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      1. Hi everyone. I’m headed to Woodgate Beach in August for a couple of weeks with the family. I haven’t been there before. We will be land based fishing and I also have a kayak. Can anyone give me any tips on where to fish and if I can pump yabbies etc. Also can you only get to Theodolite creek by 4WD? Thanks everyone
      2. Afternoon Fellow Fisho's: I am just seeking all information to venture to Buwler Beach section of Moreton as well as fishing in-between for Peral Perch and Flame Tail Snapper, Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from all. Tight Lines
      3. Hi Guys I am planning to do a few overnight trips in my boat soon, just wanted some knowledge from people on here on the following:- 1. Do many people stay out overnight at places like Deep Tempest if the wx and swell are good ? or do most coming back around Comby and stay near Bulwer, Tanagalooma ? 2. When camping overnight on your boat in the bay near Bulwer etc do you need to be extra cautious in a westerly wind, in case you finish up on the beach ? 3. Any other little comfort tips people might have would be appreciated. Terry
      4. Does anyone else on here do any fishing with a bow and arrow? Just curios to see if anyone else does it in Brisbane or if anyone knows of a good and legal spot that they think I could use a bow to take some fish with? Thanks in advance fellas.
      5. What a funny day today. Went out with Ellicat again. In his spanking new boat. We hit up one of his spot Xs at Green (Island, not the green zone). Nothing was raised there so we decided to hit the Rainbow to see if there where any Mackeral still around. We settled in and I provided Ellicat with some grinner bait and within few minutes he is onto a cracking fish, hmm well I should say a shovel nose ray Ellicat was not to upset at this stage so I provided him with another live bait. Again it did not take long and he was on again this time with some good runs and what seemed to be some head shakes. The fight quickly changed to a fight to keep the fish off the bottom. A solid battle ensued and up pops a Stingray. This is where Ellicat’s mood changed yelling at me to pull the anchor. A quick run back across the bay and we where back at the ramp. Lesson learnt I will not give him any live bait as he really is a Ray magnet and I am not talking Mr Kennedy. IMG_0698.MOV
      6. Heading out to do some fishing down there tomorrow. I've had no luck at Wellington point Jetty or the canal mouths at Birkdale. Anybody know of any good spots to hit up that don't require a king tide to fish in besides the respective Jetties? Cheers.
      7. jpart10

        Bremer river

        HI all Just wondering if any body fishes the bremer river and what species inhabit it ??? Im very curious to know specially in the ipswich cbd area?? Any info would be great ?
      8. Hi all, So the other day I was fishing off of Shorncliffe Pier using live herring on a running sinker rig (20lb leader). All of a sudden, my reel starts screaming (very light drag) and then it stopped. I reeled it in to find that my hook has been completely ripped off of my line. This also happened at Wellington Point on dead pilchard. WHAT KEEPS BITING ME OFF? edit: how do I avoid this issue in the future? thanks
      9. BOOM Hope you are all doing well with all this going around. Check out this video a customer sent us. We could not have done a better job ourselves of showing off what Better Tackles Rapid Release Rigs can do and this is all from just one rig. We are Aussie made and owned and the Rod that Graham here is talking about is the GUNNEL ROD which is a Cairns inventor designed and manufactured right here in oz. I have used one of these bad boys with our gear and they are brilliant. Almost as brilliant as our Pre-made rigs. Check them out also video-1586168274.mp4
      10. Link to report for the Sunshine Coast
      11. Hi all I was just wondering where some good fishing spots in jacobs well are. I am looking to target flathead with my little tinny. All advice will help.
      12. what fish are able to be caught in aovereigh waters and would a blade lure do well?
