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      Found 3 results

      1. Ok, so on another thread I said I would do a report on today’s trip so I have a record of it while I work out the best way to keep a fishing diary, so for better or worse, here goes. For a few reasons I haven’t been on the water for a few weeks but was able to get out today for a morning session. I needed to be not too far from home so decided to fish the Port of Brisbane area. It was not a successful trip so I am recording the details as a learning process. Location: Fished multiple locations from the end of the port wall back to Fort Lytton. Tide: 7.07am at the Brisbane Bar (but I find the change of tide in that area is usually about an hour later) Wind: A very kind easterly below 10 knots all morning Moon: Waxing crescent rising at 10.25am Plan: on the water at 6am, drop the pots where I have occasionally found muddies, then drift the last of the outgoing along the sunken wall tossing hard bodies and plastics to see if I could crack my first Brissie River jack, or maybe a cod. What actually happened: Made about a hundred casts up against the wall on the drift for no strikes. Saw some prawns skipping but too rocky to risk the net. Headed to the pipeline to look for threadies. Someone on my mark so sounded around but saw nothing so decided to fish closer to the mouth. Drifted around the area where the dredge is working (been meaning to try that spot for ages). Used half pilchards and some leftover herrings from last trip. No hits, nothing on the sounder. Saw a giant ray tailing on the surface which I am sure swam under the boat but didn’t see anything on my new Garmin 9inch combo unit - go figure? The tide was still slack so I drifted a few areas near the wharves. Had one hit on a whole dead mullet and brought up a large ray (not as big as the one I saw earlier). Saw some dolphins - nice. As the incoming tide started to move (about 8.30am) I anchored up at Clara Rock hoping for a few snapper. No luck but managed about 8 bream between 20cm an 27cm. All released. Decided the snaps were having a day off so went to check the pots. Nothing in any of the 4 pots so moved them out from 3 metres to 5 metres and went for a drift along the drop offs into the main channel near the tug station. Got 2 ugly catties and that was it. At about 11am the current was getting ugly so I picked up the pots. 3 good sandies so not a complete waste of time. And that was my day. Thanks for reading, even though this is more for me than you. I know, no photos it did not happen so here is a happy snap of tonight’s dinner.
      2. Mental health day on Friday Tried a few spots around Mud early morning but only to be plagued by Pike so went to Harries/Tiwi Pearl for a look as I'd never never been before. Used the pike as strip bait but only got pickers. This bait game is still a bit new to me. Picked up a mackerel on the slow troll, some sandies and a few squids on way back home. Magic day to be out on the water alone Mothers day was beer battered Mackerel
      3. Had a quick solo fish around the high tide. Plan was to drop the pots for some sandies, then look around for some prawns, but not a serious look because I was on my own. Thought I would throw some plastics while the pots were soaking. Only thing was the fancy bag I keep the plastics in had a salted up zipper and I had taken the inox out of the boat yesterday somI was left with the one already on the rod. I snagged that one on the third cast so back to the drawing board. Did a bit of trolling with hard bodies for no touches and tried out the paravane along the shipping channel, again for no result but I did learn a bit about how to adjust the depth it runs at so that was good. Wind and chop got up a little bit so picked up the pots. Heaps of sandies in there for such a short soak with 5 good keepers so overall not a bad couple of hours on the water.