it, managed to just about lift a 18l bucket of water on full lock which is around the 39lb mark. Anyway changed the drag knob downwards to give me a more controlled drag range and did it mainly to test out my FG knot which held nicely. So now really looking forward to going up there although I do have to do some work on the boat. I will probably build an extra fuel tank about to 60L size in Ally and also fix my wife's seat as she complains that it leans back too much when bouncing around in the waves and swell. With the extra tank I should have about 210l of fuel and I am running a 150HP Optimax two stroke so that should give me more than enough fuel to get out and back to the reef with a lot of running around as well.
      24. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new reel mainly for surf/rock fishing. I usually use circles hooks with dead/live bait but want to get into lure fishing/jigging as well. I've read through the pros/cons of baitrunners but wanted to see what you guys have personally experienced with them? If I choose a baitrunner, i will go with the Shimano Baitrunner 6000D If i choose a spinner, I will go with the Daiwa BG 4500 What do you guys suggest? Cheers
      25. Hi all I’m currently based in Vanuatu and have bought a small 6metre boat to go game fishing. There’s a few FADs nearby which I’ll be targeting. The game fishing anglers mainly jig. What kind of gear would you recommend when jigging for tuna, mahi mahi and GT? Any advice on rods, reels, jigs/overall set ups would be greatly appreciated! Thanks