      13. This info is taken straight from Smithy's Fishing Charters website. Some great info on there about the different reefs up here on the coast and i thought this may help some members. Also found the graph below on his website which i found very helpful. Typical Reefs Visited Teewah Coffee Rock I really only go here during mackerel season. The mackerel get on the numerous bait schools in the region. Noosa locals go well here on reefies and some spots hold good jewies. North Reef Normally fished by the Noosa charter boats, I sometimes end up here during cobia season on a couple of the wrecks in this region. If does fish well for all sorts of species but it is a well known snapper spot. The Noosa boats also seem to get a fair few pelagics whilst at anchor here. Massouds Reef This is a sneaky little reef south of North Reef, a bit inside Chardons Reef and a bit outside Misery Reef. It is named after the Massoud family who also have a park named after them in Noosaville. It is a snapper/pearl perch reef that is also home to the other usual suspects like sweetlip, parrot and cod. At times it also holds good bait. Sunshine Reef Sunshine is pretty heavily hit by the Noosa tinny brigade and the Noosa charter boats. I mostly go here in mackerel season. I have had the odd soft plastics session here for some grass emperor and squire. The bonus in mackerel season is the odd coral trout off the downrigger on livies. If I am fishing here a bit I usually get a few a season. Chardons Reef Chardons I hit a bit. I have had good snapper bites here in August and it is a great live bait reef for marlin and other pelagic species. It has mackerel on it at times as well as wahoo quite often. If the bait is in I have had good sessions here on cobia and the odd longtail tuna. It turns up all sorts of surprises like cracker pearl perch, legal red emperor, a few gold spot estuary cod, the odd legal brown maori cod and I have had some ripper sessions here on reef flathead. Chardons does not look like much on the sounder but if it has bait on it has fish with the bait. It is mostly small ledges with wire weed. Castaways Reef/Victor Bailey Reef I have had some great snapper sessions here. A long way from Mooloolaba and the Noosa boats have to go past a lot of good country at Sunshine Reef to get here so not many people bother. Nice little bommies in flat ground I am pretty sure there are trout here but have been unable to land one. Some good bustoffs seem like trout. In summer I have heard it gets mackerel on it but I have certainly caught quite a few cobia here on the bait schools at times. Victor Baileys is a great little reef in close to get out of the wind. It is a good place to get a few mixed reefies. I have even got a legal red emperor here at night and another good session on school mackerel. Coolum Reef/Arkwright Shoal The Coolum area also takes in Hancocks Shoal and the area around it and off Stumers Creek. In summer this is a good reef for spotty mackerel and in winter snapper. Early winter it is also good for grey mackerel and Spanish mackerel and the freedivers even get them here shore diving. Some springs see the school mackerel thick here. Mixed in with the snapper are a few good grass emperor. A new wreck exists here and it will be interesting to see how it fishes with the wreck of the ex HMAS Brisbane not too far away. The Gneerings The Gneering shoals out from Mooloolaba are very rocky reef reefs. I mostly fish here for mackerel in summer and snapper in spring. Being so close to Mooloolaba they are very heavily hit. They are very shallow and dived on by lots of freedivers who see a fair few mangrove jack and coral trout down there yet as anglers we don’t tend to get them. I do have one friend who has the trout wired and does well in autumn for them. Many of the tinny brigade also get the Gneerings wired for snapper and other species like parrot and moses perch that call this place home. I tend to do better off the big reef structures and fish the gravel with bait schools for mixed reefies like brown maori cod, gold spot estuary cod and grass emperor. Murphys Reef Murphies is also another favourite of the tinny brigade. At time good bait moves in here and with it are good schools of big ajs and kingfish. Mixed in with them are cod, trout and jewies feeding on the bait. Murphies has its momemts with the snapper and mixed reefies but I tend to fish away from the main area. A bit south is a bait area we get marlin and cod. To the east and west are some big structures that hold jewifish, amberjack and yellowtail kingfish. Raper Shoal/Currimundi Reef Raper Shoal is not far off the beach and virtually joins up with the coffee rock at the Wurtulla surf tower one side and all the reef off Moffat Headland the other side. Our from Rapers is Currimundi Reef and out from it is the Currimundi 8mile/9mile area. All of these areas are snapper/grassy/mackerel spots. Mostly school mackerel in August/September and spottie and Spanish mackerel from November to May. At times I have caught big snapper up to 82cm in very ripe condition here and they move right in close to try and spawn. My biggest grass emperor have also come from this area. The close in area is hit hard by the Mooloolaba and Caloundra tinny brigades as well as kayakers from the beach at Moffat Beach. Caloundra Coffee Rock/The Corks/Brays Rock/The Peg/The Peg Reef/Hamilton Patches/Spoil Grounds All of these close in reefs off Caloundra are hit by the Caloundra tinny and yak brigade, either through the bar or from the Kings Beach boat ramp. The peg reef is a great mackerel reef in summer and snapper reef in winter. I also get a few snapper off the corks as they usually hold bait. That is why the peg reef if good, all of the bait. To fish it conventionally with bait on the bottom you would think it only holds rubbish but on soft plastics you only get the good snapper and grassies. This whole area also has bait schools at any time, great for jigging or the mackerel and tuna get on them as well. My biggest mackerel of 24.8kg came from the peg reef. Caloundra 5mile Reef The 5mile is one of my favourite reefs. Mackerel in summer and snapper in winter. It holds good bait at times and that is why the fish are there. It has thrown up some great fish for me over the years including an 18kg amberjack and a 93cm snapper. The snapper here at times mark up like text-book sounder shots of big fish mixed in with the bait. The sharks can be a pain though when they hone in on the mackerel schools. Caloundra 9mile Reef This reef goes by a few different names but usually the 7-8-9 mile. It comes out of 35m all around and is a football field size plateau of 30m depth on top. Like all of the Caloundra reefs it is a mackerel spot in summer and a snapper spot in winter. It is not as consistent as some of the other spots and really needs bait on it. When the bait is there, the fish are there. Caloundra 12mile Reef The 12mile is a massive area meeting up with the Currimundi 9mile in the north and stretching all of the way down to the Wild Banks in the south off Bribie Island. The 12mile has a very specific mackerel area on the western side though. It could turn up any species of fish and is one of the main reefs I fish on half days. It also has numerous bait reefs scattered amongst it. Caloundra Wide Caloundra Wide is another massive reef system virtually starting at the Barwon Banks and stretching to Cape Moreton. It takes in a couple of wrecks straight out the front of Mooloolaba which are great for cobia. Teraglin or trag jew are the second most common fish from these wrecks but they turn up all sorts of fish from nannygai to snapper to cod. Caloundra Wide proper is mostly ledges running N-S with wire weed on top of them. All of the usual reef species call it home. Cape Moreton I get down to Cape Moreton a bit, usually chasing pelagic fish at Hutchison Shoal but also at “The Trench”. Lately I have even been venturing down the front of the Cape to Shallow Tempest, Brennan’s Shoal, Roberts Shoal, Smiths Rock and all of the ledge country through here. It holds good bait and has great natural reef, just that it is close to Brisbane, a city of nearly 1.5million people so this area gets hard hit. I have also done well here on livies on AJs and kingfish with cod and cobia getting in on the act. It also has its moments as a snapper spot and throws up surprises like great GTs but the sharks can be a problem at times. From October/November on, it is a bit of a special for wahoo and mahi mahi with many marlin getting in on the act as well. Barwon Banks The Barwon Banks is a massive reef structure about 20Nm due east of Mooloolaba up to in line with Noosa. It has many areas from the shallows, the gravel on the west side, the wire weed ledges to the south and numerous drop offs and bommies. You can do worse than just drifting the shallows out here picking up a mixed bag of fusiliers, tusk fish and tropical fish like hussar and red throat emperor. In the day it was covered in red emperor and snapper. They are a bit harder to temp these days. A few of the big ledges are also home to wahoo and spanish mackerel in the summer and amberjack and kingfish in the winter time with random fish like jobfish and dogtooth tuna thrown in. The 85m Ledge The 85m ledge in front of the Barwon Banks is the traditional home of snapper fishing on the Sunshine Coast. Mixed in with the snapper are a few pearl perch and fish like splendid perch and black spot pigfish. The odd amberjack also gets in on the action and random fish like jewfish. The Hards Kicking out to the NE from the Barwons are the Hards. They run out to about 40Nm NE of Mooloolaba. The southern Hards gets up to about 53m and is great snapper and amberjack country. The northern Hards can produce anything from tusk fish to snapper and pearl perch and the odd hussar and red emperor. It can be well worth the run out here in favour of the Barwons. The Mud East of the main ridge of the Hards is an area people call the Mud. Scattered through here are numerous little bumps and ledges off the main reef complexes. There is also a sunken trawler wreck in this area. The 97m Ledge Out in front of the Hards and running down and joining up with the 85m ledge is the 97m ledge. At times this is where all the professional line fishermen fish for the snapper and pearl perch. It is deep but can be rewarding. The Deep Wrecks Out where the trawlers work there is a line of wrecks where they have snagged the bottom and toppled over and sunk. These are great spots for amberjack, kingfish, snapper and pearl perch. At times they also hold jewfish and the odd comet cod and bar cod comes off them. Go out here armed with live bait and jigs and you will see some action more times than not. The Lauren G. One of the latest wrecks out there. A local Mooloolaba boat that went down out at the Hards in 97m of water. A long way from home so fishes well but more and more people are getting the waypoint. I believe the skipper went down with the boat and is known by a few of the guys I know. Amberjack, kingfish, jewfish, pearl perch, snapper and bar cod have all come off this wreck. Was commercially smashed of all the pearl perch off it at one stage and does not fish anywhere near as well for snapper or pearlys since. The Tiger Kelly. Another local trawler that went down east of the Barwon Banks. 127m of water and fishes well at times. Does cop a hammering though. It has probably had it’s glory years. It does turn up things out of the box at times like 76cm pearl perch another charter boat caught off it. The Tempest Near the Tiger Kelly. Don’t know much about this wreck. Very hard to find. The Plane Wrecks I have a few marks for plane wrecks out here. One day I did mark something but have been unable to find it again. Trawlers most likely move the parts around with their nets. Suppossedly at the end of WWII planes were dumped off the aircraft carriers in this area. Bits of aircraft have definately been trawled up by the local trawlers in their nets. The Anna Jay The AJ/MJ/Angela Jane is in 135m off Caloundra Wide. Not much left of it on the sounder and is a very hit and miss place. Sometimes the fish are here and other times they aren’t. Depends on what you see on your sounder. The Kosi or Wendy Joy This wreck in about 110m always has a great show. Also seen Has been hit hard. Doesn’t yield much considering the show. Lots of small pearlies. The Kerry Anne About the deepest one I will fish. 145m. Not much show and not much go most of the time considering how deep it is and a lot less hit than the others. The Uglbar In 135m and certainly has its day. Hit hard by boats out of Brisbane/Bribie/Redcliffe. Similar wreck species to the rest. The Jennifer K This trawler lies in about 82m NE of Hutchison Shoal. It shows up good on the sounder but is plagued by small pearl perch and hit super hard. It has had its day unfortunately. The Kyogle Also known as the Centaur but it has been proven that the Centaur is in ultra deep water off North Stradbroke. The Kyogle is in 180m and not really worth the effort considering the depth. I’ve only ever pulled rat kings off it. The Containers The shipping containers that fell off the ship the Pacific Adventurer lie in about 130m off Cape Moreton. They fish well for pearlies in the early part of the season but later on after they have been hit it is frustrating to pull up undersize snapper and pearl perch from that sort of depth. One trip we got owned by big kingies and AJs here too. Sharks can be a problem at times like all of these deep spots eating your fish half way up or hooking the livies themselves. The 50m Wrecks On the 50m line there is another line of shallower wrecks. These are bait spots holding yellowtail and slimey mackerel. Attracted to the bait are very often cobia in cobia season. The Tall Ship I have also heard it called the Missi or Mississippi. It is about 9Nm SE of Double Island Point in 50-60m of water. I think between the pros out of Rainbow Beach and the Noosa Charter boats it has been flogged but like all wrecks, on any given day they can go off. Grinners have also made these sorts of places home and can give you a flogging. I believe it used to have quite a few red fish on it (nannygai and red emperor). The Sunken Cruiser The sunken Cruiser lies in about 60m of water outside of North Reef off Noosa. If you can get past the grinners it holds cobia at times as well as jewfish. Nannygai, snapper and pearl perch can also be caught off it like all the wrecks on this line. The Barges/American Warship I have quite a few barge marks in this North Reef area but I have yet to find anything conclusive. Maybe some of the locals know some of the spots but so far all of my searching has turned up nothing. The K-Lyne I have also got this mark as Tippy Toe. Lies in 50-60m inside of the Hards. A good cobia spot in season if you can get past the grinners. Also had some good sessions here on the trag jew. The Dolphin Early on I used to fish this mark a bit and it held good Cale Cale Trevally. It has been flogged by the Noosa charter and rec boats and doesn’t fish anywhere near as well. I have pulled the odd snapper off it as well. It lies in 50m of water at North Reef. The Bermagui Star Lies in about 29m of water inside of North Reef. Can hold good bait at times. Marlin and mackerel come off it but it has been fleeced of its reefies. The Landing Barge Sunk filming the Kylie Minogue movie the Delinquents, this wreck lies in about 50m of water east of Mooloolaba. It has had its best days but still turns up the odd cobia if you are the first boat there after two weeks of poor weather. I know of jewfish, cod, snapper, nannygai and pearl perch to have come off it. The FV Jodie The Jodie lies SE of the Cobia Barge and has its day if you can get past the grinners. It also gets good Trag Jew on it at times. Various Cape Moreton Wrecks Wrecks are a dime a dozen down off Cape Moreton. Some are productive and some have had their day.
      14. Hey lads, Just been given a contract for remainder of the year at Childers for Edqld. So I know it is 45mins to Bunderberg, 45mins to Burrum Heads, 45mins to Maryborough and 45mins to Hervey Bay. Does anyone have any previous experience in these areas?? I am gonna be working Monday - Thursday with long weekends every weekend. I am will be commuting back to Ipswich every fortnight weekend to see my kids from a separated marriage. But also trying to go fishing as much as I can.. Obviously Fraser Island is accessible being 45mins from Barge at Hervey Bay..... But the rest I have no idea about...
      15. Well weather was amazing and tides lined up so I finished school at 230 and snuck away went to BCF got some dodgy prawns and some metal slugs gradbed some diesel and headed straight to Farnborough beach. Drove the 17km to the top where the mouth of the river is and was surprised it was like 500m-a lot longer across with pools of water throughout. Since I was on my own I decided to stay safe on the hardish sand. Parked up about 100m from low tide mark as there were loads of holes al over place full of ghost crabs and toad fish... 1.5hrs later not a single bite. saw a big break of herring splashing just out of casting distance. If I had of known the beach better I would of parked close to water line and had my 13ft surf rod with metal slug ready for the salmon or mackerel that were chasing the herring....Alas I am new to the area and learning.... Good tides and reasonable moon on Saturday so I might go again then.... Tight lines.
      16. Caught up with a mate of mine while I was overseas and he asked if the rigs I make would work off-shore in Florida. Since we are only a small hobby business and are not an actual online tackle store and a manufacturing business we did not really have much funds for advertising as Better Tackle is a labor of love not profit. ( Our whole business model is to make better rigs then you can make yourself or get from the big name companies that sell similar pre-made rigs). So I sent him home with a few of our rigs and mentioned that the Cherry bomb and the Irish Eyes as well as the Blue Sunrise are my personal favs for reef fishing. He sent me back this picture of the biggest trigger fish he has ever caught in 40 years fishing and was super impressed. Which I was shocked how impressed he was as he knows me and knows that if I make something or put my name to it ifs bloody good but I am also aware there is a lot of similar poorly made stuff out there so many people are standoffish with our gear. ( which is fair enough but sigh, does make things hard when you are trying to promote yourself.) What he was most impressed about was he just rolled the rig back onto our unique rapid release winding boards for the next trip. But check out this trigger fish. Its a bloody beauty. Tight lines guys Josh from Better Tackle oh and coincidentally the 20% discount I have done up for members here is still available . The code is Aussiefishing, Just add that at check out as I like to give back to a community I enjoy being part of. Hope you are all wetting a line this weekend or wetting your thirst or both, as I am want to do myself.
      17. he guys heading up to burrum heads on friday for the long weekend ,has anyone on here fished the area and like to share,as i will be fishing blind up there and would have a clue on where to start,well i plann on heading out and troll around to see what i come across,any help would be great thanks brad
      18. millerjo

        fresh squid?

        anybody have a northside location where fresh (unfrozen) squid can be purchased?
      19. Hey, Pretty new to fishing this area and am just after some pointers. What I've done to date is fished the northern side of the mud clumps and the entrance to Tiger mullet channel on a run out tide targeting bream with plastics with reasonable success. Today I'm going to fish the afternoon run in tide but never really had any success in these areas on this tide. I also wish to target Tailor and or Jew this time. Can anyone please steer me in the right direction i.e do these areas hold these species? Should I move else where lke the stys? should I use bait(e.g. pillies or livies.) Any input/opinions or yarns about past success in the area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cam
      20. coming in from a yak session at wello point yesterday i noticed a family with there white buckets collecting every live shellfish they could get there hands on and it didn't seem wright. is ther a law againts this and if there isn't there should be. and should someone be notifided if i see this again.
      21. i see lately quite a few posts asking for info on any land based fishing spots in and around brisbane. thought i share a great spot on the south side at tingalpa ck where you can access 5 diferent areas on the creek from the bank. 1st one is at the mouth of the creek at lota near manly where you can walk the bank at a lowish tide level and pump yabbies, drown baits or flick lures.2nd spot is a bridge built just for cycling and fishing on ricketts rd and 3rd spot you can walk from the same car park at the bridge along the track to a shelter on the bank ,this track will also take you to a rock bar in the creek. last spot is not far from this bridge down chelsea rd and into chadwell st ,drive down this street to its end and you will come to a car park. here there is a small ramp conoeists use and there is a fishing platform built out over the creek ,you can walk the bank either way for a while here. i hope this helps some fishos good luck
      22. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a Shimano Saragosa 10000SW. I was wondering if I could fit it to my Diawa Monster Mesh 832XX. The rod is rated to PE 8 (80lbs). However, I only want to spool the reel with 50lbs power pro braid. Is the rod too heavy for the reel and line I wish to use, or should this work? Also, it says on the rod that it's casting weight is 200 grams. I was wondering if I could successfully throw 75-150 gram lures on this rod? * Please help, as I have already purchased the rod and will have to return it if you recommend otherwise. Thanks.
      23. Hi i am sort of new to game fishing but wanted to know what the best way to rig a skirted lure would be I brought 2 new tld 25's and have 15kg mono and then leader attached. I just don't know what the best way would be to attach the skirted lure, I also want the ease to change to a hard body diving lure. Can some please answer me in detail, because i am quite confused
      24. Hi All, So, I am almost done with my fishing gear, I have bought a cheap (bayangtoys X16) drone to drop the bait from the beach. I was checking out videos on youtube and this guy said running sinkers are better ( at 1.20 min) I am targeting snapper, tuna or anything within 400 m range, which sinker should I choose and how much weight should I select? And also which worm pliers should I buy to catch worms... If you have links to this item on amazon,, then that would be easier for me to buy it
      25. Hello all, I'm coming to Brisbane for the month of December for my sisters wedding, and I going to be doing some fishing! Since I am about 20 hours from the nearest coast line I have done very little saltwater fishing in my life and am wondering if any of you kind fellows could help a fellow fisherman out. Any ideas on pointers, spots to try, or what gear to use would be very appreciated. Or if you want a fishing partner I would be happy to tag along on any type of fishing expedition! I would love to catch a shark while I am there, but would be happy catching any type of salt or freshwater species. I would also like to catch some mud crabs while I'm there if anyone is into that! If any of you are on Instagram give me a follow @Esox_angler and send me a DM so I can follow you back! Thanks, and tight lines! Aaron